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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  June 27, 2019 3:45pm-4:01pm CEST

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shing it's a mission stained image by the launching an all electric car sharing fleet in the german capital. had made the competition electric scooters are the latest trend in urban mobility critics call them dangerous and economically unpalatable. i bet it was all in let's do business a day before the g. 20 there's already movement in the tariff stalemate between the united states and china south china morning post says the 2 sides have agreed on a tentative truce it did lay a fresh round of american judy's that would have extended levies to nearly all chinese exports to the u.s. it was a condition the chinese set before agreeing to meeting between the 2 presidents. chinese president xi jinping arrived in osaka in the rain on thursday morning but the forecast for trade talks with the us has apparently gotten
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a little sunnier amid reports of the tentative truce on the torney topic of additional tariffs optimism has been building among world leaders that a deal is within reach between the superpowers when their leaders meet in japan. do not worry about it in regard to the u.s. china trade expect the united states and china will constructively resolve the issue through dialogue including the us china meeting during the g 20 summit. we're at a time of very high tensions between the united states and china so during the g 20 summit i hope we can have talks that will ease the tensions separate months. analysts say and out and out solution to the trade dispute is unlikely to be found this weekend but one survey of investors suggests they aren't expecting any new tariffs either as the latest report suggests your trump has not ruled out the possibility. that it's possible we're going to get there but i'm also very happy
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where we are now would take it in a fortune if we don't make a deal i will terrified maybe not a 25 percent but maybe a 10 percent but i will tear up the rest of the $600000000000.00 that we're talking about. a trump lookalike has already arrived in osaka but we're volatile markets need from this weekend's g 20 is a real deal. the spotlight is on china's weiwei again after puerto employees worked on research projects with the people's liberation army the phone and networking powerhouse unaware of the collaboration and the niceties a security threat. these are busy times for a while ways top brass they have to get their messaging just right the telecoms colossus is keen to distance itself from a report that while we work has collaborated on at least 10 research projects with chinese armed forces personnel over the past decade. donald trump has blacklisted huawei as a security threat because of its links to the chinese government why we repeatedly
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denies it's an espionage risk the pollies the 1st of all our way as a provider of a communication system time i.c.t. products solutions for civil use while he does not post to most products or carry out research for the military. or the. bloomberg report is damaging because it says the collaboration with the people's liberation army spawns artificial intelligence to radio communications security officials say back doors in what ways gear could allow gianna to spy on the u.s. . woman. we are not aware of these matters that certain of our employees publish papers. we also don't have any cooperation projects that kind of. trumpets warned us allies would stop sharing intelligence if they use what we tech to build 5 g. networks as the us china trade conflict continues on the frontline. us comic of
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ford says it's cutting a total of $12000.00 jobs in europe by the end of 2020 as it tries to return to profitability on the continent ford will close plants in russia france and the u.k. and reduce shifts at factories in spain and germany some cars are already known including will buy 1000 positions here and 2000 salaried jobs across europe slow sales and new technologies pushing automakers well why do you make drastic changes . in rental scooters the latest trend to hit many cities straight the 1st serious accidents have been reported and critics say they made the economically viable nor environmentally sustainable. this couple is doubled up on one scooter even though it's illegal in germany you can now find these vehicles for rent on nearly every corner in the heart of berlin and this summer people are scootering through the streets and parks of the german capital
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where 15 companies are competing for the market critics complain that they clog up traffic and consume too much energy. we wanted to hear the company's response so we zoomed along 2 german scooter sharing company tier mobility experiences in other cities show that only 20 percent of scooter riders have given up their cars for this mode of transport but the sector believes that in the long run electric scooters will ride cars off the road. if you look at the commuter train stations here in berlin in some cases they're one or 2 kilometers apart and maybe your office is right between them or your workplace is 4 or 5 kilometers from the train station then it's very attractive to rent an electric kick scooter at the station to get to your office and the potential users are people who would have otherwise taken their cars to give them 5 sets of. what's
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. going on. but keeping up an adequate network of motorized scooters is a logistical challenge at night transporters have to collect the scooter fleet and redistribute them for the next morning micro mobility analyst alexander young says that's why it's no surprise that a 10 minute ride currently costs 2 years 50 as much as a subway ticket. and not all of the aga feud i lot of suppliers say that's even below the running costs because managing a fleet of electric scooters cost so much money tied into the buy don't adequately taught on as the current generation doesn't have replaceable batteries. so you base . have to pick up every scooter every 2 days ticket to a warehouse to be charged and then bring it back into town and he starts in my view that's not economically viable in the long run. but manufacturers are working on
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the battery problem they're convinced that these electric vehicles can help turn the corner in the mobility revolution. the wait for boeing $770.00 max fleet to return to the skies is going to go on a while longer it seems after the u.s. plane build this stuff and now the big setback in its recovery bid following 2 crashes involving a 77 max model in indonesia and that left 346 people dead test pilots examining boeing software fixes in the u.s. have discovered new quitters. they say there is no such thing as a free lunch well in indonesia you might be able to get one because in the city of dzhokhar a local farmers have started to give away their chickens for free it's a protest against misguided government policies. satay chicken grilled on a skewer and served with a peanut sauce is
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a popular dish in yogyakarta this week people in the indonesian city were eating it for free. poultry farmers gave away thousands of birds to protest against plunging prices when the action began customers thronged the market to take advantage of the freebies. it's a sign of our concern and our protest to the government because the price has been below the production cost. breeders have been producing more chicken in the country consumed in response the government ordered them to cull 3000000 chickens over the next 2 weeks to prop up the prices the farmers decided to give away the birds but if you do know it's better like this they'll be rewarded by god i she took 2 free chickens home. malaysia is one of world's top 10 hubs for wildlife smuggling and tackling traffic is a constant battle customs officials recently scored
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a win at all of them bred port seizing of a 5000 smuggle baby terrapins. to baby red deer slider turtles were discovered in small baskets in the luggage of 2 indian nationals who flew in from guangzhou oh in southern china. the semi aquatic readier slider is the most popular turtle in the pet trade. customs officials of the tariff and take was worth nearly $13000.00. going to do it all together a total of $5255.00 terrapins were sleaze from these 2 individuals that he will pollute. the laser is a major transit point for alyson wildlife trade to other asian countries the whole is a significant victory for customs authorities. you know the government only this is the 1st such case this year and we can't say what. it involves a similar quantity more than we've seen before but it seems to be quite
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a large quantity into suitcases found at the same time. but it must be some good they may be photogenic but the turtles can carry salmonella and are invasive in some habitats a reason why smuggling can be so damaging. and finally as we w. tries clearing the air over its emissions cattle the german auto giant has launched an all electric car sharing fleet in 1500 vehicles to hire from today and join a crowded field of competitors in a highly i'm profitable business. christiane zinga told me it's not just the publisher he's done a proper business model. that you're up to date on all the business news thank you very much for joining us here on the w.
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i've been fizzling. very soon if on this station once more if you want more news go to our website of course the nice doing business of the of i.
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frankfurt airport city managed by for bought. this is their reviews live from berlin can they patch up their differences bogged down by trade wars and a lack of consensus on just how to tackle global warming g. 20 leaders arrive in japan for a high stakes meeting we have team coverage from osaka also coming up nato defense ministers meet in brussels to discuss tensions over iraq the u.s.
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says it doesn't want war and is calling on european allies to help it cheat a diplomatic solution plus the case.


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