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school in the jungle. your 1st clinging lesson in the doors grand moment arrives. join the ring again on her journey back to freedom. you know we're interactive documentary the world you know renting returns home on t w don't come to tanks. this is the news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes his father i was friends i live by an armed group in the central african republic now they drove the give me just stopped on 10 days after 7 field these agreements. reconstitution deal with and peace to the country also on the show. what the women footballers across africa wants you called me and as much attention as men's football as nigeria cameroon and south africa get ready to represent the continent in a woman's while come and they put the challenges behind them undersell in the
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competition. and you michael jr is my name welcome to the program now the central african republic has seen more than its fair share of peace deals none of which have actually brought peace to the fractured country any of this yeah. put pen to paper yet again pledge in peace now the president has started consultations about v. conservation begins with one boy who doesn't yet know what that means because all he can remember is the violence. heavy can't sleep at night his mother all scott haines says son his night man is only doing the drawings cannot have a stop seeing the peaches that haunts him. to get to sleep i have to. draw every
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time to get the images out of my head. of his just 12 years old his drawings are always the same pickup trucks with machine guns mounted on the back a body in a river a house on fire with his dad inside was a says this is what made me draw this picture it's that my father and i were going to move by a district. and then he was burnt at home by the silica. and when i fled i saw a body in the water walking to. the celica mainly muslim group just one of countless militias warlords and rebels in ca in february the warring sides signed a peace deal the 8th have is that was killed in 2013. now the country's president has launched a public consultation aimed at establishing a truth justice reparation and reconciliation commission. it seemed essential to me to make sure the government give popular legitimacy to this
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transitional justice system that's to be put in place. by consulting central africans across the republic so they can express their expectations and wishes clearly. the chief of the un stabilisation force may not call for measures to protect the victims of violence and ensure their voices are heard. we will all need to remain vigilant in the fight against impunity to give full effect to the rights of victims the truth justice and reparation. trauma and his drawings are unlikely to make it into the consultations but the government's hope is that a future commission can play a role in bringing some peace to ca our. joining me now is hans to central africa senior analyst at international crisis group has the marie many thanks for your
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time now 1st of all tell us how critical is the situation in central africa republic. it's a gesture you some believe it is quite what i call political on the security police because he calls the country which is going to have elections in 2020 how many people don't know how. it's going to be critical because one of the key question he's always the country going to find money all the right elections in the country which is. so the 1st $300.00 security point is that some of. us you know me you know 202019 i'm surrounded i'm still seem to be here is. the question nice what how is the argument going to be implemented concretely what
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progress have been made so far. are we. going to have ahead i mean it's interesting you mention this i mean you talking about these questions because it's questions that are difficult to unsightly any and we saw in the report the president has just launched a public consultations to establish a commission a commission has been talked about sunscreens 15 is this the one that's going to be set up to help deal with issues. this is one of the provisional. i remember discussing because i was signed. in february that issue a lot on it should not be on the table one got groups on different need of i'm groups have to be prosecuted for the crime so. too shall have to leave. and trying is that you seem to be much more a kind of institutional response we have to have dogs.
