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fascinating blond cultural heritage song it's the way the. world heritage for 60 getting. the back to live from hong kong chief executive carry law apologizes again unrest foxfire unpopular extradition but she does not offer her resignation as the protesters are demanding so what next for the territories political crisis live to hong kong also coming up tensions are rising in the gulf as the u.s. orders $1000.00 more troops to the region the deployment comes as the u.s. releases new images it came school iran was behind the attack on 2 ships near the
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persian gulf last week iran denies examinations and says it's above to breach the international view to accord for the 1st time. and the former head of the european football association michel touchingly has been detained by french police in connection with the probe into the awarding of the 2022 world cup to cup that. lasts former egyptian president mohamed morsi is very dimly tight security after he collapsed and died in a tehran courtroom because muslim brotherhood says he was assassinated and courts protests. thank you very much for a company. hong kong carry. has apologized for handing off
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a controversial extradition bill but has not offered to withdraw it during an apology sent you regretted trying to connect with young people but the terrorist controversial leader stop short of resigning and demonstrators are demanding. the hong kong achieve effective did say she takes full responsibility for what's happened here spot or what she had to say i have heard you loud and clear and i have reflected deeply on all that has transpired the constant over the past few months have been caused by deficiencies in the work of the government over the amendment exercise i personally had to shoulder much of the responsibility this has led to controversies this those and then societies in society for this i offer my most sincere apology so
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all people of hong kong. and let's go to hong kong and phoebe kong who is standing by for us phoebe we just heard what carly long hard to say but what exactly is she saying about the situation in hong kong at the moment. they herald i am has just held a press conference for process the 40 minutes so 1st of all in her opening speech he expresses her most sincere apology but of people off hong kong because of all that they feel and the conflicts cost 5 these extradition failed and secondly here she further. although she apologized for the 2nd time in the 2 or 3 days she didn't mention anything about the come pleats withdrawal off the controversial i should mention bill pushes the hire all of the amounts of many of the protesters.
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they say they cost more comfy 1st of all and stop paying the extradition during the sunday and alpha's they shifted and press their demands and also regarding the questions of whether she is going to step down on all its she save me saying that she is going to to make all her efforts to complete all her important jobs and toss in the next 3 years which means before her term and in 2102 so in other words she is not stepping down because officer tradition the important thing is she's not meeting the demands of the protesters because they wanted you had to step down immediately and they were also calling for the cancellation of this very controversial legislation so how what has been the reaction among protestors not all of them they expressed a anger and dissatisfaction to us for carrying them explain just now and they're not satisfied because she is not responding to their the amounts they are stepping
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down immediately and with saudi i sort of shown below completely and also to our refocus the prosecution and the charges over the rioting suspects arrested so they are really like this content over what her saying. these correspondents standing outside the legislative council will be can see protesters behind her thank you very much for that update. turning now to iran where president hassan rouhani has said that that on will not reach war against any nation he was speaking after the u.s. announced it was sending an additional 1000 troops to the region 2015 meanwhile the u.s. has released new images it says proves iran was beyond the bombing of 2 oil tankers and the gulf last week iran rejects these allegations. these are the new images that the u.s. says proves iran was behind the attacks on 2 oil tankers last thursday in the gulf
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of oman on it the u.s. claims an unexploded mine was being removed from one of the tankers to hide evidence iran denies any involvement the u.s. says that its new deployment includes security forces and troops for additional surveillance and intelligence gathering in the region american observers believe this escalation is aimed at deterring iran and calming allies worried that transit through key shipping lanes could be in jeopardy. iran has announced it will soon breach limits on how much enrich uranium it can stockpile under the international nuclear deal it's signed in 2015 it also says it will be able to make weapons grade uranium last year u.s. president donald trump pulled the u.s. out of the deal and reimposed economic sanctions on iran and even though the americans withdrew from the deal they still want iran to comply with the restrictions. we have made it very clear that this president came into office and
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since the secretary there that we will not tolerate an on the iran obtaining a nuclear weapon full stop. the european union and the un have called for caution regarding actions based on the attack on the 2 oil tankers implement. that we now bring you some other stories making news around the. scheme to charge motorists resident in germany for using the country's highways brix antidiscrimination austria has. introduced a scheme next year to fund road maintenance and. congestion. risky operation is underway in southwestern china following an earthquake that killed at least 12 people the 6.0 magnitude quake and the aftershocks rocked sichuan province late on monday 120. 4. a
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new zealand court has sentenced a christchurch businessman to 21 months in prison for sharing a video of the massacre. of one of the city's mosques the john phillips ops had committed a hate crime the video had been recorded by the gunman who killed 51 people in march. for you if president michel platini has been detained for questioning questioning by authorities in france his detention in on 10. this is part of an investigation into alleged corruption doing the bidding process for the 2022 world cup which was awarded to qatar in 2010 that he was the boss of u.a.e. for 8 years before he and then 5th president sepp blatter banned from working in football by the ethics committee. of the story i'm joined by johnson crean from sports desk. and what more do we know
