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this is deja vu news live from berlin a victory for turkey's opposition and a serious blow for president there to a large crowd celebrating in istanbul after opposition candidate back room in the olu wins the rerun of that city's mayoral election he hails the outcome as a vote for change in the country does it also mean the beginning of the end for president. also coming up the rescue of 12 tired boys from a flooded cave one year ago captured the attention of the world now the boys have
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returned to the site of their ordeal to give thanks. and it is the biggest protest in the czech republic since the fall of communism 30 years ago more than a quarter of a 1000000 people on the streets demanding the resignation of the country's prime minister. and more drama at the women's world cup in france where there were tears protests and anger out on the pitch as cameron's footballers crashed out against england after a series of controversy all calls by the video assistant referee. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us turkey's president that's the type of area one has been dealt a serious blow after losing control of istanbul in a rerun of the me oral election their opposition candidate akram in the molo won
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that vote by a decisive margin observers say the opposition victory in the country's financial capital could herald changes nationally. they voted on mass and celebrated that way to. the undisputed victory in istanbul's mayoral election by this man. who secured a comfortable majority it was a controversial rerun of a ballot he had already narrowly won in march the new mayor said his victory is a vote for change what is the very did this is not a victory this is a new beginning. i would like to say from here that as of tomorrow i will treat 16000000 people equally as i'm a. missouri. president rich ones ruling a k party had called the 1st result irregular and the courts agreed this time around and the ones man. did him had to concede defeat.
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according to the results as of now my competitor a crumb in mama lou is leading the race i congratulate him and wish him good luck. jubilation in istanbul the. to be done with you i'm so excited about it the right person has one justice's one love and unity one the people in istanbul have won everything it's great now we will work for a bright future together shoulder to shoulder but really i am so happy. that i'm actually trying to get the moment get ignored in order to get it's enough the people have spoken and their will has become clear justice has been served in the world and disappointment from the u.k. party faithful. has a minute has and i think people do not see the good things tie up ed or what has
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done we are all sad i relatives came here from other cities just for today now we have so sad disappointed that it will be the end of the i cape a feast serves as man. this isn't the result one wants after his party lost municipal elections in ankara and izmir back in march this result is widely being interpreted as a rejection he's been accused of authoritarianism and struggling to revive a flagging economy. but the mood is so far civil one congratulating the new mayor on twitter. i'm ready to work with you in harmony and i aspire to do that but now seeing that in front of all brits wouldn't have this damn. good ones political career started as mayor of istanbul now his home town and its new mayor is heralding a change of course for the president. let's go now live to istanbul on the w.'s dorian jones good morning doreen what stands out most about this victory is the
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scale 54 percent to 45 percent what was behind that. well i think it's a combination of factors come in all those initial rays of fin victory back in march was really built on economic discontent the country's economy is splattering as a creative dissatisfaction of a rising food prices in particular and so that was seen as a rejection of governments or economic policies but the reason behind this massive landslide victory is i think anger and a sense of injustice that he stumbled people had to vote again there was a really a feeling of the opposition refusing to accept the democratic will of the people and the voters decided to punish the government and a vote to many people sees a vote for democracy during earlier i spoke to the deputy chair on foreign affairs from. glues party and i asked him whether the new mare would now use is position and set his sights on
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a challenging year and one for the presidency let's give a listen to that 1st going on well that has made it clear that he has a message and he has a mission to do for 5 years that city local election and of course people are expecting that this look of the election may have some influence on the domestic politics but the opposition parties are they going to look in on the problem will stumble and we have already created the democratic platform and this democratic platform is 1st going to address the problems of istanbul certainly it anymore has become a be important political figure in the ready ready turkish politics and if he is his success it is sustainable and if you shows that he is it she really and he has achieved sustainable success in istanbul then it's measured in the continued his career in other realms during what do you make of that statement is it
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a promise that in the mobile will in fact in the future at some point challenger to one for the presidency. well i think you have to realize that ever since one came on to the scene and dominated politics rising to power in 2002 the opposition have been looking for someone to challenge him one has to strong all opponents up until now but the fact that one who put his political proceed on the line in both of these elections and was soundly defeated today is an indication that the opposition really believe they made the fact that. we gave breaking up a bit too early and. this is what people will be now latching on to but the fact is that it's still 4 years until the presidential election and i think. ok it's
