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d.w. . this is deja vu news live from berlin china's president teaching pain arrives in north korea on his 1st visit there he has a full agenda with kim jong un in pyongyang the 2 will take up the stalled discussions over north korea's nuclear program also coming up. the u.n. says a record 71000000 people have been displaced by war and persecution globally. and world refugee day we look at the plight of aged rohingya muslims from me in my are trying to survive as refugees in bangladesh. and who will get the european union's
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top job france and germany clash over who should become the next president of the european commission. and africa's football stars grabbing in the spotlight that is the africa cup of nations gets underway in egypt we report on the issues beyond the stadiums democracy activists have denounced egypt's hosting of this turn. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us chinese president xi jinping has arrived in north korea for his 1st state visit their talks with his host kim jong are likely to center on chang's nuclear program now that after a summit earlier this year between kim jong un and us president donald trump ended
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without any agreement and with china backing sanctions on the north and that strain ties between those 2 countries. it's been less than 6 months since his handshake kim jong un has visited china north korea's closest foreign ally many times over the years. she jinping on the other hand is the 1st chinese leader to travel to pyongyang and well over a decade. we are ready to work with the new p.r. k. to continue to carry forward the fine tradition of china d p r k friendship and promote the continuous development of exchanges and cooperation between the 2 countries in various fields relations between the 2 authoritarian countries have been strained since north korea began amping up its nuclear weapons test. beijing supports denuclearization of the korean peninsula and recently backed the raft of international sanctions against. these talks aimed to relieve tensions.
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the u.s. will be watching closely a summit between kim and u.s. president donald trump in february broke off without an agreement even south korea said it is hoping talks between she and kim will move things forward opening up the chance of renewed negotiations on the north's nuclear program. a lot to talk about there in let's go to the region now i'm joined by david. in seoul good morning can you tell us what kind of message are the 2 leaders hoping to send with this meeting. well the message is definitely a very harmonious one both countries are already putting a lot of emphasis on their friendship which they actually quite complicated you mentioned that it's really an ambivalent and complicated relation but really they try to be very harmonious place something both with this is the korea north korea north korea china friendship tower and also to break the historic ties both were fighting in the korean war which started 66 years ago and both sides need each
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other and china needs north korea because it wants stability in the region and of course north korea needs china because it's the economic lifeline of the country and without china they basically could not survive. in this meeting it comes just ahead of the g. 20 summit now how is that factoring in to this visit yet not i would say the timing is really crucial and i would really say that this summit is also a signal from xi jinping to would trump because trump needs china to pick his strategy of maximum pressure of keeping the sanctions if china wanted to it could easily open up the border and stuff economic cooperation again with north korea and then counter that strategy but of course china and china stephanie very worried about the u.s. trade or and and the china will use that as a leverage in discussing trade well with trump and they will meet soon at the g.
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20 summit in japan ok you mentioned the sanctions against north korea from china so that makes this a very important meeting for pyongyang. yeah actually this also like a practical outcome that north korea expects from the summit and that is food delivery food aid because north korea had a really bad harvest the worst in a decade and 10000000 people depend on foreign aid but of course the bigger picture is that kim jong un needs a diplomatic back up and by china. china to not be involved in for the end strategy of the nuclear nuclearization on their terms basically saying that they have a step by step approach not not the big deal that trump expects but rather you know giving concessions step by step and of course they hope that china for that and also will support them ok a lot of stake from both sides thanks very much for that
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update. let's preview now and some of the other stories making the news this hour around claims that the country's revolutionary guards has shot down a u.s. spy drone and says the incident happened in the southern province of arms so gone but the u.s. military says none of its aircraft were operating over iran despite heightened tensions between washington and tables on the. german media reporting that several of the country's politicians including the mayor of cologne. and we had a record are facing murder threats from far right extremists. police are also confirmed the threats to record who was previously wounded in a knife attack 4 years ago earlier this month approached immigration conservative politician was killed a suspect is being held in connection with that case. sudanese protesters have staged an overnight rally in khartoum as they press their demands
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for the military to hand over power to civilian government marchers call for justice for victims of a crackdown earlier this month the army's offering unconditional talks but protest leaders want soldiers to withdraw from cities 1st. now the united nations says a record number of people worldwide have been forcibly displaced this year by war persecution or violence the number of displaced people around the globe now totals 71000000 that's 2000000 more than last year this figure includes asylum seekers refugees and the internally displaced now to mark un world refugee day we report on one of the groups affected the range of muslims from me and maher after a crackdown by the in mars' military some a 100000 of them fled to bangladesh life in refugee camps there is harsh for them especially for the elderly you know mothers that we were in the field the soldiers
