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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  June 6, 2019 1:02am-1:30am CEST

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by a 4 moon and a high tide began storming the beaches of normandy france d.-day would mark the beginning of the end of nazi tyranny in europe and it became the genesis of the peace that we enjoy now today world leaders gathered in england to show their respects to the soldiers who paid the ultimate price the heroes of d.-day they are almost gone now tonight we ask have our leaders forgotten the price of peace that they paid do we still remember the lesson of the day i'm bored gotham berlin this is the day. shipping to kind of years ago. hundreds of times. same am let me show in the course of street at the spa in the. new dock of the queue it was
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a unique on president of military operation which ultimately through germany from nazis will withstand its most cost members are not to be killers in the 1st place the world. is. described as the. destructive to the face of the west depended upon their success. many of their members we care and that's because we combined our standing together today for peace and freedom the toxic gift of history which we must protect and nurture it's good. also coming up the 2 unlikely leaders who were male nurturing and ever closer friendship. thank you again for your kind invitation to visit russia the relations between russia and china are developing staveley and at the moment they're at that peak
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both sides support each other truly the should of c. o 2 our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day 75 years from d.-day it was on this day 75 years ago when 160000 allied troops embark on a world war 2 mission that most of them knew nothing about when d.-day had come and gone thousands of the soldiers had fallen on the beaches of normandy now we know how the story ended nazi germany was defeated and the allies won the war we live in the world and in the peace that began taking shape on d.-day today leaders of those wartime allies and were time enemies gathered in england in an emotional show of respect and remembrance it would be impossible to separate our present from our past on a day like today for helps it would be better to do so but then again if we did we
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would probably do so at our own peril tonight the lessons of d.-day do we remember them to. remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice with drugs. and the words of the fallen. among the 16 heads of state in attendance canadian prime minister justin trudeau dunnit colonel merritt french president emmanuel mccall and just 2 days before she steps down british prime minister to resign may all read letters from those who were part of the struggle to defeat nazi germany one was from a soldier who had died 2 days later another from a member of the resistance who didn't survive the war donald trump read a prayer that was broadcast nationwide by u.s. president franklin d.
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roosevelt on d.-day almighty god our sons pride of our nation this day have set upon a mighty endeavor. a struggle to preserve our republic our religion our civilization and you set free a suffering. humanity. many thought the past commemorations to mark the 60th and 70th anniversary would be the last to honor those who took part in the invasion of normandy. but john jenkins a 99 year old veteran from portsmouth was one of several 100 d.-day veterans in attendance. when he took to the stage he was greeted with a standing ovation. that floyd the card in front of her fleischer so many. center for roosevelt we were
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never for. thank you. and the host of the ceremony queen elizabeth honor jenkins and his fellow veterans. it is with humility and pleasure on behalf of the entire country indeed the whole free weld that i see you all think hill. commemorations continue in normandy on thursday. i'm joined now by feel he is with chatham house as a british think tank clinton spent decades reporting on post war europe the very europe that was created beginning on d.-day it's good to have you on the show these commemorations today they were meant to honor the hero was in the sacrifice 75 years ago which crippled to create our current world order and the peace that we
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enjoyed today you've covered previous anniversaries is that connection is that still being made as it once was. well i think it is i think this was actually a very moving a cation and i think it attracted a lot of attention certainly here in britain and i suspect in the other countries participating in during the united states and indeed in germany because it was that which was a very important gesture i think but. nevertheless i think the younger generation here in britain may feel that my still go on about the good times sacrifices rather than rethink about the future but they did actually get everyone who was there all 16 heads of government and heads of state to agree on this declaration saying we must make sure this never happens again and we broke
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iraq and we will trip to each other i'm sure with the result of conflicts peacefully in the future what do you remember and were there of similar declarations in past commemorations and say the 15th or the 70th anniversary i mean it seems that this declaration the fact that it was even they are and that these leaders signed it i'm in seems to point to a weakening in the fabric of the d.-day legacy. well i think you're right to put your finger on that i think that there was a particular meaning to this state to ration this time and it was directed at the united states president donald trump because there is a real robbery and a real feeling that. he is much less committed to the
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international institutions that we created in the wake of 945 to keep the peace of the message started coming across right at the beginning of his state visit yeah it really runs from the greek saying we must respect and maintain those international institutions that we created a very pointed message from the green who is really incredibly careful not to be political and i think this declaration today underlines that point but to be fair it must be said that donald trump today has behaved in a much more statesman like manner than we have come to expect from him but the expectations from the leader of one of the main architects of our current world order those expectations the fact that you even mention how he behaved today his expectations are nell so look. it speaks to perhaps
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a disconnect for him particularly among young people when they do look at d.-day maybe they see there's no reason to see a connection to what happened 75 years ago isn't that isn't that dangerous if if the future generations have that disconnect. well i think the future generations to be honest are very well read precisely about their future and that's to say and this you know like climate change ranks very high in their order of concerns but then it. also relates to the entire multilateral system in the. one shred trying to with which we're trying to solve these problems like climate change together rather than separately and again he's undoubtedly a message to donald trump that to to get your own right to lead the paris accord on climate change you know laterally is probably not
