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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 22, 2019 4:00pm-4:15pm CEST

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this is c w news live from berlin u.s. officials say they were just minutes away from bombing iran before a military strikes were called off president donald trump says he canceled a planned assault because 150 people could have been killed the attack would have been in retaliation for terror and shooting down an unmanned american spy drone also coming up. in fire mental activists face off with police have protests at a mine here in germany thousands of people have turned out to call on the
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government to immediately and its reliance on coal and. a domestic rao is boris johnson of london home to rock the u.k. leadership race we'll talk to our correspondent in london to find out how this might affect it chances of becoming britain's next prime minister. and the co for early thanks for joining us american officials say that planes were in the air and battleships in position but at the last minute u.s. president donald trump decided against military strikes on targets and around he said the likely death toll would have been too high iran meanwhile has said it will respond firmly to any u.s. threat as tensions between terror and washington continue to rise. these
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pieces of debris almost triggered a war visibly beaming the iranian military presents the remains of an american drone teheran claims it had penetrated iranian airspace that's why they shot it down. the u.s. military said the drones were actually in international airspace an american counterattack on iranian radar and rocket positions was imminent trump said on friday but the expected death toll would have been around $150.00 and he said because of this he decided to call off the attack so you know what they shut down and manned. drone plane whatever you want to call it and here we are busy sitting with $150.00 dead people that would have taken place probably within a half an hour after i said go ahead and i didn't like it i didn't think it was i didn't think it was proportionate leaders of the opposition party in the u.s. congress said this was the correct decision but at the same time they cautioned
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against any escalation the president may not intend to go to war here but we're worried that he and the administration may bumble into a war mark kimmitt who was assistant secretary of state under george w. bush said trump is not unpredictable but rather sticks to a consistent strategy to avoid a new war in the middle east and really i think he made the right decision there united states has been accused in the past the being a cowboy too overreacting to the situation particularly in the middle east and i think that particularly with the advice given by his counselors and by congress he actually is showing a policy of restraint i think he recognizes that iran is not going anywhere it will be there tomorrow if he wants to attack. the president himself has said he's not in a rush but trump still faces a dilemma if he doesn't react to iranian provocations like the drones being shot down his threats might not be taken seriously and if he does start a war he risks breaking his campaign promise of keeping the u.s.
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out of new conflicts. while i'm at the store in tensions between the u.s. and iran global leaders have been calling for calm german chancellor angela merkel has said the international community has to try to come to a peaceful resolution she believes the crisis is likely to dominate next week's meeting of g 20 leaders and japan. firstly i am hopeful although the options are not unlimited but we too can all help to achieve our aims namely a political and diplomatic solution. i'm not just saying this is my hope. we need to address this with the utmost seriousness because i firmly believe there has to be a political solution. or it. hundreds of climate activists have broken through a police line and stormed
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a late night mine and western germany several police officers have reportedly been injured the clashes mar the culmination of a demonstration organized by a protest movement that is demanding a fossil fuel phased out in an effort to limit global warming. it's a coordinated protest targeting several different locations slowly this group of demonstrators make their way towards their destination the cart's wyler coal mine. isn't metabolise and we're well distributed now the train tracks in front of the new coal power plant are occupied and over 1000 protesters are on their way to meet around some of this morning nearly 2000 activists from our camp set off towards the open pit here in chorus finally. hundreds of activists slept on the train tracks leading to the coalfield power plant in north successfully blocking coal deliveries to the facility. in the muffed it was very quiet during the night but the mood
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was very positive the world very happy to be here. this has to be done i thought it would be much harder what's going on here is really impressive i have a good feeling that we can make things happen. by mid afternoon some activists managed to breach the police cordon and into the open pit mine these people want your money to immediately end its reliance on coal seeing the environment can't wait for a gradual phase out. the front runner to be the next british prime minister boris johnson is expected to attend hustings for the leadership of his conservative party today but it's personal life that's in the spotlight police were called to the home he shares with his partner after neighbors heard screaming shouting and banging johnson hasn't spoken about the incident that neither he nor his girlfriend carrie simmons have issued a comment. today johnson will join the other leadership candidate foreign secretary
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jeremy hunt as both men step up their campaigns to be the next prime minister standing by correspondent shylock departs in london shall i say welcome is this incident likely to have an effect on johnson's campaign. theme. well this really couldn't come at a worse time for boris johnson the 2nd part of this leadership race has just started and there is an alleged recording of the conversation between his partner and him where his partner accuses him of being spoiled and having no respect for money and of course it makes some people here in the u.k. questioned johnson's character but really it is not up to the people it is up to the membership base of the tory party 160000 members to be exact they are going to vote for boris johnson or jeremy hunt in the end and amongst those members members . is overwhelmingly favored overwhelmingly supported he really is the front