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well we know the french authorities have now confirmed this story that was. by the outward made it seems like michel platini has been taken to the french police is corruption of this just outside of paris now we know that french investigators have been looking into the bidding process for the 20182022 cups was decided in. russia but the 2821 the 202220 meant seems like this arrest of michel platini pertains to the 2022 tournament because interestingly another person has been detained claude he was the former right hand man of then french president nicolas a cosy we know there was a secret meeting just before the decision to award could tell the 2022 world cup between such cozy platini was present and so it was that then crown prince now emea . incentives given between platini and step blatter the form of fee for president
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it seems like it was a disagreement between those $2.00 men blatz was expecting platini said vote for the united states to host 2022 tournament and he's accused platini of rowing back on that promise now platini says look i was not told by south cosey fall but i knew it would be a good thing if i did choose seems like this is what this arrest is all about interestingly we mentioned it. platini were both banned by fief is the ethics committee platina is banned does expire and the timing of this is very interesting absolutely and these allegations of these lucky things have conditions the playing football on the 20 has been moved to the winter but as well as the french investigation is a separate investigation into fifo we know with the f.b.i. with sniffing around the fact of investigations in the pasta nfi for itself did also look into this matter with its gothia report on that report was finally released in 2017 it didn't find any wrongdoing this is said conduct may not have
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met the standards required there was no smoking gun it's. quite there was no evidence of improper activity by the bits seen on the front door or thirty's might beg to differ with this is what they're investigating right jonathan crane from thank you very much for shedding some light on this likely complicated story. the former egyptian president mohamed morsi has been buried in the capital cairo a day after his sudden death morsy sunset authorities refused to allow the former leader to be buried in his hometown morsy suffered a fatal heart attack in the courtroom yesterday is muslim brotherhood blame to put conditions in the prison where he was being held human drives groups are calling for an independent investigation. now if we spoke to a correspondent ruth michelson in cairo and we asked her how people in egypt are reacting to moment morsi is death she remembered was extremely
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controversial and decisive state. he was a freedom of democracy as a symbol of freedom and democracy he represented a time in power for sleep that operated underground for many many years to others he was an enemy of the state and will remain that way and probably will remain now wait. for his opponents including the people currently in power. stands entries here to pass difficult somewhat uncontroversial events. and you know his eyes or excuse me an era as this man was a criminal who died in prison some of his supporters or even other political figures from across the political spectrum in egypt do you feel that his death was unfortunately somewhat inevitable given the lack of poor treatment sees me given the treatment that he was suffering from his ongoing medical conditions while in
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prison and they say that his his death was essentially symbolic of the treatment of political prisoners in egypt today. backed by russian and intensified their friends even the country's last province dozens of people have been killed over the last few months an estimated 3000000 people live. and according to u.n. figures. 1000000 of them displaced refugees many live in overcrowded camps the. humanitarian catastrophe in the province. spoke to one refugee. who has been living in such a camp with his family for 2 years. his wife is giving birth and. men are not allowed to enter the pediatric ward it's one
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of the few places. after tense hours of waiting the moment has finally arrived so boss wife has given birth to a boy mahmoud. the proud father can hardly believe his luck he sends the 1st snapshot of the newborn to all his friends and relatives. we came here to northern syria say my wife could safely deliver her child i'll stay here until tomorrow and then we'll bring our baby to our hut. but a bleak existence with no prospects awaits the family there the camp in italy offers refuge to 800000 people they come from across syria fleeing assad's bombs now their stride and here in the country's last rebel held enclave they have a vain hope for some security. there practically no jobs there's not enough food water or medicine. and his loved ones have
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already lived in the camp for 2 years 4 people in a simple room with tarps there's no protection from the heat his daughters suffers from bronchitis but no one can help here they prefer to go back home to hama but that's simply impossible. we can't go back because there's permanent fighting bombing and shooting whenever we tried to return there were grenade attacks and barrel bombs. and the families from across it hope to get a little help in the allen carr clinic one of the few medical centers that has not been destroyed by bombing. 126 children are treated here every day but the clinic has long been unable to treat all of them it lacks doctors and medicine newborns in particular are quickly released and do not receive the protection and
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the care they urgently need. unfortunately the newborns often live in tents and barracks instead of houses and their parents often bring them back to the clinic in very poor condition after just a couple of days because their living situation is so bad. i think that's of our son mahmoud could also share his mother's still weak herself after giving birth the newborn is extremely vulnerable an uncertain future awaits him and syria's last rebel stronghold. with me in this really vulnerable and uncertain future awaits him in syria's last rebel stronghold. with me in this city i have political scientist and journalist just and have lived and worked in syria as well welcome just in that the united nations is warning of a humanitarian catastrophe they have you know over
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a 1000000 internally displaced people in the camp that we just saw what is your assessment of the situation actually what we just saw was the at a camp that has intrigues that advancing with the head of russian air bombardment so they feel really they are trapped and what we have seen during the last 2 weeks that the that these people start to organize themselves we have seen the 1st protests at the border. demanding the international community especially europe that either they stop being and the attacks on the lip or they open the border to turkey not just in turkey but to had on to europe so this is basically a message to europe either to protect us here all we will come to you because that's the only opportunity we have we cannot stay here because of live under a slide rule in which so many state actors involved in so many jew political interests at stake here is that a political solution in sight no there is no political solution in sight what we see evolving in the province is again