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with chasing people and shooting people who could run managed to escape but those who couldn't run were killed. there was fighting rape burning of homes that's why i fled here. all the time they were many older rowe hinge on life has been a near constant flight from violence the stories of those who did not manage to escape survive only with their relatives. and that other than when the soldiers came and set houses on fire my parents were inside they weren't able to move on their own they were bedridden we couldn't take them with us when we fled my parents died when the house was to just. living in a refugee camp can be an unbearable experience for the elderly it can be even worse over the past several months the human rights organization amnesty international interviewed nearly $150.00 displaced or injured aged 54 to over 90 years old. the
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aid workers concluded that humanitarian aid hasn't done enough to address the needs of older refugees in camps in bangladesh and this older man was able to reach a designated age friendly clinic but such places are rare in the camps for the elderly food medical and sanitation facilities are often difficult to reach. researchers documented cases of older patients foregoing medicine because they cannot manage the challenging terrain to the health clinics. amnesty says charities and donor governments have created a system intentionally or not in which the old really are invisible. earlier debbie is on your curler spoke with the u.n. high commissioner for refugees grandy he appealed for more international cooperation nearly 71000000 people worldwide displaced all refugees a high increase in numbers compared to last year what other reasons. the main one is the inability to resolve conflict to put an end to wars all wars chronic
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wars new wars new crisis unless this is addressed to gether unanimously by the international community and we will continue to see these figures rice how should the world leaders address the situation by working together. we have seen that even in the crises that have caused the worst humanitarian problems like syria like libya like yemen we have not seen unity on the part of the international community unless there is a unity in the security council where germany sits and tries to encourage a tissue in it in other fora unless there is this unity of intent we will not solve conflict and we will continue to inflict the consequences of conflict on millions of people that make these very difficult choice to leave behind everything that they hold dear and go into exile. about half of the refugees are children
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what impact does it have on their lives that they have to grow up in a situation like this and isn't that a dramatic element of this whole situation children do not make choices they just leave because it's dangerous for them and the dangers are multiplied by their fragility by their exposure be it to disease be to hunger especially in some situations be it to exploitation and abuse which sadly we see in many of these conflicts and another thing that i think is very important education you know being on the move being in exile makes it reduces your chances to get a good education and we can only imagine what generations of children without education may meet so we really need to act on all these things at the same time. a huge number of people are refugees at the same time in countries trying to close
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their borders what is your message to those governments this is the result of the political manipulation that has been made of this movement of people forced movement of people presenting there must threats presenting them as people that are coming here to steal our jobs and to threaten our security instead of presenting them us people the need of solidarity and so. board and instead of being strategic in trying to address the root causes i agreed that we want to put an end to this phenomenon and i also believe that 71000000 is it because figure but when you look at the world $7500000000.00 people it is a manageable figure it can only be managed by working together by the dramatizing this whole issue of refugees and migrants and by being strategic about looking at the root causes if we stop working in that manner and not continuously put back the issue into the political domain we will make progress for the people affected and for all of us high commissioner thank you very much. this is deja vu news still to
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come on the show india baking in the grip of another severe heat waves we look at what's set to become the country's longest hot spell on record. but 1st european union leaders are meeting today to try to resolve what's become a thorny issue at a crucial juncture for the bloc who will lead it a summit in brussels today is looking at candidates for europe's top job the president of the e.u. commission this issue has created friction between the 2 leading nations france and germany let's go straight now to brussels and our correspondent garrick mathis following this for us good morning to you can you tell us more about this powerful top job and why it has become so contentious. bryan you always have a tug of war when it comes to the top job in the european commission for
