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this is g.w. news from berlin tonight here in berlin the german chancellor angela merkel welcoming her ukrainian counterpart newly elected ukrainian president and metal discussing efforts to bring peace to eastern ukraine including a possible extension of russian sanctions but concerns over health dominated the visit today with the chancellor appearing to suffer the effects of dehydration amid the heat wave here in the german capital also coming up tonight germany's top
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security official says the killing of a pro politician is an alarm bell for german democracy and he says it's evidence of the dangerous new face of right wing extremism and the former head of european football michel platini maintains his innocence after being detained by police in france investigators are looking into the awarding of the 2022 world cup soccer tournament to the gulf state of qatar. i bring golf it's good to have you with us we begin tonight right here in berlin where german chancellor angela merkel has committed to maintaining russian is saying sions over moscow support for those separatist forces in eastern ukraine she stopped short however of so. porting ukraine's calls to expand those sanctions now
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this issue it was up for discussion today as merkel hosted a newly elected ukrainian president vladimir selenski on the former comedian's 1st visit to germany since taking office. ukraine's comedian turned president entered office as an unknown quantity last month but now europe's leaders are beginning to learn what he wants his message and berlin keeping up the west sanctions against moscow is the only hope for ending the conflict with russia in eastern ukraine and the new option was for good sound systems dollin we did not start this war but we hope to end this quickly as possible but i would bet we do not want our european partners to suffer from the sanctions but this is the only way to end this conflict without bloodshed in my. visitors all i need just one we agree with us as long as there is no progress the sanctions count be lifted and concerning
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crimea they can only be lifted once crimea is returned to ukraine. but the personal seem to overshadow the political at times with one episode triggering worries about chancellor merkel's health. while receiving selenski she was briefly seen trembling in the hot midday sun. america was asked after the incident if she was ok and if people should be concerned. as they help inspiration and says that i'm not drunk at least 3 glasses of water which i apparently needed i'm now i'm doing very well it would. the chancellor focused on reassurances both about her wellbeing and about her intent to maintain the sanctions aimed at forcing moscow's hand. or i want to talk to our correspondent in berlin we have our political correspondent sean. connelly good evening to both of you let me start
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with you i mean those images there of the german chancellor trembling in that afternoon sun show i mean they were disturbing to say the least is the chancellor is she doing ok now well that's what she say during the press conference later on they but indeed those images were a very impressive to watch we could see that she was struggling to contain these shaking and she was really trying to contain the situation as the 2 national anthems where being played both afterwards she don't play today vent saying that it was down to the heat that she was the hydrated and that she drank 3 glasses of water and good to have seem to have been corroborated by the ukrainian president but indeed that those who are way to disturbing images to see i mean in this heat i think 3 glasses of water is the minimum you would need on a day like today what about the talking that we know and what were the main topics
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that both of these leaders discussed i'm. well the how the lots to talk about they met for over an hour before the press conference so they talked about a couple of steps taken by ukraine to establish more economy developmental establish more democratic development initiatives that where come by digimon a chance that i was also the 1st time that the 2 leaders were meeting face to face there had been a phone calls before and since the rest is election but no a face to face meeting so it was the occasion the opportunity for the 2 leaders to basically see with whom they would be obviously the biggest topic as they discussed today was the implementation or lack thereof so far of the minsk agreement process and that's something that both leaders say that they were united on with america having quite a different stance though. her counterparts ukraine and counterparts while
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kiev would like stronger sanctions against russia we saw that and that america was standing firm by the current situation she say that quote as long as there is no progress on this front the sanctions accountability and the sanctions related to crimea can only be lifted if crimea returns to ukraine so we see that and america is ready to lift ukraine russian sanctions if you crane in over crimea is where toward and on the if the let me bring in nick here nick we know that germany would like to see progress made in the peace process progress that we haven't seen in a while is there anything though that newly elected president zelinsky can offer did change there. well brant this is important not only for germany but this is at the center of the. agenda as president in his celebrated inaugural speech he said he's central goal as president would be to stop ukrainian soldiers dying at the
