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this is d.w. news coming to you live from berlin global leaders to get gather together and talk about troubled times at the g. 20 summit in japan their time playing issues ranging from trade wars to election meddling will live to a stalker for the latest also coming up presidential hopefuls on stage in miami florida by for the chance to take on donald trump in the race for the white house
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a 2nd democratic party debate saw clashes over tenet's pasts and america's future. almost one year after the deadly collapse of a bridge in the italian city of genoa it's remains have been demolished dorothy's to back away to the thousands ahead of the controlled explosion which happened less than an hour ago. and england have pushed through to the women's world cup semifinals they put on a stellar performance to send norway home when the season england into the final 4 for only the 2nd time in their history and now they're one of the favorites little . fellow i'm terry martin good to have you with us world leaders are in osaka japan for the g. 20 summit they're facing a ray of problems stretching from the u.s.
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showdown with iran to trade tensions between washington and beijing on both those issues the european union finds itself caught in the middle. for 2 days osaka is the center of the political atlas the leaders of the world's 20 largest economies flying in for what promises to be a stressful program. small talk is sure to be drowned out by u.s. president donald trump's heavy footsteps as he continues his campaign of america 1st. the trade war he started with china will dominate discussions though few expect talks between trump and chinese president xi jinping on saturday to result in a truce few trade relations between china and the u.s. . difficult the. contributing to disrupt of the global economy the trumpet ministration has also ramped up pressure on iran
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withdrawing from the nuclear deal was just the beginning new sanctions and threats of war followed all of that has the attention of those here. maintaining nuclear. is in the regional and international security interests. the e.u. is committed to the deal as long as you know and continues to uphold it. outside the confines of the heavily guarded summit site. citizens are urging action on climate change activists went out not only on osaka streets but also on hong kong's where protesters called for support from g 20 leaders for their pro-democracy movement. beijing has already forbid in other countries from discussing the hong kong unrest at the summit. german chancellor angela merkel arrived in good spirits
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and osaka this after a 2nd bout of unexplained trembling in front of cameras led to speculation about her health. her good cheer will have to endure she's due in brussels on sunday to negotiate a new leadership for the e.u. . our correspondent max foster is in osaka covering the summit for us and joins us now max understand that chancellor merkel held a press conference just a short while ago what did she have to say. the question that many of us wanted to ask is how she's doing because as we just heard in that report she had a 2nd shaking attack back in berlin but here she seemed fine calm and collected her usual self we didn't get the opportunity to ask questions but like i said in that department at the moment at least things seem ok and then she gave us an account of her day so far the bilateral with trump didn't say much just said we talked about
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iran didn't say how that went and the point she really insisted on a little bit is that many members of the g. $21.00 to the reform of the world trade organization to go along as planned you know the world trade organization for example responsible for dispute settlement within the global trade community something that the americans really haven't agreed with in the past and i. are actively fighting now and if things continue the way they have gone in the last in the last weeks months and years that it would mean that the dispute settlement mechanism and of the w t o would be nonfunctional by the end of the year and that's of course something that the countries that are in favor of a multilateral trading system are trying to prevent with all their forces but it's difficult with countries like the united states so trade clearly on the agenda there at this g 20 max what exactly do the g 20 leaders there hope to achieve during this 2 day summit. advancing trade
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multilateral trade always was the goal of the g 20 that's the reason why they were founded to coordinate their efforts there nowadays it's also very political and the problem now is in these days and times that you have leaders with very different goals and targets at the moment they used to be more or less on the same page but now you have a u.s. president who says i do not favor multilateral trade i want bilateral agreements and that's why he's here he has a series of bad lateral agreements including the one you just mentioned earlier with the chinese president xi jinping so what do they want well countries like the states to get the best out of the whole system for themselves you probably would say that country like germany want to do that as well but they have a different philosophy a different path towards that and that's why they're struggling to find a wording they can all agree on for the final declaration so trade obviously at the
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very center of the discussions there but as you say max this has become also a political gathering what about issues such as climate change or security are those topics also being discussed there in a stock of this year. climate change is the 2nd very contentious topic we're hearing from the so-called sherpas and so the ones that are negotiating this final declaration i'm insisting on that part because it is really is one of the most important things of such a g. 20 summit some say you know it's just words it doesn't really matter but if you look at what is decided in those declarations then quite of a bit of it actually gets implemented for example of the things that were decided in one is iris close to 80 percent of those decisions and statements made in that declaration are on track to be implemented so it is important and that's why those sherpas have already negotiated all night last night and probably going to do the same thing again tonight and they say trade and how to fight climate change and
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climate change in general are the 2 topics where they're having a really hard time because of the united states max thank you very much for your insights correspondent max hawk down there in osaka. well u.s. presidential hopefuls have clashed over the past and the future the 2nd democratic party debate in miami florida they're buying for the chance to take on donald trump in 2020 former vice president joe biden was looking to cement his position as front runner but another candidate california senator coming to harris put him on the defensive last night. there's a crowded field for the democratic nomination but that anyone stand out for phenomena caught up with some people watching the debate in miami same stage same for much same jampacked gathering of 10 democratic candidates in the miami center for the performing arts right behind me but this time 2 men are at the focus of
