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and we're determined to build something new for the next generation. the environment series of 3000 on. this news coming to. an alarm bell for german democracy jimmie's government calls the fatal shooting of a politician and bought into this month responsive and says it's evidence of the dangerous new face of right wing extremism. also coming up hong kong's chief executive cathy long apologizes again sparked by
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a unpopular extradition but she does not offer her resignation as protesters are demanding so what's next in the territories political crisis. and the former head off a european football michel platini maintains his innocence after being detained by police in france investigators are looking into the awarding of the 2022 world cup soccer tournament to the gulf states. jilly's interior minister says one of the drive train extremism poses a serious danger to society horse see who was reacting to the execution style killing earlier this month after a recent politician. he's spoken out in favor of america's refugee policies they
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were for call the killing an alarm bell directed at or germans he said writing extremism must be forfeit all the means consistent with the rule of law. police have arrested a suspected right wing extremist in the case we have this report feel police arrested the suspect 45 year old stuff from his home early on sunday morning the next day germany's federal prosecutor took over the case after concluding that killing was motivated by right wing extremism he if you ask the suspects previous actions and the views he expressed publicly strongly point to this motive in 1060. some right wing extremists applauded lucas killing on social media prompting investigators to suspect that the perpetrator might come from far right circles up to 5 days to get time i thought these are investigating whether the suspect is part of a terrorist group or network but at present we have no reliable indications of this
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but the federal prosecutor's office has taken up this case because of its particular importance and that in itself shows the dimensions of the murder as a possible political assassinations. stephanie has a criminal record he was previously convicted for his involvement in an attack on a german trade union demonstration he was also linked to an attack on a refugee center in 1903 chancellor angela merkel has welcomed the federal prosecutors initiative. this up this is also if it's right and proper that the federal prosecutor has taken over the investigation and that open questions a cleared up as quickly as possible. prosecutors did not disclose whether they had had an opportunity to question the from the from on the story i'm joined by debbie's chief political correspondent melinda crean jimmie's interior minister said this kind of crime should be taken as a learning fignon what is that supposed to mean well he went on to say that this
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crime and crimes like it are a danger for our entire free society so clearly his message is that society needs to take this incident very very seriously indeed he's also sending the message that of course he has interior minister is doing so and that's partly in response to the fact that german security officials and political officials have in the past been accused of being a blind in the right meaning blind to the risk of political violence from the right and to some degree that certainly would apply to the interior minister himself he went on in his remarks to say we're seeing a brutalization of political discourse we're seeing the decline of ethics and morals in our public language and frankly many people would see a certain irony in that statement because the interior minister in his long drawn
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out battle with chancellor merkel over her open door migration policy used some very harsh language indeed and many would say poured fuel on the fires of xenophobia in germany. said melinda in the posthumous security services had been accused of turning a blind eye to right wing extremism have anything changed. it has changed in the past 6 months the interior ministry has set up a special task force to look into right wing violence it has recently issued a report describing what it sees as a serious threat of political violence on the far right however in the longer term it certainly has i think to some degree relativize right wing violence by equally emphasizing islamist violence although in fact if you look at
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the absolute numbers the fact is there have been a lot more crimes associated with the right wing than with islamist terrorism so i think yes the changes are happening but they're happening slowly and it's been a year to the day that the only surviving member of a racially motivated rightwing finn was convicted for rule in the killings of 10 people on daken funds that they're not and that is not the end of the story actually well yes there are as i said the interior ministry issued a report in this year that says that of $24000.00 people in germany known to be associated with right wing extremist groups up to 50 percent 12000 made be potentially violent and dangerous we've also seen broad sweeps in 13 different federal states just in the month of june that were directed at the perpetrators of hate speech online so there is definitely i think
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a climate and certainly other experts confirm this as well a climate in which there's a sense that there is a rising risk of violence that's not to say that we're going to find out that the particular perpetrator who's accused here the suspect is part of a larger pattern but certainly the risk is there. right melinda cream political correspondent thank you for that analysis. staying in germany and chancellor angela merkel welcomed ukraine's recently elected president will admit vilinsky in berlin but why the military band played the national anthems in very hot weather the german leader seemed unaware shaking at times but when she walked by the guard of honor the trembling seemed to have stopped maggie said later at a press conference that she had some water to drink it was feeling much better the end is in the german capital for discussions on bilateral issues on the minsk peace
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process to resolve ukraine's tensions with russia. let's talk to our correspondents in but in we have a political correspondent emma chairs and in kiev we have a nick carly ellen let me start with you 1st of all we saw this bridges of chance the anger messy not looking very well do we know how she is now. well she suddenly seemed afterwards to feel much better but a scene earlier on today while the 2 national anthems were playing were actually was actually quite impressive reso chancellor angela merkel shaking and she was visibly trying to contain the situation. under the sun is quite warm here in beijing which could explain why she felt and where now according to d.p. a news agency it isn't the 1st time that the german leader suffered from such a health incident and worried and that is why every journalist asked her in the
