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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  June 18, 2019 11:15pm-11:30pm CEST

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years tonight in orlando florida president officially launching his reelection campaign trump in his element surrounded by fells of adoring fans in a sea of red and white magic caps shelving make america great again we have complete coverage tonight of his official reelection launch we want to start in orlando where my colleague alexander phenomena joins me good evening good afternoon to you alexandra trons team is calling tonight's relaunch the mother of all rallies is that what it's going to look and feel like what do you think. well that is certainly a big rally at baek party we have a stage she alive was playing until a while ago many people we talked to told us that they arrived yesterday to make sure they are getting a seat or to stand in that 1st row to see the president president at his family to
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be close to them because they think that this is an historic occasion a historic moment for him to launch to kick off his reelection campaign so definitely at be cruelty here today in alexander i mentioned at the start of the program that the latest polling numbers they certainly they don't appear to be interim speed for me most americans say that they would not vote for him today. well that's right he's not doing well according to latest polls and that is quite striking because he's doing well despite a growing economy and despite low unemployment you would expect him to do well in polls but according to in town polls he's come pain he lies behind top democratic contenders in key states in states such as.
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wisconsin or michigan and that means just relying on the core supporters might be not enough to pull off a victory in november next year when you talk to people here there are and and very optimistic that the president is going to be reelected let's have a listen billy we are super proud there are many that love him in florida florida love struck donald trump and we are proud to have him as the leader of this nation in this outfit it's important for me to be able to bring attention to a basically an election issue that i support i support barriers on america's southern border primarily to keep illegal narcotics and human trafficking out what he's done for our condominium for employment for military eliminating regulations for business. he's done more for this country than any president in the last 50
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years. i'm so i would dread the day he's out of office president trump my sister sacristan more into years any president has done in 50 years and that. is president for the common man it really is a very compassionate look at it for people of all levels of income. so people here told us that they are very happy when president trump and they also told us that don't they don't believe in polls because trump support just don't talk to pollsters that could be seen in 2016 they told us that there is a secret though it's also in 2020 so they're convinced he's going to be reelected and alexandra you know they say that but we can also hear in the people that you spoke with how much of a polarizing president is unlike any that the u.s. has seen in recent memory that has worked for him so far do you expect him
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to pile on more polarizing rhetoric in this reelection campaign moving forward. yes indeed i expected to do so because as you said it has worked well for him in the past and also he uses it do in his presidency to distract the public attention from topics or issues that he doesn't like like for example not very nice polls polls that are not in favor of him so we can expect him here to talk about all the rising issues to go after he's a democratic contenders just maybe to distract the public attention from the u.s. polls and ahead of this relaunch alexandra the president is threatening to deport millions of undocumented migrants beginning next week talk to me about the timing
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of this thread and how realistic is it. so i would say that of course he talked about it because of reelection compared campaign to be kicked out here in orlando he knows very well that he's supporters that a many republican voters they told us here that state think that this is a very important issue immigration and border security however i don't think that what he promised his supporters is very realistic to deport so many undocumented migrants and next week. despite the recent polls that we've been talking about the fact remains that an incumbent president always enters the campaign with an advantage over his or her rivals does that apply more or less to domo truong in
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your opinion. i think it applies to him because you know he doesn't have to try to convince his party to be their next nomination the car behind him and that's of course very different that it looked like in 2616 so he has the support of his party and he has now enough time to compare and to raise enough money to make sure that reelection campaign is gone no work so far he raised $30000000.00 according to his reelection campaign and that's more that and the democratic contender has done so far that's true i mean the numbers mean a lot and when you look at the democrats we're talking about what more than 20 candidates right now one of those eventually will end up being the candidate for their party let's talk about u.s.
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allies all xandra specially here in europe they are watching what is taking place today in orlando should they be worried. well we know that the you ass allies in europe are not very happy with the course of you ask foreign policy and also ordinary citizens abroad are not happy in the europe in many countries in particular in germany are not very happy with the current state of the transplant take the relationship however we have to say that many experts say that even if donald trump is not going to be reelected that never the last of the future of the transatlantic relationship be can be that it has change during his threat is an n.c.p. and that the trust that always pin the transatlantic relationship and relationship
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may be gone for good. or right tell xander for a moment there in orlando florida where the u.s. president is kicking off his 2020 reelection campaigns this campaign season yet again alexander as always thank you. well as we just heard there is no indication that donald trump will depart from the path of polarizing politics since he runs for a 2nd term my next guest tonight says that is dangerous and even an existential threat to us democracy in his book divided politics divided nation hyper conflict in the trump darrell west describes how toxic politics have become in the united states and he warns that a nation whose citizens can no longer talk politics without fighting is a nation with little hope for the future i'm happy to welcome darrell west to the
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day the old joins me tonight from our washington bureau bill it's good to have you on the show as i was reading your book there was one passage that caught.


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