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4 years until the next presidential election what is need to do right now to deliver on voters' expectations and to bring istanbul a city of 16000000 people together. all together from different. ok we've lost our connection sorry about that but thanks so much for now dorian in istanbul a preview now and some of the other stories making the news at this hour u.s. secretary of state mike pompei was heading to saudi arabia where he'll be seeking to form an international coalition against iran he'll be meeting with officials in the persian gulf asia and europe this comes after the u.s. threatened iran with a military strike that retaliation for the downing of an american drone. at least 14 people were killed and dozens more injured when a tent collapsed during
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a religious ceremony in western india every rainfall and winds causing the huge tent to topple with underage of hindu worshippers inside. present and render modi has offered his condolences. now it was a story from thailand that captured the world's attention one year ago 12 boys from a youth football team decided to explore a cave with their coach in the northern province of chiang rai that cave up on the thai border to burma there now after it started raining and floodwaters rose the group became trapped the very 1st efforts to even find them failed the search team grew to hundreds of people including divers rescuers people from literally around the world then after 9 days with absolutely no news and 4 kilometers from the caves mouth the divers finally found everyone 4 kilometers into that cave many
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of them on the verge of starvation but still alive now came the task of bringing them to safety through that flooded 4 kilometer stretch of cave a mission that cost one rescue diver his life finally after 3 weeks from the date their ordeal began one by one the boys and their coach were rescued they were greeted one year ago as national heroes did every charlotte show some pills and chiang rai as the celebrations continue today to charlotte can you describe for us what's happening where you are today. hi there brian with a real highlight today has been catching a glimpse of those 12 boys and that coach this isn't the actual anniversary of the day that they went into the cave that was yesterday that was marked with a fun run and a bike right hand today they people really were looking forward to getting away i glimpse of those boys all together and hearing from them how they're doing now they
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were absolutely catapulted into celebrity off to this cape rescue last year since then their privacy has been very strictly controlled by authorities who say people journalists have a lot of questions about how they're doing some of the on things that were quite light hearted one of them told us that his parents had become a lot stricter since he came out of the cave the boys also they were paying tribute to the the rescue divers the cave ins who risked their lives to to find them safely and of course the dive of the tide either very sadly lost his life during his ordeal he's commemorated behind me in a statue that extremely interesting to hear what those boys had to say at that privacy rights the rights of the story that she'd been sold to netflix that this might be one of the last chances that we get to hear from them in the future until we see what netflix has to offer about this meant to story a show with a statue behind you and the commemorations today especially for the last 5 or
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certainly a testimony to the courage of the divers who went through to rescue these boys how has this remarkable dramatic rescue impacted the region. well you really have to bear in mind brian is that people here really do you see this is a huge success story for thailand we've spoken to a number of divers a number of people involved in the rescue he said that for days weeks even people feared that these boys would not be pulled out alive they said that they thought it would be a recovery mission rather than a rescue mission instead they we had those incredible pictures when all 13 of them were pulled to safety 600 really does want to celebrate that celebrate the heroism of all of those imposed as such this is become something of a tourist spot we heard from a one official here that thousands of people in high seas in the coming every day to check out this site to get a firsthand taste of the ordeal that the boys went through we know as well from shopkeepers about she set up stools along the pa up to the caves site that they are
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a lot more money than previously some people have come especially to set up still here we know from authorities we've spoken to as well that they plan to develop this area even more that is despite the fact they brian that if you do plan on visiting this cave you'll find that the cave itself is still not open to the public and it's still a rather unclear whether it will be in the future ok well the good news story a year ago and today for that region charlotte thanks very much for that some 250000 people have taken to the streets of prague to demand the resignation of czech prime minister on trade bobbish this is the largest protests since the country's velvet revolution in 1991 that overthrew communism some days rally was the culmination of a series of demonstrations in recent weeks against bobbish the leader of the populist and opar he's under investigation for corruption. we've had enough no more they call they've had enough of czech prime minister andre
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bobbish this is the country's largest demonstration since the velvet revolution that overthrew communism. and many here say the fight for freedom that began in 1909 isn't over yet. next year it's unacceptable that we have someone in the p.m.'s office who's facing criminal proceedings and he worked for the communist secret service that's not normal we want andre bobbish to step down a set. of issues prime minister and a successful businessman his company are going to fed it is accused of misappropriating e.u. funds the demonstrators here say bobbish is trying to hinder the investigation the e.u. for its part also says bobbish has a conflict of interest in the case and has stopped paying i got a fair bit the prime minister has called the protests a campaign that won't change anything. for the for the club with your citizens vote
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and democratic elections and choose who serves some parliament and that is what decides who is part of the government for now bobbish is party dno is sticking by him as are his coalition partners. this is data view news live from berlin still to come the viral photo from greenland that's making a splash around the world we meet the photographer of behind this image showing the reality of global warming in the arctic. but 1st some 8000 people turned out for the largest algae bt event in ukraine's history it was heavy police protection at the pride parade to prevent the violence event seen in the past. rainbows as far as the eye can see so far so familiar but this is no ordinary pride parade security is tight and police often seemingly outnumber participants. pride has come a long way since it began with
