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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  June 19, 2019 12:02am-12:31am CEST

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home with. experience outstanding shopping and office and trying out a services. biala guest. managed by for. this is g.w. newswire from berlin tonight a german police investigating new clues in the murder of a politician known for his prove refugee stance germany's top security official saying that the fatal shooting of a politician vaulters luka earlier this month is evidence of the dangerous new face
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of right wing extremism in the country also coming up to the gates of the chancellor and the new president transferring the american post ukraine's newly elected president well to be his alinsky but concerns over miracles. dominated the visit will tell you walk and the former head of european football michelle's blood genie maintains his innocence after being detained in france by police investigators are looking into the awarding of the 2022 world cup soccer tournament to the gulf state of qatar. it's good to have you with us tonight investigators here in germany say that the murder of a local politician known for his program a few g.'s stance may not have been the work of just one person involved was shot
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and killed execution style at his home in central germany 2 weeks ago last weekend a suspect was arrested in police say he has links to far right extremists. there's still a lot of work to be done that was the message from these 3 men details of the case remain vague but one thing is sure. one race extremist is a right wing extremist attack on a leading state representative is an alarm signal and it's directed at all of us. this is an image of the alleged perpetrator from 2000 whether he acted alone no was part of a group or even a network is currently not clear according to authorities however the suspect he was arrested at his home in castle may have had help according to information from 2 german broadcasters and that the torture tied to newspaper investigators in the state of has an up us you includes that point 2 accomplices one witness told police
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that heard a gunshot from the night of the attack in the village of esther and that afterwards 2 cars had driven aggressively through the village officials say the suspect who holds a previous conviction for politically motivated crimes had not been monitored in recent years. we had the category of sleeper cells with the islamists so now we have to consider a scenario like this could also be possible when the right wing extremists seen the german m.p. say the name of the suspect has appeared in documents from a parliamentary investigation into other far right killings that's raising questions. on sorts of what has been done to identify and destroy a right wing terror networks in federal officials look into all of the information on the suspect and individuals and question always could be outed. domestic
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intelligence officials function f. one did not raise suspicions for a decade the question is what might have happened after that. well more on this now i'm joined by our political correspondent. you're in berlin following this story for us and the what do we know about the latest witness you has come forward well we know that dissuades nose is a former so there with the german army and on the night of the killing of. he had a gun shot and he also was so 2 cars driving erratically through the town of the town where driver. used to leave now according to various reliable news outlets here in germany that will mean that the suspect who has remained in custody and who has remained silent ever since his arrest and might have been edited from that hasn't wouldn't have acted alone so the possibility of having
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one or several people involved in to killing of are to only is being investigated by the federal of prosecution's office yet again according to several german broadcasts not listen is a case of we're saying that there is a possibility that the killer or killers may have had accomplices how significant would that be then for this entire investigation. well that might lead us towards the hypothesis of a right wing cell which would be something quite quite disturbing here in germany and indeed many voices were raised across the political spectrum asking for the prosecution office to make light to bring light on that. crime as quickly as possible today to the german prosecutions office. accounts for 12
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a taas and people being sympathizers of right wing ideology here in germany and why not all of them might actually be a prone to violence this is still a very wearing number and just last year i must to they took place. last days off the trial of the end is to try out the national socialist underground or try out there was a group of right wing extremists who had murdered at 10 people off foreign origin origins and that just goes on to show that germany still has a very deep ingrained problem with its with with its a right wing extremism. all right my call the mission with the latest on that cave joining us from right here in berlin in a thank you was a german chancellor angela merkel who stood ukraine's new president well to be as alinsky right here in berlin the to discuss jeffords to end the conflict in eastern
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ukraine as well as the possibility of more sanctions on russia bud's all of that was overshadowed by concerns over chancellor merkel's helps take a look at. ukraine's comedian turned president entered office as an unknown quantity last month but now europe's leaders are beginning to learn what he wants. his message in berlin keeping up the west's sanctions against moscow is the only hope for ending the conflict with russia in eastern ukraine and the new option was for good sound systems dollin we did not start this war but we hope to and that is quickly as possible. but we do not want our european partners to suffer from the sanctions but this is the only way to end this conflict without bloodshed in my. visitors all i need just one we agree thousands long as there is no progress the sanctions count be lifted and concerning crimea they can only be lifted once crimea