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of santagati kind of dorothy indeed prosecuted as adults it could be quite i hope to see some of those leaders actually have been acquainted. with the show and most of the fighters will be integrated even jolly units like this bishop meeks brigade ok finally before you go will is out of time what is the biggest threat to the peace agreement quickly please. do not get twisted with the 5 who demand exceeds their really does dishonesty or do a group if you do the are likely a bad group indeed. entente of it or they would want to read and there is a need for got back to the system for the region particularly china given the fact that even if some of the article pretend that they were like who does not even believe by you we pons true china's on the border if the child i'm still not up to now we don't see
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a significant and important men of child politically in the. way of. ok a lot has to be sorted handsome out even seeing our list with international crisis group thank you very much thank you. this is the falcons of nigeria hop in africa woman cup of nations champions 9 times yet they often have to beg to get paid bonuses so talk of equal pay for women soccer players as is a distance dream for them as a women's world cup in powers it sounds for the super fogginess to gain the much needed support they crave. the super falcons have undeniably been the definition of super on the pitch in africa 9 times it up but also at 9 times they are. up so good basic. simple fact has been the best you know freak out what's. been the one that has brought glory
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to the contrary as a team as a nation as a country. the way to shoot sometimes. off to since the last women's world cup they've been forced to hit the streets in protest . of the falcons carrying placards begging to be paid marching to the presidential phila and national assembly this issue was partially result but there's still a ways to go. we need a lot of motivation a lot of support on whether that's a long time or outcome you know in you know may cost know that yes this people are really there to support us the current cup holders the u.s. women's team have taken the issue of inequality to court alleging gender discrimination on the beaches salary and nearly every other aspect of their working conditions nigeria is going to lead the end in this discussion yeah there will be
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us crying that we want the same being equal now that we are not seen this equal or what this you bring it all play lead to well sponsors like adidas have gotten behind the women in the u.s. support for the falcons has been scarce some have blamed lesbianism so what what the vice president of the nigerian association of football federation associations said was that you know the sponsorship wasn't wasn't forthcoming because he felt that. it was a place to. lesbians in the open letter we love taking it so i think it's something that everybody has to some people because what the world 2nd file or sort of this love when i'm on a woman is look there's been a bit more love in terms of preparation for the super falcons ahead of this world cup but we need to do much more i think you change
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a lot of things in the in africa because. what men didn't do we men have done it and it's going to open a lot of weight and is going to give people the. well. it's also you know we are we have to want a foundation for winning tends to speed up change hopefully success at the world cup can do that for the nigerian super falcons. with me now is the chris herren saying from the sports this many thanks for your time chris now you went on this report why i said this week when they brought the most glory to the country i mean 9 time african champions right you know that's 3 times as many is their male counterparts have won you know i spent a few days and i geria pamela i day was one of the voices in the report we just saw according to her you know women in nigeria are basically at the bottom of the
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social ladder you know they're struggling in economic you know whether whether it's social political a number of different ways you know and in terms of how much they've won it is a bit of a shock but they've had the protests we saw the one you know shots of the protests they actually had to go to the villa that was resolved but you know just to clarify they were owed $20000.00 over that apiece and their coach hasn't been paid in certain issues the nigerian football federation has to release the funds and they're hit or miss in this area you know they plug up one hole then another hole is created so to speak so they're just playing catch up in a lot of senses but they've caught up a little bit ok now we always seem to be talking about these challenges what's the way to address them yeah i really think it's getting the message out there you know it really did pay off they actually what you saw was the 10th day of a protest in the report they were locked in their hotel you know for 9 days refusing to train refusing to do to be active you know this does help you know sometimes you don't you see in the united states you know what they did they took
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the the issue to court that does help corporations have stepped up their game a little bit you know feed has doubled the money you know for all of the teams participating the winner gets 4000000 you know these little things do help. moved the issue along you know but you know we have a ways to go to level the playing field in this area just that it seems like a talk about we'll talk about the world cup now nigeria covering south africa big right representing team africa really went out they had chances you don't know what is giving them great odds right now that's a take 500 to one odds which means you know 20 gets you 10000 just to put in perspective you know in the 3 african teams you know as you mentioned earlier super fast because they've been in every you know world cup they have it succeeded very well in the competition in this century 99 and i was their best cameroon they research group stage in 2015 south africa is their debut they're happy to be there you know they haven't won it all leading up to this tournament so i think nigeria
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as the best chance of really you know making an impact this world cup and for a while thanks very much chris will be betting maybe you will be talking about the bets all of that all of that but very much for the time well that's all we have time for and you know if you news africa don't forget to visit our website on facebook page for more stories and for a time and have a great weekend. dream destination is majestic mountain scenery. various times sometimes a region. you christina shouldn't. scale is the peaks. thanks lou thanks. his passion for the angels customs. next on c w.
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rock'n'roll. sinful rhythms can tell by the church. i know the evil feeling that you feel when you think. to. stop although. no one is more popular than jesus come good religious morons preachers because of the 1st. battle with some marketing potential by placing a warning label on music products. rock and religion that brings so
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many parallels. for the to nearly so good reconcilable. card doubling and rock n roll stars june 17th on t.w. . nature that's what i want today.


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