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front something they have still been doing in the last few weeks but he has been pretty vague on the nuts and bolts he's talked a lot about winning back hearts and minds a kind of public diplomacy to really reach the ukraine citizens living in. those separatist controlled regions doing more to engage them but in terms of the change change some of the negotiators try to bring in a bit of new dynamism to these talks they really have got stuck it is very difficult to see what he can do in terms of making big concessions to russia to the separatists there hundreds of thousands of ukrainians who have fought in that conflict and who aren't in a hurry to allow him to kowtow to the other side and this is in his hand much of this will depend on what the kremlin is willing to give so this is not something that he will be able to change on his own and he has seemed very enthusiastic and very clear that he can succeed where his predecessor failed but it's going to be tough and. he has also criticized the north stream to gas pipe
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from russia via the baltic sea directly to the. well these are concerns that were raised again by his previous to petro poroshenko because if this pipeline is completed that means that russia can supply its customers in western europe western europe and that's mainly germany along with other european neighbors with gas while bypassing ukraine and that are not only means that ukraine loses money money currently gets for the transit of russian gas to western europe but more crucially the theory here in kiev is that if ukraine is no longer crucial to the security of those gas shipments to western europe if russia can still earn that money from its western european gas customers without ukraine then it will be in russia's interest or russia will be free it to destabilize ukraine and to really ramp up the pressure not only in the currently separatist held regions but across ukraine people here in kiev say it was only at
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that gas pipeline really that meant that back in 2014 russia stopped where it did or at a correspondence nick connelly in kiev and. reporting here in berlin to both of you thank you what is a killing that sent shock waves through germany a regional pro migrant politician shot execution style on the terrace of his own home or 2 weeks later police have a suspect in custody a man believed to be a far right sympathizer federal prosecutors have taken over the case today germany's interior minister called the attack an alarm bell directed at all german . depression's own and the german interior ministry the government doesn't want to open itself to accusations that it turns a blind eye to find rice activities. amid dominant and extremist far right extremist attack on a leading representative of our state is a warning signal for us all to the.
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authorities are investigating whether the alleged perpetrator acted alone as part of a group or is just one part of a much broader right wing terrorist network that it. takes them is the suspect has a far right extremist career behind him if you will which started in the late 1980 s. but since then he's been part of the far right scene and has been convicted of far right cry us a gun and when he's long been on the radar of the domestic intelligence service. it is for some should. but in 2009 the suspect went quiet and had more or less fallen off the radar at his marksman's club no one will confirm whether he had access to weapons in the town of islam where the politician volta look it was killed hopes are high
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that the case will soon be cleared up the idea that he might have been murdered for his liberal refugee policies is terrifying to many. the finish was a bit dawlish to syria and it's terrible that we live in a time or a situation where we have to be afraid of these kinds of far right attacks either on individuals or groups who booked us in the pits and some of the local. authorities have been on high alert has details of the case have a matched but i have a 12000 far right extremists are on the list of potential fine and defendants. are here some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world the us secretary of state might pump ayos as the trump administration does not want a military confrontation with iran the comments came after iranian president hassan rouhani said iran would not wage war against any nation and alleged attack on oil
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tankers in the persian gulf is fueling tensions between washington and tehran boris johnson has cemented his lead in the race to become britain's next prime minister he took 126 votes in a 2nd round of balloting to determine who will replace theresa may as conservative party leader the winner will be announced in late july after a nationwide ballot of party member. japan has lifted a tsunami warning after a powerful earthquake struck off the country's north west coast a magnitude $6.00 quake knocked out thout power to thousands of homes in caused minor damage but no injuries have been reported former egyptian president mohamed morsi was buried today amid heavy security just one day after he suddenly collapsed and died inside a cairo court room morsi had been in prisons it's being forced out of office 6 years ago human rights groups including amnesty international are now calling for
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an independent investigation into his death. early on tuesday morning mohamed morsi was quietly birdied at this cemetery in cairo in a private ceremony his family said their goodbyes requests for a public event in honor of egypt's 1st democratically elected president have reportedly been denied by the country's authorities authorities that are increasingly coming under fire after morsy sudden death the former leader known to have diabetes was often held in solitary confinement and barred from receiving visitors the muslim brotherhood blames the egyptian government for the untimely loss of one of their own. with the humble have all been mostly of the military regime is responsible for mr morsi his death. so those who imprisoned him unfairly and deprived him of medication and contact with his family. what
