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not everyone who loves books has to go insane. d.w. literature list. you must treat. this is it it really was life or girl and it's the killing that has shocked germany a politician assassinated in his own home on now a suspected right wing extremist already in detention is reported to have confessed to the killing of well to look at but did he act alone also coming up a tough sell president trump son in law pitches his new mideast peace plan at
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a meeting in behavior he's calling it the opportunity of the century but the palestinians are not buying it plus at the women's world cup look played a role in japan's loss to the netherlands the japanese dominated much of the last match in the round of 16 but the dutch thanks to a link penalty will play in the quarter finals. thank you so much for your company everyone. german authorities say a suspected right wing extremist has confessed to the recent killing of politician involved in that the suspect named only as stephanie was arrested a few weeks after the attack all to live to was shot dead at close range at his home in the western town of castle earlier this month.
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all right and joining me now from our problem entreat studios with the very latest on this is correspondence maxim yana kosik very good to see you max so the suspect who is in detention has confessed what next. well what we now are and what we know right now is that the interior committee that committee frontier affairs here in the german bund the stock is currently holding an extraordinary session that is how we heard about the confession the 1st moment it was leaked in this this morning by some members of the committee and it was later confirmed by the federal minister for the interior for that these suspects has been confessing after an investigation and an interim gratian last night and what's happening now is of course that this is that the investigation is going further the authorities already have said of course with the investigation and with the confession alone the investigation into
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these suspected murder of vata look is not going to and they're still going to be a trial and right now we're just waiting what's going to come forward from the committee for internal affairs right so max this means this is not the end of the investigation. no especially what is important to realize now is going to see how the several investigative authorities that are part of that investigation are going to look at this case and what role they are also played in contributing to the investigation we've seen in recent years that there was a lot of talk about what role german authorities play in the fight of crimes of foreign extremism we've seen in the very prominent case of the and as you trolls that there was also suspicion of sabotage and not in the investing of all sorts he's not seeing what the problem of far extremism is in germany and the parliamentary inquiry panel has already said that they wanted to hear how the
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authorities have been dealing with this was if it case and if we are now seeing a more awareness towards the case of foreign extremism here in germany right tell us more about that because there are a lots of politicians local politicians as well who are who say that they received threats and hate messages will those now be taken more seriously because of the killing of a lot of the. yes we have seen in the last couple years especially since the height of the migration crisis that a lot of politicians who've been very outspoken for the german migration policies that they have been targeted by right wing extremist or right wing heights mail and also any kind of. instigation we've seen the case of the cologne mayor now a mayor for at the time of canada's being stabbed we've seen several of those cases of people being publicly threatened and now it's the question is the are the authorities taking these threads more seriously in germany as we see more and more
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of these cases are into political correspondent. thank you so very much. and then we turn our attention to the u.s. where democrats there have approved billions of dollars worth of humanitarian aid for migrants at their southern border it's unclear whether the bill will pass through the republican controlled senate but it comes as concerns grow over the situation there with reports of children being kept in squalid conditions and now another tragic incidents has also focused the country's attention a photograph of a dead toddler and her father some viewers may find the following report disturbing . it has come to this a father with his tiny toddler tucked inside his sharp drive and in search of a better life according to reports alberto martinez has decided to swim across the rio grande day with his wife and child in a bid to seek asylum in the u.s.
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. his wife tanya. watched as her loved ones succumb to the currents seen here in the red she is led away but i have to say. shows that these people tried to cross the river to the united states a gary jumped in the water and they draw and when he tried to rescue her. from the . back in their native el salvador their deaths have started and much anguish as their family mourns. all of them. this is her favorite doll it's one she had every time her mother got her ready. photos show a family with their lives ahead of them. was not yet 2 years old and the demons that had come and the last message my son sent me was on saturday he said mama i
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love you mama they are moment he said take care of yourselves because we're fine here when i read that message i don't know it may. me want to cry because i sort is the source of goodbye. the tragedy a marriage has democrats in washington pasta bill calling for extra cash to address the conditions in migrant detention center because recognize for one minute thank you madam speaker this issue ation is child abuse it is not tri-city that violates every value we have not only as americans but as moral beings donald trump says he will veto it but deaths like years on america's borders may make such a hard line stance difficult to hold. on to bring up to speed now some of the other stories making news around the world. migrants on board a dutch flagged german rescue ship have appealed to retaliate authorities to let
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them disembark after 2 weeks circling the island of lampedusa in a video message they said the situation for the 43 migrants had become unbearable italy's government says the ship should travel to germany or the netherlands instead. former u.s. special counsel robert muller has agreed to testify to public hearings in congress next month muller let the investigation into russian election meddling and detailed detailed rather numerous occasions when u.s. present may have obstructed justice previously declined to face public questioning over his report it will. and new internet in nations report has revealed the scale of global drug use the authors highlight at the level of of opioid use with $53000000.00 people worldwide now taking the substances cocaine production also hit record highs reaching almost 2000 tonnes in 2017.