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is returned to ukraine to work here but the personal seem to overshadow the political at times with one episode triggering worries about chancellor merkel's health. while receiving selenski she was briefly seen trembling in the hot midday sun. america was asked after the incident if she was ok and if people should be concerned. as they helped inspiration and since then i've drunk at least 3 glasses of water which i apparently needed and now i'm doing very well it would. the chancellor focused on reassurances both about her well being and about her intent to maintain the sanctions aimed at forcing moscow's hand. well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world u.s. president always trump is set to launch his 2020 campaign at a rally in orlando florida in front of 820000 strong audience in just
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a few hours florida is a crucial state to win for trump to be reelected next year opinion polls showed trump trailing his democratic challengers boris johnson have cemented his lead in the race to become britain's next prime minister he took 126 votes in the 2nd round of balloting to determine who will replace to receive me as conservative party leader the winner will be announced in late july after a nationwide vote among party members pro-democracy activists in hong kong have rejected an apology from chief executive kerry lamb over her handling of a controversial extradition bill at a press conference lam said earlier that she regretted failing to connect with young people and she asked for another chance but she refused to say that the bill would be permanently withdrawn japan has lifted a tsunami warning after a powerful earthquake struck off the country's northwest coast the magnitude 6.4 quake knocked out power to thousands of homes and caused minor damage but no
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injuries were reported. iran's president hassan rouhani says that tehran does not want to wage war against any nation now he spoke after the u.s. announced today that it is sending an additional $1000.00 troops to the gulf region in response to what it calls an increasing threat by iran and it comes as tehran says it is about to violate the new clear record that it signed with the international community back in 2015 the u.s. has released new images today that it says proves iran was behind the bombing of 2 tankers in the gulf last week iran has rejected those allegations these are the new images that the u.s. says proves iran was behind the attacks on 2 oil tankers last thursday in the gulf of oman on if the u.s. claims an unexploded mine was being removed from one of the tankers to hide
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evidence in iran denies any involvement the u.s. says that its new deployment includes security forces and troops for additional surveillance and intelligence gathering in the region or marriage of observers believe this escalation is aimed at deterring iran and calming allies worried that transit through key shipping lanes could be in jeopardy. iran has announced it will soon breach limits on how much enrich uranium it can stockpile under the international nuclear deal it's signed in 2015 it also says it will be able to make weapons grade uranium last year u.s. president donald trump pulled the u.s. out of the deal and reimposed economic sanctions on iran and even though the americans withdrew from the deal they still want iran to comply with the restrictions. we have made it very clear that this president came into office in this instance secretary there that we will not tolerate iran obtaining
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a nuclear weapon full stop. the european union and the un have called for caution regarding actions based on the attack on the 2 oil tankers implementation of the. all right of the women's world cup sam car hit 4 goals as australia beat jamaica 41 to qualify for the last 16 2nd spot means that they will face norway while jamaica bow out car produced a stunning header after 11 minutes to put the matildas in front the captain was added again just before the break powering and they 2nd goal with another header to make a bold one back but card took advantage of a defensive mistake for a 1st ever all straw hat trick at the world cup she later added look at it a foot. in the other group see game brazil defeated italy one nil to finish 3rd in the group that also made it through to the round of 16 as the best 3rd place team marta scored of the games only goal from the penalty spot following
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a foul in the area on the 71st minute it was enough however to put brazil level on points with australia in group c. they finished 3rd however having scored fewer goals in the group stages italy qualified and group when it's. moved former you a for president michel platini has been detained for questioning by french anti-corruption police now those police are investigating the awarding of the 2022 world cup to qatar letting his lawyers say that he is innocent of any wrongdoing but he has already been banned from football when connection with another case. former european football supreme a michel platini is back in the spotlight. he was questioned by french anticorruption offices near paris over allegations of wrongdoing in the awarding of the 2022 world cup to qatar his
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lawyer william bought on left without speaking to reporters but later issued a statement saying part of the questioning had also been about the awarding of the 2016 european championship to france he added this is not an arrest but rather being heard as a witness by the investigators within a framework preventing those being questioned and heard from consulting each other during the process prosecutors across the globe have long been looking into the bidding for the 2022 world cup but katter has always denied accusations of corruption and a fee for investigation in 2014 found no evidence in a statement on tuesday world football's governing body said fever reiterate its full commitment to cooperating with the offer of these in any given country of the world where investigations are taking place in connection with football activities . with just over 3 years left until kickoff it is difficult to imagine that the 1st
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world cup in the arab world will not take place. but the nice reputation has taken a nosedive since he was banned from football over ethics breaches in his dealings with disgraceful chief said that's a that sanction is due to end in october but he's questioning by french authorities leaves his future uncertain. watching d.w. news next to the business with a man named stephen i'm sure he'll be happy if you stick around. to me. not everyone who loves books has to go insane. to literature list
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