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this is either reduce life or grow and can they patch up their differences bogged down by trade wars and a lack of consensus on just how to tackle global warming g. 20 leaders arrive in japan for a high stakes meeting or have team coverage from osaka also coming up it is off to the races in the u.s. the 1st 10 candidates from a crowded field of democratic contenders take part in a televised debate but do any of them have what it takes to challenge trump in the race for the white house and the case that has germans asking how could this have
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happened 3 men go on trial for sexually abusing children at a campsite for decades authorities also under scrutiny for a series of alleged failures. and why the heart thank you so much for your company everyone world leaders are gathering in osaka japan ahead of a high stakes annual g 20 summit which starts on friday on the trade war simmering between china and the u.s. is set to dominate the agenda a summit comes at a time when world leaders are far apart on many key global issues defense ties and how to tackle climate change will also be discussed. is on high alert over 32000 police officers have come to the venue of the g.
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20 summit from all over the country and many main traffic routes into the city are in lockdown. all public school students have 2 days off and residents are asked to refrain from using cars and going out if not necessary. in the major stations coin lockers and garbage bins are sealed off to counter terrorist attacks and security is ramped up at key locations close to where the heads of state will be staying. i'm from osaka and i really hope that everything goes down safely i'm proud to have a g 20 summit here so this next fight in the sirens are a bit much i have a young child my baby hasn't been able to take a proper nap in a while and. usually bustling attractions like parts of it was a castle park and the inside of the castle are closed off to the public since part of the summit is to be held inside the grounds. country to the g.
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20 summits held an argentine and germany in the last as they haven't been any major protests here in osaka i've talked to organizers of a protest on sunday and they estimated that only about 200 people came and that's compared to thousands in argentina last year and tens of thousands in hamburg in germany in 2017 overrule the city's expecting 30000 visitors over the course of the weekend. ahrens i'm joined now by correspondent max often who is in a soccer japan covering the summit there max a lot of ground to be covered by the world leaders there what can we expect from this summit. indeed a lot of ground to be covered in traditionally you know these g. 20 summits are about promoting multiroom lateral trade and the main instrument to do that is a declaration that the leaders need to accept at the end and that is prepared by
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so-called sherpas they've been doing that now since sunday here in osaka and we're hearing things aren't going to well although the japanese presidency is really trying to put the focus on those topics that are afterwards in the declaration there are so many important topics on the sidelines just take iran for example or the chinese american trade conflict that the japanese presidency indeed is afraid that all the attention will be steered away from from their focus and maybe that in the end there won't even be a declaration on the table at least the last each one of these summits for example when as i reached the end of last year have always been extremely difficult because of that all right well let's talk about president trump of course so all eyes on him during g. 20 summit like the one in osaka right now he's often been at odds with other of leaders who were there is there sense that he will dominate this summit as well.
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well so far he's already tweeted you know a couple of things that are worrisome for some of the countries he had the bottom line of what he's always saying it's always been the same message really is that america is being treated unfairly by its trade partners and the latest victim of one of the tweets here was was india but also germany is also mentioned in these and the g 20 summits where i have been with donald trump indeed he's always managed to overshadow this hard work which is you know not as not as offensive maybe to some as what trump does in history so there's a real danger here that the same thing will happen especially because you have the 2 biggest economies in the world the united states of america and china teetering on the edge of the full blown trade war. all right and i just have a 20 seconds left to max out what are the chances that the chinese and american
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leaders will overcome their differences during the g 20 summit and osaka. they'll have a bilateral meeting on saturday president xi of china and president trump of the united states some have said we've had media reports that trump is ready to have a truce there and back off of additional tariffs that he wanted to slap on chinese goods but you can never be really be sure just take the last summit aboard as i read after that he was very positive so he said china and the u.s. would work out a deal but then really exactly the opposite happened so in this case it's really not the words that count but the work that's done afterwards and the actual agreement that might or maybe not be negotiated max hoffman reporting from osaka thank you. and ahead of the g. 20 summit concerns have again been raised over the health of the german chancellor anglo-american after she was seen shaking at a function with the german president's one call to steinmeyer the 2 leaders were