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president trump's son in law jared has appealed to palestinians to support a plan he says will revive their economy and improve their lives of apostles presented at a meeting and i had a involve investing billions of dollars in the palestinian territories but critics say the plans are unworkable as they fail to mention the israeli occupation and the stranglehold this has on the palestinian economy the proposals also do not set out a part political solution to the conflict the palestinians for their part have also already rejected the plants. these were the scenes across gaza and the west bank as the bahrain conference got underway thousands of palestinians protested and staged a general strike against a plan they say attempts to buy them off. thousands of miles
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away in bahrain jerod cushion or called on the palestinians to accept his vision one he dubbed the opportunity of the century if they want peace he said the $50000000000.00 economic support plan would create a brighter future for the region. for a moment imagine a new reality in the middle east imagine a bustling commercial and tourist center and gaza and the west bank where international businesses come together and thrive imagine the west bank as a blossoming economy full of entrepreneurs engineers scientists and business leaders the palestinian people but in the audience was no palestinian delegation they'd boycotted the meeting having rejected the plan from the start instead there were arab finance ministers and international business leaders the people the united states is soliciting to foot the bill kushner says his proposal could create a 1000000 new jobs and slash unemployment helping to bring peace to the middle east
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. but the palestinians insist there can be no economic solution without a political one. we are here also to send a message that we will not be the cvs by the so called economy plan that it can be annoying going on that solution as a substitute god freedom and 2nd how can we have economic development when we cannot control our borders our imports our exports our free market our freedom of movement washington says the political portion of the plan will follow but until then palestinians say cushman his proposal is meaningless here in the west bank palestinians burned an empty casket it reads deal of the century born dead. i'd like to welcome now alexander graff lamb stars of the free democratic party he's the deputy member of the foreign affairs committee at the bundestag and chair of the german israeli parliamentary friendship group a very warm welcome sir there's no palestinian no israeli participation in behaving
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many in the region have already rejected the plan outright or are indifferent to it what do you make of mr questioners plan well i believe it's important to recognize that the plan in that of itself cannot work without a political solution and that the palestinians have a point but the americans have said repeatedly that the political portion of their plan for the middle east is to follow so therefore i believe it's premature really to just throw the plan out of the window and simply declare that one wouldn't accept it i think one has to wait for the full picture to emerge and that includes a political dimension should they have started with that i mean a lot of people are saying that mr kushner is really missing the point here. well of course it would have been desirable for a political plan to have appeared earlier but as we know there were elections in israel in april and there will be new elections because the prime minister has not been able to form a government again in september so therefore the political portion has been
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postponed and i will not reject the plan out of fent i think it would be unwise to do so before one knows what the political plan contains how it interacts how it interlocks with the economic plan that question are presented again 1 may be critical of monday 1 may be skeptical but i think it would be wrong to just simply . reject the plan out of hand but if you can't get those involved at the table then really what 2 has been the intention of this plan was it ever the intention for it to work. well i think that the intention is there for us to work but of course the trumpet ministration has done some unwise things for example in moving the american embassy to jerusalem ever since that states the palestinians have boycotted every contact with the united states and therefore it's was not a surprise to me or to anyone who observes the situation in the region that the palestinians should not attend i mean they've declared a boycott of contacts with the trumpet ministration that's what they're doing now
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again you know but i just want to add as well the israelis are not there either they're not participating in behind me there is not just the palestinians yeah i don't know whether israelis don't go perhaps it's because of their campaign perhaps it's because of the location of the conference i think the crucial thing is not to take a final decision on whether to accept the plan or not today or tomorrow wait for the conference to play out wait for the development of the next few weeks and months look at what the political plan and tails and then looking at the picture the overall picture of the complete plan but the political and economic dimension and then take a decision that is based on full information is the u.s. a fair broker in all of this i mean this particular u.s. administration is very friendly to the israeli leadership. i agree they are very friendly to the israeli leadership that has been the case for the ministrations as well but this administration in particular as i said has taken some premature steps
