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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  June 12, 2019 7:45pm-8:01pm CEST

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in the studio. jones it's all about the amber liquid that this country brew. but we begin with the rise of the instagram poets wait a minute instagram is a platform for photos or who say yes true but if you take a photo of your poem and put it on instagram well you have it now a number of body. frame this way including arch hades who writes rather old fashioned rhyming verse which didn't appeal to the publishers at 1st but it certainly struck a chord with the public. is a poet for the 21st century the young londoners posts a verse have gained 280000 instagram follow is proof that the institution aeration is interested in more than just flashy photos and that poetry is alive and kicking
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. ideas poetry career started with a failed marriage she wrote her pain into poetry publishing an e-book titled high tide poetry and postcards at 1st no one was interested but when she started posting the poems online with elegant self portraits people started buying her poetry so many that had big publishing house approached it with a book deal. can sort of be taken as a quite a shallow place that may not necessarily be you know a petri dish for you know propagation of great literature it's still a wonderful place to spark interest and to sort of encourage people to follow you and then sort of follow your journey and then when a book or books come out there's so much more ready and keen to consume your work so it's a great starting place if you want to be a writer. the rise of insta poets is the latest chapter in the story of online wolf is going to print big role model is. group of canada.
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3.6000000 followers she's a star poetry volumes the bestsellers with millions of copies sold making her possibly the most successful poet of the present day since her ascent publishers have been desperately searching for the next big thing i did use of my cheap human poet to rival her success sales of english language poetry up 50 percent and female readers and writers under 30 at the reason why. it's not just english kareena munich germany is another insta poet is not afraid to publish the most intimate feelings on the web. or to the net so i think it's lovely when people tell me that my text helped them through a rough time. makes me so happy that this is for me it's actually kind of surreal when my writing can do that it takes the words was also. writers like kareena eckel don't need the critics approval to be rewarded with lines as long as they work
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clicks with readers online or off i don't need to get a good review feel bad once. a day is a pakistani video artist based here in berlin and currently has a retrospective of martin. and here she is in one of her video installations reading the news a pakistani news reader and then as an indian news reader the news is the same but with a different slant of course an indian has taken an egg from a pakistani head or a pakistani has taken an egg laid by an indian hand and this sparks international crisis. now of course there's much more. but the. divisions between
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pakistan and india or actually much more. well a bit autobiographical because my parents are originally from india who migrated to pakistan so it is that's why it's me on both sides of the border so it's split identities. and the politics of post national this nationalist sentiment of separating languages on one upmanship whether it's the nuclear arms or you know casual jokes or ethnic humor. it's got something we live with in south asia it is very much part of our identity now you're quite critical about pakistan i mean one example is the installation or is that your exhibition earlier today and the one you've done about these 150000. laid out for a special occasion 2 to the national and international have and then it was the last moment sort of government incompetence if you like i wondered you do have
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a go at the authorities sometimes you safe passage star i mean i think it's more humor about power so it's about the address issues of power over civilians but the art world is actually very verified and exclusive for the most part so i think . writers and filmmakers and journalists are the ones who are more at risk and if there are any i think the odd word you can still do a lot of stuff and it goes unnoticed by the authorities and i think there's humor in the work which is the most important things i think people people can find themselves laughing even if they know they're being criticized let's have a look at another video this is about borders now you see that is quite a theme i mean again in the exhibition today there were these security barrier areas pictures you painted but this is. are presumed this was staged i mean this continues the 3 really or is it
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a different thing no it is it is about about manipulation and about statement of pollution about spain. and if the nation and architecture and cities which creates borders between classes and people and between different ethnicities. so it carries through all the one about people going through the yellow lines is more about people waiting for visas actually now you can change berlin 8 years ago on a scholarship and decided to stay why did you stand berlin what's it about berlin what i think that's something that a lot of people who come in the day are day but in a constant program end up staying so that's a funny thing but in my case it is my ex-husband is indian and my son is has an indian passport i'm pakistani and it kind of served us and it's to be in a neutral country in a city more difficult for the 2 of you to live by one of those cities let's have a look at some still photos archie decide to see the one behind me now these were
