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this is the news live from berlin a victory for turkey's opposition and a serious blow for president aired of one large crowd celebrating in istanbul all that after opposition candidate in the molo wins the rerun of that city's mayoral election he hails the outcome as a vote for change in the country does it also mean the beginning of the end of president erdogan also coming up. a year on from the thailand cave rescue that captivated the world's attention to 12 poise rescued take the chance to thank the
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community that helped save their lives. and cheers protests and anger out on the pitch at the women's world cup cameron's footballers crashing out against england after a series of controversy all calls by the video assistant referee. i'm brian thomas today to you and thanks for joining us turkey's president wretch of type area one has been dealt a serious blow after losing control of istanbul and a rerun of the may oral election their opposition candidate x. from the mole who won that poll by a decisive margin or to want to his ruling a k party demanded the rerun after they alleged voting irregularities observers say the opposition win in istanbul could also herald major changes across the country.
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they voted on mass and celebrated that way to. the undisputed victory and is stumbles mayoral election by this man. who secured a comfortable majority it was a controversial rerun of a ballot he had already narrowly won in march the new mayor said his victory is a vote for change what is the very this is not a victory this is a new beginning. like to say from here that as of tomorrow i will treat 16000000 people equally as i'm a. president rich ones ruling a k party had called the 1st result irregular and the courts agreed this time around though the ones man. did him had to concede defeat. according to the results as of now my competitor
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a crumb in mama lou is leading the race i congratulate him and wish him good luck. jubilation in istanbul the. cookies only i'm so excited at the right person has one justice's one love and unity one the people in istanbul one everything is great now we will work for a bright future together shoulder to shoulder but really i am so happy. that i've got your chance to get the moment get ignored in order to get there it's enough the people have spoken and their will has become clear justice has been served but at the end the will and disappointment from the a.k. party faithful. has a mind he has and i think people do not see the good things thai of anyone has done we are all sad relatives came here from other cities just for today now we are so
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sad disappointed. if you read the end of the i cape a few serves as ma'am. this isn't the result one wants after his party lost municipal elections in ankara and izmir back in march this result is widely being interpreted as a rejection he's been accused of authoritarianism and struggling to revive a flagging economy. but the mood is so far civil only one congratulating the new mayor on twitter. i'm ready to work with you in harmony and i aspire to do that now seeing that in front of all residents of the standard. mode of one's political career started as mayor of istanbul now his home town and its new mayor he's heralding a change of course for the president. let's go straight to istanbul now our correspondent there dorian jones dorian good morning to you how much of a surprise is this result in istanbul all. coming no more lows victory i don't think was that much of
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a surprise opinion polls in the run up to the vote were indicating that he was set for victory people were buying into his message of unity is opposed to polarized nation but the big shock is the scale of his victory which are 800000 to 54 percent of the vote that's a 35 year high in. elections and incidentally that's double the vote that won in $94.00 when he became heir it's the scale of the victory which is said to political shockwave across the country and i think that i think testament to how galvanized to mobilize the opposition were hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people returned all across the country to vote in the stumble election cutting short their their vacations most of those are believed to be the opposition and i spoke to one woman who had driven 12 hours just to vote and that was a testament to how much anger and how to terminations was that the opposition wanted to see their man win ok a lot of anger driving this vote and as you
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mentioned there were certain shock waves that are going out from it but but does it signal a shift in air to one's dominance throughout the country. well i think that really will be the big question but we have to remember that one is a giant of turkish politics he still has the presidency he controls the parliament and most of the state institutions so he does have a great deal of power but this will be a major blow to him this is the 2nd successive victory he has suffered he put all his political process behind his candidate been illegal during the march alexion and in this election at the last he's. been told that up until now invincible at the polls that reputation has gone and that will be the message of the opposition will be taking to the country they will be galvanized by this and they now have a very important springboard in istanbul to set out their stall about how they can run the country istanbul is the most important city a 3rd of the economy half of the taxation you can set up your sort of country and say yes there is an alternative but the big concern i think in the short term for
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one will be the impact within his own party there have been rumors for months of growing dissatisfaction within his party over his authoritarian start the sputtering economy and growing talk of a possible spirit within the party up until now it was in his invincibility at the polls which was a seem to be the check on that movement now that is gone speculation is that a split or a challenge to his rule could be in the offing in the coming months ahead ok and as you mentioned as well galvanized opposition dorian jones for us in istanbul thanks very much. now we're going to look at some of the other stories making news out this hour opposition leader pierre bemba has returned to the democratic republic of congo the country has yet to form a government after last year's election bemba says he aims to unite the opposition he was acquitted of work crimes by the international criminal court last year after serving 10 years in prison. more tedious government backed candidate
