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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 24, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm CEST

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this is live from berlin german fighter jets over the north of the country both pilots one has been found alive died the euro fighter aircraft has been in service for 16 years also on the program opposition supporters celebrate victory in the. narrow election totty deals a blow to the turkish president. and his ruling party and what does this mean for
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the mountain has dominated politics for so long. thank you for all the music scientists in canada tell us why playing an instrument to help us get ahead in life . i'm welcome to the program a german air force pilot has been killed after 2 fighter jets crashed of the north east of the country for the euro fight to combat aircraft during a training exercise one pilot parachuted to safety well days a 2nd died in the incident of the crash occurred in the northern german state of mecklenburg western pomerania. thomas aspiring tell us more welcome thomas what else do we know. phil you mentioned the main aspect at this time namely the fact that one of the 2 pilots has been found dead
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the other pilot the 2nd pilot had been able to be rescued after he was found on top of a tree and he is apparently now in hospital although it is unclear whether his injuries are serious or how serious the injuries might be the latest information from the 2nd pilot as they say is that he was just found dead other aspects that are being investigated by authorities in the northern eastern part of germany where the crash happened where the people might have been on the ground although from being the information that we've we have so far that seems unlikely this is a spotty populated area but still authorities are investigating whether that might be the case on the 3rd aspect may may be the aspect that's more important politically is what the reasons might be behind this accident and what is being said about those reasons thomas so far very little authorities are actually dealing
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1st and foremost with the emergency with the situation of the 2 pilots as i just mentioned with the situation on the ground but we are expecting more information in particular from the german ministry of defense as to what might have been the reasons and what might come next. thank you. now to turkey where the opposition has been celebrating its win an election for the mayor of istanbul it was a big defeat for president. used to be a matter himself of the vote was a rigged the opposition candidate won by a wider margin than in the original vote back in march observers say it's a triumph for democracy and could usher in change across the country. the undisputed victor of istanbul's maryla lection is this man. he extended his majority in sunday's controversial rerun of a ballot he'd already narrowly won in march the new man called it a vote to change the views of heard this is not a victory this is
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a new beginning. to say from here that as of tomorrow i will treat 16000000 people equally as a mere. president wretch of type outer ones a k party and call the 1st result a regular on the electoral board agreed this time around the ones man ben-ali year him conceded defeat. according to the results as of now my competitors are a crummy mama lou is leading the race i congratulate him and wish him good luck. her. tens of thousands turned out to celebrate. to be john lee i'm so excited that the right person has one justice says one love in unity one the people in istanbul have one everything is great now we will work
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for a bright future together shoulder to shoulder but really i am so happy. that i got your chance to get the work get your good order out of the it's enough the people have spoken and their will has become clear justice has been served in the world. but the a.k. party faithful was shocked and disappointed. has a mind you know it has and i think people do not see the good things tie up edward has done we are all sad our relatives came here from other cities just for today and now we are so sad disappointed. it will be the end of the eye cape a feast serves as man. the result is a further blow to president out of one who's been accused of our tearing them and is struggling to revive a flagging economy he also lost municipal elections in ankara and izmir in march but istanbul is the jewel in his crown out of one's home town and where his career
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started as man now the city and its new leader are going their own way. of staying in istanbul the trial has begun of 16 people accused of trying to overthrow the prime minister wants government by organizing a nationwide protest 6 years ago so-called gazey demonstrations started as a protest against any development of a park in istanbul a city with limited green space it quickly spread across the country. large crowds formed outside the courthouse in istanbul hundreds gathered to follow the so-called gazey trial including about $100.00 lawyers and opposition m.p.'s who consider the trial a farce nonchalance the government. to send a message with this trial whoever is against us and takes to the streets we're waiting for you. in 2013 a protest against the development of the guese park in the center of istanbul soon snowballed into nationwide protests against the add on government they were brutally put to
