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simply a human being who was neil armstrong. was his destiny starts july 20th on t.w. . this is deja vu news live from berlin u.s. officials say they were just minutes away from bombing iran before military strikes were called off president donald trump says he canceled the planned assault because 150 people could have been killed the attack would have been in retaliation for tehran's shooting down an unmanned american spy drone also coming up. a landmark
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breakthrough for spain's supreme court sentences 5 men for gang raping a young women's groups welcomed the verdict the case had sparked protests across spain. and at the women's world cup excitement builds as one of the tournament favorites germany open in the round of 16 with a clash against nigeria later today. on next by sir thanks for joining us. american officials say that planes were in the air and battleships in position but at the last minute u.s. president donald trump decided against military strikes on targets in iran he said the likely death school would have been too high. these pieces of debris almost triggered a war visibly beaming the iranian military presents the remains of an american
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drone teheran claims it had penetrated iranian airspace that's why they shot it down. the u.s. military said the drones were actually in international airspace an american counterattack on iranian radar and rocket positions was imminent trump said on friday but the expected death toll would have been around $150.00 and he said because of this he decided to call off the attack so you know what they shot down an on demand. drone plane whatever you want to call it and here we are sitting with $150.00 dead people and that would have taken place probably within a half an hour after i said go ahead and i didn't like it i didn't think it was i didn't think it was proportionate leaders of the opposition party in the u.s. congress said this was the correct decision but at the same time they cautioned against any escalation the president may not intend to go to war here but we're worried that he and the administration may bumble into
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a war mark kimmitt who was assistant secretary of state under george w. bush said trump is not unpredictable but rather sticks to a consistent strategy to avoid a new war in the middle east and really i think he made the right decision there united states has been accused in the past to being a cowboy to overreacting to the situation particularly in the middle east and i think that particularly with the advice given by his counselors and by congress he actually is showing a policy of restraint i think he recognizes that iran is not going anywhere it will be there tomorrow if he wants to attack. the president himself has said he's not in a rush but trump still faces a dilemma if he doesn't react to iranian provocations like the drones being shot down his threats might not be taken seriously and if he does start a war he risks breaking his campaign promise of keeping the u.s. out of new conflicts. let's take
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a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world. police were called to the home of the front runner to be the next british prime minister forrest johnson on friday morning following concerns about a domestic dispute neighbors called after hearing screaming shouting and banging from the home johnson shares with his partner police said no offenses had been committed neither she nor mr johnson has issued a common. several people were killed what a building under construction in the cambodian city will suddenly collapsed overnight it's feared more people could be buried in the rubble a local official said workers were using the unfinished rupture as their sleeping quarters. spain's supreme court has ruled that 5 men who attacked a teenage girl were guilty of rape and not the lesser crime of sexual abuse the case had sparked mass protests across spain over what many saw as the lenient treatment of the 5 men women's rights groups and the government have welcomed the
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ruling. outside the court jubilation demonstrators saw the verdict as a step forward for all women in spain. the supreme court overturned a ruling that many across spain had seen as far too lenient no case but i thought the next thing the decision is correct but it's not enough 3 years to admit it's rape and not sexual abuse i really think that decision has been influenced a lot by feminism and the protests which have taken place almost every day in the streets you know. 5 men known as the wolf pack had been convicted of the lesser crime of sexual abuse after subduing a young woman and video recording nonconsensual sex they shared this video on their whatsapp group which they called the pack where they had also allegedly discussed plans to rape women. there prior conviction caused outrage across spain. under spanish law the men could not be convicted of rape because there was no evidence the men use physical violence to subdue their victim. now this verdict.
