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early you've got to make sense to explain different reality. around here at the heart of the european union of brussels where you have 23 different realities and so i think people are really looking for a new journalist they can trust for them to make sense of. them is not it's all a work of. this is new news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes what's is going on in model 38 more people have been killed in villages in don't pawn this as the country is still reeling from last week's attack that left dozens of people dead the violence is so far confined to the wrong areas but they're all warnings it may soon move to the city. then africa's football stars will be the center of attention when afghan gets
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under way in egypt we have a report on the issues activists say should not be taken out of the spotlight. i'm christine window welcome to news africa i'm glad you did there's been another attack in mali as the violence in the country spirals on the government says at least 38 people are dead and more wounded off the gunmen on motorcycles attacked 2 villages now these latest attacks took in the center of the country in the villages off gun funny funny and your all these villages all home off ethnic. they've been in growing conflicts within ethnic for loni hood is now government is struggling to contain the internet and. violence in the center of the country which coincides
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with an ongoing to scam pay now this latest incident follows a similar attack earlier this month which killed $35.00 people according to the government but locals say that number is higher. never again the attacks must stop the call of a vigil held in bamako for hundreds killed in violence this year they're demanding answers from the government. we're asking authorities to tell us the truth on what's going on in our country. we don't understand what's happening here. because what's happening and what's being said is unlike us. problem of course we cannot accept what is happening in mali into ethnic conflict. today i saw next to me the code in representative who used. the you are delivery presented
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to barbara and the r.p.m. representative who is also from a different ethnic group i myself i'm a pill. some here believe the government has given up resigned from solving the escalating conflict president. cut short a trip to switzerland last week to visit the graves of victims of one of the most recent attacks he blames the violence and jihadist groups with links to al qaeda in the slum extenuate who control a lot of territory in the north of the country you know there's no interethnic conflict i say is very clearly. there's an increase of what we saw in the north and of what we continue to live in the north. which is looking to put on a mask but they won't surprise us because we know what it's about and from the moment we know about a problem the solution is very close but that's something many increasingly question. some warn the situation could birol further out of control.
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and to my wish is that the whole of mali understand what we are living through it is extremely serious because if we don't watch out it will break up the country as you reckon and will not be limited to the zones that will enter our cities and vengeance will settle everywhere he's receiving military help from france and from the un but that hasn't prevented the recent surge in attacks and seems unlikely to bring come soon. again so the situation in mali is pretty complex and to just help us make sense of it john if his is the project director for west africa for the n.-g. o. crisis group he joins me now from brussels welcome soon. africa so you'll organization has come out on record saying that the job hardest insurgency in mali and the government's military operations against it are exacerbating the
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intercommunal violence can you explain that. well it's it's rather simple each side being the g i d e r. my and the 3 keys are trying to use proxies the jedi basically are trained to get a fruit in central money and started 4 years ago to. recruit among the many communities among which they have been you know more successful among other communities for a different kind of reason and one of them being that one of the kids yet leaders have to find central money is him self freddie on the side i think that the money on the r.b.i. has difficulties fighting the jedi war extremely good at fighting in the room countryside so basically they're also looking at color allies the good proxy that's going to help both provide information or you know fight against the jedi fight
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fighters so basically they're using the community or trying to use some of these dougal and they have been former izing or so really showing that the so in the year and the fight between the government and the jihad the is actually i think if i didn't you know what tensions. already. tense relationship between have it and he had to go it's a traumatic ok so the violence we've seen thus far is taking place in the rural areas in the out states so to say they all voice is in mali warning that that fight against could come to the cities when these communities co-exist in other parts of the country. that's a possibility but we should stress the fact that no so far most of the violence is contained in the rural countryside if you back tension to recent incidents it's mostly villages that have been attacked but it's true that in some of the i would
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say you don't need to size. very that increasing tensions because actually you do have members of each community living in the cities all right my last 20 they're all calls in the country some people say that the government needs to talk to the jihadists and that's something that as far as i understand the government has been reluctant to do i think the idea of talking to terrorists doesn't quite appeal to them but some people are calling for that and what that helps to sit at a table with these jihadists where the international crisis group is among people calling for such a dynamic we have the jihadist groups we have released a report recently on this issue especially focusing on central monies we believe that this kind of dialogue is going to be extremely difficult for a number of reasons one being that both sides are right no. you know for to post to the idea of dynamos but we have also documented instances in which luckily
