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ready ready i'm with numbers of women especially of victims of violence. take part and send us your story you are trying in all ways to understand this new culture. you are not the visitor not the guests you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. this is deja vu news asia coming up on the show today a meeting of old allies with huge implications chinese president xi jinping goes to north korea the 1st chinese lose leader to visit pyongyang in 14 years why now and what will be discussed also coming up a devastating health crisis in eastern india more than $100.00 children die from a brain infection in the state of the heart their parents say authorities did too
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little too late. and it's one of the biggest refugee crisis in the world more than 700000 or hinge of muslims forced to flee in the in mars' military crackdown now the united nations is facing criticism over its response to the crisis. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us on the news asia today we begin with a high stakes summit starting today chinese president xi jinping is meeting north korea's kim jong un in pyongyang now she was greeted with a lavish ceremony at the airport this is the 1st visit by a chinese president to north korea in 14 years and it comes at a very important time north korea's negotiations with the u.s. over denuclearization have stalled and president xi will meet with leaders of the
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other g. 20 nations next week a lot to talk about and pyongyang let's take a look at where things stand between the 2 allies. it's been less than 6 months since his handshake kim jong un has visited china north korea's closest foreign ally many times over the years. she jinping on the other hand is the 1st chinese leader to travel to pyongyang and well over a decade. we are ready to work with the d.p. r. k. to continue to carry forward the fine tradition of china d p r k friendship and promote the continuous development of exchanges and cooperation between the 2 countries in various fields. relations between the 2 authoritarian countries have been strained since north korea began amping up its nuclear weapons testing. beijing supports denuclearization of the korean peninsula and recently backed the raft of international sanctions against pyongyang. these talks aimed to relieve tensions. the u.s. will be watching closely a summit between kim and u.s.
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president donald trump in february broke off without an agreement. south korea said it is hoping talks between she and kim will move things forward opening up the chance of renewed negotiations on the north's nuclear program. as a fellow at the institute of korean studies at berlin's free university and he joins us here in our studio hi eric as we've heard there are a lot of important topics on the table for both sides but let's start with china's perspective what does china stand to gain here i think the main objective for china will be to improve bilateral relations with north korea it is the main point of going further going forward not just meeting with this meeting in pyongyang to also signal to the u.s. that china is an important a crucial player with important challenges regional challenges cannot be solved so even though the chinese state media would argue that meeting is not about something
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to the u.s. we have to place this meeting in the context of the increasing strategic rivalry between china and the u.s. of course a 2nd objective for china which certainly be to promote denuclearization talks it is in the core interest of beijing to have a nuclear weapons free korean peninsula and i think the chinese are very well aware that in order to realize this goal it must be some form of dialogue between the u.s. and north korea and 30 i think it's very important to understand. which sick notes china sense of what's going forward with this meeting especially when it comes to do yes and the role that china will play in solving this issue what about north korea what is important in this meeting for north korea i think for kim jong un it will be very important to get the support from beijing for pyongyang's vision of
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denuclearization because we all know there is no commonly agreed understanding and definition between the u.s. and north korea of what to do you know if you research actually means and how it is basically this objective should be achieved in the sense of a road map there is no common understanding and divisions are pretty far away from each other so for one it will be to get the chinese support for their process or understanding of denuclearization the step by step process in which sanctions relief or at least partial sanctions relief are. an important objective for the north koreans you mentioned the sanctions and we should say that of course china is north korea's largest trading partner a very important partner these are old allies and yet at the same time china also supports those sanctions against north korea for missiles and nuclear testing so how close are these 2 partners really how much good will is there between them
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there is a strategic element to the relationship between those 2 countries that cannot be ignored i think we have to acknowledge that there is a difference in how the object of 50 nuclear station is prioritized for china this is an important issue china once a nuclear weapons free korean peninsula but the fog greater threat to china so to say would be a collapsing or an in stable north korea so for the chinese it's still important that the nuclear weapons free korean peninsula is realized that this goal is achieved but at the same time they will not support sanctions that would actually threaten the stability of the north korean regime for its very important context there eric by the a fellow at the institute of korean studies at berlin's for university thank you so much for joining us thank you very much for having me. now in china the former head of interpol man hong way has pleaded guilty to accepting almost 2000000 euros in
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bribes appeared in attention court today where he read a statement containing the confession he also expressed his regret for the crime disappeared during a trip to china last september while still serving as into president beijing admitted to his detention only days later the man's wife has accused chinese authorities of creating a fake case for political reasons. now to a health crisis in the indian state of bihar more than $100.00 children have died this month from a brain disease called in satellite as it's often caused by consuming toxins and this region has seen similar outbreaks in previous years some have linked the spread of the disease to eating lychee a tropical fruit but local officials say there is no conclusive evidence that the fruit is to blame the children's deaths have sparked angry protests there parents say authorities have been far too slow to react. child is fighting for her life one of hundreds admitted to this intensive care unit complaining of high fever
