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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 26, 2019 1:00pm-1:31pm CEST

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this is you know we news live from berlin it's a killing that has shocked germany a politician assassinated in his own home on our suspected right wing extremist already in detention is reported to have confessed to killing lots of them but did he act alone also coming up a tough sell president from son in law pitches his new mideast peace plan at a meeting in beijing is calling it the opportunity of the century but the palestinians aren't buying it plus europe is sweltering in a record heat wave temperatures are forecast to continue to soar reaching their
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highest ever levels in many countries over the next 2 days we'll tell you how to stay safe in this extreme heat also. they are thank you so much for your company everyone we start here in germany worth already say a suspected right wing extremist has confessed to the recent killing of politician balta luka the suspect named only as stefan was arrested a few weeks after the attack all to look at was killed at close range at his home in the western town of castle earlier this month and we can talk about this a latest development with our correspondents maximiliano kosik who is in our parliamentary studios max good to see you so the suspect i understand has confessed
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do we know more. yes what we know so far is that this suspect stephanie has confessed after an interglacial last night this was confirmed both or taze and the federal minister for internal affairs this morning here in berlin what we know so far is that he claims to have acted alone this has not been confirmed by authorities and the motives is still rather unclear the suspect is said to have said that he took issue with volta lipped as migration policies as well to look the killed politician has been a proponent of knuckles pro migration policies and has been always very outspoken for he received a lot of criticism from the far right in germany and the suspect is said to have taken out of issues with his policies up next what have been the reactions well what was very extraordinary about the reveal of this information in the
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investigation is that it came from the so-called committee for internal affairs of the german parliament the bundestag this is a supervisory board for the federal ministry of until affairs and for the authorities such as the investigative authorities and the domestic security services and this board has been having a had a meeting an extraordinary meeting today with these authorities asking for the progress in the investigation they leaked the information about the confession and they've been putting a lot of pressure on the authorities looking into where and how the investigation can be broadened in the future and if we should look into what should happen next and this is also something we've heard today from the federal minister for an interior affairs so say over let's have a listen. most of our going to start in verse and i want to make it clear that for us this does not mean the investigation is over. we will continue to conduct intensive investigation is to find out if there were accomplices and climbing our
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car you know at the killing. of cleo we will also investigate the suspects background and recent movements in the lists inside and listen we are weak told. we owe this to the public for now i am very pleased that our investigations have led to this for success a confession of the troops over these years now if we just did it all right they've got the confession in the back what next for the investigation. well the understood geishas continue this that we have heard from the federal minister for internal affairs and the investigations are also supposed to be broadened because now as we've heard the suspect claims he has has acted alone but the authorities are still skeptical about that they want to look into the broader network of foreign extremism in germany and if there is a relation to that case and what we've heard also today from the parliamentarians who have been supervising the authorities is that they were saying they want to
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look more into the relation to old cases for example the end as you trials which have seen the overseen the killings of people across germany through right far right extremists and the parliament turns today are supposed to go on summer break but they said they want to continue their overseeing all of the authorities throughout the summer break to make sure that this investigation into the death of all to live is broad and aren't a maximum corsica reporting i think you are. it's. and we shift our focus now to the u.s. where democrats have approved billions of dollars worth of humanitarian aid for migrants at their southern border it's unclear whether the bill will pass through the republican controlled senate but it comes as concerns grow over the situation there with reports of children being kept in squalid conditions another tragic incident today has also focused the country's attention images of a death toddler and her father some viewers may find the following report
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disturbing. it has come to this a father with his tiny toddler tucked inside his shard drowned in search of a better life according to reports oscar alberto martinez ramirez decided to swim across the rio grande day with his wife and child in a bid to seek asylum in the u.s. . his wife tanya. watched as her loved ones succumb to the currents seen here in the red she is led away but i have to say he's a leader shows that these people tried to cross the river to the united states gary jumped in the water on the draw and when he tried to rescue her. from the ordinary . back in their native el salvador their deaths have started anger and much anguish as their family mourns. all of them. this is her favorite doll this one she had every time her mother got her ready to leave this.
