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even higher and leave much you know technology books team with one fits all code face. this is day w new still to come is in the open as the test grains are about to become the next trend for foodies on the fans of healthy eating eating i will meet a father i can tell my son through. going global. mother jones about story on the wall of business news africa next talk about at the top of the top of the day. if you ever have to cover up a murder the best way is to make a accident raring to. never read a book like this. which mr jermyn street. it is all happening to children. who are linked from
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africa and the world. you are linked to with simply stories and descriptions pelley one will come to deduce after clean program mary from born in germany from the news of easy to i want website d w to construct africa join us on facebook to w. africa. how to kick start a nigeria's economy president will pledge to increase growth and jobs in the oil rich country that's just emerged from a deep recession but there are hurdles and head to go live to for more also coming up it's a centuries old problem that many grows in ethiopia. as western celebrities hoped could tepper be the next door and you can know. we welcome to do business africa
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want to jones and the to have you with us and with starting in nigeria where last month the president mohamed hadi was sworn in the for a 2nd term in office it was a narrow election election win that took place against a backdrop of economic uncertainty among the biggest challenges he's facing is slowing growth the nigerian economy is projected to grow by just over 2 percent of this year that's well below forecasts for many other african countries obstacles to growth include poor infrastructure frequent power outages and corruption and unsurprisingly those kinds of problems are doing little to spur investment in 2018 nigeria attracted to fall less foreign investment than egypt south africa ghana or ethiopia but it's not all doom and gloom nigeria is africa's big. oil producer currently producing some 1900000 barrels
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a day so what's holding material back and where does president hari have to act let's bring in. our correspondent in a boat. listen jerry is an oil rich country but apparently there's a point infrastructure there's problems with power and water supply house the possible. gives that up and need to visit reasons why nigeria is on the concrete and the sun able to sit on the infrastructure for you to come lean on corruption from 1999 to did nigeria has and over $16000000000.00 to provide power that is not there in nigeria is you don't like to see the print fall call it exists because of corruption it has privatize the power sector but it's not paid because those who
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bought the policy all of this to within the government cycle. team was in town so you'd like to see teeth because if you compared nigeria with counties you see why nigeria kind in a written that to see which is a major problem if you go to all it's neck is dissin the red line is just trying to neutralize not most of the cities on the pundit so is corruption corruption corruption unluckily political read from the nigerian negus so who was the eve corruption is quite clearly a problem for my geria how can it and how should it be tackled. well there but how do administration can move with. tackling corruption but people don't see it happening because it does not put this to you how to build the institutions a kind of fight corruption is all about risks and people and putting them into jail
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when the institutions are not them down was be transparency in what everyone that you know is doing to fight against corruption so that people can see. the i should die yes we are serious about fighting corruption but that has not been there and those who are close up to the authorities must be prosecuted when they but they have found 1000 that are so many cases against some of the side and government of the shelves which people see the government pretending we can add that was. pretending that ok we're fighting corruption so if there is no transparency there's a continuity tend to fight against corruption and until the very typical civil society needs to come out and he was he also needs to do something about popular debt to which is very high and that means the budget deficit is also growing what does the bihari have to do in order to put in present situation.