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on wise steps that makes it appear as if it had lost its position as a broker because for example closing the palestinian representation in washington d.c. moving the american embassy to jerusalem recognizing israel's sovereignty over the golan heights whatever one thinks about the particular issues all and all together they weaken the american position in the middle east because many there don't perceive the united states as an honest broker anymore in your assessments or what is holding back palestinian development. well it's a mixture of things obviously the occupation is difficult obviously the security situation is extremely stressful with the wall between israel and the palestinian areas the west bank and then there is economic development this has city that has not been met there is also one has to be very frank and up front about this incredible level of corruption in the palestinian authority so it's a mixture of elements and when a question or says that he wants to imagine a different place that may sound like
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a bit of american hyperball but i think it's necessary to point to a a final destination of a west bank or for gaza of palestine in general that a prosperous economically because without that the population there will continue to live in economically satisfactory conditions that something nobody can wish for and the dependence on the israel's economy in the palestinian areas is just enormous alexander graf lamb star for the free democratic party and chair of the german israeli parliamentary friendship group thank you sir thank you. next to yemen where fighting has erupted between pro-government forces and hooty rebels in the southwestern city of taiz officials say at least 16 rebels have been killed in the violence the united nations has called yemen's 5 year civil war the world's worst humanitarian crisis. the rumble of tanks. the boom of cannon fire. the rattle of machine guns the
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residents of the city of thais hope they'd heard the last of these sounds after gaiman's warring parties agreed to a cease fire last december but now the standoff between government forces and iran back to the rebels has again turned violent that's after a spate of hooty drone attacks in saudi arabia which has sided with the government . the 4 year conflict has already killed thousands and caused what the united nations says is the world's worst humanitarian crisis. and the suffering in yemen could increase still the u.n. last week announced that it is partially suspending aid deliveries it blames the who tease for pilfering aid and for obstructing efforts to ensure it reaches the needy. this vessel unloaded $10000.00 tons of flour at the contested port of ho data earlier this month. should such shipments cease millions are at risk of
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starvation. the german n.g.o.s. or world hunger it is sounding the alarm over the impact of the climate crisis on the world's food supply their organization outlines the risks in a new report it says rising temperatures in the next decade will lead to a reduction in crop fields and expansion of arable land as well as a decline in fish stocks while the fear is that this could force millions of people to leave their homelands in search of a better life elsewhere. and both hunger helfer has presented its annual review today and to talk about it i'm now joined by the n.g.o.s president m.l.a. a team thank you so much for coming in good to have you here with us tell us about the conclusion of your report and how the climate emergency is affecting a world food supplies is something we really should be very serious about and worried about yes we should be very serious about that because on top of the other
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reasons for hunger as there are conflicts wars and internal bad government now it's coming on top of the consequences of climate change and. 70 is always already 30000000 people starving by climate change. hunger problems and therefore we should care about that when you want to achieve the goal. to. 30 no hunger in the world which is one of the. 17 s d gees let's talk about that because that is very ambitious and of course we like about ambition but how realistic is it to eradicate hunger by 2030. we have already today we have enough nutrition for everybody on the whole well we have a problem of disability and of the. point of having it in stock
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stock for the people and therefore we have to care about that to have that distribution to have a better climate to every cultural processes and to have a better infrastructure for the people but in terms of climate change i mean we're still dealing with that there hasn't been a solution found or consensus found on that to issue so considering that the goal of eradicating hunger by 2030 that is not an achievable goal we still think it is achievable but we have to put on our efforts tremendously and we have to have more money and on top the people on the northen fear they have to change their lives too because we are using more land from the developing countries