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attention former vice president joe biden and vermont senator bernie sanders who are running 1st and 2nd in most polls. but the fate of the many watch parties in miami began it quickly became clear that it was neither by ignore senders who grabbed the spotlight it was sent out to come along harris who took command of the stage she criticized biden this recent remarks about working with segregationist and it's personal and i was actually very it was hurtful. to hear you talk about the reputations of 2 united states senators who built their reputations and career on the 2nd case of the greatest in this country. restore my position across the board i do not praise racist it is not true or
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number 2 if we want to have this campaign living for civil rights whether i did or not i'm happy to do that i was a public it was the most dramatic moment i'm going to be repeatedly came he did and we should several attacks and by the former vice president however aims he spoke. to the audience his verdict was to by that i mean that came out harris is very strong so far and so is pete and there i think they're right in there definitely right to compare biden it's actually very competitive the candidates are all making their points really well i think that joe biden represents the largest portion of america and i think that joe biden can get someone that is considerably more liberal than he is as a vice president i think that what americans are willing to vote for and what a 1000000 americans would like to be represented by someone that stands in the middle. by the supporters. he remains the best hope for the democrats
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to get donald trump out of the white house whoever will get the chance to challenge the president in the end the debate here in miami was only the beginning long and top. phenomena there now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world today 2 people have been evacuated from d.c. watch humanitarian ship for medical reasons the boat entered italian waters in defiance of. 2 days ago italy is continuing to refuse a permission to dock the ship's captain has. queues european countries abandoning the migrants. the bodies of a father and daughter who drowned trying to enter the u.s. by in mexico are being returned to their home country of el salvador the 2 were swept to their deaths by strong ties in the rio grande they were found together with the little girl tucked inside her father's shirt. and
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a forest fire in northeastern spain is continuing to rage out of control despite the efforts of hundreds of firefighters authorities suspect the bridge blaze broke out after a heap of manure ignited in the intense heat fire officials say it's cut alone is worst forest fire in 2 decades and the situation is now critical. for watching d.w. news still to come reliving the riskier tourists for plucking to the cave in northern thailand where 12 boys and their kind of made of the escape. the u.s. football team and co-captain megan rapinoe prepare for tonight's world cup semifinal but the comment she made about the donald trump white house have taken the spot. now engineers in the italian city of general have demolished the last remaining pillars of a major motorway bridge that collapsed last year. of
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residents were evacuated ahead of friday's plans demolition and extra police have been drafted in to ensure public safety $43.00 people were killed when the r.n.d. bridge collapse without warning in august last year. well joining us now from rome is freelance journalist seem a good singer the general a bridge collapse was a major blow to italy's once proud engineering history just half an hour ago the remains of it were demolished as we just saw that were people around the country following this event yes they were very closely i mean it was being covered by local television channels as well as news outlets now seconds before it was demolished the sirens ran out and we didn't seconds the entire needs of that bridge
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would demolished a putins of dust spilled smoke rise rose into the air as the residents that could see the process applaud the appears it things have gone according to plan but we still seeing those want to cannon's heating up to control the dust i think for many of those watching there's a feeling of relief that this i so it's fine to be removed but at the same time a feeling of sadness as everyone remembers those people that were killed as a result of that tragedy back in august last year. the new bridge is expected to be the most expensive in europe what can you tell us about the plans for that new bridge understand that the foundation has or at least a foundation stone has already been laid. yes and they plan to go full steam ahead if you understand this is really a key challenge for this populous government in power now it's really they came into power in june 28th and then in august this tragedy happened that hit the moron
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ridge when it collapsed so it really was the 1st key challenge india keen to show that they can fulfill their promise says essentially they say the new bridge will be up and running and traffic will be running on it by april 2020 so the plans are in full steam ahead you had both deputy prime ministers my d.s.l. d.d. as well as he need to be my present to be at the demolition keen to show a united front on one issue that they want this project to go ahead the project of course the sign of the new bridge by red so piano the italian aki stop now essentially has donated his fee for this the building off the breach and the project is expected to go ahead but as you said expect to be $1.00 of europe's most expensive bridges in its final construction sima thank you so much journalist sima cooked up there in rome. should asylum seekers whose applications have been rejected be held in prisons well german lawmakers decided
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that today and together with a package of laws that could make life harder for people waiting deportation chancellor going to michael's government wants to step up expulsions of refused asylum seekers but critics call the legislation inhumane. mohamed came to germany from afghanistan in 2014. shortly after he arrived he committed an offense for which he was convicted and sentenced. partly because of that his asylum application was turned down mohamed wants to stay in germany at all costs he has appealed the asylum decision and is waiting for the outcome. and i still have to work but i don't know what will happen my life is up in the air i don't know what to do or i'm always afraid when i go to the place where i live i'm always afraid and i take medication every day to help to stay calm.