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a true helpful to trying to find solutions so i think there is a clip that mimicked the question i suppose is does the younger generation see that relationship and i think we have a problem here in britain because britain doesn't seem the new european union in quite the same way as most of the countries on the continent it's seen here is very much an economic exercise and not seen as a peace making venture which actually seeks to reduce the level of nationalism within europe and fundamentally create multilateralism so to our problems then i think he has run away the british are struggling now with the whole question of brics it but today interesting say red bricks it was hardly mentioned yeah which in the absence of the board in itself is worth the story today when people
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joining us tonight from chatham house giving us excellent analysis of this 75th anniversary of the d.-day invasion 20 thank you. well there was one very noticeable absence at today's d.-day commemorations in england russian president vladimir putin 5 years ago on the sunday the anniversary of the day putin was in attended sput the geopolitical climate between russia and the west it has cooled since then today russia's foreign ministry said the allied invasion on d.-day did not determine the course of the war and its importance should not be exaggerated the red army not the allied invasion is where the nazis met their fate where as that historical record was being tweaked in moscow mr putin today met with the president of china both leaders have become closer recently
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especially in the wake of the u.s. withdrawing from the iran nuclear deal and today she's in pain he called mr putin his best friend only on one of why this year how a financial relations have not reached the maximum and can become even better we are ready to work together with russia in order to continuously increase the effect of the high level cooperation our countries have shown so that cooperation can give our people at big a sense of achievement and we can promote the russian chinese agenda in international affairs. of the deepening bond between she and putin comes in the face of u.s. pressure on both countries russia from ongoing sanctions and china from a deepening trade conflict our moscow correspondent me a drugstore takes a look at the relationship. friendships must
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be cultivated to that end china bestowed an honorary doctorate on russia's president last month at a press conference for the event vladimir putin praised the 2 countries relationship given a strategic. china is by any measure a strategic partner so we biggest trade turnover is with china skipped it last year trade between the 2 countries rose 27 percent to $107000000000.00 russia sells china raw materials while china sends back machinery transport and consumer goods to increase trade the 2 are investing in new transport links like this cross border bridge over the am or river it's set to open for traffic next year. in france we've long said that we need to build more infrastructure. right now 2 friendly countries with
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a long shared border can't trade normally because they lack the proper infrastructure. both presidents have promised to remedy that they've met dozens of times in recent years and the kremlin says they have good personal chemistry as well. the presidential visit to st petersburg has been in the works for a long time. yet china and russia support each other diplomatically against and say globalization protectionism and unilateralism is fully reflects the high level and special nature of the 2 countries strategic partnership and. both russia and china are permanent members of the united nations security council where they often block resolutions from western countries especially relating to syria and venezuela. other key part of the russian chinese relationship is increasing military coordination russian t.v. news recently showed joint military exercises $3000.00 chinese soldiers joined
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hundreds of thousands of russian troops on maneuvers last year to low chinese numbers a sign that the russians don't completely trust them yet oh. we don't intend to become dependent on china and that's why we're developing relationships with japan korea as the countries and india russia's asia policy is more than just a china policy. a sign that russian foreign policy is based on pragmatism and can be easily adjusted depending on which way the wind blows. let's get the view now on this deepening friendship from the u.s. capital washington d.c. i'm joined by andrea can bill taylor she is the director of the transatlantic security program at the center for a new american security that's a bipartisan public policy think tank is good to have you on the show mr sheen
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mr. it's good to have you what do we see here with this friendship is this a marriage of convenience or is this a true partnership. if in fact the question that everyone in washington is asking as your segment just highlighted we have seen across almost every dimension of the relationship that ties between the 2 countries are growing so from the economic the military and security spheres and the political winds have been and i think you know initially we've seen that the 2 countries are very much united in their discontent with the united states and the u.s. led order that they think disadvantages that but the concern i think is that as they have these repeated interactions with each other that they will grow a foundation for cooperation that will provide a very solid foundation for their ties into the future. will boot and she's deepening times that will help them all the economic pressure of the seas from the
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u.s. well i think that's the hope at least for the russian side i mean i think we saw this relationship really accelerate in the wake of 2014 with russia's illegal annexation of crimea and point i think putin and the rest of the folks around him judged that there were no more opportunities in the west and so after that point we saw a real excel aeration of their outreach to china and so i think that's what they're banking on and when they're looking at things like china's development road initiative we of course see russia trying to marry off its eurasia economic union it is looking for relief from the sanctions that the united states and europe have imposed. showing news who were considered a security threat in the united states today. signed a deal with russian telecoms companies to develop the 5 g. network in russia i mean what are the implications of that.