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guy because the mother that the. photos show a family with their lives ahead of them. was not yet 2 years old and the demons that had come and the last message my son sent me was on saturday he said mama i love you mama they are moment he said take care of yourselves because we're fine here when i read that message i don't know. it made me want to cry because i saw it as the source of goodbye. the tragedy a marriage to democrats in washington pasta bill calling for extra cash to address the conditions in migrant detention centers seekers recognize for one minute thank you madam speaker this is her way she is child abuse is not tri-city that violates every value we have not only as americans but as moral beings donald trump says he
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will veto it but deaths like oscar and valerie is on america's borders may make such a hard line stance difficult to hold. on to so now but some of the other stories making news around the world. migrants so onboard a dutch flag german rescue ship have appealed to italian authorities to let them disembark after 2 weeks circling the island of lampedusa in a video message they says the situation for the 43 migrants become unbearable it leaves government says the ship should travel to germany or the netherlands instead . former u.s. special counsel robert muller has agreed to testify to public hearings in congress next month where muller let the investigation into russian election meddling and detailed numerous occasions when he was president donald trump may have obstructed justice miller previously declined to face public questioning over his report to. the president trumps son in law has appealed to palestinians to support
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a plan she says will revive their economy and improve their lives the proposals presented at a meeting and by having involve investing billions of dollars in the palestinian territories but critics say the plans are unworkable as they fail to mention the israeli occupation and the stranglehold this has on the palestinian economy the proposals also do not set out a political solution to the conflict the palestinians for their part have also already rejected the plans. these were the scenes across gaza and the west bank as the bahrain conference got underway thousands of palestinians protested and staged a general strike against a plan they say attempts to buy them off. thousands of miles away in bahrain jerrod cushion or called on the palestinians to accept his vision one he dubbed the opportunity of the century if they want peace he said the
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$50000000000.00 economic support plan would create a brighter future for the region. for a moment imagine a new reality in the middle east imagine a bustling commercial and tourist center and gaza and the west bank where international businesses come together and thrive imagine the west bank as a blossoming economy full of entrepreneurs engineers scientists and business leaders the palestinian people but in the audience was no palestinian delegation they boycotted the meeting having rejected the plan from the start instead there were arab finance ministers and international business leaders the people the united states is soliciting to foot the bill kushner says his proposal could create a 1000000 new jobs and slash unemployment helping to bring peace to the middle east . but the palestinians insist there can be no economic solution without a political one. we are here also to send
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a message that we will not be deceived by the so-called economy plan there can be no it going to make solution as a substitute god freedom and 2nd how can we have it going to make development when we cannot control our borders our import our export our free market our freedom of movement washington says the political portion of the plan will follow but until then palestinians say cushman is proposal is meaningless here in the west bank palestinians burned an empty casket it reads deal of the century born dead. i'd like to welcome now alexander graff lamb stars of the free democratic party he's a deputy member of the foreign affairs committee at the bundestag and chair of the german israeli parliamentary friendship group a very warm welcome sir there's no palestinian no israeli participation in beheading many in the region have already rejected the plan outright or are
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indifferent to it what do you make of mr christian. and apologies we just a left that report before we had a chance to get to it we'll try and play it for you in our next bulletin but up next i want to tell you about a new u.n. report on drug use around the world which shows that more people than ever are taking drugs the annual drug report looks at the use of substances such as opiates cocaine cannabis offending means and new psychoactive drugs it says some 35000000 people around the world are substance abusers that's 4 and a half 1000000 more than predicted the u.n. says much of that rise was due to the wider availability of data in india and nigeria staying in nigeria now for a moment where there is little treatment for addicts and floor search were a visit one of the few rehabilitation centers but as she reports the methods used
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there have been criticized as being inhumane. ibrahim's brother has come to take him on the former alcoholic has spent more than a year living at this we have a duty shown same to. be done before i was brought to the center i always came home drunk. i used to take different types of drugs my family were not happy that's why they brought me here i'm a brand new past and. i've assured them that i will never go back to drugs you know . i think i'll be going to. be brian says that's thanks to the treatments he's received here he's now clean and can start his life afresh. this rehab in e.t.a. shows santa in ca do not you not in mange area he's one of the few in the country