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attending a ceremony with the outgoing justice minister catarina barly who has been elected to the european parliament but this comes just a week after similar incident took place which was attributed to chancellor to the chancellor suffering from dehydration. and for more on this i am now joined by our political correspondent on the sparrow who is in our parliamentary studios thomas the chancellor seen traveling now for a 2nd time they know you mentioned that similar incident a few days ago that was when on a bit of a cold met the ukrainian president here in berlin and back then reporters asked that of a whole how she was feeling and watching had actually done to stop the trembling she said back then that she had drunk 3 glasses of water and felt much better so as you said that previous incident had been put down to dehydration it is still unclear what the causes are in this new case the one that we're just just saw there
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with. but spokesperson did mention off towards that i'm going to mccall is in good health on her agenda will continue as planned on the most important item agenda is her trip to japan for the g. 20. thomas is there a growing concern here in germany about the chancellor's health there is concern in germany about the chance of those health in particular because she has always been seen as a very strong and healthy woman but again it is important to wait and see what exactly the doctors say about her health and why this happened again the 1st time that it happened it was simply put down to be hydration and i'm going to mocha was able to continue with her duties as normal political correspondent tom sparrow thank you. want to tell you now about some of the other stories making news around the world. german police have made 2 further additional arrests connected to the killing of regional politician of all to look up a suspected right wing extremists has already confessed to the killing live crew
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was shot at his home in the western city of castle earlier this month he was known for supporting refugees. german authorities say they have arrested a bosnian man that wanted in connection with islamic islamist extremist attacks in paris in 2015 officials say the 39 year old was detained a week ago in the eastern german state of saxony on hold he's now said to be extradited to belgium $130.00 people were killed in the november 2015 attacks including at the bottom klon theater. a suicide bomber has blown himself up in the center of the tunisian capital tunis according to eyewitnesses the attacker appeared to target a police car several people including security personnel are injured there are reports of a 2nd explosion in the city we'll bring you more when we get the details.
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the trial of one of germany's most shocking paedophile case begins today 3 men are in court to legibly involved in sexually abusing more than 40 children at a campsite in the town of look to the abuse is set to have taken place over decades the case is mired in controversy controversy rather amid charges of failures both by the police and government authorities. it was here at this camping ground that the 2 suspects allegedly abused over 40 children their victims included the main suspects own foster daughter as well as children as young as 4 years old the unlucky for a relatively short period of time through interglacial and deduction we were able to determine that many children had been abused and additionally we found evidence of child pornography much of which were self-made. the police are now giving definitely tension to the case after dragging their feet thick years say critics
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according to the latest reports a government official and a psychologist had already raised concerns about the suspect sexual behavior in 2016 despite this government agencies allow the suspect to be granted custody of his foster daughter mia is on their clearly it is even comprehensible to me how these 3 pieces of evidence could have been so badly misjudged resulting in such a fatal oversight and had to economise. but reports suggest that the government's failure went beyond basic incompetence employees of the youth welfare office reportedly did not only ignore these concerns they also manipulate the suspects records in their favor by deleting certain information about him. we have not fulfilled our judy as guardians and our mission to protect the welfare
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of the children the way we should have because we misjudged these 3 pieces of evidence. on darfur and we sincerely apologize to those who have suffered as a result. life a little hard. to police officers and now also under investigation allegedly they too have known about the concerns against the main suspect and. not reacted then in february over 150 d.v.d.'s that's because evidence disappeared from a police department only 3 was saved the trial will now assess not only the guild of the alleged abusers but also how the government authorities could have failed so many times. let's take you now to that mall to where the case is being tried to use it as of alter has attended the opening of the trial to see what happened.