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well i think the implications are profound and the risk is that we will see a kind of a bifurcation of the telecommunications network if we see russia and china and other like minded countries moving forward with huawei systems and i think we run into that risk clearly of the united states is concerned about this and has put a tremendous amount of pressure on our european allies and partners to avoid signing deals with weiwei and so i think this is going to be a key battleground in the years to come. and one and very today is the commemorations for the 75th anniversary of d.-day 85 years ago mr putin was at the 70th anniversary commemorations he was noticeably absent today in english how was that being viewed there were you war i think it just underscores the really difficult state in u.s.
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russia relations and i think it's not only that he was absent from the d.-day commemorations but it really is this visit with she that underscores. the the state of relations today i mean with a meeting with putin and she is really intended to demonstrate to the world but particularly of the united states that russia and china ties are deepening and that they're capable and willing to move forward without the united states. and the fact that mr putin was not there some would say shows that he feels emboldened right now we would you say that we should see this meeting between she and putin as a sign that china and russia are trying to take advantage of the weekend transatlantic relationship under president. i think that's absolutely the way they should take it to day is the 2nd time that putin and she
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will meet this year they've met something like 28 times over the last 6 years and these 2 leaders have logged more hours together than any other pair of leaders in recent history and it's that relationship i think that really underscores the growing ties between russia and china and as you note i think that the 2 leaders and putin in particular really perceive that there is a sense of opportunity here i think that they when they look at the united states in the kind of. distraction in the united states that they're looking to lean forward and they're really looking to accelerate what i think they see as the decline of the united states and this and this western led order. and it's you know the irony is there that we're talking about that today on that 75th anniversary of the d.-day invasion and rekindle taylor from the center for new american security in washington d.c.
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and really appreciate your insights tonight thank you. reaching 0 carbon emissions in a decade some impossible not to 2 very vocal u.s. congressional members alexandria cosier cortez and edward markey are proposing the green new deal which aims for neutral u.s. emissions within 10 years however carbon emissions they reached a record high just the last year in the u.s. that makes a lot of people say the plan is a little too ambitious. she wanted so much when it comes to tackling climate change she's a woman with a plan the green new deal was unavailable by democratic congresswoman alexandra. and senator edward markey. day is a big day for children that have been breathing dirty air in the south bronx today is a really good day for families who have been enduring the injustices of drinking dirty
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water it's an ambitious reimagining of how the economy could thrive minus fossil fuels it calls for the u.s. to wipe out all greenhouse gas emissions within a decade make all buildings including existing ones energy efficient and switch to green public transport it also tries to fix societal problems with proposals for more decently paid jobs affordable housing and increased access to health care with a 2020 presidential election fast approaching it's got the backing of 10 of the democratic candidates but critics say the big ideas aren't backed up by proposals on how to implement them visiting oil and gas workers in louisiana president trump made it clear he was its number one opponent. and they talked about the green new deal. the green new deal everybody go home you just lost you jobs all of the thousands of guys and women standing on these buildings get fired they go home
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because under the green new deal they don't like clean beautiful natural gas. with the deal voted down in the republican controlled senate environment professor paul bledsoe says the president's stance on climate change presents a serious danger that president trumps incredibly ultra dangerous climate nihilism is a threat to us public safety our economy and our security and it's a threat to our allies around the world i think when americans begin to understand that they'll begin to support a robust policy which i believe a democratic nominee will put forward and that will give the democrats the basis to act in 2021 aside from all the talk about who supports the deal and who doesn't is still a simple fact that competitions hit a record high nost year prompting some to shelve the time climate change the climate crisis. like the sunrise movement
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a grassroots climate advocacy group rallying behind the deal here in the united states as in so many countries around the walls its young people who've pushed climate change to the forefront of public debate for political leaders are going to understand the scale of this problem and quickly start doing something and then i think our only solution is to keep what finites is doing and which is mobilizing young people to take back political power in this country. and many still too young to vote have been making their voices heard at protests fearing they'll be the ones to bear the brunt of the local. fia rooted in science. finally they say those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it unless they want to repeat it just ask some of the d.-day veterans who were determined not to let age or gravity get in their way today now in order to penetrate the nazis
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atlanta coast defense is d.-day paratroopers used parachutes jumped behind in the lungs over 97 year old u.s. veteran did today exactly what he did 75 years ago the only difference he said was that today he didn't have to dodge bullets on the way down we'll leave you tonight with his sky high mission and remember no matter what happens between now and then tomorrow is another day. to come to terms with. good time to. look there's a. new look at yes. ma'am .
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enter the conflict zone confronting the powerful. my guess is we can use the conservative m.p. ma phone from me hotline you feel such good to be snapping and listening around mrs may's he'll stay home with the conservative party's ratings currently plummeting through the floor of the party even deserve to survive conflict so frickin 60 minutes t.w. . in
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