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you want to become a citizen. in so migrants your platform for reliable information. that. this is d w news live from a victory for turkey's opposition and a big blow for president heir to one. i think ultimately stumbles mayoral election for a 2nd time the opposition candidate comes out on top in the controversial revote we'll go live to our correspondent for the latest. hundreds of thousands of people
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flooded the streets of prague crowds of demonstrators turned out for what are fast to be the czech republic's largest protest since the overthrow of communism they want prime minister bobbish to step down but standing firm. and tears protests and anger on the pitch at the women's world cup cameroon's footballers crash out against england after a series of controversial calls by the video persistence to referee. i'm calm aspen thanks for joining us we start in turkey where opposition candidate . as won the rerun of istanbul's may or election him on the one almost 54 percent of the ballots with over 97 percent. of votes counted he says he is
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ready to work with president to tie affair to want to solve. problems is rival bin ali gilder him from president everyone's ruling party has conceded defeat a.k.p. call for the rerun after suffering a narrow defeat in the 1st election in march. wu han is in istanbul for us she's been following these elections there you are yulia opposition candidate winning now for a 2nd time how surprised are you by that outcome. well his victory clearly doesn't come as a surprise at all to his supporters as you can see all around me people are celebrating they are chanting and they went t. shirts and had ben's with his political slogan that isn't turkish pear shaped is out of my jacket everything will be a great mistake mom who has mad and all i'm crazy grassroots campaign in the past
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week he has campaigned very hard he has tried to reach out to people he must have taken thousands of selfies with people here he won the vote in march by a very narrow margin of just 14000 votes and now you want to get a very good size of 700000 votes and you can see how happy that makes people around me everybody tonight is celebrating its a farce opposition victory here in istanbul in this city all 16000000 people in 25 years so that's why everybody is so happy. oh. geoff are we happy people in the streets there we want to just take a 2nd because he has addressed his supporters in istanbul let's listen to part of what he had to say in that victory speech. i am ready to work in harmony with you a president type everyone and i aspire to do that. i'm announcing that in front of
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all residents of istanbul. it is our strongest this is not a victory. this is a new beginning. i would like to say from here that as of tomorrow. i will treat the 16000000 people of istanbul equally as their mayor. are you only about you know in the center of that massive party we heard the mama live there saying he wants to work with president and to one but does the president want to work with him. but president ad wanna come graduated mistake the moment which was said he hopes that these results will be good for the country so let's hope for the movie not that but clearly and that's something i have to mention the ruling hake a party still holds the majority in the city council here in istanbul and they were one post on the journey of districts in the march elections so theoretically they
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can lawfully lot of decisions find this a nominal it remains to be seen whether they let him do what he wants to do all schools but this nevertheless is known to present and want to lose money if they keep they have been running this 6 month for such a long time and the sick know that's the message that you know emanates from this state is that miss out on his party i'm no longer invincible and that gives a lot of opposition supporters so much hope. you touched on a day i mean that's a significant victory obviously for turkey's opposition but practically speaking what does this mean to how much can they start to now perhaps opposed to juan's agenda because. well of course the mail off istanbul has no say in national politics but the message is that the opposition can indeed when they hear the opposition now rules us. 3 large city cities here in
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turkey the 3 largest cities that they have a land grab his rear in the west and he is somebody with a 60000000 people and you know there is a popular saying here in turkey mind by president and i don't mean south to have the wind that somebody wins turkey and that staff and that leaves the sense you mentioned tonight here on the streets all these simple after this decisive an extraordinary opposition victory those are the sentiments and definitely a party atmosphere there in istanbul you leon they do very much. turning now to iran and tensions continue to rise between the u.s. and the country following tehran's downing of a u.s. drone earlier this week new u.s. sanctions on the country are expected to come into force monday and reports have emerged that washington launched a cyber attack against iran's military infrastructure in response to that drone attack. a cyber strike against iran's missile
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systems that was washington's response to iran's downing of a u.s. spy drone the cyber attack was launched on thursday and reportedly crippled tehran's military command and control systems no lives were lost in the cyber attack but tempers still boiled over in iran's parliament on sunday as persian lawmakers chanted death to america. iran's president rouhani accused the u.s. of throwing oil on the fire when tensions were already running high in the middle east in israel trumps national security advisor john bolton vowed to keep up the pressure on tiran. neither iran nor any other hostile actor should mistake u.s. prudence and discretion for weakness no one has granted them a hunting license in the middle east u.s. president donald trump took
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a different approach trying the carrots instead of the stick the fact is we're not going to have a run have a nuclear weapon and when they agree to that they are going to have a wealthy country they're going to be so happy and i'm going to be their best friend i hope that happens. i hope that happens but it may not. tensions in the gulf began to boil over 2 weeks ago when all tankers were attacked while crossing the strait of hormuz a choke point along a runs shores that a 3rd of the world's crude oil passes through the u.s. blamed iran for the strikes something to iran denies. and with washington due to officially announce fresh sanctions against iran on monday it's unlikely the standoff will be over any time soon i think stay tuned. let's get you caught up now on some of the other stories making news around the world opposition leader. has returned to the democratic republic of congo the country has yet to form