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yes i mean this is one of the largest child abuse trials that we've seen here in germany is 2 suspects have allegedly abused over 40 children the 3rd one here on trial that allegedly watched them online that has shocked germany but it has also certainly shocked the people here in the courtroom the atmosphere was as cold as eyes especially when the 3 suspects entered the room then what happened was that the the charges were being read against them and then afterwards the 3 of them they are given the opportunity to make statements 2 of them one to make these statements and everyone is now hoping for confessions because if the alleged abuses should confess. then that would mean that possibly the children the witnesses wouldn't need to come to court and be used as witnesses in that case obviously everyone wants to them to avoid seeing their alleged abuses once again but until now we are
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still waiting for these statements to happen i've got 30 seconds left tell us about why this huge amount of police evidence apparently have has disappeared into thin air. well this is still under investigation but a special committee has been set up here in the state of north rhine-westphalia to avoid these fees in the future and find out why the failures has happened and how they can be prevented in the future to save also reporting from malta thank you. for going to turn our attention now to the united states where the 1st 10 democratic presidential hopefuls have clashed in a televised debate well they're from a wider field of contenders with some of the more well known names including joe biden and bernie sanders debating tonight it wednesdays about elizabeth warren cemented her status as a front runner using universal health care and economic reform to score points at
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the in the at times heated debate although they all share a single aim of ousting president donald trump in the 2020 u.s. election few are putting money on $1.00 standout contender and you know he's alexander phenomenon was in miami for you for the official start of the democrats' race for the white house. the watch party in a bar in downtown miami organized by a network of women of color in florida many here told me they were interested in the twenty's when to complain but still needed to learn more about that candidate i expect to hear what their policies will be i expect to hear what how they're going to take us to the future and i hope to see women standing up and you know talking about women's protective right civil rights immigration and i need to learn more about the more centrist and right wing. candidates because i'm
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a progressive they may root for different candidates but there is one thing the old . group. who got out of the democratic party here in miami say the year ending for a candidate who can be done. donald trump but many voters in view as have yet to fully tune in so the stakes are high but the 1st debates which have the potential to shake out the democratic presidential field the most diverse field ever many contenders have been struggling to garner attention and raise money now they have a chance to take their message directly to a national crime time audience. and that was what they tried to do in the end is senator elizabeth warren was the only candidate on the 1st night to be pulling in double digits and set the tone for the party's progressive week where i want to start this is i want to return government to the people and that means calling out
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the names of the monopolist and saying i have the courage to go after them other contenders remain more cautious suggesting some plans to might go too far immigration policy was also one of the main topics with cool young costs would dominate and here the former mayor of san antonio proposed decriminalizing undocumented immigration in the audience in this bar seems to like. from what i can see because you're always seems to be really impassioned about his plans his whole feeling about the immigration issue yeah. the 1st debate is over on thursday the leading candidates will take the stage in miami . the european union is calling on italy to find a quick resolution to a standoff with a german n.g.o.s whose migrant risk you ship has entered italian waters something it's done in defiance of a ban from rome on board the ship are 42 migrants picked up off the coast of libya
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2 weeks ago well at least interior minister mike they are savvy and he says he won't allow any of them to disembark in c.v.s. even threatened to seize the ship. the rest is captain. for weeks the sea watch 3 have been circling the island of lampedusa. now with the migrants on board reportedly desperate and exhausted the captain decided enough was enough the boat entered italian waters on wednesday risking the wrath of the country's government. and the italian i started to sell just come on board sing ministry that's not on the side of the hamas nothing to some of the check a dollar subset of the cans in the morning of the crew. and now they are waiting for from the instructions from necessary as i really hate them to take the riskiest off the ship but italy's interior minister is refusing to take any migrants with
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tales salvini built his reputation taking a tough line on migration now he's threatened legal action against the ship's crew a visa at the visa you are warned you on board and we will use all the means democratically allowed to block this blatant contempt of the law. this complete disregard for law and order. i am not giving and will not give permission to anyone to disembark to anyone. know under a new law vessels that defy orders to keep out of italian waters could face hefty fines and potential seizure salvini insists responsibility for taking the migrants lies with germany where they see watch nonprofit is headquartered for the netherlands because the ship is sailing under a dutch flag but so far no country has volunteered to take them in meaning it may be much longer before these people step foot on solid ground. next
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is the latest trend to hit the streets in many big cities around the world i'm talking about electric scooters for hire all they're everywhere right now in many international companies want to slice of that market but for local authorities they can be a headache accidents are on the rise and critics also say they're not economically viable or environmentally sustainable but some commuters say it's the best way to get around. this couple is doubled up on one scooter even though it's illegal in germany you can now find these vehicles for rent on nearly every corner in the heart of berlin and this summer people are scootering through the streets and parks of the german capital where 15 companies are competing for the market critics complain that they clog up traffic and consume too much energy. we wanted to hear the company's response so we zoomed along to german scooter sharing company tier mobility experiences in other cities show that only 20 percent of