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a stop now 16 people are on trial including businessman and philanthropist. he has been detained since november 2017 accused of financing the protests and attempting to overthrow the government. the prosecution's evidence is largely based on tweets and wiretapped phone calls you murs foreign observers of there to monitor the trial . yet. these are trying to criminalize this very positive movement and claim that it was preparation for a coup d'etat. starts this is so exert. it's all reminiscent of the story the trial like after half the trial is officially scheduled to last 2 days with the prosecution demanding life imprisonment. now you're going hard says foreign policy spokesman for germany's conservative c.d.u. c.s.u. a senior party of the ruling coalition government political correspondent kate brady asked him how the guese trial is squared with the election result which would
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offer the hope of a more democratic. the 2nd round of the elections in istanbul was not only a decision between a candidate from the government party and a candidate from the opposite it was also a test on how strong a civil society and democratic and liberal rights and how strong is the autocratic government system of therefore i am i'm sure that there will be an impact and influence on that what is ongoing now in turkey there will be a discussion on civil rights and on the independence of justice and rule of law. not only in istanbul about all over the country and a.k.p. petition should be aware of that they should think about how to handle the situation with our being thrown away by history. the other stories making news around the world he was secretary of state mike pompei was held talks with saudi arabia's king and crab prince in jeddah the visit is part of an effort to build an
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international coalition against iran washington has been turning up pressure on teheran threatening to strike the country last week in retaliation for the downing of and. american spy drone. at least 40 people were killed and dozens more injured when a tent collapsed during a religious ceremony in western india heavy rain and wind caused it to topple with hundreds of hindu worshipers inside prime minister nuri modi has offered his condolences. police in belgium say they have arrested a man suspected of plotting a terror attack on the u.s. embassy in brussels prosecutors say he was taken into custody on saturday after evidence emerged suggesting an attack on the embassy could be imminent the suspect has reportedly denied the allegations. and the european union's highest court has ruled that poland did break a union or by carrying out a judicial overhaul last year that forced
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a 3rd of its judges into the retirement the european court of justice said the reforms which lower the retirement age from $70.00 to $65.00 breached the principles of judicial independence the measures triggered mass protests across the country last summer and entering a c.j. ruling last october forced the polish government to reverse its position and allowed judges who had retired to return to work today the court delivered its formal verdict. let's get more from the deadly correspondent barbara very little in brussels welcome barbara that this decision seems to be about more than just the retirement age of poland's judges. he had because the full of course legally it's quite straightforward there is supposed to be no in fact interference from outside particularly not political interference was the independence and the tenure of job just and this is what this is all about the president would have had advertorial powers to prolong some judges and let them work till 71 and sent others who didn't
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he didn't like just the home and that is not possible so judges have cannot simply be removed from from their job and they just have to act and judiciary independently however of course this is about more because changing the laws with regard to the independent judiciary is a keystone in establishing a liberal regime in a country we have seen that in hungary we have seen attempts to do that in romania and of course we have now seen that for a while in poland and this is what this whole battle is about so it's much more than these judges not just being sent home and a whole generation of them to be not to judge just any more but it is really about the future of poland and the future of the european union in a sense so how are supporters government likely to react. what if government in
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this case has sort of retreated they have already scrapped this law in the last winter and they are not reacting as violently verbal e as they have done before and saying that this is meddling and into our internal affairs and so on and so forth but of course they are angry about this whole war of attrition that the e.u. is waging against the government governing part in the polish capital because they felt they they have the right to do as they like and they can't do that because european rules prevent them from doing so and so this is really what this is about this political war of attrition it is a larger battle that is being fought here and both sides are sort of always waiting for the other side to do the next step and you alluded to this is your 1st album so this is part of a wider bottle of the e.u. seems to be fighting with its eastern members to get them to respect the rule of law. absolutely and the e.u.