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press conference after her meeting with about him or as a rescue how she was feeling and here's what she had to say to reassure people. up in switch and i've drunk at least 3 glasses of water which i apparently needed for years so now i'm doing very well. would. so johnson feeling much better that dehydration obviously seems to be the problem nick in kiev what is the significance of ukraine's new president visits to why is he here well i'm rich i think 1st and foremost this was a chance for both of them to take a look at each other and to really get to know each other at this level in politics people have mostly come across each other at some event or other but in the case of the lecky the real outsider someone who when you really entered politics a couple of months ago there had been a meeting previously there was lot of head scratching in berlin when he won that landslide victory in april's election who is this guy is he someone who can do real
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politics beyond electioneering and belong beyond his obvious talent for speaking to voters so that was really 1st and foremost but there are also real matters of points of difference between bill in kiev despite the relationship being very good and there being lots agreement on lots of other issues there is the issue of the pipeline that russia is building to russia something that ukraine says will undermine its energy security that's something that continues to be built despite ukrainian concerns as a let's give very much reach rating the criticism that had come from his predecessor also about that pipeline then there's the issue of sanctions chancellor merkel sticking firm to them but increasingly loud voices in germany now saying it's time to end those sanctions against russia since they haven't been able to force russia to change its behavior i think it's important to remember here these are 2 leaders who really couldn't be much more different in terms of temperament and style and this was really an opportunity for them to show that despite those differences they can work together and try to push for some progress on peace talks
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. and you know what is germany hoping from this visit with. well just as they commonly say in kiev both leaders were getting to know one another but at the press conference after their meeting they talked for about an hour and got america made clear that the western sanctions would only be lifted against russia if ukraine 70 was restored she said quote as long as there is no progress on this front of sanctions it cannot be a lift in the section the sanctions related to crimea can only been lifted even crimea returns to ukraine end quote so she made a very firm very firm statement in favor of ukraine's sovereignty and i think that's what we can take away from today's meeting with the risky route and they can't give a germany is very keen to see progress on the minsk peace process which kenya
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linsky awful on that. well i'm richer it's pretty tough to see where he goes from here he has said that bringing peace to the east of ukraine is his priority stopping ukrainian soldiers dying he said in his big you know girls speech would be his main aim as leader. but to be totally honest about this he can bring new faces to the table he can bring in new negotiators he can try and change the tone that really has seen these negotiations run into into a basically into a cul de sac in the last few years with barely any progress made he's talked about confidence building moves like small exchanges of prisoners from both sides to really improve the tone between the 2 sides but beyond that this is not something strictly that's really in his hands to give a lot of this will be decided in the kremlin and the kremlin support for those pro russian separatists that are facing off against the ukrainian government and beyond that even if the let's he wants to make big concessions to the other side it's not clear that ukrainian society will let him do that hundreds of thousands of people
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a force in that conflict thousands have died and there are a lot of people who are very vocal here who will be watching and won't be allowing him to do anything which they think endangers ukraine's interests right. shaz thank you both very much for your perspectives. let me now being yukked it with some other stories making news around the blood the top court has ruled out a scheme germany wanted to introduce for the use of its autobahns or highways violates anti discrimination laws it was due to come into effect next year and would have applied to nonresidents out of bonn austria had filed a lawsuit to stop the toad's. the un is calling for an independent probe into the sudden death of former egyptian president mohamed morsi that's a day after he suffered a fatal heart attack while in a court in cairo morsi had been in prison since 2013 after being ousted by the
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military a year after he was elected president. a new zealand court has sentenced a christchurch businessman to 21 months in prison for sharing video of the massacre of as one of the city's mosques the judge said philip ops had committed a hate crime the video had been recorded by the gunman who killed 51 people in march in a terrorist attack. hong kong's leader kerry lamb has apologized for handling of a controversial extradition bill that has sparked mass protests but she's not offered to completely scrap the bill or to step down as a protest as are demanding. after provoking the biggest protests in hong kong's history kerry lam couldn't put up with a finger pointing any longer the city's embattled chief executive took to the stage and took the blame. i personally have to show that much
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of the responsibility. this has led to controversies this pillows and societies in society. for this i offer my most sincere apology so all people of hong kong. it was an unusually hot issue say openly express their support to the chief executive and hopes. to move on as some probation politician and observers say even. this is already their bottom line after hong kong government it's not likely they can they can make i further concessions but beyond that so there is no sign so far for her to end her career right now but beyond that i was it will be very difficult for her to govern the society in the coming 3 years regarding she has lots of the off.