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runner and the favorite they've been waiting to vote for him for almost 3 years now and we've been hearing some of those members saying today look this was a private conversation between the part that should have never made it into the press so i doubt that this incident will have any effect starting today we're as john said and the other conservative candidate jeremy hunt will face off in a series of discussion events across the country what can we expect. well the foreign secretary and the former foreign secretary will go head to head today and they will do this on 16 occasions throughout the country in the next weeks so-called hustings additions in front of the tory membership no media questions are allowed so we can expect a heated debate but a rather let's say a friendly exchange and then the members will finally vote on the last 2 candidates and by the week of july 22nd we will know who becomes the conservative leader and
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thereby the new prime minister of the u.k. and were he to become the next prime minister johnson has vowed to leave the e.u. by october 31st no matter what how realistic is this promise. well exactly it doesn't look like boris johnson could get a withdrawal agreement through parliament in that short period of time so that means the u.k. would have to leave with a no deal under a no deal scenario with potentially catastrophic consequences for the economy johnson has said he is going to do so even against the will of the u.k. parliament the problem with boris johnson is he has been flip flopping on issues in the past he is known to be a political opportunist and we just don't know what he is going to do he has also made a range of domestic promises for example easing takes ations for us here in the u.k. so all these promises we just don't know how they are going to turn out and this is
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the big worry this uncertainty of what a boris johnson prime minister might look like thank you shell out of london. on sunday voters in turkey's biggest city istanbul go to the polls on a controversial rerun of march as mayor oh election it was cancelled after president bush have taped earlier was a k. party narrowly lost and claimed there were irregularities the party has governed assemble for decades but there is a distinct possibility that this time an even with the room felt it will lose its grip on the city the w.c. hunt reports. this is how the final phase of election campaigning looks like in istanbul at the ferry terminal and because he could district the major parties have set up their stalls and they are doing their best to drown each other out. this city has been in campaign mode for almost 6 months now he narrowly won the mayor's office in
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march a crimean mamadou it was the 1st opposition victory here in istanbul in 25 years but been early years of the ruling a.k.p. wasn't going to give up the city without a fight his party followed complains of irregularities and obtained a rerun of the election so now it's round number 2 in the fight for turkey's most important city i'm sure the crimean mom who has been back on the campaign trail for weeks he still considers himself the legitimate mayor of istanbul and the decision to rerun the election politically motivated but she has accepted it and he's determined to win again by a decisive margin. someone is so full. of course this election rerun is a waste of time money and energy. and every day i'm faced with an obvious smear campaign. but this is something we have to deal with. and i believe
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that we will emerge unscathed and stronger from this experience. the date of the rerun is another challenge for him a. and his party the c.h.p. the vote takes place on june 23rd in the middle of the summer holidays that's when many people from istanbul are usually on vacation but because the last election was decided by such a slim margin this time every vote counts. the opposition has even put out ruth warnings don't go to boardroom on june 23rd as heavy snow fall is expected and the beaches will be shut whether it's down to the tongue in cheek at birds or not travel agent gem pull out almost as many as stumble lights have indeed changed their holiday plans but. we've had many elections during summer but i have never seen something like this the. 500000 people from istanbul have changed or cancelled their travel plans so they can be here and vote in the
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election. the ruling a k party is also vigorously campaigning on the streets their candidate for mayor at the 90 year durham was turkey's prime minister until last year he's playing on his political experience but president added one who held one election after another in support of his men in the initial vote in spring is now noticeably holding back nevertheless the party's volunteers say they're sure of victory and that. we all go through mitchell's years of session with the c.h.p. is definitely trying to create the impression that they've already won but we're optimistic in the 1st round our votes were stolen and now we're going to get them back voters keep telling us that they want but not to use the term from me and called willing people when. whoever wins is stumble wins turkey is a well known saying calling by president add one himself this time around many
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voters in this significant city would be happy of the winner of the election would also be recognised as such. leak and during rocker made jagger swaggered back on stage last night after undergoing heart surgery and april the rolling stones front man kicked off the band's delayed north america tour in chicago to a sellout crowd. the band all in their seventy's will place 17 dates the no filter for raked in $116000000.20 to.
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grow up next it's reporter this time about the young people in hong kong fighting for a democratic future and discussions about a controversial axe.


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