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convulsions and paralysis struck down by bihar's mysterious brain fever i prayed. that he was completely ok she had even have food and was playing then after that she told me mommy i want to sleep i told to don't sleep now but she insisted men she seemed to lose consciousness the fever started and the whole body started shaking. it wasn't something that we. every day of this crisis brings fresh grief parent painful goodbyes to their children the bereaved demanding answers. the leverage of the treatment wasn't great it wasn't right the doctors would come for 2 minutes and then leave to go. and i'm sure she has spilled onto the street protesters say the government is negligent feeling so. most of vulnerable. huge encephalitis syndrome has been recruiting in bihar and the government is not
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taking many strains on who is dying it is the children. who are absolutely poulan this may be an outbreak yet no one here is quite sure what's causing it or how to stop it. now today is world refugee day and we're focusing on one of the biggest refugee populations right now the war hinge on muslims in the summer of 201-770-0000 fled a military crackdown in in march and they took shelter in neighboring bangladesh now they live in the world's a biggest refugee settlement in the cox's bazar district and the scale of the situation it is dramatic just look at these pictures here at the united nations says that a more than a 1000000 people now live here and many are dependent on aid for basic day to day needs from food to medicine and shelter well the united nations has released
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a report on its own failures in dealing with the revenger refugee crisis according to the u.n. its agencies failed to develop a common strategy on the crisis and were unable to work with me and martha words to stop the spiralling human rights situation in iraq state still activists and rights groups are demanding more accountability phil robertson the deputy director for human rights watch tweeted people should have been fired for these failures starting with renate look to sally and the un resident coordinator who presided over this mess the global activist group the free will hinge a coalition went even further demanding the resignation of u.n. chief terrance himself over the un's failures in myanmar. well d.m.p. news asia has been responder's he spoke to a big house in a journalist and author who has written a book on myanmar is de facto leader aung san suu kyi and is an observer of the country they spoke about the criticism that n.g.o.s are directing at the u.s. . rodion good to be speaking with you now how would you assess the role that the
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united nations has played in this entire crisis so i think the u.n. is part of the solution and part of the problem they are part of the solution because as the u.n. h.c.r. and human agencies have done a really good job in helping the refugees in bangladesh around. but on the political level i think they are part of the problem and they are needed in their report they say there was a lack of information a lack of knowledge and we have had difficulties in cordy nation our actions regarding the young mom but on the other hand and i think that's a deeper problem that the u.n. sees itself as being a neutral arbiter but i think that the un has to realize at least in the eyes of myanmar the un is part of the problem and they are one of the stakeholders which led to the crisis so i think the un has to re think their approach to the myanmar government and think about themselves as being part of the problem and then i think from that on we can go on and have
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a solution for this difficult situation in the midst of all of this that is the essential question of accountability in terms of will the government to lead to. be brought to book for its role in this crisis what about me and martyrs generals will the ever be held to account for this what is your view on that well i don't see any chance to bring the generals or the military to justice and i don't think that. cheese civilian government or the civilian part of the government will take responsibility for what has happened not at least in the sense like the west or the international community would say about responsibility so what i think we should not talk so much about accountability but about solutions for the rich living now in the camps because they live in a dire situation and as i said before they will stay where there are there is no way to bring them back so i think we should not talk about accountability but about solutions for. they need education they need jobs and they need
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a perspective but they understand it's much cheaper to talk about accountability than to talk about how do we employ a 1000000 people how do we give them a perspective and so that this my take on this or not because on thank you very much for speaking to us thank you. that's all for today we'll leave you with the sound bite and sound. to.
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cut. thank you. i. china's president dejan ping is in north korea today and it's not a courtesy call u.n. sanctions have killed off 3 quarters of trade between the 2 communist brother countries and now kim wants to be part of china's belgian road initiative will he give nuclear concessions to china in return. and african swine fever is going
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global as vietnam has to kill off millions of pieces expert experts are calling it the largest animal disease outbreak ever. also on the show the number of millionaires is rising. catching up in the race of the rich. this is the business as welcome she's in pain has become the 1st chinese leader to visit neighboring north korea for 14 years it's a sign of improving relations between the 2 traditional allies despite a drop in trade between them both president jiang kim your own will want to make sure that trade remains strong despite u.n. sanctions against china secretive communist brother country. the chinese president's arrival on north korean soil was a momentous one clearly not everything that crosses the border between the 2 allies as we said with such excitement most of the exchanges between china and north korea happened.


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