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who founded the scene years ago it's houses more than 200 recovering addicts and 7 seas i'm such high demand. more people keep coming it is also is a skill acquisition center so while patients are undergoing treatment towards different skills that they can turn into small businesses when via fully recovered some of them who should be in school are put in a makeshift classroom the teachers are also recovering addicts found a large and we do says he would thousands of patients. get the i've been using my knowledge of traditional and islamic medicine to treat them. i see this as my contribution to reducing the problem of children getting into drugs. but i had methods
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a harsh those leaving here have to we're uniforms their feet are also chained together or that's why. we're only able to get a few shots of the chains because we do doesn't want us to feel moving he also wants answered questions about the practice on camera he tells us the chains are to keep the inmates from running away some of them out brought in by their family members and are not here on their own deals. we show the food from the rehab center to mental health physicians. so it's. a uniform all she's shocked by what she sees so this man is a suckles that is dehumanizing. institutionalized. medical. take. court chemical restring that we
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have them in volume now we have them to monitor that would restraint them nigeria lacks qualified mental health professionals that could help those with drug and. hope problems this in deaf ears see huge want that group comments i have professionals so surprises a lot of all people. doing this is it pambo i'm with to explode dr kathy re says jerry as needed to take the issue of drug and alcohol addiction more seriously onto a proper structures are put in place to carb the country's addiction problems many have no choice than to turn to people like me for help. while back here in europe this continent is being hit by an unprecedented heat wave temperatures today are forecast to break records for the month of june and in some
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cases even surpassed the highest level ever recorded in certain countries in paris the average high for this time of the year is 20 degree celsius and get this today the forecast is $36.00 and it's the same story in the spanish capital it should be around 27 degrees but we're expecting 38 degrees in madrid and here at our studios in berlin it's the same the story the average june high is 22 outside it's 36 right now the extreme weather is expected to continue until the weekend governments have issued health warnings and are urging people to do everything they can to stay cool . keeping cool in most every way possible people and animals across continental europe the feeling the heat of unusually high temperature is. just drinking try to don't make
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too fast to the slowly. drink drink drink a lot. of them occur in the hot sun we try and keep to the cooler places. a little bit closer over. we have been out looking at room from 8 o'clock this morning but from midday on we're eating ice cream. it's very good reward a. meteorologist say the soaring temperatures a jew to hausherr blowing in from north africa but many also call this heat wave unprecedented. in front so authorities are taking extra precautions to care for the most vulnerable. the country is still scarred by the intense heat wave of 2003 in which almost 15000 people died. this isn't scaremongering these heatwaves are going to keep happening as we know
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and perhaps they'll get worse in the years and decades to come because of climate change. asking everyone to take responsibility for themselves their family and their neighbors and to avoid a backlog in emergency rooms due to people taking unnecessary risks due to the history of. the haze was visible at the paris on tuesday and pollution levels could rise further as the met q re crimes. in germany or thirty's in the state of brandon back at battling wildfires the area is a tinderbox off to a long talked and dry weather. the mid warnings across europe that midweek temperatures could break records staying cool remains top of the agenda. exactly because europe is still in the grip of it wave and governments are putting millions of people under heat warnings and to talk more about what could be
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done like to turn now to dr over here executive director of the institute for meteorology at berlin's free university a very warm welcome sir why are we seeing these record breaking to. birchers across europe at this stage well it is not really across all you really have a tongue of very hot air coming from north africa which has to do with the lows and highs and their position and their extension and so we get very hot from north africa from the south right into central europe is this is this is happened has this happened before or is this well yes this is a cut quite a common feature the question is just how how hot that is and this is depending on the say temperatures in north africa that they have and under in general ever temperatures of course what this is due to our environment here well we have a high risk again like we had yet last year for heat not heat wave effects like.