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mohammed goes to me as one of the country's presidential election that's according to the electoral commission the handover of power to him would mark the country's 1st ever peaceful transfer of power but opposition candidates say the result was not fair and they are calling for protests. at least 14 people were killed and dozens more injured when a tent collapsed during a religious ceremony in western india every rains and winds caused a huge tent to topple with hundreds of into were frozen solid president enter modi has offered his condolences. now it was a story that captured the world's attention on june 23rd last year 12 boys from a youth football team decided to explore a cave in thailand with their coach to group entered the tom long cave that's in the northernmost province of chiang rai at the very borderline there but shortly afterwards heavy rains began to fall floodwaters rising the boys and their coach
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were trapped early efforts to find them failed the search team grew to hundreds of people soldiers diving experts rescuers literally from around the world then after 9 days with no news at all and 4 kilometers from the caves mouth the divers finally found those boys some of them on the verge of starvation and but still alive now came the challenging task of bringing them to safety through a flooded cave a daring mission that cost one rescue diver his life. well finally almost 3 weeks after their ordeal began 11 by 11 by one the boys in their coach were rescued by that international crew of divers they were all greeted then as national heroes chosen pills and chiang rai as the celebrations continue today to charlotte can you describe for us what's happening where you are today hi
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there brian with a real highlight today has been catching a glimpse of those 12 boys and their coach this isn't the actual anniversary of the day that they went into the cave that was yesterday that was marked with a fun run and a bike ride had today they people really were looking forward to getting the raglan of those boys all together and hearing from them how they're doing now they were absolutely catapulted into celebrity off to this cape rescue last year since then their privacy has been very strictly controlled by authorities here say people journalists have a lot of questions about how they're doing some of the on says that were quite light hearted one of them told us that his parents had become a lot stricter since he came out of the cave the boys also they were paying tribute to the the rescue divers the cave ins who risked their lives to to find them safely and of course the dive of the tide either very sadly lost his life during his or dio he's commemorated behind me in
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a statue that is extremely interesting to hear what those boys had to say at that privacy rights the rights of the story that she'd been sold to netflix so this might be one of the last chances that we get to hear from them in the future until we see what netflix has to offer about this and the men to a story a show with a statue behind you and the commemorations today especially for the last 5 or certainly a testimony to the courage of the divers they went through to rescue these boys how has this remarkable and dramatic rescue impacted the region. well you really have to bear in mind brian is that people here really do you see this is a huge success story for thailand we've spoken to a number of divers a number of people involved in the rescue he said that for days weeks even people feared that these boys would not be pulled out alive they said that they thought it would be a recovery mission rather than a rescue mission instead they we had those incredible pictures when all 13 of them
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were pulled to safety 600 really does want to celebrate that celebrate the heroism of all of those enfold as such this is become something of a tourist spots we heard from a one official here that thousands of people in high seas and coming every day to check out this site to get a fast hand taste of the ordeal that the boys went through we know as well from shopkeepers about she set up stools along the paul up to the caves site that they are ending a lot more money than previously some people have come especially to set up stores here we know from authorities we've spoken to as well that they plan to develop this area even more that is despite the fact they brian that if you do plan on visiting this cave you'll find that the cave itself is still not open to the public and it's still rather unclear whether it will be in the future ok well a good news story a year ago and today for that region charlotte thanks very much for that well some 250000 people have taken to the streets of prague to demand the
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resignation of czech prime minister andres. it's the largest protest since the country's velvet revolution in 1989 which of course overthrew congress some days rally was the culmination of a series of demonstrations and recent weeks against bobbish the leader of the populace on a party he's under investigation for corruption. we've had enough no more they call they've had enough of czech prime minister andre bobbish this is the country's largest demonstration since the velvet revolution that overthrew communism. and many here say the fight for freedom that began in 1909 isn't over yet. next year it's unacceptable that we have someone in the p.m.'s office who's facing criminal proceedings and he worked for the communist secret service that's not normal we want andre bobbish to step down
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a set. of issues prime minister and a successful businessman his company are going to said it is accused of misappropriating e.u. funds the demonstrators here say bobbish is trying to hinder the investigation the e.u. for its part also says bobbish has a conflict of interest in the case and has stopped paying i'm going to ferret out the prime minister has called a protest a campaign that won't change anything. only because they filled with more citizens vote and democratic elections and choose who serves some parliament and that is what decides who is part of the government for now bob is his party v.n.o. is sticking by him as are his coalition partners. this is the interview news live from berlin still to come on the show tiers protest and anger out on the pitch at the women's world cup cameron's footballers crashing out against england down after a series of controversy over calls by the video assistant referee.
