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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  June 27, 2019 8:15pm-8:31pm CEST

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the area. the heroic rescue is a massive success story for thailand. they plan to release in the kings something sure it's a boost visitor numbers this is when netflix projects about the rescue in the goods and people here expect the fresh insertion attention to them and you think this area in the tourism 6. business after that with better physical and is that next time south a good day. how about taking a few risks you could even take a chance on. don't expect happy ending. church.
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during. expressed feelings i am not very creative yet but i would love to be considered an artist one day looking for new perspectives real to him no way to replace the big 3 you can do a things differently. come to the place where we reflect on society. march 20 more time d.w. . the u.s. and china reportedly agreed to a trade to truce african states reposition themselves to profit from the tariff dispute as regional and global production hubs. south africa's new president has failed to fix the economy despite campaign promises of a revival could a trip to the g 20 help. and tries polishing its
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a mission stained image by launching an all electric car sharing fleet in the german capital. and then for all and let's do business can donald trump and she jinping just kiss and make up the leaders of the world's top 2 economies meet at the g. 20 summit of major powers this weekend i'll be talking trade expectations are running high as she and trump arrived in stormy. global markets cheering on media reports the 2 have agreed on a tentative troops but trump has been talking tough he has threatened to impose even stiff attacks on chinese imports if negotiations were made deadlocked white house economic adviser larry kudlow says there are a no preconditions. for. whatever happens at this weekend's g. 20 that is feud between the u.s. and china is likely to redraw the global trade map nations like vietnam a benefiting as companies seek an escape from tariffs could african countries also
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benefit is reason for optimism plenty of challenges. the mumbai the nairobi railway at its opening in 2017 finance them built by the chinese have cut travel time between the cities by hours china has its own reasons for investing in africa it wants to expand its trade reach and it isn't alone foreign investment across the continent rosa levon percent between 20172018 new projects bring new opportunities for business not a bad thing as rising protectionism puts a dent in traditional trade routes another reason for optimism africa's free trade agreement becomes operational next month all but 3 governments have signed on if things go as invision goods and services could soon move between countries with less friction and that what's portrayed within africa and it could draw a larger investment into the continent sparking a long awaited industrialization division an economic model for the continent that
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goes beyond resource extraction. countries still have to ratify the agreement they have to harmonize their tariffs and even more difficult to get local manufacturers on board africa's largest economy remain skeptical meanwhile nigeria has yet to sign on to the agreement its manufacture is concerned over competition for africa still quite a road ahead to global competition because on base those is director of the european business organization in nigeria which fosters business and trade what sort of opportunities are opening for africa with china in the u.s. looking colas. i think there are plenty of opportunities opening up while you're open for european companies the african continent with its large population is strong economic growth but mostly with the fact that most of its markets still are overpriced and i'm just so yes they had many opportunities to increase trade and
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investment but what about the challenges what's been your experience you've also found there bring you a full energy company i believe to close the huge power gap in africa yeah that's correct oh a company based up power is actually providing offer it powers lucian to industrial and commercial customers and what we do is to actually do our contribution in closing the gap and in the same time reduce the pollution as well as the cost most companies because there is no power from the grid need to source that power from visa generate to us and clearly you know you can't build an economy on these and generate us alone this is the space in which we are in in west africa but you've managed to succeed where where others have failed what's been your recipe to success. i think they're essentially 3 things that are relevant for
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companies as well as our diplomatic relations which is number one on the long term perspective i'm in africa now since 15 years 10 years in nigeria and i think it is a good we have a long term perspective also when we look at new investments coming in the african continent has gigantic opportunities but these are not coming in in one or 2 years the cellphone goes in for the long haul the 2nd thing is to really work on the ground our company is meeting in west africa act aka i'm not going to block those and we work very closely with our clients so we don't believe that an investment all european activities in africa should be on a quota have been driven out of europe is fine marvelous and then just waiting for the next flight back to europe and then the 3rd thing is to be the most important thing we have a soft talent and after we have grown out all the company within one i now have 2
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years to $100.00 employees and we found if we just invest a bit wonky education we actually have extremely powerful team that can easily compete with any other teams in the world so nation is important because a big change to europe's approach to africa is what what what's needed basically vessel's they director of the european business organization in nigeria south africa is desperate to drum up investments at this weekend's g. 20 summit the economy has just experienced its worst quarterly contraction in g.d.p. in over a decade businesses struggling to stay solvent will be forced to shut their doors if the situation doesn't improve. we are going to create your we are waiting. in our country the promises that now need to be urgently kept as of africa's economy flounders president still run the poster needs to show that his vow to drum
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up $100000000.00 of investment over the next 5 years is achievable you're mano a quantum used very weak has been growing for less than one percent for the past 2 years with that high unemployment rate poverty inequality increases so for us tory just that we need to private sector to invest in the local economy they have primarily the domestic private sector because to to convince foreign investors local business have to show a willingness and confidence in the local economy. but for many businesses prospects look bleak. the 2nd quarter of 2019 delivered s. 3.2 percent drop in year on year g.d.p. figures both manufacturers and industrialists are complaining of weak demand that won't be sustainably addressed without structural economic reforms.