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to us the hong kong people and tell us about the protesters who are the people who are out of the streets and who all these huge demonstrations. today tuesday is a working day but we can still see a many may be around like a 100 or 200 protesters they are still gathering outside the legislative council complex and most of them are young protesters some of them even teenagers life 2nd there is school still there is are. so these movements many of the protests oppose they're really young and the organizers of their massive rally their cause see for human rights front with. many of the social movement and the massive rallies in hong kong but obviously they are not there want to leave this movement because this time the movement in hong kong this is. more about say self motivation
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after hong kong people. peavy kong in hong kong thank you very much for that update from there. teddy not here don president hassan rouhani has said that the head on would not wage war against any nation he was speaking off the u.s. announced it was sending a distant 1000 troops to the region in response to what it calls a threat by iran and also comes a 3rd on say that the bottom line if the new accord it's fine with the international community in 2015 the u.s. has released new images it says proves it on was behind the bombing of 2 oil tankers and the golf 3 in iran has categorically rejected these allegations these are the new images that the u.s. says proves iran was behind the attacks on 2 oil tankers last thursday in the gulf of oman on it the u.s. claims an unexploded mine was being removed from one of the tankers to hide
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evidence iran denies any involvement the u.s. says that its new deployment includes security forces and troops for additional surveillance and intelligence gathering in the region american observers believe this escalation is aimed at deterring iran and calming allies worried that transit through key shipping lanes could be in jeopardy. iran has announced it will soon breach limits on how much enrich uranium it can stockpile under the international nuclear deal it's signed in 2015 it also says it will be able to make weapons grade uranium last year u.s. president donald trump pulled the u.s. out of the deal and reimposed economic sanctions on iran and even though the americans withdrew from the deal they still want iran to comply with the restrictions. we have made it very clear since this president came into office in this instance secretary there that we will not tolerate and on the iran attending
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a nuclear weapon full stop the european union and the un have called for caution regarding actions based on the attack on the 2 oil tankers implement its and of the nuclear. former u.s. . navy has maintained his innocence often being detained in connection with an investigation into the awarded the 2022 suckle. in 2010 was being held for questioning by french authorities at the anticorruption office outside paris the decision to award the. highly controversial originally said he was going to vote for the united states but then changed his mind after a meeting with the leader of the god of state. level in the city i'm joined by johnson crane sports desk welcome jonathan need now could that if he's legal team has spoken what if they said yes indeed following up michel platini detention
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this morning we now have that statement from his legal team they said he's done court absolutely nothing wrong. that all the questions that were put to him also came to emphasize that he wasn't arrested saying he was just quizzed as a witness now to recap he was taken to that on c corruption office of paris this morning french authorities confirm that because this is an ongoing investigation and they've not said much more yet but what we do know is they are investigating the bidding process for the 2822 tournament's looking at things like corruption like influence peddling as well as detention we understand also that sports advise former sports advisor to president nicolas sarkozy sophie deal was also questions by authorities in fact that he was courted for questioning how significant a development is that jonathan this is a very significant development sam reason a story that's never really gone away because ever since guitar was awarded the
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tournament back in transit 10 there's been this shadow of alleged corruption hanging over it michel platini significant because he was one of the people who voted for could start he was sitting on thief is all powerful executive committee who made that decision michel. seanie is a legend of french football he was the former president of you a for that european football's governing body it was even tips to replace set as fee for president before the downfall back in 2015 it was a very separate matter platini was banned so that actually that ban is due to expire in october so the timing of this is very interesting absolutely and i understand that the french authorities of aching to find out about a particular meeting that the teenie attended back in 2010 what's that about yes there's always been a bit of intrigue over pretty nice decision to vote for could saw that meeting you mentioned held in secret in paris just before the vote in 2010 president nicolas sarkozy the president at the time if you dion who i mentioned and all say that then