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a number of reasons really because everything comes into play here over tonight's dinner when your leaders will make that 1st step towards finding a new hat for the european commission its party that's about party politics it is about the weight of countries in the european union will be a french president for the european commission will to be a german candidate who makes it into that top job and then finally there's also the personal considerations is that person qualified so all of this coming into play for this powerful job having said powerful yes the european commission is the only institution that can start a legislative process so that can make laws in the european union but at the end of the day it is member states and it's the european parliament that always needs to approve such legislation so the member states on the driving seat and that is why they have to work this one out ok we're going to talk about some of this in a bit 1st let's take a look at at the candidates who are in the running the top candidates for that job
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of e.u. commission president. they are lining up for the top jump in brussels and it's anything but child's play who will make the race right now 3 candidates on the running to become the next president of the european commission the news highs dump one of montana's politician might have it invest i guess she positioned herself as the liberal frontrunner and would be the 1st woman to serve as president of the european commission the star go made a name for herself as a fierce competition commission are responsible for slapping google with a huge and to trust fine she enjoys the support of several heads of states but she might be putting the cart before the horse because not everybody in her own party is backing her the dutchman and social democrat plans to moments has strong support in the south of europe but his problem is the east as mice pres. and of the european commission funds to moments as an experienced politician who speaks 9 languages but some eastern european nations above all hungary and poland oppose him
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timmons had openly criticized both countries for flouting democratic values and last but not least the germany's months played his advantage eastern europe lyceum a lot more than his social democrat opponent for some months will be about doesn't have enough political experience to become commission president a candidate must receive 21 of the blocks 28 votes veba is still far from that goal was really making this race so difficult france and germany disagree about who should get the job french president hollande doesn't want to be limited to the 3 candidates putting him at odds with german chancellor angela merkel if the 2 can't agree the carousel could change direction and a dark horse candidate could enter the race. we just heard about the deep disagreement between our goal and my call was 5. i
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think you said shut some light on to this german french talk of war and let's take a look at some of the objections the french president has against monthly dba who is the candidate that is supported by machall now the french president criticised about monthly data that he lacks the personal experience we heard that in the report just now secondly there is party political considerations because month of ybor is from the conservatives and michael is a liberal of course in what respect he would rather like to see a liberal heading the european commission someone like mark to divest talk of the competition. commissioner here in brussels at the moment however machall would rather see someone from the center right a conservative running the job and then finally there is a really tricky issue here which is cause which is the system how these candidates
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selected the european parliament started the process this year whereby they would like to see a lead candidate from the european parliament elections someone who has been running the can paint for the european elections which may but it is to see that person being selected for the top job in the european commission and that is a process that the french president rejects he'd rather like to see the states the people who are running the democratically elected representatives in brussels electing a candidate and he could see for instance someone who has not been the lead candidate michele dunne is so far the chief negotiator to become the future commission president he would be from the center right so he's something someone politically and glum actually could support so it'll be really interesting to see how leaders will work that out at the end of the day if you will need a german french agreement in order to solve this problem ok we'll see if that
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agreement is reached in brussels beginning with the summit today garrick thanks so very much for that. it's to india now that country is in the grip of a deadly heat wave with temperatures soaring in many parts of the country the monitors have hit 40 degrees celsius for $32.00 days now the country's current record hot streak lasted 33 days the state of bihar has been especially hard hit more than 180 people there have died as a result of this heat wave in the capital delhi where temperatures are so high that officials there have issued a red alert and his health minister is warning people not to leave their homes until temperatures fall. even for india's dry season this is historic the capital delhi baking under record high temperatures resident looking to the heavens for help. never experience anything like it it breaks all records only rain
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can save us but it doesn't become a big. but it don't be more the washed crowded hospital corridors and fans working overtime speak to the imagine see here staff overwhelmed with patients suffering from heat exhaustion since saturday almost 80 people have died authorities have implemented a daytime curfew to stem the casualty count. extreme heat is compounded by a shortage of water. tankers off our parched communities and lifesaving supplies must be landing you have to be in line early in the morning otherwise you won't get anything often people go away empty handed. scientists say the people of the latest victims of shifting weather patterns attributed to global climate change. not once one has 8 because of huge climate change if it and some was. because this
