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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 25, 2019 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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this is g.w. news from berlin tonight an israeli palestinian peace plan the trump administration calls it the deal of the century the palestinians say it's divorced from reality the president's son in law and senior adviser jared krishna presented his proposal today and bahrain it calls for investments of $15000000000.00 u.s. dollars but will it guarantee a peace dividend also coming up racing for the u.s. border but not all of these migrants will make it cold by mexican troops the video
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that is causing an outcry in mexico and the women's world cup it's the last day of round of 16 matches we'll bring you highlights of italy's win as the underdogs be china to book their place in the quarter. it's good to have you with us we begin tonight with the latest attempt to find a solution to the israeli palestinian conflict the u.s. today launched a bid to drum up $50000000000.00 to invest in palestinian economic development jared loughner u.s. president donald trump's son in law and also his senior advisor presented the plan of the conference in bahrain but palestinian leaders they've already rejected it calling it an attempt to further exploit the plight of the palestinians.
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these were the scenes across gaza and the west bank as the rain conference got underway. thousands of palestinians protested and staged a general strike against a plan they say attempts to buy them off. thousands of miles away in bahrain jared cushion or called on the palestinians to accept his vision one he dubbed the opportunity of the century if they want peace he said the $50000000000.00 economic support plan would create a brighter future for the region. for a moment imagine a new reality in the middle east imagine a bustling commercial and tourist center and gaza and the west bank where international businesses come together and thrive imagine the west bank as a blossoming economy full of entrepreneurs engineers scientists and business leaders the palestinian people but in the audience was no palestinian delegation they boycotted the meeting having rejected the plan from the start instead there
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were arab finance ministers and international business leaders the people the united states is soliciting to foot the bill questionnaire says his proposal could create a 1000000 new jobs and slash unemployment helping to bring peace to the middle east . but the palestinians insist there can be no economic solution without a political one. we are here also to send a message that we will not be deceived by the so called economy plan that it can be annoying going to mix solution as a substitute toward freedom and 2nd how can we have economic development when we cannot control our borders our imports our exports our free market our freedom of movement washington says the political portion of the plan will follow but until then palestinians say krishna's proposal is meaningless here in the west bank palestinians burned an empty casket it reads deal of the century born dead.
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jared kirshner's plans come as a radical change for the middle east peace process no 2 state solution but instead lots of money essential in silencing the palestinians for a prospect of wealth and development the plan sounds reasonable 50000000000 dollars in direct investments a 1000000 new jobs within the next 10 years for an area that is suffering from unemployment rates of above 50 percent but there are questions to be answered as well number one who is going to pay for all that and without their own state palestinians feel as 2nd class citizens so for them the proposal comes as a no starter from the very beginning. i was over there reporting from washington well how far should border guards go to guard the border a video showing mexican national guard troops chasing and capturing migrants on the border with the u.s.
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is causing an el cry among mexicans the country is under pressure from washington to stem the flow of migrants who are trying to reach the southern u.s. border where now mexico's president andres manuel lopez obrador is saying that he never gave orders to detain migrants trying to cross illegally into the u.s. . greasing north from the city of juarez but stopped just short of the border. these are the images fueling outrage in mexico national guard troops detaining migrants bound for the u.s. . and mexican president now says the troops did not have orders to do so and may have abused their authority. at. a. classes if these incidents occurred noises the army did not happen struction to act in such a way in noise it's not their task. that will this is
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a job that belongs to the migration agents not the army i was a hint as any of us you know i'll have. the controversy comes a washington piles pressure on its southern neighbor to crack down on migrants travelling north to the u.s. facing the threat of u.s. tariffs mexico has been forced to deploy over $20000.00 troops on its northern and southern borders to help reduce the flow of migrants. the u.s. is also planning to send more asylum seekers back to mexico to wait while their claims are processed. you know that i found though the u.s. is returning $200.00 migrants a day to us and the plan is that in the future it will be $500.00 migrants per day . we really don't have the capacity even with the national guard to attend to them you know innocent in the dawn of them. but i've been there on the other side of the
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border u.s. immigration authorities are overwhelmed at this texas facility hundreds of migrant children were moved to shelters after it emerged they lacked adequate food water and sanitation with thousands of migrants still crossing into the u.s. every day poor conditions could become even worse. well here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world iranian and u.s. leaders have been trading insults with iranian president hassan rouhani saying that u.s. president donald trump is mentally challenged trump in turn threatened obliteration if iran attacked quote anything america last week iran shut down the u.s. drone it was also suspected of sabotaging oil tankers near its coast president drum has named stephanie grisham as his new press secretary grisham was the spokeswoman for the 1st lady molony a draw she will now replace they were huckabee sanders who had a contentious relationship with the media and stuff the decades long tradition of