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has in early years really closed their eyes they have head the changes in hungary for instance they've watched viktor orban just doing this that he has really sort of. changed the country too in a liberal democracy as he calls it in his own words and nobody in brussels did wake up to this they didn't do anything and then they saw poland going the say when they said this has to stop we have to stop this this can't go on and and now there is this battle ongoing between the 2 sides and the e.u. is not totally without weapons of course it can drag every case into the european court of justice bot for instance there is a debate about cutting funding to eastern european member states to act against the rule of law and that would be a much more incisive sort of measure and the next you commissioner will have to decide about that and looking back at romania for instance the governing party there had
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a suffered heavy defeat during the european elections because the public rose up against those changes to the judiciary system so this whole war it's not without hope for the european side but it is long and there are no easy winds or professional in brussels thank you. a 1000 people turned out for ukraine's biggest ever plus event on sunday a heavy police presence prevented a repeat of violence against much as the gay pride parade has seen in the past. rainbows as far as the eye can see so far so familiar but this is no ordinary pride parade security is tight and police often seemingly outnumber the participants of pride has come a long way since it began with a few dozen participants back in 2013 and it's attracting new and diverse groups of people who are good and glory to ukraine glory to the heroes they cry
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that is the official group of ukraine's own forces and not something you expected to hear at kiev's pride parade until now that is their yard is cool i'm a soldier and i'm gay i was a volunteer in the dumb ass battalion i thought from 2014 to 2016 were fighting on the front for the freedom of ukraine. and the freedom of every citizen in a free country life should you. his isn't a unique story hundreds of thousands of ukrainians from all of life have volunteered to fight since the conflict began in 2014 making the cranes armed forces more diverse than ever before but most choose to keep quiet about their sexuality until they leave the ranks. yeah huge i've been an active service since russia attacked us. if we don't stand up for ourselves there will be no freedom no equality and not just for people freedom has to be defended shot we will defend our
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children from paedophiles supposed to read this but what do you do with a poster go do something useful go fight. here pride is still more demonstration and party place the chance of posters and not for celebration yet i. it watching the news still to come to us protests and anger on the pitch of the women so world cup cameroon footballers crashed out against england after a series of controversial calls by the video assistant referee. want to get ahead in life to play a musical instrument a study from canada shows that it increases students' scores significantly and a wide range of subjects will find out. the african wildlife economy suffers as we're going to zimbabwe you know focusing on ways in which the continent's landscape and wildlife present opportunities for economic development well country investing in nature tourism is a good ball
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a decade ago satisfied 10 percent of its land for national parks and its elephants which were under threat now it has managed to turn that around and you know. for the and his anti-poaching team this is the easy part of the job not far from their station in low pay national park they're gathering data on flora and fauna. we're in for me. a family of elephants passed through here they ate here. and then they moved here and left their traces. between normally spends up to 14 days in the national park to collect data and keep an eye out for poachers thanks to the rangers the nature reserve has experienced no major wildlife crime in the last 2 years. but they say poachers are still active in the national parks close to the border with the republic of congo with
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a mixture of dense forest and grassland low pay is $1.00 of 13 national parks established in cabo in 2002 it's a you know asco world heritage site and home to elephants panthers gorillas buffalo and over 400 bird species these days the elephants pose more of a problem than the poachers do. an important part of the work of the park manager and his team is communicating with the residents of the villages on the edges of the national park. well that. initially there were lots of elephants in the northern zone. but then they started encroaching on built up areas ready. this is the 1st we realized that the elephants were more or less fleeing the interior of the forest because of growing pressure from poachers from the south and southwest was one of the.
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shows when the un constantly gets calls about elephants entering the villages for the park management dealing with the concerns of the local people is a major priority the elephants destroyed their fields and plantations the basis of their livelihoods. thanks to fences that the park officials have set up around the villages the elephants are slowly retreating back into the forest. in 3 of the villages electric fences protect the plantations. these fences are inspected on a regular basis and the locals say they're feeling much safer again. is that with us and we've been going hungry for 2 years people were losing weight there wasn't enough to eat but this year we have enough again we have vegetables we've been able to harvest what we planted to get. the cooperation between the park management and local residents is proving successful for the way in dong the fences in these communities have also come as a relief. it was costing
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a lot of money it takes $46.00 people to chase away 3 elephants and elephants not a dog it's not a sheep that you can push away with elephants you have to be very strict teaching and vigilant visuals the balancing act between protecting the park and helping local sustain their livelihoods calls for careful planning. l.t.e. grew up here like many of the rangers but he's confident that humans and wildlife can co-exist peacefully. through news we do this so that our children can see what we are seeing today but today we only read about dinosaurs and books. like that we can't just drive animals to extinction kill them without a 2nd thought that would be a big problem. tomorrow or we'll be back at work in low pay national park and the rangers and villagers will continue to maintain the fences that can help to ensure their future.
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i was i was but was a breaking news the 2026 winter olympics will be held in milan corteen oh damn peyser that's the outcome of the vote of the international olympic committee italian cities won the ballots ahead of stucco so that's joy for the italian delegation this may for the swedes who had hoped to host the games for the 1st time this will be its least 30 games after training in 2006 and core team in 1956. and football they women's a world cup continues today sunday's action so hosts france making serves the quarterfinals after an intense encounter with brazil they struggled to break down their opponents at 1st and needed extra time to find the winning go. with 1st class home support behind them the french threats and right from the start in the house this early effort from valery gunfire was disallowed by the inevitable v.o.r.