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happened to him is a crime and we call for an international investigation even though these you know. they're not alone in their claim human rights groups are also calling for an independent probe into the detention conditions and death of the ousted president. we believe. that. president morsi isolation and treatment might amount to torture according to the un convention i think sees his government have shown her. contempt for the basic human needs morsi had been behind bars since 2013 when he was toppled in a military takeover led by egypt's current president abdel fatah al sisi he was serving a life sentence related to the killing of protesters and demonstrations against his leadership he was facing at least 6 other trials. egypt's chief prosecutor has released a statement saying medical experts will determine the cause of more sees death
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a death many believe could have been avoided. or earlier we spoke to our correspondent ruth michaelson in cairo and we asked her how are people in egypt reacting to mohamed morsi. she remembered that this man was extremely controversial and decisive state son he was a freedom of speech and a symbol of freedom and democracy who represented a time in our review group that had operated underground for many many years to others he was an enemy of the state and remain that way and probably will remain that way to. motivate his opponents including the people currently in power this stands in treason as difficult but somewhat uncontroversial events. and you know his eyes or excuse me an era as this man was a criminal who died in prison 6 some of his supporters or even other political
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figures from across the political spectrum in egypt do you feel that his death was unfortunately somewhat inevitable given the lack of or treatment sees me given the treatment that he was suffering for his ongoing medical conditions while in prison and they say that his his death was essentially symbolic of the treatment of political prisoners in egypt today. reporting from cairo you're watching the news live from berlin still to come michel platini back in the spotlight but not in a good way we'll tell you why the former head of european soccer is being implicated in a probe over the decision to give the 2022 world cup to qatar. democracy activists are piling pressure on chief executive to resign over her handling of that unpopular extradition bill earlier today apologize for the unrest caused by
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the extradition bill which would allow hong kong to send people to mainland china to face trial but she refused to say whether the legislation would be permanently withdrawn. apology today was completely unacceptable now they insist the only way out of this crisis is for her to step aside. no matter what happened. fight even. if that way out. there fighting. and continue. the only way out if. it's time for her and. speaking earlier today in hong kong the u.n. security council is meeting today to discuss syria where intense fighting continues between pro-government and rebel forces as this conflict drags on the u.n.
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warns the humanitarian situation is worsening particularly in the rebel held province of it some 3000000 people live there many of them are refugees from other parts of the country it live has been the targets of near daily bombings in recent weeks and as our next report shows families with children are some of the worst affected by this. so bob is very nervous as he waits for the big news his wife is giving birth and this clinic men are not allowed to enter the pediatric ward it's one of the few places pregnant women in northern ireland can go. after tense hours awaiting the moment has finally arrived so boss wife has given birth to a boy mahmoud. the proud father can hardly believe his luck he sends the 1st snap shot of the newborn to all his friends and relatives. we came here to northern syria say my wife could safely deliver her child i'll stay here until tomorrow and
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then we'll bring our baby to our hut. but a bleak existence with no prospects awaits the family there the camp in italy offers refuge to 800000 people they come from across syria fleeing assad's bombs now they're stranded here in the country's last rebel held enclave they have a vague hope for some security. there practically no jobs there's not enough food water or medicine. and his loved ones have already lived in the camp for 2 years 4 people in a simple room with tarps there's no protection from the heat his daughters suffers from bronchitis but no one can help here they prefer to go back home to hama but that's simply impossible. we can't go back because there's permanent fighting
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bombing and shooting and whenever we tried to return there were grenade attacks and barrel bombs. and the families from across italy hope to get a little help in the allen carr clinic one of the few medical centers that has not been destroyed by bombing. 126 children are treated here every day but the clinic has long been unable to treat all of them it lacks doctors and medicine newborns in particular are quickly released and do not receive the protection and the care they urgently need. unfortunately the newborns often live in tents and barracks instead of houses and their parents often bring them back to the clinic in very poor condition after just a couple of days because their living situation is so bad. i think that's a bad son mahmoud could also share his mother's still weak herself after giving
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birth the newborn is extremely vulnerable and uncertain future awaits him and syria's last rebel stronghold. while the arctic usually evokes images of snow we're somewhat like what you see behind me here but a striking picture from the region is drawing attention to the melting ice sheet that we're seeing right here called last minute here to talk about all the melting now climate change i mean it's tough sometimes to understand what's going on i mean climate change is such an abstract thing but photos like one that went viral today can can really help people kind of understand what exactly is going on on our planet and this photo in particular is very striking brad i don't know if you've seen this yet this was taken on thursday in northwest greenland that should be ice instead that's water i mean it looks like these sled dogs are basically walking on water looks like they're actually traveling through water there. about one meter of ice underneath them but as you can see that ice is melting and it's doing so much