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but 1st some a 1000 people turned out for the largest l g b t event in ukraine's history it was heavy police protection of the pride parade to prevent the violence event as seen in the past is nick connelly spoke to veterans of the war against separatists in the east of the country who are marching in that event. i were the rainbows as far as the eye can see so far so familiar but this is no ordinary pride parade security is tight and police often seemingly outnumber the participants of pride has come a long way since it began with a few dozen participants back in 2013 and it's attracting new and diverse groups of people who are losing their am there was that is the official greeter at ukraine's on forces and not something you expected to hear pride parade until now that is their yard is cool but i'm
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a soldier and i'm gay i always tell you i was a volunteer in the dumb ass but i thought from 2014 to 2016 we're fighting on the front for the freedom of ukraine. and the freedom of every citizen in a free country like she you knew. his isn't a unique story hundreds of thousands of ukrainians from of life have volunteered to fight since the conflict began in 2014 making the cranes armed forces more diverse than ever before but most choose to keep quiet about their sexuality until they know the ranks. god you have been an active service since russia attacked us. if we don't stand up for ourselves there'll be no freedom no equality and not just for people but freedom has to be defended shot that. we will defend our children from paedophiles opposed to read this but what do you do with a poster go do something useful go fight. here pride is still more demonstration
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and party a place for chants and posters and not for celebration yet. well earlier this month a remarkable photo taken in greenland went viral showed the scale of the arctic melting ice sheets and brought attention to the impact of rising temperatures and region did have you met the photographer behind the photo he says he hopes it will trigger action to protect the environment. stephens. his photo made such an impact. the image of. was taken on june 13th at the. north west greenland normally. the temperature is a few degrees below 0. it was much. it was 17 degrees celsius almost the highest temperature ever recorded very unusual
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because there were still snow on the sea the lake turned into melting water. and. the picture is just a snapshot in time so it can't be taken as concrete evidence of climate change when he published it on twitter it provoked a lively debate for many it symbolizes the dangers of. others accused of faking the photo the climate researcher himself is just happy that finally attention has turned to the situation in the arctic. scientists have been warning that the region is heating up. a new study presented a stark forecast if. missions are not reduced. dramatically by 2200. cities and islands underwater. it's difficult to forecast 1000 years into the future but we can see the near
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future very clearly in the next 100 years the melting ice will cost sea levels to rise by half a meter to a meter. started very early and the ice sheet is melting on usually fast. and hopes his picture. maybe the picture hit a nerve it addresses something that other photos don't it shows a very warm day in the arctic. he says photos that are quickly forgotten are of little value but a memorable image could spur people into action to protect the environment for future generations. well the women's world cup continues in france and for now at least the hosts ounce of glory live on they beat brazil to one of the rows 16 sunday joining me is dave brannock
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from this force this morning dave tell us more about this incredible french victory i mean 1st of all it was and pasty j.m. it was really one of the most enjoyable to watch of the world cup so far it just was crackling with intensity and the fan support for the home french side was truly amazing it was really impressive france were in control for most of the match but it didn't always come easy for them but despite that they pulled through 2 really truly impressive victory let's take a look. we 1st was home support behind them the french threats and right from the start in the house. from valerie go far was disallowed by the inevitable we are we just like you being judged to have had the pull out of keep a barbarous arms. in the 2nd off some stand a walk down the wing by kathy jackson johnny gave a 2nd chance to back to open up and she's perfect timing to put prawns in front.