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a few dozen participants back in 2013 and it's attracting new and diverse groups of people. laurie to ukraine glory to the heroes they cry. that is the official greeting of ukraine's armed forces and not something you expected to hear pride parade until now jarvis. i'm a soldier and. i was a volunteer in the last battalion i fought from 2014 to 2016 were fighting on the front for the freedom of ukraine. and the freedom of every citizen in a free country life she you knew. his isn't a unique story hundreds of thousands of ukrainians from all walks of life volunteered to fight when the conflict began in 2014 making new cranes armed forces more diverse than ever before but most choose to keep their sexuality quiet until
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they leave the ranks. you have been an act of service and. if we don't stand up for ourselves we will be no freedom no equality and not just for. freedom has to be defended shop we will defend our children from pedophiles the poster reads this but what do you do with a poster go do something useful go fight. give pride is still more demonstration than party a place for a chance and posters and not for celebration yet. or care of wasn't the only city to see people out for the. pride parades on sunday in brazil crowds march sang and dance in sao paolo. annual pride parade it's one of the largest in the world organizers say hundreds of thousands of people took part this year a sign of opposition to the conservative social policies of brazil's new president also naro it took office in january once described himself as
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a proud homophobe. well the women's world cup continues in france and for now at least the hosts chance of glory live on they beat brazil 21 of the rows 16 sunday joining me is dave brannock from the force this morning dave tell us more about this incredible french victory i mean 1st of all it was a fantastic game it was really one of the most enjoyable to watch of the world cup so far it just was crackling with intensity and the fan support for the home french side was truly amazing it was really impressive france were in control for most of the match but it didn't always come easy for them but despite that they pulled through to really what was a truly impressive victory let's take a look. we 1st class home support behind them the french threats and right from the start in the house. the effort from valerie go far was disallowed by the inevitable we are we just like you being judged to have had the pull out of keep
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a barbarous arms. in the 2nd to offer some stellar work down the we had the jets and johnny gave go far a 2nd chance to back to open up and she city did we perfect timing to put france in front of. the guests found their way back into the top 11 minutes later though when did being years cross bounced around in the box giving tyee said the chance to bring brazil live. and level is how the school stayed over 90 minutes it took until the 2nd half of extra time for dean only to fire a site into the pool to find it was pale face by the usa on friday. dave looking at that video and as you mentioned france in control over so much of that match what you know looking at the action on the pitch did you see any weaknesses on on the french side playing brazil yeah i mean 1st of all it's
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a knockout game against brazil so i don't think anybody could really expected to be a walkover but that said i think you're absolutely right. france despite being in control and really dominating a lot of the match struggled to produce clear cut chances which is actually been a bit of a recurring theme for them throughout this tournament where they really look good technically they're awfully off in the vastly superior side but then when it comes to that that last attack and move they struggle a little bit and because they're always possessing and pushing forward they looked a bit vulnerable to counter attacks so i think heading into that next match against either the u.s. or spain in the quarter finals they're going to have to tighten that up because stronger teams are definitely going to be able to exploit that so have to watch ok especially the possibility of not countering the counterattacks as a. so you may also we saw england beating cameroon 3 nil but that game very controversial yeah it's a tough one it was honestly one of the more bizarre games i've ever seen and at
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times it was a bit hard to watch i think the video assistant referee really kind of overshadowed what was happening on in the damon on the field as you'll see here england 2nd goal was checked by the v.a.r. and eventually ruled to stand and cameron's player which were inconsolable they were extremely upset about that decision and then in the 2nd half cameroon looked to have scored a goal themselves but it was ruled marginally offside it's and once again cameron's players really couldn't believe it. and i think the players themselves they didn't handle these decisions well but i think it's also important to note that v.a.r. has truly been a disaster in this world cup it's been time after time that we're talking about officiating and we're talking about video of you instead of what's actually happening on the field and it's really hard to watch sometimes the games don't have much rhythm because every marginal small decision is being checked for really long periods of time by the referees i don't really think that's what it's there for so
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what is artificial intelligence is role in the world cup right now is an issue that's emerging that's going to be looked at certainly by sports journalist dave brown thanks very much for coming on this well earlier this month this photo taken in greenland went viral it shows the scale of the arctic's melting ice sheets abroad tension to the region's rising temperatures that behind the snapshot says he hopes the photo will motivate more commitment to protect environment. no back home in denmark stephan olsen is astounded that his photo made such an impact around the world the image of huskies an ankle deep water was taken on june 13th at the inglefield cured in northwest greenland. normally. the temperature was a few degrees below 0. on that day it was much.