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a government after last year's election and demba says he aims to unite the opposition he was acquitted of war crimes by the international criminal court last year after serving 10 years in prison. government candidates an ex general mohammad goswami as declared himself the winner in more recent mauritania's presidential elections as one who has taken more than 50 percent of the ballot with half the votes counted opposition candidate see the albacore as valid to contest the results saturday's election could herald the 1st democratic change of leadership in mauritania's history. huge crowds have flooded the center of the czech capital prague with protesters demanding prime minister andre bobbish to step down according to organizers more than $250000.00 people turned out reportedly that's the biggest crowd since the country's $989.00
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revolution which over through communism today's rally was the culmination of a series of demonstrations in recent weeks against bobbish the leader of the oculus and opar he's under investigation for corruption and conflicts of interest. our correspondent manual chase was at that rally in prague's lead in a park and she sent us this report. this is not just a big movements millions of moments for democracy but i don't think. i have to pay inquired how to do it that hasn't people gathered near the net not cracking if they are really very late for a very historic moment for the czech republic those people come from all classes of not not only students but also pension is families and active people and out all here i gather is one thing they demand the resignation of prime minister andrei paddies please excuse the correction by not only the european union commission to a report that say people found out about
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a few weeks ago but those so i did check things you know the police who are to be advised to put a check by minister are to answer for that correction in front of courts. controversy rains at the women's world cup after angle and knocked cameroon out of the tournament with the help of the video assistant referee joining me to talk about that now is ed mccambridge from sports and i mean there was anger we saw tears we saw protests on the pitch me walk us through what happened with cameroon and their players was. absolutely fuming after that match they were throughout the entire game itself in fact often we see football players and managers get their knickers in a twist about one big decision but cameron the current players and the coach feel that several huge decisions went against them in this match they're really not happy and whether or not they're right to be so annoyed is neither here nor there
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is always a very sad thing when when a country leaves the world cup so emotional right now the world is against them it's not a nice feeling at all but we don't have to listen to me rant about exactly what happened my colleague tom general has prepared a report for us so let's have a look at what happened now. england were quick to apply pressure and benefited from a back pass from augustine as young 11 players on the goal line couldn't prevent center back steph horton from hammering home to give the lionesses the elite. number 2 came on the stroke of half time and meet through goal found ellen white and the strike a bite full of the tournament. the flag had been raised but a v.a.r. intervention proved white was on the side and the goal was given during furious protests among the cameroon players the mood was not improved at the start of the 2nd half when this stunning strike by iraq and shoe was disallowed for the most marginal of offsides in the build up cameroon were inconsolable. minutes later they
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were 3 nailed down alex greenwood converting a cleverly worked corner to send cameroon packing their tournament ends in violence ian. i mean it's just a matter of centimeters you look at that line they are supposed to make things clear are supposed to take these judgement calls out of the hands of the referee and use technology is that working i mean this is just making it even worse what my opinion it's not working whatsoever i mean in the broader context we still have the same old problems with they are it is wasting a lot of time where the referee checks decisions it's also making these referees actually doubt the decisions they're making and it is also ruining the atmosphere slightly a lot of fans still don't know if they should celebrate a penalty when it's awarded or a goal when it scored because they have no idea if it's going to stand but i think this game is a perfect microcosm if you will of exactly what is wrong and right would be a all because on the one hand it did get everything right within the rules it technically make all right cool what was on side for her goal and the cameroon
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player was offside for her goal so it's rightly disallowed so if it's making the right calls me why the controversy because i think i think when you get to a point where so many cameroon players are so incensed by decision that they think is so marginal and i can certainly see as you just said it's a matter of centimeters if not millimeters that cause the world cup goal to be disallowed she's not relieve seed any actual advantage from being in that position and it's only because someone in a t.v. studio in paris has said let's roll that goal out i can see why they'd be so annoyed and i think the you know both sides the debate were echoed perfectly in the manager's statements after the game phil neville the england coach said that the cameroon players would it were described as well the cameroon coached. that been a miscarriage of justice which just goes to show you how polarizing they are has been one for me it's not working briefly how impressed for you with england not particularly they start the game well as we saw but they go a little bit rattled once cameron players start getting a little bit annoyed and i think they're going to be in for a very hot sauce against norway in the next round well unfortunately technology may be getting a bit in the way of the action there at the cambridge to sports thank you so much.
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you're watching news live from berlin coming up next it's doc film this time villains treasure trove the prussian cultural heritage foundation part one and remember you can always get the latest headlines around the clock on our web site that's d.w. dot com i'm called aspen thanks for watching there's more news at the top the hour . have to get through the disney get break without a football thanks again. to women's. excitement emotion not so. it's crazy 90 women's.
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