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. one of the main shia groups in central money as engaging to look for signs of violence we've n.g.o.s for instance we've broken populations where some of the side of the government some money and politicians recognize the limitations of the military approach and some of them are also supporting our goal. for the i know you know fact i'm stressed i was diagnosed with jessie and after the release of our report to. the ministry of territory at a stretch and in bamako you know say that basically they are looking for ways to establish the right of the bates they recognize that it's also difficult ok. yes akil project director for west africa for the n.-g. o. crisis group on the security situation in mali we appreciate your insights thank you thank you now the upsurge in violence in mali has spilled over into neighboring
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booking a fossil only last week dozens of gunmen killed nearly 20 people in attacks in the north of the country and hundreds have been killed in recent weeks the dramatic spike in attacks since late last year forced displacement of around 150000 people in the country here too the government has failed to effectively tackle the violence that's also despite international military. the africa cup of nations kicks off this week with egypt hosting the biggest soccer event on the continent attention is said to be focused on the pitch as the best $24.00 teams fight it out before the final is decided on july 19th but in the background there is a different struggle going on a struggle to get by as egypt slides further into economic stagnation and the struggle of opposition voices to be heard in the repressive climate of the regime of president. el-sisi mohamed salah egypt's star football
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player grew up in this building before taking his talent off into the wider world his hometown of new greek is far from the capital most people here live in desperate poverty and unlike some most have little chance of escaping it. i mean haven't salon is one of many young people who could have given up. were small town here and it shows how extraordinary is that he's been able to overcome all of these obstacles. trying to shift the status quo or getting involved in political activism here is a risky business. that's something a lot. knows only too well the activists spent 5 years in prison he was released in march but has to pay tough parole conditions for the next 5 years he has to spend 12 hours every night at a police station. and it isn't
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a moment that i don't think about my parole conditions the situation worries me it's not freedom it's not even half freedom is something very different. president abdel fatah has been swift to crackdown on critics back in april he voted to implement a controversial constitutional amendment to extend his presidency by a further 6 years human rights watch says that since sisi came to power in 2013 around 60000 people have been imprisoned for political reasons that's more than ever before in egypt's history. previous essar of mohammed morsi was president for just one year before being overthrown and accused of espionage his death this week has thrown prison conditions in egypt back into the global spotlight i think this. president. should actually.
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bring attention to the state of thousands of prisoners in egypt prisons some of which are even not convicted just sent to prison. the egyptian government hopes the africa cup will help shake off the negative headlines but the country's problems are visible everywhere even when it comes to football. for example cairo has few training grounds for its up and coming young players critics say the government is badly neglecting its young people when it comes to both sport and education those with sporting tell and place their hopes in a dazzling football career like that of their hero mohamed salah. that is a separate ordeal but i want to go to europe and play with. to see him and messi and cristiano ronaldo. big dreams perhaps because the reality is so hard
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the world bank says youth unemployment in egypt is 32 percent and if nothing else the africa cup will provide some much needed distraction. and that's why i will leave it today from the deadliness africa as always you can catch all stories on our website and face the page i'm on twitter at 12 s.f. and we'll see you next time i've. entered the conflict zone confronting the powerful news international criminal courts has a new enemy in washington to jump administration those accused didn't have a magician missy and says it once it's a van my guest this week here in the hague is chairing a beautiful sujit who's the president of the i.c.c.
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how can he defend the organization against such powerful position conflicts up. next on the global. surrounded by coal mines. this is the village of a creamy in northern greece. people were getting ready to move away until it turned out there's no cool here. that was 8 years ago. up our job was a disaster no one seems to care for the. 60 minutes. it does now for t.v. . let's ask her playmates experience a modern museum center with her book russian cultural heritage foundation for left
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here researchers are looking for answers in more than 5000000 objects to play each object remote part of the history of mankind land only those who know about secret things have a house like this slave auction cultural heritage foundation or lives treasure trove our documentary june 21st to dublin. i think that's actually more a question you should cost king to do seem remarkably complacent about the fact that the most powerful country on the who sent it home seemed to why do you think it's complacency the international criminal court set up to charge the worst crimes on the planet as a new enemy in washington to trumpet ministration those accused of having no legitimacy and says it wants to die my guess this week here in the hague is
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chilling sujit always the president of the i.c.c. how can he defend a court.


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