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scooter riders have given up their cars for this mode of transport but the sector believes that in the long run electric scooters will ride cars off the road. and this is a sponsor you want to install if you look at the commuter train stations here in berlin in some cases they're one or 2 kilometers apart and maybe your office is right between them or your workplace is 4 or 5 kilometers from the train station then it's very attractive to rent an electric kick scooter at the station to get to your office and the potential users are people who would have otherwise taken their cars or gave them $0.05 a day. but keeping up an adequate network of motorized scooters is a logistical challenge at night transporters have to collect the scooter fleet and redistribute them for the next morning micro mobility analyst alexander young says
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that's why it's no surprise that a 10 minute ride currently costs 2 years 50 as much as a subway ticket. not all saga feud i lot of suppliers say that's even below the running costs because managing a fleet of electric scooters cost so much money tied into the by the net effect look at one of the current generation doesn't have replaceable batteries. so you big. sickly have to pick up every scooter every 2 days ticket to a warehouse to be charged and then bring it back into town and he starts over because that in my view that's not economically viable in the long run. but manufacturers are working on the battery problem and they're convinced that these electric vehicles can help turn the corner in the mobility revolution. now coming to a theater in near you very soon is danny boyle's new film yesterday the film director of borneo has want to claim for his films like the gritty trainspotting and the
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hugely successful slumdog millionaire all stories you might not think of as potential film scripts but he has a way of making them work this new film is no different and his screenwriter this time around is richard curtis of love actually fame so here's the premise everybody in the world has forgotten about the beatles and their music except for one lucky musician. this is jack malik's entire audience. is like a miracle i mean. a miracle may not look like one it 1st . what happened to. the effect of all over the world that exact moment of it but he is but apparently that's not all that happened again in his 1st major role actor himesh patel discovers the universe has changed.
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my. mind she really. didn't write simple mccartney writes in the beatles. is one of the greatest songs ever written it's not called play it's not fix believe it 1st says he wouldn't really and has questioned his friends quite rightly is nobody thinks you coward is a great great well call it wow. somebody that we call kid he can go see a google of asli because word do you go. to google to go all to the equivalent of gold to find there is this true and of course there's nothing on google. it was a ring that the basis of. one of. so what's he to do he sets about trying to remember all the beatles songs. sorry no.
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good start oh very pretty and he soon becomes an international star we should talk see we pay then you write songs and then you make a ton. and then we take most of it. jack even gets a little help from a real pop star in fact ed sheeran is more than just a cameo in the film this will act struck out your look at school and i'm wondering if you consider how long do you believe a minute maximum. going to rest on the g.g. is that the truth of matter is that in some ways this film was about it. in so far as it's an ed who hasn't succeeded him for hasn't succeeded at 1st but stardom does come calling for jack even though he hasn't earned it and only he knows he's a phony i mean that shows schoolteacher and actualized. it's great to. have you put that you know as yesterday hits the big screen moviegoers around the
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world will have to see can jack get his love life sorted out and will the beatles classics all make it true ok. let me just give you this advice right song title i want to have your banker as well. i didn't. do. hey dude you sure is right. so much better is a. is it yeah and do you. know my. definition to be one of the best songs of the generation ok do you get into. your no argument an out of the top story that we're tracking for you this hour it's. g 20 leaders have begun arriving in japan for a high stakes meeting they'll be trying to patch up serious differences divisions rather over trade and tariffs and how to tackle the global climate crisis when the
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summit kicks off on friday. you're watching every news life for berlin up next a focus on a europe spotlight on people examines the plight of refugees on a greek island only on her rock n roll and i hope to see you going to the top of the hour. to come to.
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school when much of europe wanted to kick them out. maria microbiome he invited them in cuba. to tweek island of sun most is home to one of the worst pretty cheap cancer in the mediterranean. place but one woman makes life a little better for her new neighbors. meet mama reality and the refugees of zamost . next on w. . entering the conflict zone with 2 sebastian junger used
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europeans very good moldova has a new coalition government our guest this week is not the mature but cock fights president of the outgoing governor. and a former justice with mogo but now by what corruption is he ashamed of his policies record in conflicts of close in 60 minutes p.w. . told. their shit yeah yeah. you know this is you know 5 minutes 4 minutes. as an hour and a beauty. pageant all. the feats in the
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pantheon of the great tenors certainly he's one for the ages. clear up. scott turner for the. stars july 10th on g.w. . hello and welcome to focus on europe i will arbeloa it's nice to have you with us there are few places where europe's failure to tackle the refugee crisis is so evident as ingrid.


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