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daily press briefing its space x. is a launched its falcon heavy walking from florida carrying $24.00 research satellites into orbit on its most complicated mission so for the satellites include an atomic clock that could enable spacecraft to navigate autonomously plus a solar cell which will become the 1st spacecraft in earth's orbit held solely by the sun. the cuban capital her. bana now has its 1st sex shop the communist one country officially bans the sale of objects deemed obscene but the pop up store is legally considered an art exhibit who would have thought the artist behind it say the objects for sale can be used as vault provoking and in the trading troops that . were here in germany prosecutors have brought charges against 8 members of a suspected extreme right wing terror group called revolution kevin is now the 8
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are accused of forming an illegal organization in the planning deadly attacks they reportedly planned terrorist attacks in trying to make them look like they had been carried out by left wing and or. christian kane the alleged ringleader of the revolution cam that's protest movement he and 7 others stand accused of planning violent attacks in berlin on german unification day last year. they allegedly planned the details through an encrypted online chat the group is also accused of raising funds and making a list of weapons they plan to acquire but when their homes were searched no weapons were found. according to media reports members admitted to interrogators that they planned to do more than fire warning shots they were planning to murder. german authorities warn that extreme right wing groups are gaining new momentum. since the attacks are very simplistic there's no complex planning behind what's
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happening you know a long term concept they often just shoot from the hip. the group took its name from last year's demonstrations encampments after a deadly knife attack involving immigrants right wing extremists rioted and the police partially lost control of the situation and. well governments here in europe are warning people to take precautions as a record heat wave moved across the continent at berlin's zoom elephants today got a refreshing shot worth as temps are expected to hit or even exceed 40 degrees in some places elsewhere in the german capital people are seeking shelter from the heat of public fountains in trying to make their own or they're going to need a bigger umbrella there's little relief in sight temperatures are expected to stay high for the rest of this week it's. going to. be keeping cool in most every way possible people and animals across continental europe the
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feeling the heat of unusually high temperature is. just drink or try to go make 2 for us to slowly. drink drink drink a lot. of the last well this hot sun we try and keep the cooler places above not that. it was at all but i thought to have been out looking at rome from 8 o'clock this morning but from midday on we're eating ice cream it's very good we were. meteorologists say the soaring temperatures it used to hausherr blowing in from north africa but many also call this heat wave unprecedented. in front so thirty's are taking extra precautions to care for the most vulnerable. the country is still scarred by the intense heat wave of 2003 in which
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almost 15000 people died. in there but. if you lose this isn't scare mongering these heatwaves a going to keep happening as we know and perhaps they'll get worse in the years and decades to come because of climate change. asking air. everyone to take responsibility for themselves their family and their neighbors and to avoid a backlog in emergency rooms due to people taking unnecessary risks. to his. the haze was visible paris on tuesday and pollution levels could rise further as the mercury crimes. in germany in the states of random bag battling wildfires the area is a tinderbox off to a long talk to try. amid warnings across europe that midweek temperatures could break records staying cool remains top of the
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agenda. news now to the women's world cup in france on the final day of 16 matches italy. in the quarter finals italy's 1st time qualifying for the world or the women's world cup in 20 years making them the surprise package of the. off to a small through bowl from christiane to be in the 10th minute it's really thought they'd taken the lead but. the strike was disallowed for off saw it. started hungry though and it was her just minutes later that created her saw its next big chaunce at least 20 took advantage of some confusion in the chinese back line and jet shinty herself was on hand to supply the finish. off to the break it's a leap from the top and that leads this long range strike from substitute all right
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daddy leaving the chinese keep up with no child's. choice no one no pushover in the 2nd half but ultimately like the italian edge. journey ends. for it's only the party goes all day into the last 8 to 4 wins in for both cup matches. and last but definitely not least the round of 16 of the world cup and heavyweight in women's football european champion netherlands against japan world cup finals 4 years ago when the dutch 11 took an early lead thanks for making martin to put spurs sign in front with this crafty back heel hair japan hold one back just before the break thanks to ewing and they remained dominant in the 2nd half but the late penalty for handball gave martin's the chance to win in the netherlands the face of the lead in the quarter finals on saturday no hands. all right up next business news he's got all the hands on board with kris kobach you're
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watching. sometimes books are more exciting than real life. preparing to create. what if there's no escape. church or a list of german plus treats. the soul goes to the girl max you just chat.


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