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could help change the way sexual offenses are convicted and spent spanish acting vice president carmen calvert tweeted that the ruling of the supreme court on the wolfpack case recognizes the credibility of the victim and is in line with the government's proposal to change the law. for the men's defense lawyer objected that the trial had been influenced by public opinion. for most of the society at large and post judgment on the events dictates in a condom a to recent incident. and since then everything has snowballed it's made it practically impossible to have any judicial outcome that does not involve a clinton a 3 sentence. that the 5 men will begin serving their sentences immediately. on sunday voters in turkey's biggest city istanbul go to the polls a controversial rerun of march's mayoral election it was cancelled after president
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russia time tie up a k party narrowly lost it and claimed there were irregularities k. party has governed istanbul for decades but there's a distinct possibility that this time and even with the revoke it will lose its grip on the city due to reports. this is how the final phase of election campaigning looks like in istanbul at the ferry terminal and because he could district the major parties have set up their stalls and they are doing their best to drown each other out. this city has been in campaign mode for almost 6 months now he narrowly won the mayor's office in march a criminal it was the 1st opposition victory here in istanbul in 25 years but been early years of the ruling a.k.p. wasn't going to give up the city without a fight his party father complains of irregularities and obtained
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a rerun of the election so now it's number 2 in the fight for turkey's most important city i'm stuck. has been back on the campaign trail for weeks he still considers himself the legitimate mayor of istanbul and the decision to rerun the election politically motivated but he has accepted it and he's determined to win again by a decisive margin. someone has suffered. of course the selection rerun is a waste of time money and energy and every day i'm faced with an obvious smear campaign. but this is something we have to deal with. and i believe that we will emerge unscathed and stronger from this experience. the date of the rerun is another challenge for him and his party the c.h.p. the vote takes place on june 23rd in the middle of the summer holidays that's when
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many people from istanbul are usually on the cation but because the last election was decided by such a slim margin this time every vote counts. the opposition has even put out spruce warnings don't go to boardroom on june 23rd as heavy snow fall is expected and the beaches will be shut whether it's down to the tongue in cheek at birds or not travel agent gem pull out almost as many as stumble lights have indeed changed their holiday plans. we've had many elections during summer but i have never seen something like this the. big 500000 people from istanbul have changed or cancelled their travel plans so they can be here and vote in the election. the ruling aka party is also vigorously campaigning on the streets their candidate for mayor at the 90 year durham was turkey's prime minister until last year he's playing on his political experience but president added one
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who held one election rally after another in support of his men in the initial vote in spring is now noticeably holding back nevertheless the party's volunteers say they're sure of victory and that. we all go through mitchell's years of searching around the c.h.p. is definitely trying to create the impression that they've already won but we're optimistic. and the 1st round of votes was stolen and now we're going to get them back voters keep telling us that they want to use the room from him and called willing people when. whoever wins is stumble wins turkey is a well known saying by president add one himself this time around many voters in this significant city would be happy if the winner of the election would also be recognized as such are you. looking ahead now to the
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women's football world cup germany's team is hoping to make it to the final and they have a crop of talented youngsters fighting to get there here's a look at the squads teen sensations ahead of saturday's match against nigeria in the round of 16. and lane obrador these 3 teenagers are making their mark on the germany world cup team 19 year old freiburg midfielder grin is having the biggest impact of the bunch scoring the match winner against china germany squad certainly appreciates the exceptional skill of these young players providing plenty of support. they could. really well integrated there's no problem we've got so many players around us to take us under their wing and coach us to feel like a really fit in and don't feel at all like i'm treated like a kid. at the teen and 17 year old oberndorf have also raised eyebrows in their 1st ever world cup they might be new on the national team but they're already
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experienced pros. because they're already established bundesliga players they're still young but they have lots of talent so it's great to see what german women's football we have to offer for years to come we are looking forward to that . if germany are to win their 1st world cup since 2007 they'll be helping given the youth brigade can retain their top form heading into the round of 16 clash with nigeria. germany are among the favorites in the tournament and in just a few hours to kick off the round of 16 matches in frets now here to discuss the latest world cup news is dave brat nick gave who's going to win between the nigerian germany yeah i mean i think germany being favorites for the tournament as you said are clearly favorites a mismatch there pretty intriguing team as we just saw they have a pretty dynamic mix of hungry talented youngsters as well as more experienced players and i think that's brought a lot of balance to their squad. they've kind of quietly gone
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a bit under the radar but i still pick them as one of the top teams in the tournament there on a 15 match unbeaten streak in another group stage they won all of their matches they kept 3 clean sheets and they had 5 different goal scorers so they're really a true team for nigeria i mean of course they're. you know they are the underdogs in this scenario understandably so but i don't think that we should expect them to necessarily roll over if you look quite good in their win against south korea and also they were pretty hard done by the controversial refereeing decisions against france so they actually should have gotten a point against the hosts so i should put up a fight but it's still hard to see anybody but germany coming out on this one all right we all know till it's over i suppose another big favorite australia versus norway what do you forsee again australia are one of the stronger teams in this tournament but this one i think is
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a lot harder to pick australia although they're really good we've seen how strong they can be especially in the attack they're one of the more lopsided teams in the tournament they don't have the balance that germany has their attack if you only had that side of their team i think you'd pick them to win the tournament any day of the week especially sam kerr she's proven herself to be really a world superstar there she is she's got an. 5 goals in the tournament including 4 against nigeria alone but we saw against italy how they can be a little weak in the back sometimes they're always capable of being exploited and i think norway is a solid enough team that on any day of that we can really give any team a run for their money so this one could really go either way and just for that reason i'm really excited about it ok. thank you very much for inside dave granik on the women's world cup 3 and injuring rocker mick jagger
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has swaggered back on the stage last night after undergoing heart surgery in april the rolling stones front man kicked off the band's delayed north american tour in chicago to a sellout crowd. and then members all in their seventy's will play 70. 2 tour raked in a $116000000.00 in 20. up next indeed if you are technology show. where i come from we have to fly from 3 place and was born and raised to me telling the painter she protests one to the shadow and if you newspapers when official information has attorneys on the street then you can trust and they had problems i
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