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post fire is we have the risk for people that are not drinking enough and that could like in the heat wave in 2004 ounce a lot of people really had suffered the death and this is something that could have we really hope that people bathing the warnings and act responsibly right because of course i mean we've got a lot of our viewers are international and they're all across the world and many places in the world i mean these temperatures are normal and some of them have to deal with like high humidity so is this just a case of people not following the precautions that governments have stipulated the heat warnings and it well not not just it is it is an aspect of cost but. buildings for example much more adept the people in these countries that have the high temperatures usually have air conditioned these days and in many places in central europe this is not the case and so the cautions must be even stronger than
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what you have in these countries these high temperatures are really hard to deal with that for the reasons that you. wind and there's all this risk what should we do to stay cool and safe well. enough do not do no thought so i would say if you think you're right. and just wait a few days because temperatures are going to cool down again they're going to go down again yes but to some a temperature is not going to either way and what's normal for us here well is some 25 trying to see ok that sounds very refreshing thank you so very much dr over here executive director of the institute for near ology in at brussels brussels berlin's for university sir thank you so very much greatly appreciate it. next up some football news for you the round of 16 at the women's world cup finished off last
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night with too heavy weights in women's football european champions netherlands against japan sadly for japan the game winner was scored against them in the final minutes of the game and against the run of play. the netherlands launched themselves into the lead early in the 1st haul thanks to the c'mon students who picked out the bottom corner with a crafty back heel after that though it was japan's game. on the stroke of half time you see how sick i was crowned this foreign policy move week to finish it deserves to draw things level. a 2nd for japan seemed inevitable in the 2nd half i mean tested to keep it from distance. and later on he went close netherlands were on the rocks safe here only by the woodwork. then though a stroke of luck for the dutch a penalty right at the day after vivian made him up last to dish out at sock ecomog
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eyes are there was no mistake from martins in the 90th minute and orange elation ensued brutal misfortune for japan that tournament is are over. next and do it yourself who were pair has led to the discovery of a multi-million euro masterpiece in the french city of toulouse and work by the italian master kind of a joe is believed to have been left in an attic for at least a century caravaggio's judas and hall a furnace across the biblical scene in which jewish widow judith beheads the assyrian general who's come to destroy his city and her people. until a few years ago this apparent loss moss a piece from the italian artist was hidden away in an attic and to lose france. sure we have a lot i wanted to sell and to lose because the story started here so i wanted it to end here with the agreement of the seller of course we don't know how the painting made its way back here the most plausible explanation is that
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a relative of the celis came back from the napoleonic wars with the painting because. 2 2 it was discovered while a couple who want to remain anonymous investigated a leaky roof at their home history fans fascinated on the stones and us. now in art history we often think that everything has been seen everything has been discovered and in fact we realize that there are still hidden treasures for him in. this painting however it is controversial some of historians disagree that it is indeed a carrot piece but despite the doubts it's been privately sold to a mystery for an estimated 150000000 euros. not bad art to mexico now and the retirement of a national hero not a person though but a rescue dog frieda is a labrador retriever who shot to fame following the earthquake that destroyed parts of mexico city 2 years ago clad in protective boots and goggles she helped search
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out survivors in the rubble at a ceremony to mark her retirement after a decade of service mexico's deputy naval minister said her bark always gave hope while her handlers removed her famous rescue outfit and presented her with a chew toy to thank her for her remarkable career. right around an hour of the top story that we're tracking for you this hour. german authorities say a suspected right wing extremist has confessed to the recent killing of german politician multan the guy the suspects named only and stephanie there is a arrested a few weeks after the attack also the car was shot dead at close range and. so many western town tough castle earlier this month. coming up next made in germany we take a look inside the lives of the big super well think that's coming up in just
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