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also also what is being depleted. and it is that makes relentless heat waves i'm reduced when fall is playing havoc with india's manasseh of humanity. while the africa cup of nations kicks off this week with egypt this year hosting the continent's biggest football of and attention will be focused on the pitch as the best $24.00 teams fight it out to reach a final on july 19th but there's a difference struggle going on away from the cheering sports fans it's increasingly difficult for opposition voices to make themselves heard under the regime of president of bell fatah sisi and even in the hometown of its biggest football stars egypt's economy sliding into stagnation. mohamed salah egypt's star football player grew up in this building before taking his talent off into the
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wider world his hometown of new greek is far from the capital most people here live in desperate poverty. and unlike salah most have little chance of escaping it. mustn't. you know how much the law is one of many young people who could have given up. were small town here and it shows how extraordinary is that he's been able to overcome all of these obstacles. in and out of them and. trying to shift the status quo or getting involved in political activism here is a risky business. that's something a law knows only too well the activist spent 5 years in prison he was released in march but has to pay tough parole conditions for the next 5 years he has to spend 12 hours every night at a police station. and it isn't a moment that i don't think about my parole conditions the situation worries me
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it's not freedom it's not even half freedom it's something very different. president abdel fatah has been swift to crack down on critics back in april he voted to implement a controversial constitutional amendment to extend his presidency by a further 6 years human rights watch says that since sisi came to power in 2013 around 60000 people have been imprisoned for political reasons that's more than ever before in egypt's history. cc's prita says her mohammed morsi was president for just one year before being overthrown and accused of espionage his death this week has thrown prison conditions in egypt back into the global spotlight i think this. president. should actually be. bringing attention to the state of thousands of prisoners in egypt prisons some of
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which are even not convicted just sent to prison. the egyptian government hopes the africa cup will help shake off the negative headlines but the country's problems are visible everywhere even when it comes to football. for example cairo has few training grounds for its up and coming young players critics say the government is badly neglecting its young people when it comes to both sport and education those with sporting tell and place their hopes in a dazzling football career like that of their hero mohamed salah. but it's a separate but i want to go to europe and play with. to see him and messi and cristiano ronaldo big dreams perhaps because the reality is so hard the world bank says youth unemployment in egypt is 32 percent and if nothing else the
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africa cup will provide some much needed distraction. as to the women's world cup in france now in the last games in group d. saw england and japan progressing to the last 16 the 2 teams playing each other in their final match to decide 1st and 2nd place to goals from ellen white made all the difference in a dominant display by the english. a link up between manchester city's georges stanway and her club teammate alan white so england taken earlier. the striker neatly slotting in past. together 2nd of the tournament. england continued to have the lion's share of chances but yamashita kept her side in the game saving this long range effort from jill scott in the 18th minute. and soon afterwards getting her fingertips to strike to deny rachel daily i.
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miss saves continued in the 2nd half yama she to stoop low to prevent barcelona's tony dugan from doubling being lead. when the 2nd goal came it was white again with the finish a perfectly placed strike to polish up a successful night in nice and a perfect start to determine for the lionesses who advance from group d. with 3 wins of 3. reminder now of our top story at this hour chinese president xi jinping has arrived in north korea for his 1st state visit the talks with his host. are likely to center on program that after a summit earlier this year between one and u.s. president trump ended without an agreement. off next business leaders address the challenges of implementing the paris climate accord that's indeed of the business with him alone stay tuned for that and don't forget you can always get the latest news and information website that's. i'm brian
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thomas with the entire news team thanks for being.
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to. be. surrounded by coal mines. this is the village of a creamy in northern greece. people were getting ready to move away until it turned out there's no cool here. that was 8 years ago. coming up on
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a job it's a disaster when no one seems to care for the government to. 60 minutes long g.w. . eco india. how can a country's economy grow can harmony with its people and the violent. when there are do worse look at the bigger picture. india a country that faces many challenges the 1st sentence people are striving to create a sustainable future a clever projects from europe and india and eco india on g.w. . what does not for t.v. tell us about our. rights to ask or. it's experience a modern museum center with the crushing cultural heritage foundation player researchers are looking for answers in more than $5000000.00 objects souffle
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challenging to claim it's part of the history of playboy only those who know about secret things have a house like this sludge and cultural heritage foundation player lives treasure trove play return documentary the june 21st the jim douglas. place. blame. the u.s. bad news interest rates unchanged but leaves the door open for later cuts good news or bad news this week get some analysis. also on the show the u.s. hopes to bolster its coal powered plants there by slowing the shift children who will play.


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