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a sign to the fact that we are heading towards a military solution the assad regime will gain control over the rest of syria step by step and bashar assad has won the war militarily with the help of iran and russia his 2 foreign allies and with the help of local militias and you know war. war leaders. inside the country and actually he has lost power to these people he has to give them a share of his own power will bitch makes it even more unsecure because you have regions even among under us out or government control that is not really safe to the people a lot of people risk to be detained at a checkpoint a loss of a lot of people to be persecuted they might lose their right of their property which means that for europe the main idea of europe is to send back refugees and the assad regime is saying yes once you just help me reconstruct my country you can send these refugees back which is not going to happen because the main problem for the return of refugees is the lack of security there are no security guarantees
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russia is not being able to deliver these guarantees they have tried before they cannot entrance the regime so it's still a big secure to operate just controlling the regime held areas which means that the 1000000 syrian refugees cannot come back from europe and they cannot return from the neighboring. trees where a lot of pressure is on and in jordan and turkey to send people back to syria it's a very difficult situation and of course the. problem is really for the civilians who've been caught in the crossfire. a syria expert thank you very much for your assessment. the. decision to whether to start talks with north macedonia and albania and. jim is europe minister. says more time is needed to assess the requests by the 2 countries officials say the north of
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macedonia should be for settling a name dispute with neighboring greece but chances of membership in the balkan state is considered one of the most corrupt countries in europe drives the construction business for example commonplace as a correspondent max reports from the capital. biggest developers. want to talk about the issue that's crippling his business government corruption. the buildings that lined the streets of tirana. but they have a dark side order to get the building permits officials here often ask for bribes. this rooftop ever belongs to a building where according to fraud financing and licensing were done by the book that's a tough road to take in. in 2006 he became known for publicly accusing the administration
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of. the officials had wanted to pay off. he changed once i had to get a construction permission for piece of land and multi-story construction is very good someone came to me and asked before the bright and i thought. i would give you 1000000 euro's but let me start the building because you were take this 1000000 and then you will tell me that i would have this permission he said no he wanted in advance. of any. up to 90 percent of profits from building projects in albania or pocketed by government employees but it's not a big industries that suffer the most. i've asked who is worried about the small businesses like this gift shop that he represents poms and nobody's there to protect them. you know. you can count the times these corrupt inspectors have been convicted on just one hand and then i will state it. most of the
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time they aren't afraid to tool to ask for a bribe. because nobody punishes them. or sends them to jail when they openly ask for a payoff. there is nothing worse than having to give them your monthly profits as a bribe to come case a group. should think. about. the people here in the justice ministry denied any involvement the minister herself says she is actively fighting corruption with a reform of the justice system that is part of the e.u. accession process perhaps it is not just a talent of being it's a talent with all countries even a few working countries and we have done some good steps but of course that we have to do more because the corruption it's not. that you can kill in one day.
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soon. most people will be in you however are far less confidence. survey this current political class when not a much are paying into the european union because if it and to see e.u. the same what happened i think gracious the moment crazy and the use of the prime minister went to china and here all the political class from 1992 until now they all deserve to go to jail these sorts. of mine. with illicit funds flowing steadily and no change in sight albania's prospects of becoming a part of the european union any time soon are diminishing one bribe at a time. not just paul. and then julia given how the ball in the back of a let's put both efforts were moved offside. 4 nil the final score is germany when
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their group and remain unbeaten in the world cup group stage game since 1995 south africa at home pointless. thing with football button for the copa america on tuesday defending champions chile started their title defense with a 4 needed victory over guest competitors japan in south pollo erik pulled up with the chileans in front with a powerful header just before halftime and japan one able to find an answer after the break manchester united player alexis sanchez also got himself on the scoresheet in the 2nd half and to bowl goes completed the easy victory. it was indeed obvious coming to live from berlin up next close up a documentary remembering the disappeared istanbul's saturday mothers that's coming up next i'll see you in half an hour with more news and information but by.
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remembering the good. weather in police custody what you can turn on to see. the city protest against these disappearances despite cover. caressed and. their need to know is also putting them in danger. close up next on d. w. .
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what does never t.v. chillis about. let's ask her let's experience a modern museum center with her looks russian cultural heritage foundation her left ear researchers are looking for answers in more than $5000000.00 objects each object relates part of the history of mankind going only those who know about secret things or perhaps like this tradition cultural heritage foundation earthlings treasure trove our childhood documentary june 21st going to dublin.
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for over 2 decades families in istanbul have been demanding information on the disappearance of their loved ones but the added one government has banned protests by the group known as the saturday modest home of. despite the growing pressure that bella run is determined to continue the fight for justice for her missing brother. ben my other will to secure i've spent 38 years of my life looking for my brother.


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