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intriguing there's a man on a street reading a newspaper and there's one of a woman i know i have is coming up of this is ironing in the street was that of well that's my mother so it's. a major acted out so they all actors and it's about tracing the original inhabitants of. it which is a very diverse ethnicities and different religions so it's kind of an homage to people who have always lived in the city and who made the city in some ways and about the city becoming more homogenous in terms of muslin you know how come the city was so deserted because every all the muslim community was breaking that fast so it's actually done during ramadan so i brought out my protagonists on the streets. your current exhibition which i said is really more of a retrospective because it's pretty big that's what happens when this all comes. is that the muslim group is back to 22nd of september until. people comfortable in
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they should go because martin gropius is well worth a visit it's called they died laughing very. briefly why i just like the agency of laughter and it kind of cripples people. but. no wait a minute. yes yes all right thanks very much for vevo thank you. beer is a major part of german culture and there are strict laws governing how it is brewed laws that go back over 500 years believe it or not despite these restrictions the germans proof i.e. files in different beers which cater for every taste makes them with strange combinations to more on this from our intrepid reporter rachel stewart in our series meet the germans. news just did the germans love. their average german drinks more than 100 liters of beer every year once i went to
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the spa and they even have. been literally poured all over the home calls water waste another clear indication of this national passion is the fact that most germans seem to be born with the ability to open a bottle of beer without a bottle. check this out. getting thirsty ok so say you want to sample some of the good stuff yourself you can just walk into a ball house and say i know. you need to know your pills from your bike or my book. i'm aware of regional pride take cologne and just a little for example just as the 2 cities have rival ice hockey teams they also rival. so don't order
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a cold. how to looking for that germans are also extremely picky about what goes in that there's even a law protecting beer purity so what are the secret ingredients. to. just the us. trying to. use a star jewishness to. transitioning to win hearts to your star out to them and say we're trying to find them a member that's primary school child of course bruce can sell more experimental beer they just like to call it beer. but despite these strict rules the germans still have a weird how a bit of mixing their beer to make strange concoctions will be a mix between for example beer with coke sprite phonology strawberries. sparkling wine and mineral water.
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you'll know if you're in germany and you're on your way to a party definitely pick up a big deal literally translated as a way via it's essentially a beer to go and yes drinking in public is legal here. but remember do not been your beer bottle either take it back to the shop and get your 8 cents back or place it next to never in the bin and someone else will recycle it. one last tip when chasing with a gem and always look them in the eye otherwise they'll reprimand you are risking 7 years bad luck or bad and you don't want that on your conscience. finally british band radiohead of music but they never intended to release stardom by hackers who then demanded $150000.00 for its return well the band of turn the tables on the hakas by releasing the music to their fans it's 18 hours of material
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of mostly an interesting demos they made for the $997.00 albums ok ok. and they're charging $18.00 for anyone who wants it the giving the money to charity. well. i'm not good news wraps up for today more on all topics on the website as always that. flash also on facebook. for me and the crew here and.
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into the conflict zone fronting the powerful. my guest this week hearing from him is the qatari foreign ministry spokesperson for. the last 2 years the gulf states of power has been blockaded by. forceps of arab states which accuses of supporting terrorism she has always denied the charges. conflicts a. few minutes off double. hijacking the news. where i go wrong with the news is being hijacked journalism itself has become a scripted reality show it's not just good versus evil us versus them black and white. in countries like russia china turkey people are told is that it's not
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and if you're a journalist there and you try to get beyond it you are facing scare tactics intimidation. and i wonder is that where work headed is well. my responsibility as a journalist is to get beyond the smoke and mirrors it's not just about the fear and beral it's or being neutral it's about being truthful. when he was working golf and i were getting the. frankfurt. international gateway to the best connection self in the road and rail. located in the heart of europe you are connected to the whole world. experience outstanding shopping and dining offers and try our services. be our guest at
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frankfurt airport city managed by from. this is. continues. to disperse protesters who is accused of riots demonstrators said. also on the program.
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