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with the striker being judged to have headed the ball out of keep of barbara's arms . in the 2nd half some stellar work down the wing by kathy jackson gianni gave a 2nd chance to back to open up and she slid in week perfect timing to put france in front. the guests found their way back into the tie 11 minutes later though when debien yours crossed balanced around in the box giving tyee said the chance to bring brazil live. and level is how the school stayed over 90 minutes it took until the 2nd half of extra time for amandine only to fire a side into the pool to find was there for a spain or the usa on friday was there also through the 70s after beating cameroon but the match proved controversial with cameroon players are angry about the use of the video assistant referee. england were quick to apply pressure and
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benefited from an early back pass from augustine as young 11 players on the goal line couldn't prevent center back step towards and from hammering home to give the line this is the elite. number 2 came on the stroke of half time i meet through ball found ellen white on the strike a bite of a fool of the tournament. the flag had been raised but a v.a.r. intervention proved white was on side and the goal was given during furious protests among the cameroon players the mood was not improved at the start of the 2nd half when this stunning strike by iraq and shoe was disallowed for the most marginal of offsides in the build up cameroon were inconsolable and minutes later they were 3 nailed down alex greenwood converting a cleverly what's called to send cameroon packing their tournament ends in violence in. the annual be 18 awards which represented last
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night in los angeles california the show honors they best black and black music and entertainment. before was inserted their hottest. management by the usaf a lifetime achievement award one of the night's a top when it was carving a group of have prizes for album of the year and the best team out. there are certain canada seems to indicate that playing an instrument significantly increases students' scores in a wide range of subjects so if you've ever wondered why the music of jazz incorporates mathematical concepts or albert einstein was such an accomplished a piano player well perhaps now when. the canadian study says playing a musical instrument especially in a group can dramatically improve academic performing. in other ways after crunching 2 decades of data from over 100000 school students in british columbia the
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researchers showed that kids who took part in at least one music course were far ahead of their nonmusical peers when it came to testing and math science and english on average around a full academic year and demographic factors like gender ethnicity or socioeconomic background didn't play a role in whether or not the surge in performance occurred the researchers believe the benefits came from a variety of factors playing in an orchestra a band or ensemble encourages the development of skills like hand eye coordination listening and teamwork those in turn apparently have a major effect on cognition and where the kids were more dedicated the effects were stronger in an era where resources for the arts are often cut in schools to promote more activities in math and the sciences the study indicates it's high time for a rethink the best investment in those subjects could well be an investment in a good musical education. and brings more breaking news u.s.
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president donald trump has signed an order targeting iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei and associates with additional financial sanctions as the terms that he was holding ayatollah khomeini ultimately responsible for what he called the islamic republic's destabilizing activities the supreme leader of iran as one who ultimately is responsible for the hostile conduct of the regime is respected within his country is offers overseas the regimes most brutal instruments including the islamic revolutionary guard corps sanctions imposed through the executive order that i'm about to say i will deny the supreme leader in the supreme leader's office and those closely affiliated with him and the office access to key financial resources and support. the assets of fire told khomeini and his office will not be spared from the sages. of course we'll have more on those american
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sanctions are going to stick around at the top of the hour this is day w. news coming up next on new year's asia a year ago i talked about some a cave of friendship that left them trapped underground go back to their daring rescue and how they're doing now. those stories what was said we are some of scott and i'm back at the top of the hour site of the course is always more on the website w dot com i'm going to.
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berkeley the guitarist. i mention when he's booming capital i love berlin the full scope of the multicultural metropolis in our euro back series to the manager of an
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innocent life choices me i love featuring was shown once a day so it's unlikely the felts was like me this 5 as a 15 efficiency 50 story. and 50 very personal tips on berlin's very best features. both now. covering with kong t w. this is a 15 year old girl. being gang raped. as a teacher is beating a board for talking by complots. for the rest of the class watches. on tierra toddlers being good by his mother. breaking up last. most child sleeps in the streets because her family through. your
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own life. pushes a teenager over being ads. just because you can see violence that comes through doesn't mean others and there are make them visible visible. violence against children disappear. this is g.w. news asia coming up on our show today the images that traveled around the world a soccer team stuck in a cave in thailand for more than 2 weeks just over a year later we look back at their daring rescue and how they're doing now. also coming up by disaster and raw just on heavy rain and wind caused a tent to collapse on a religious gathering in 2.


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