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faster than normal the back story here the photo was taken by a danish climate researchers stephan olsen from the danish meteorological institute he was off with his sled dogs to collect instruments the team told us today actually that they've been working with indigenous hunters in the area brant to measure the ice they've been doing that for about a decade now but last week extremely warm temperatures in that region it's sped up the ice melts what they told us is that it shouldn't look like this until late june or even july but it's already melting now they also want to stress you know climate change is a big problem there it's clearly increasing the rate of melting but one specific event should not be directed linked to climate change and it looks incredibly i mean it's a beautiful picture but it looks incredibly dangerous to be done how can you know if the ice is going to enter not but i mean that's where the example working with locals there so they do know is know what's going on ok so what do we know that about the situation in the arctic i mean we know these these melt happen every summer but we don't supposed to be happening as badly as they are now situation is
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changing the bottom line is that the arctic is warming it's warming a lot faster than the rest of the planet's scientists say ice across the region is disappearing we have a few simple numbers in fact from greenland itself or that photo was taken to help put this in perspective for people here now on thursday about 45 percent of greenland experienced melting nearly half the country the day before that temperatures in greenland are up to $22.00 degrees celsius above normal for that time of year and greenland's ice is now melting 4 times faster than in 2003 that's a big increase scientists say now so far the statistics for the entire region for the arctic and 2019 mean it could be a record year for ice loss not good news and briefly there's a connection good explains the extreme weather everywhere even the heat. well you do have a right here i mean it's right next to the right yeah i mean take a look at just some of the events that have been going on with climate change
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recently these are not a sort of caused by climate change but certainly made worse and maybe more frequent we've been covering this on the w. this extreme heat wave going through india killed scores of people so far in italy on the island of sardinia a locust storm brands the worst in 7 decades devastating crops there all of that could become more frequent now as this planet warms up unfortunately right coniston is always thank you for the former you wait for president michel platini has been detained for questioning by french anti-corruption police investigating the awarding of the 2022 world cup who could talk to his lawyers say that he's innocent but the news currently serving a ban from or is currently banned from football over a separate case the. former european football supreme oh michel platini is back in the spotlight he was questioned by french anticorruption offices near paris over allegations of wrongdoing in the awarding of the 2022 world cup to cata
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his lawyer william got all left without speaking to reporters but later issued a statement saying part of the questioning had also been about the awarding of the 2016 european championship to france he added. this is not an arrest but rather being heard as a witness by the investigators within a framework preventing those being questioned and heard from consulting each other during the process prosecutors across the globe have long been looking into the bidding for the 2022 world cup but katter has always denied accusations of corruption and a fee for investigation in 2014 found no evidence in a statement on tuesday world football's governing body said fifa reiterate its full commitment to cooperating with the offer a tease in any given country of the world where investigations are taking place in connection with football activities. with just over 3 years left until kickoff it
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is difficult to imagine that the 1st world cup in the arab world will not take place. but the nice reputation has taken a nosedive since he was banned from football over ethics breaches in his dealings with disgraced former chief said. that sanction is due to end in october but he's questioning by french authorities leaves his future uncertain. here's a reminder the top story that we're following for you germany's interior minister has warned that right wing extremism poses a serious danger to germans aside the poorest who say hope for you see here was reacting to the execution style killing of a politician earlier this month police are investigating a suspect who has links to the far right. you can always get to go just download our app from google play or from the album store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any
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breaking news you can also use that. to send us photos and videos when you see news happening. you're watching the news up next a kickoff a special on the africa cup of nations i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day we're going to take you live to orlando florida . see the.
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take off to the. east this summer's hottest the africa cup of nations 24 teams give it their all. who are the favorites what are the fans an expert say. we take a closer look for the 2019 africa cup of nations kicks off. kick off next on d w.
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