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crown prince of qatar and now the emmy and now a set blatz has long accused platini of rowing back on a promise to vote for the united states that was what the team he had originally told that this is all according to. that senior then appearing to change his mind now he says that wasn't because he was pressured by sarkozy he said it was the right thing to do but of course after the vote subsequently bortz county senator mound the french capital club they invested invested in a media company launched a sports television channel in front now a french prosecutes is apparently want to compare it seen as version of events with so if you dion ok but give me feedback i got its own investigation into the bidding close and come up with that conclusion that there was no corruption so what has changed yes you're talking about the see a report that was finally released and 27 seen no evidence of improper activity by the big team it said but it did also admit that some of the standards weren't up to
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scratch but there are still several investigations ongoing the french one as we mentioned ricin vested aces are also looking into this the f.b.i. has also been investigating not specifically could solve but members of that executive committee. now of course it takes a while for all this to happen statements need to be gathered witnesses need to be questioned but this is a big fish michel platini is a big fish this seems to be the latest developments in this long running saga absolutely and it's also the message that it sends jonathan krane from did obvious both says thank you very much for your analysis. to women's football now on at the world cup germany a one group b. ahead of spain and china which also advance to the knockout stage this after an impact like tree with south africa. germany powered the pressure on south africa from the get go and force an early corner melanie lloyd post-up the ball over the line for the opener. germany. defense apart again and
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again and extended their lead on 28 minutes gifted the 1st 2nd of the tournament. and it was 3 just before the break captain alexandra park city her team into half time with smiles on their faces. they didn't wait long to score after the restart you know mccool with the rebound to make it for the. first part. and then julia given have the ball in the back of a let's both efforts will be ruled offside. 4 nil the final score is germany when their group and remain unbeaten in the world cup group stage game since 1995 south africa at home pointless. coming up next in detail the news asia the daring challenge that ended in tragedy and indian rand dies attempting to underwater escape made famous by harry houdini what went wrong.
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and a blogger killing in pakistan a critic of the military stabbed to death here the capital of islamabad is this a wider trend in the country. that and more coming up in news do remember that you can always get the latest news and information around the clock on our website that's dot com rock we'll have the new space in half an hour from we understand shiva.
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the coming. to. pick up. this summer's hottest comes the africa cup of nations 24 teams give it their all awkward the favorites what are the fans and for sports. we take a closer look for the 2019 africa cup of nations kicks off the top. kicked
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off 60 minutes d.w. . it means keep the sex phone operator or work her masters thesis on the potato from the right to free. not to turn on the file if it's more ridiculous from a on a true list. trained. by . it's been 50 years since the moon landing. he was the 1st man to walk on the moon. as a small boy she dreamed of the stars. as a pilot she flew anything no matter how dangerous many years to go to the full.
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as an astronaut she took part in the greatest adventure in history. the hebrew the legend was simply a human being. who was a real erm strong starts july 20th on t.w. . this is date of the news a show up coming up in the program the stunt that became of water the grave and indeed magician dies attempting to escape made famous by having houdini john salahi had remarked it is be magic if you pull that off otherwise tragic also coming up a killing in pakistan a known critic of the military and politicians is mobbed up near the capital
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islamabad is this a wider trend in the country plus. the dicta to call.


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