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. which is feed by the by the. how you say for. food for animals for buy here. so basically these are some of the coming from this also encounter zacchaeus and we do something we can do something and i'm just a necessary that we have to think about that palm oil for for example that's just diminishing the fields of the people for their needs and therefore we have to think about these needs of the people while we support that ambition eradicating her hunger by 2030 and that's when the health n.g.o.s present at my they a team of thank you so very much great thank you very much thank you. all right well next up we have europe of course is also sweltering amid an unprecedented heat wave with temperatures today forecast to break records for june in several
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countries here in germany the mercury could hit 40 degrees celsius not far off the hottest temperature ever recorded in the country of 48.3 degrees while authorities in france meanwhile are taking no risks installing extra drinking fountains and water misting devices to cool the public it's estimated a similar heat wave in europe killed 70000 people rather in 2003 while our reporter a goodnight kiss also hit the streets of berlin to take the german capital's temperature. 38.5 degrees celsius that's the magic number germany's all time utrecht called for june said 947 if this doesn't sound particularly hot to you it does to people here many buildings don't even have air conditioning install it. i will keep checking balance temperature throughout the day find out how my fellow berlin as i handling the heat and closely observe if the german capital can top the record. i will be checking back with
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again at later for an update on the heat wave here and berlin on the round of 16 next at the women's world cup finished up last night with 2 heavyweights in women's football european champs said the netherlands against japan recently for japan the game winner which scored against them in the final minutes of the game and against the run of play. the netherlands launched themselves into the lead early in the 1st haul thanks to the c'mon students who picked out the bottom corner with a crafty backheel after that though it was japan's game. on the stroke of half time you has a guy was crowned this foreign policy move week to finish it deserved to draw things level. a 2nd for japan seemed inevitable in the 2nd half i mean tested to keep it from distance. and later on he said i went close
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netherlands were on the rocks so you only by the woodwork. a stroke of luck for the dutch a penalty right at the day after vivian made him up lost to the shot at sock ecomog guy's arm there was no mistake from martin in the 90th minute and orange elation ensued brutal misfortune for japan to an event is over. staying with football in the men's africa cup of nations where the hosts of the tournament egypt are hoping to seal their place in the knockout stages star player most l. and his teammates seemed in a relaxed mood leading into their match tonight against the democratic republic of congo a win that could confer each a spot in the round of 16 over all the hosts are in me to go one better than they did in 2017 when they've lost in the championship match. a do-it yourself home repair has led to the discovery of a multi-million euro masterpiece in the french city of toulouse the work by the
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italian master caravan geo is believed to have been left in an attic for at least a century caravaggio's judas and hall a furnace a prisoner of biblical scene in which jewish widow judith beheads the assyrian general who's come to destroy his city and her people. until a few years ago this apparent loss must a piece from the italian artist was hidden away in an attic in toulouse france. she would have thought i wanted to sell and to lose because the story started here so i wanted it to end here with the agreement of the seller of course we don't know how the painting made its way back here the most plausible explanation is that a relative of the celis came back from the napoleonic wars with the painting. 2 it was discovered while a couple who want to remain anonymous investigated a leaky roof at their home on history fans fascinated and on the stone with us. now
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in art history we often think that everything has been seen everything has been discovered and in fact we realize that there are still hidden treasures for. this painting however it is controversial some of historians disagree that it is indeed a caravaggio masterpiece but despite the doubts it's been privately sold to a mystery buyer for an estimated 150000000 euros. to mexico now in the retirement of a national hero frieda is a rescue dog who was shot to fame following the earthquake that destroyed parts of mexico city 2 years ago clad in protective boots and goggle she helped search for survivors in the rubble at a ceremony to mark a retirement after a decade of service mexico's deputy naval minister said her bark always gave hope. well deserved retirement and a reminder now of the top story that we're tracking for you this hour. german
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authorities say a suspected right wing extremist has confessed to the recent killing of german politician paul took up the suspect named only as stefan eat was arrested a few weeks after the attack but to look at was shot dead at close range at his home in the western town of castle earlier this month. coming up next an eco any of the environments magazine and i'll see you again at the top of the hour .
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