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the be. busy w. news live from our land a political earthquake in turkey as the opposition wins control of istanbul 1000 celebrate as the victor reveals a humiliating bold blow to president friendship tired of erda want and his ruling a k party opposition candidate in the loop until the outcome as a vote for change does it also mean the beginning of the night for everyone. also coming up to address the trial tie voice from a plenty a one year ago captured the attention of the world now the boys have returned to
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the site of their ordeal to get tanks and ukraine close its biggest ever gave my great to speak with a group that joins the marchers for the 1st time in the history of the event and more drama at the women's world cup in france where there were tears protests and anger on the chess capital and footballers crashed out against england desperate to bridge the controversial calls by the deal this is to try to reach. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program turkey's president wretch of type area one has suffered a serious defeat after losing control of istanbul in a rerun of the may world election their opposition candidate who won the vote by a landslide victory his victory ends of quarters. century of rule in the city by air
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to once islamic conservatives observers say it is a triumph for democracy and could usher in change across the country. the undisputed victor of istanbul's maryla lection is this man. he extended his majority in sunday's controversial rerun of a ballot he'd already narrowly won in march the new man called it a vote for change what is the very good this is not a victory this is a new beginning you know i would like to say from here that as of tomorrow i will treat 16000000 people equally as a mere. german don't do much as president red chip type outer ones a k party had called the 1st result irregular and the electoral board agreed this time around the ones man banally yearly him conceded defeat. according to the results as of now my competitors are
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a crummy moma lu is leading the race i congratulate him and wish him good luck. her. tens of thousands turned out to celebrate. today's only i'm so excited that the right person has won justice has won love and unity won the people in istanbul have won everything it's great now we will work for a bright future together shoulder to shoulder but really i am so happy. that i'm actually trying to get the will get ignored and out of the queue it's enough the people have spoken and their will has become clear justice has been served at the end little bit. but the 8 k. party faithful were shocked and disappointed. has a mind you know this has and i think people do not see the good things tie of ed or what has done we are all sad our relatives came here from other cities just for
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today now we are so sad disappointed you know. the end of the i kape a few serves as ma'am. the result is a further blow to president out of one who's been accused of our terran ism and is struggling to revive a flagging economy he also lost municipal elections in ankara and izmir in march but istanbul is the jewel in his crown out of one's home town and where his career started as man now the city and its new leader are going their own way. and leon is joining us now live from istanbul to yulia how is this being seen is it a turning point in a cave party's dominance of turkish politics. well you have to know mr won with a leader of about 800000 votes this is a huge increase on the margin of 14000 votes he had achieved in the initial vote in
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march so a huge victory a significant a victory and victory has turned the cautious optimism of many opposition voters. and it's stumble into a mood of total jubilation people have been celebrating until the early morning hours they have been honking the horn the horns of their cars they have been chanting and dancing and it is after all the 1st opposition victory here in this significant city in 25 years mr a moment when his victory speech said it was a new beginning not just for istanbul for the whole country and he said his supporters in this election had fixed democracy so i had a look at the turkish newspapers today to see you know what they are making of this victory and while many many turks newspapers are overwhelmingly and very strongly pro government and are just reporting that there was a was an election in istanbul without providing further details on who won there
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are some other newspapers who are still trying to be critical the famous newspaper for example says this is a victory for the people and the blow to one man rule in turkey and they published a photo of mr in mahmoud raising his hand in a show of victory to thousands of his supporters last night another newspaper here a leftist newspaper says this is the beginning this is the end of the road. kind of signaling that this could be the beginning of the end of the a.k.p. and their political allies here in turkey so this shows you what opposition supporters what critical media all making now of this victory and the big question is what happens next year lee spoke earlier with the deputy chair of foreign affairs from his party we asked him whether the new mayor would have his sights set on challenging heir to one for the presidency let's have a listen and then i'll get your reaction. certainly the moment has become
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a very important political figure in the ready olympics and if. success. is sustainable if you shows that. he has achieved sustainable success in istanbul then there's certainly going to need is only. yulia where do we see his career going i mean how much of an indication is this that you mama lou could indeed challenge her to want on a national level perhaps in the future. well you have to know this election rerun was a gamble for present add on in his a party trying to wrest back control of the europe's largest city off turkey's economic have and financials center to city when this to add on once was mayor himself in 1904 and then rose to power so now it seems this has been a huge miscalculation on the president's side the opposition now controls turkey's