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as we need to have a free for of people goods and services and was we have a free flow of goods and services and opened up our country to a lot of trade what we haven't done is got skills in and believe if we don't get skills in to supplement the skills the tree have we are not ok to what south africa is carrying the african continents hopes of addressing climate change activists have hailed the recently introduced carbon tax even if some economists argue environmental protection ism isn't what i am opposed should be pushing for in japan . in spite of these challenges. remains calm and confident a turnaround is on the horizon they call it army work take all we'll be able to. more investment into our country. as he jets off to the g.
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20 in a soccer his country's waiting for much needed investment. as he w. tries clearing the air over its emissions cadel the german auto giant has launched an all electric car sharing fleet in better than 1500 vehicles for hire from today a joint and already crowded field of competitors in a highly profitable business i asked for the vikings. if the company has missed the boat. with the real demand customer demand for car sharing is sustainability growing and you see 14 percent grows from last year to 2 this year. so there is a real custom of the mint and the 2nd point is all purpose is a sustainable approach so going 100 percent electric is for us the key and now we are at the dawn of an electric mobility lounge in log scale together with car sharing. electric is the key word here i guess diesel gate really
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was a huge scandal well wide. folks bargain is on the wave from car manufacturer to mobility service provider a service provider making your mobility more easy cautionary is a part of this trade it's cheap and this traded she goes to early to other large cities the last part of the population in laws cities and so car sharing fits very well there but 1st of all it's just better than 1500 cars isn't that just lobbying trying to show politicians that you are doing something but really old and old as far as your whole business goes very little the star starting this 1500 electric goes we are heading next year 500 electric up models and you're adding our new ideas 3 models great cars lots of driving fun the
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are getting the superior custom if you pick for this electric cars and so this is for sure a push for electric mobility but for many berliners you don't need a car or don't even have a car. and it's so much out there on offer as far as mobility goes even in scooters are a very quick solution you don't have to look for a parking spot. well i'm ability provide a supports you finding a parking spot finding a charge and finding the right mobility solution for you you're using your own call on public transport and. she had a car or it is a scooter if you could bring this all together today is a starting off the share service based our electric cars and what about when it comes to recharging that's a huge problem german wide but also one. in the capital. this
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excess of electric mobility for sure they may end a strong infrastructure especially that people are convinced they will never be resolved electric electricity. cautioning is a good example of that collaboration came create a success more legal in colorful and retail stores here. they are installing 140 charging points fast such as their use during the day from shoppers. that they go shopping to charge to car and you mean this is really enough for normal demand over the night you're using it for our call sharing fleet perfect symbiotic approach. business with.
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the full. country international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week. coming up on quadriga there has been a seismic political shift in turkey after the opposition c.s.p. party won the vote for mayor in the country's biggest city. joining us on the
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international talk show as we discussed. 60 minutes. take personally. with the wonderful stories that make the game so special. for all true fans. the because more than football. this is state of the news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes of call in the gambia for all women and girls in the countries who report sexual assault committed by for the president. it comes off to again. and with that accuse the former dictator of drugging and raping her when she was 18. and how people in sudan stay in touch and informed the internet has been restricted since the start of june the
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ruling military council says social media is a threat to national security.


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