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it was 17 degrees celsius almost the highest temperature ever recorded very unusual because there were still snow on the sea the lake turned into melting water. and. the picture is just a snapshot in time so it can't be taken as concrete evidence of climate change when he published it on twitter it provoked a lively debate for many it symbolizes the dangers of. others accused of faking the photo the climate researcher himself is just happy that finally attention has turned to the situation in the arctic. scientists have been warning that the region is heating up. a new study presented a stark forecast if gas emissions are not reduced. dramatically by 2200. cities in islands under water.
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with that it's difficult to forecast 1000 years into the future but we can see the near future very clearly in the next 100 years the melting ice will cost sea levels to rise by half a meter to a meter. in the greenland summer started very early and the ice sheet is melting unusually fast stephan olsen hopes his picture will stay in people's minds. maybe the picture hit a nerve it addresses something that other photos don't it shows a very warm day in the arctic. he says photos that are quickly forgotten. but a memorable image could spur people into action to protect the environment for future generations. now they were once considered old fashioned victorian
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a symbol of the stodgy past then they became hip and now the beard is going mainstream and that's increased the popularity of beer growing competitions in places like france. tests it's an h nuisance. but to these men their facial hair is their pride and joy. with the looks that take a lot of work of us good 3 combs 4 different brushes we start with the hair dryer and then we have to put in oil little bottle in the end we check the result and if we're not happy we start again so here we are 30 minutes for the. candidates from all over france came to show off their best facial fluff. at the country's 3rd national beard championship in paris it was a. good 300 people came forward on we've narrowed it to 86 champions among these
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86 champions will award a huge prize is in the middle east. many believe the beard hype is here to stay because those who've been so paris can look forward to many more grooming competitions with happy hairy men. let's get your minder now of our top stories at this hour turkey's opposition has won control of istanbul in a rerun of that city's may or alexion akram molo victory is a heavy blow for president there. and in thailand 12 boys and their football coach who spent more than 2 weeks trapped in a flooded cave system ever turned to that site to thank those involved for the rest . well don't forget you can always get more stories like these on the go with our afghan access to all the latest news from around the world
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as well as push notifications on your phone for any breaking news you can also use that to send us photos and videos you can download it from google player from the apple store. i'm brian thomas up next you can get. businesses with their hard sell 1st for now though for meaning tartars teams thanks so much for being.
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dismissed for. the task or. less experience a modern museum center with her the crushing cultural heritage foundation berlin. researchers are looking for answers in more than $5000000.00 objects each object relates more to the history of mankind. the prussian cultural heritage foundation
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comes treasure in 45 minutes. much of it. surely is from africa the moral or link to exceptional stories and discussions from the news of these events and why when safety deputed comes to africa join us on facebook g.w. africa. yeah. you know this is you know 5 minutes 4 minutes yeah. noice has an hour and a beauty. pageant all. the feats in the
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pantheon of the great tennis certainly he's one for the ages. up. scott turner for the ages starts july 10th on g.w. . also only narrowly avoiding war the conflict between iran and the us is going into the next round washington is to announce fresh sanctions against tehran on monday is he going to call me that is already reeling. also on this show ahead of the key meeting between top also has a german chancellor angela merkel.


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