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3 largest cities they won in march they won the capital ankara and izmir in the country's west and now they also control istanbul so many analysts now say this is the biggest blow the biggest defeat for president add on in his political career and this will not say without consequences for him and his party as well there are already reports about disagreements within the ruling a.k.p. with new actors emerging so so right now it's within the realistic terms to say that yes a crimean up the mama once you get started one see really shows what he can do being a may off in stumble might emerge as a potential challenger to president add on on a national level as well yulia hahn in istanbul thank you. u.s. secretary of state mike hump alle has started a tour of other countries to try and form an international coalition against iran
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he's already met with the king of saudi arabia and will go on to hold talks with officials and other gulf states as well as europe and asia the visits camas tension escalates between the 2 countries last week the u.s. pulled back from a military strike in retaliation for the downing of an american drone. and the u.s. is to announce a fresh round of trade sanctions against iran today u.s. president donald trump said that he hopes that the measures will bring iran back to the negotiating table many ordinary iranians are already suffering under the strain of the current sanctions some say that they've been pushed into poverty. iran is feeling the pinch the reintroduction of u.s. sanctions has had a crippling effect on the economy the value of the reale has plummeted pushing inflation to over 30 percent and u.s. president donald trump's attempt to destroy the country's oil industry is having an
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effect to the influential middle classes are among those hard hit. don't you as the economic war is a reality and people are under extreme pressure they keep on telling us to be strong but we can already hear the sound of our bones breaking under this pressure . some iranians are being pushed below the poverty line. as far as i can see people's purchasing power has been more than half of anyone earning between 1000500 to 2000002 months a month between $36.48 u.s. dollars who also need to pay rent won't even be able to afford to buy bread and potatoes is unimaginable. the work of the lifting of sanctions in 2016 spurred rapid growth of more than 12 percent but their reimposition last year delta massive blow. the international monetary fund is forecasting the iranian economy will shrink by 6 percent this year. the withdrawal of foreign companies has
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also driven up and employment european firms that have left include car makers miss eighty's and persia to put smaller firms are also becoming increasingly wary of doing business in iran. should iran follow through on its threat to enrich uranium beyond permitted levels the nuclear deal could collapse entirely in that case u.n. sanctions would also be reimposed a move that could bring iran's economy to its knees. let's get a quick check now some other stories making news around the world at least 14 people were killed and dozens more injured when a tent collapsed during a religious ceremony in western india heavy rain and wind caused the huge tent to topple with hundreds of hindu worshippers inside president or into a modi has offered his condolences. in a democratic republic of congo supporters welcomes the return of opposition leader john pierre bemba he arrived from belgium after being acquitted of war crimes by
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the international criminal court last year he spent a decade in prison and is now aiming to unite the opposition in the d r c which has yet to form a government after last year's election. well now to a story from thailand that captured the world's attention a year ago 12 boys from a youth football team decided to explore a cave with their coach in the northern province of china right now after it started raining and floodwaters rose in this area the group became trapped. 1st efforts to find them failed the search team grew to hundreds of people including diving experts and rescuers from around the world and then after 9 days with no news and 4 kilometers from the caves mouth divers they found everyone here starving but still a life now came the task of bringing them safely through this flooded cave that we
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see here a mission that cost one rescue diver his life finally almost 3 weeks after their ordeal began one by one these boys here and their coach they were rescued and they were greeted as national treasures of give more on the story that we all remember here do you have used charlot shells and pill is in chiang rai she is joining us now we have to say that you know a cell of a tory atmosphere there right charlotte what's going on today. yes the absolute highlight today has been seeing those 12 boys and their coach all together in the same room it's really a rag glimpse of these young men now really a lot of people very excited to get to also some questions that they haven't had the chance really to ask them before optional that privacy is very scary strictly controlled by authorities here is a lot of people very interested to know how they're getting on how they're the lives of change how the boys we're not just there to talk to us unfortunately they
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what they took part in a ceremony here that was a buddhist ceremony that essentially wish them a long and happy life the boys also pay tribute to the title who is commemorated in the statue just behind me who very lost his life during this rescue the boys in the press conference said that they considered him a father they were very grateful they said that his widow as well has been like a mother to them so it was very moving hearing them speak and and remember this anniversary one year on now this is part of a series of events that have being held to commemorate this rescue operation yesterday there were thousands of people gathered here at the quay they were taking part in a fund run and a bike ride that was designed as a charity event was designed to raise money for tourism here in the area and actually sarah a number of the boys took part in that run say people are really excited to see them out on the streets and really in quite a jolly happy me how are they coping charlotte one year on.