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of her guests found their way back into the top 11 minutes late to vote when did being years cross bounced around in the boss' giving tyee said the chance to bring brazil live. and level is how the schools stayed over 90 minutes it took until the 2nd half of extra time for dean only to file a site into the pool to finals for a spy in the usa on friday. dave looking at that video and as you mentioned france in control for so much of that match but you know looking at the action on the pitch did you see any weaknesses on on the french side playing brazil yeah i mean 1st of all it's a knockout game against brazil so i don't think anybody could really expected to be a walkover but that said i think you're absolutely right. france despite being in control and really dominating a lot of the match struggled to produce clear cut chances which is actually been
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a bit of a recurring theme for them throughout this tournament where they really look good technically they're awfully off in the vastly superior side but then when it comes to that that last attack and move they struggle a little bit and because they're always possessing and pushing forward they look a bit vulnerable to counter attacks so i think heading into that next match against either the u.s. or spain in the quarter finals they're going to have to tighten that up because stronger teams are definitely going to be able to exploit that so have to watch ok especially the possibility of not countering the counterattack as a. see me also we saw england beating cameroon 3 nil but that game very controversial yeah it's a tough one it was honestly one of the more bizarre games i've ever seen at times it was a bit hard to watch i think the video assistant referee really kind of overshadowed what was happening on in that damon on the field as you'll see here england 2nd goal was checked by the v.a.r.
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and eventually ruled to stand and cameron's player which were inconsolable they were extremely upset about that decision and then in the 2nd half cameroon looked to have scored a goal themselves but it was ruled marginally offside it's and once again cameron's players really couldn't believe it. and i think the players themselves they didn't handle these decisions well but i think it's also important to note that v.a.r. has truly been a disaster in this world cup it's been time after time that we're talking about officiating and we're talking about video review instead of what's actually happening on the field and it's really hard to watch sometimes the games don't have much rhythm because every marginal small decision is being checked for a really long periods of time by the referees i don't really think that's what it's there for so what is artificial intelligence is role in the world cup right now is an issue that's emerging that's going to be looked at certainly by sports journalist dave brown thanks very much for coming on this we have now some
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motor sports and formula one lewis hamilton's dominance continues after he won the french grand prix now there have been 8 races so far this season and he and mercedes team mate terry have won all 8 of them. miss avies began this race in 1st and 2nd place and things were no different by the end reigning world champion lewis hamilton sealed his 4th win in a row but like kathy lette the 79th of his career the next target in his crosshairs because schumacher is record of 91 grand prix wins despite so much success how to remains as ambitious as ever. but is never going solo and it's always such a challenge out there and i just love that trying to really find the edge and just bridging the gap and really you know top of this machine. it's been a season of frustration for the competition ferrari driver charles le clerc the
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best of the rest behind the mercedes came close to catching valtteri bottas in the latter stages but he couldn't quite manage it. i think we did a very good job and i felt ok with the car but the message as well were just too quick the competition could merely look on his mercedes celebrates it another scintillating day at the office there's no sign of them slowing down any time soon . while they were once considered old fashioned victorian symbol of the stodgy past then they became hip and now the beard is going mainstream and that's increased the popularity of beer growing competitions in places like france. to some it's in each new since. these men their facial here is their pride and joy. with looks that take
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a lot of work of us good 3 combs 4 different brushes we start with the hair dryer and then we have to put in oil add a little bottle in the end we check the result and if we're not happy we start again so here we are 30 minutes for that full stop. and idiots from all over france came to show off their best facial fluff. at the country's 3rd national championship in paris. trip some people came forward on we've narrowed it to 86 champions among these 86 champions will award 8 prices on the web it leaves. many believe the beard hype is here to stay because this has been so paris can look forward to many more grooming competitions with happy hairy men not. get your minder now of our top story at this hour turkey's oppositions dealt a serious blow to president and along by winning control of istanbul after
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a rerun of the mayoral election their opposition candidate i come from the most beat everyone's candidate by a wide margin. up next our program shift living in the digital age for now though for me bryan thomas the entire team thanks for being here this month they've.
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welcome to the future. looking for a taxi. one that makes earthbound traffic jams a thing of the past. sounds like science fiction but it's not the 1st electric air taxis are already up and running and sometime soon they'll be flying autonomously to. egypt in 60 minutes to.
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run. our am. i am i am. it's been 15 years since the moon landing. he was the 1st man to walk on the moon. as a small boy she dreamed of the stars. as a pilot she flew anything no matter how dangerous. the church or go to the pole. as an astronaut she took part in the greatest adventure in history.
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a hero a legend or simply a human being who was neil armstrong. was his desk. starts july 20th on w. . last. shift special digital warriors women using social media to help change the world. today must see elena's up challenges the job rules in iran. there's a dany war in iran about my lifestyle. they have guns and bullets we have facebook to charge instagram and our social media they can not silo.


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