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i think the 1st instance he has to reduce the button of the way we do our budget the budget is to an issue us because the government comes in they want to do so much for the faultless so much for the citizens of nigeria but when you how about it when some time premium budget i knew our brain 60 percent of the budget. so there is need to reduce the burden that. the scale of the budget from day fit duration to distant government that is a need to diversify the economy from reliance on. sectors alright you know this also was always it wasn't as though you know most countries will have and then we'll have to leave it will have to leave it at that point but thank you so much thank you so much for giving us your insights there thank you. well millions of people in sudan have joined in a jet a general strike called by
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a program for the group's protest leaders hope the strike action will increase pressure on sudan's military leaders to step down after a bloody crackdown which left scores dead some shops were open for business most remain closed the u.s. assistant secretary of state for african affairs says he plans to meet both generals and protest leaders in the capital khartoum. south africa's president cyril ramaphosa has told the international labor conference in geneva that nations need to reaffirm their commitments to multilateralism i'm opposed said that the global multilateral framework protecting workers remains fragile threatened by trade was disagreement and a polarized world the aisle 0 is a united nations agency that strives to create international labor standards through agreement between government employers and workers representatives the organization is today celebrating 100 years since its creation. and now to some of the other global business stories making the news. facebook google apple
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and amazon face a house judiciary committee hearing in congress his 1st antitrust review of the tech sector which until now regulators have left relatively undisturbed will make his own assess whether the giants of the valley have become too powerful and killing competition and if action is needed. online retailer amazon has the past google and apple as the most valuable global brand in the world by market research agency come to assess amazon's a brand value that's its financial performance plus its standing with consumers skyrocketed by 52 percent to $315000000000.00 in a year that's equivalent to the entire economic output of bangladesh. the 29000 consumer electronics show asia has opened in shanghai around it. 70 firms have put their technology on display a 3rd of them chinese the 5th annual c.e.o.'s focuses on the latest innovations in
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ai 5 vehicle technology and startups from around the world at the event sure way presented a high a i designed in the to mobile phone can control you up to 8 supporting devices like t.v.'s top let's and use. let's say the rain forest well there was a time not too long ago when that was on everyone's mind some of the world's largest consumer brands including nestle and unilever even pledged in 2010 to reach next year a deforestation within a decade through responsible sourcing of cattle palm oil soya and other commodities almost 10 years on the opposite is the case. the pledge by the consumer goods forum was supposed to mean less of this but with only months to go it's clear the aim of ending net deforestation by many of the world's biggest brands is not within reach now environmentalists greenpeace say the situation is bleak and has warned the
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likes of a rare row june 11th and nestlé to evolve to avoid a climate and ecological breakdown greenpeace says the amount of land being cleared to make space for crops that are widely used to mass produce food is rising in many areas even after producers promise to work towards an end to deforestation sawyer is seen as the 2nd biggest driver of global deforestation behind cattle farming palm oil is also among the products most responsible for the clearing of forests and the land being eaten up continues to increase in some countries greenpeace says the increased proliferation of the crops will mean that despite the consumer goods forums pledge a further 50000000 hectares of forest will have been cleared between 20102020 that's an area the size of spain. greenpeace came to his conclusions with the use of graphics like these from nasa showing the disappearance of trees on the planets the consumer goods forum says its many high profile members have moved substantially towards their goal of 100 percent sustainable sourcing of the 4 commodities most associated with the loss of the rainforest but it except for the
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challenge of ending deforestation altogether the small complex than it had estimated almost a decade ago. have you ever heard of teff well if you believe in healthy trendy eating you should give it a try test is a fine and ancient grain from ethiopia and it sets to be the next canola while the 90 percent of the world is grown in ethiopia and with gaining popularity among western celebrities it has the potential to become a new critic export business for the country's gross. it's a centuries old scene harvest time in ethiopia everywhere you see cattle being used to we know to separate the grain from the stems 4 out of 10 farmers in ethiopia grotesque a fine grained high quality cereal aisle you see it it is very limited. but it's more inside and we knew. and when you mix we would all end the. 2 or 3 days you have both did.
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india injera if amended flatbread is ethiopia's national staple dish turf was initially exported to supply ethiopians living abroad with their daily bread but it's caught the interest of health food just as in europe in the united states it's gluten free and rich in minerals and proteins making it much sought after as an ingredient in healthy bakery cereal and snack products. celebrities including going to paltrow victoria beckham and british musician sting are among fans and some are calling the ethiopian grain a new keno a. seller's can barely keep up with demand. for the last 3 years we didn't have enough to grow as. export is growing and demand is also rising and that's why the price of tariff is rising to.
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look. this could present major opportunities for ethiopia's to growers and exporters but the industry faces hurdles including complex supply chains involving many small operators we can market structure and high transport costs there's also been little opportunity for farmers to adopt new technologies and agro nomic practices which could dramatically increase yields. drops of business africa here on d w for me in the team and as always thanks for keeping us company.
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so subscribers don't miss out. this is the news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes in landmark ruling on a reason to celebrate one assassin was 6 years no longer a crime so how about the last time the l.g.b. t.-i act. also coming out of a crowded under-funded we go inside a huge prison in nigeria to meet the inmates with little hope for who to chop by the mob trying to prepare them for life.


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