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well of course that was the main thing that was being asked of them in that press conference some of them seemed to be trying to shy away from the limelight a bit some of them were were quite quiet mean of course this was a huge trauma that these boys lived through as we had a short time ago they were without lights when they were in this tunnel for almost 3 weeks without food as was extremely traumatic for them so some of them were quite nervous about talking to me they have been absolutely catapulted into the spotlight since this rescue others though a little bit more vocal one boy in fact sort of joked about the fact that his parents had become even more protective of him since he came out of the cave we also had for him to have the boys who said that they want to become a navy seal themselves that mark of stank you know respects to the to the navy seal who lost his life during that rescue and their rescue what sort of impact has
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it had on the region. well you have to bear in mind sara is that people here really do launch the view this as a huge success story for thailand a lot of the divers lot of the rescuers that we spoke to about this had said that for days weeks even they won sure that these boys were going to make it out alive they said that the they were preparing partly for a recovery rather than a rescue mission so a lot of people here are very keenly aware that this anniversary could be could have been a very different event this site could be remembered for something very very different a real tragedy instead it's become something of a of a tourist site we spoke to some of the managers of the national park here they said in high season up to 2000 people were coming every day to get a firsthand taste of the ordeal to check out the cave and their losses by the fact that the cave is still closed president present apparently they're not even sure
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whether or not it's going to open but there are some plans in place to to try and make it right to visitors center for people to have a look around and learning center. have to see whether or not that comes to fruition show much else until in thailand thank you. now some 250000 people have been taking to the streets of prague to demand the resignation of czech prime minister andre bobbish it is the largest protest since the country's velvet revolution of 1989 overthrowing communism sunday's rally was the culmination of a series of demonstrations in recent weeks against him the leader of the populist a.n.l. party he's under investigation for corruption. we've had enough no more they call they've had enough of czech prime minister andre bobbish this is the country's largest demonstration since the velvet revolution that overthrew communism. and many here say the fight for freedom that began in 1990 isn't over
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yet. next year it's unacceptable that we have someone in the p.m.'s office who's facing criminal proceedings that he works for the communist secret service that's not normal we want under a bobbish to step down the sewer and the prime minister and a successful businessman his company are going to ferret is accused of misappropriating you funds the demonstrators here is a vicious trying to hinder the investigation the e.u. for its part also says bobbish has a conflict of interest in the case and says stop paying are going to fair to the prime minister has called a protest a campaign that won't change anything. because the full with more citizens vote in democratic elections and choose who serves some parliament and that is what decides who is part of the government for now bobbish is party v.n.o. is sticking by him as are his coalition partners. some 8000 people turned out for
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the largest l.g.b. t.q. event in ukraine's history there was heavy police protection at the pride parade to prevent violence at the event had seen in the past. rainbows as far as the eye can see so far so familiar but this is no ordinary pride parade security is tight and police often seemingly outnumber participants. pride has come a long way since it began with a few dozen participants back in 2013 and it's attracting new and diverse groups of people. her. glory to ukraine glory to the heroes they cry. that is the official greeting of ukraine's armed forces and not something you expected to hear kids pride parade until now jarvis school i'm a soldier and i tell you i was a volunteer in the last battalion i fought from 2014 to 2016 fighting on the front
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for the freedom of ukraine. freedom of every citizen in a free country life should you knew. his isn't a unique story hundreds of thousands of ukrainians from all rules of life volunteered to fight when the conflict began in 2014 making new cranes armed forces more diverse than ever before but most choose to keep their sexuality quiet until they leave the ranks. you are due to have been an active service and. if we don't stand up for ourselves we will be no freedom no equality and not just for. freedom has to be defended shot that we will defend our children from pedophiles the poster reads these words what are you doing with a poster go do something useful go fight. give pride is still more demonstration than party a place for a chance and posters and not for celebration yet. on our
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heads the sports news and the women's world cup where hosts france have advanced to the quarter finals after they beat brazil by 2 goals 21 now france went in front in the 52nd minute when the dia today jani broke down the wing to set up that regal van it was 100 shortly afterwards though we see tired that's. applying the finish to being brave being brazil level the time i went to extra time and in 106 minutes france captain henry latched on to the and of the free kick to send her side into the court of. fellow let's get more on this now talking us through the action we have dave reneke from d.w. sports so what did you make of france's victory i mean 1st of all it was an incredible game it was really one of the most enjoyable and intense games that we've seen in the tournament so far that
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a crackling atmosphere it really felt like a knockout game where everything was on the line and i think france did a great job to win in the end and they just look so technically strong i feel like a lot of times despite controlling the match and dominating in possession the struggle a bit to really put their chances the way they lack that last little something in the attacking end and they got through this time they scraped by against brazil but i think in their next match in the quarter finals. they might get punished from other teams let's go now to a controversial game in england defeating cameroon. this was indeed a controversial game honestly it was a bizarre game it was one of the more bizarre games i've ever seen. while v.a.r. the video assistant referee dominated the match and kind of dominated the headlines surrounding the match. where the behavior was wrong behavior is wrong because it's the image of women's football that is going out worldwide about
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a team that comes to the side in the stands refusing to play and i'm proud of my players but the discipline and the belief that they had in going out there and just playing the game of football. ok you saw the england coach there talking about it exactly so that was england coach phil neville who was responding to the cameroon player's reactions to some v.a.r. calls that went against them. and medal of course is mainly trying to defend his players but the reaction of the cameroon players was so strong that it really has sparked a lot of controversy and a further discussion in the entire footballing world so as we're seeing now. the 1st the 2nd goal that was scored by england was initially reviewed by via our and then in the end when it was awarded to england the team was inconsolable they were extremely frustrated and then it looked like cameroon had scored one themselves but then they were this close later judged to be just
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a hair off sides and again the team was despondent about this response briefly refusing to play so v.a.r. had a massive impact on this game it really frustrated the players and instead of talking about england winning 3 nil and advancing and how the tournament shaking out and who's playing were having long discussions about was this call right were these players right to respond in this way and it's not the 1st time at all in this tournament that we've seen that ok dave granik from dude at the sports thanks. well earlier this month a photo taken in greenland went viral and showed the scale of the arctic ice sheet and brought attention to the region's rising temperatures the photographer behind the photo says that he hopes that it will trigger more commitment to protect the environment. no back home in denmark stephan olsen is astounding that his photo made such an impact around the world the image of huskies an ankle deep water was
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taken on june 13th at the inglefield cured in north west greenland normally at that time of year the temperature is a few degrees below 0. but on that day it was much. it was 17 degrees celsius almost the highest temperature ever recorded very unusual because there were still snow on the sea the lake turned into melting water. and. the picture is just a snapshot in time so it can't be taken as concrete evidence of climate change when he published it on twitter it provoked a lively debate for many it symbolizes the dangers of. others accused of faking the photo the climate researcher himself is just happy that finally attention has turned to the situation in the arctic. scientists have been
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warning that the region is heating up. a new study presented a stark forecast if gas emissions are not reduced greenland's ice could melt dramatically by 2200. cities and islands underwater. it's difficult to forecast 1000 years into the future but we can see the near future very clearly in the next 100 years the melting ice will cost sea levels to rise by half a metre to a metre. greenland started very early and the ice sheet is melting unusually fast. and hopes his picture will stay in people's minds. maybe the picture hit a nerve it addresses something that other photos don't it shows a very warm day in the arctic. he says photos that are quickly forgotten.
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but a memorable image could spur people into action to protect the environment for future generations. up next doc film looks at treatments for infections in the future i'm sorry kelly in berlin thanks for joining us on. the.
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drug resistant bacteria there are a threat to our existence. more and more bacteria have become resistant to antibiotics. scientists are working hard to come up with alternatives. perhaps viruses can help. experts are now testing bacterial phages. healing without antibiotics. next d.w. . on the hunt for punches. on the
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cover range and stalking hunters who don't care about bad luck conservation. millions of species are endangered thanks 20 scrupulous truths. how can they be stopped. around the world just on behalf of animals. in 60 minutes on the job you. need to know that 77 listen to bach are younger than 6 o'clock. that's me and me and you. and you know what it's time all voices what harm could all go 77 percent talk about the issue.
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from the toilet seat to flash from housing boom boom town this is where they are. welcome to the 77 percent. this weekend on g.w. . bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics have become a serious problem. in germany alone 35000 people are infected with these bacteria every year most of us and it's a difficult situation and it's getting worse. in the u.s. scientists.


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