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the new migration package presented to the bond is not today would leave mohamed and many other refugees with little chance of staying in germany. the government is looking to increase deportations in the future. in the past year or more planned deportations filed and took place. we decided that we should significantly intensify our ability to deport people. if the migration package is ratified more asylum seekers would end up in deportation jails or have to remain in so-called reception facilities longer unmarried skilled workers without other family members would have an easier time getting asylum but not school aged refugees with a criminal record like mohammed good to book hot head of the refugee advocacy group who calls the package inhumane he says it will harm integration. i will spread this
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triggering fear in those affected refugees are isolated in places called anchor centers for one and a half years or the walls and they can't work then people will say they can't be integrated into the workforce they don't even have a way and through the door. mohamed would rather die than go back to afghanistan but with the planned migration package he's losing hope of being able to remain safely in germany. thailand has been marking one year since the dramatic rescue of the boys' football team that was trapped in a cave in the north of the country earlier this week the boys and their coach returned to the cave to all or their rescuers and talk to the media deal has not only brought attention to the region but also tourism charlotte chelsea until reports. to
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mention this is the site sitting same place to tragedy. a bike riding fun run not the anniversary of the dramatic rescue at the. coach. to raise money to develop the area and propel its transition from sleepy backwater to buzzing tourist hot spot is a project that's transforming the fortunes this community i knew locals used to come to this area now there is a whole infrastructure built around this the site of the rescue that had the entire world gripped to great like this one a few looking here it's got a fast one taste of the ordeal the cave itself is currently closed to the public for safety reasons but that hasn't stopped thousands venturing off the beaten track every week to check it out. this is can know it's true a small museum telling the story of the rescue and pay their respects to this my diver who moves to the river trying to save the boy is. just a shoot from the cave subtle drug tourists at the dozens of stores that have sprung
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up the last 12 months giving them a chance to browns the cave does take a memory. and somehow i'm visiting from laos this is a sacred place that i've heard a lot about i'm really excited to see it i personally think that. came here because it's the anniversary of the cape and i want to pay my respects to the diver. entrepreneurs who crossed the region to cash in on the action they say that encompasses. thought look on your money i used to be a housewife but i heard how much money people were earning from tourist sites set up this business. based in tourism isn't just a local initiative national authorities are also keen to commit the area oh through her request is a massive success story thailand. they plan to release costly reopen the teeth something sure to boost visitor numbers this is a netflix project about
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a rescue in the good in people here expect the french international attention to that you think this is the tourism in. england or the 1st team into the semifinals of the world cup in france joining me in the studio this morning to take us through last night's match is a young expat from t.w. sports morning so did last night's game live up to expectations in terms of the entertainment 100 percent but in terms of the score one not so much i think everyone expected this to be a close game between norway and england but it didn't turn out like that england absolutely dominated the 1st half they scored early norway looked pretty shellshocked in one go to 2nd and the norwegians couldn't recover so england want to run out 3 no winners no way did have a college chances of their own and english defense did look shaky at times but it was a great performance for england
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a real statement of intent to the rest of the competition but let's take a look at how exactly they won the match. a close game was expected between these 2 evenly matched signs but in just the 3rd minute england took the lead you see problems went on the routing run and her cross found jill scott i feel they're providing a perfect improvised finish and sparing the blushes of strike and then white i mean to prove that it was a one off white almost put england to know i read the post and i. an eye catching 5th goal of the tournament but she didn't have to wait much longer in the 48th minute nicky to paris race 3 and unselfishly set up white norway simply couldn't cope with england's movement all whites like to go. after halftime bronze caps an outstanding performance with a goal that brought the coach and superstar fans alike to their feet a rocket to make it 3 nil and getting liniments and going into the semifinals.
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so england are through to the semifinals where they'll face either france hosts or the reigning champions usa the co-captain of the american team megan rypien oh she's been making headlines ahead of that match tell us about it yeah indeed so rip a no is known for taking a stand for what she believes in she's a very proud member of the take community and she also really believes in equal rights for all people and she's been a front runner as well for the fight for equal pay for the women's football team but the video has re-emerged where she refused an invitation to the white house in the case of america winning the world cup now it's a tradition in the united states for the u.s. president to invite sporting teams to the white house when they've won a national or international competition but retain has made clear that she is not a fan of the current american administration or their policies saying that they
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don't value all americans and of course her stance the start of a war of words with current u.s. president donald trump after he found out about them but let's take a look at how that saga has unfolded. a war of words has disturbed the u.s.a.'s quarter final preparations comments meghan rypien ohad made out a photo shoot back in january resurfaced this week. going to. now not going away have said we're not going to be invited back with you but i did i doubt it u.s. president donald trump took offense to these comments responding with a series of tweets he claimed to be quote a big fan of the american team and women saka but meghan should women 1st before she talks finish the job he then said quote we haven't yet invited meghan or the team but i am now inviting the team win or lose meghan should never disrespect our
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country the white house or flag especially since so much has been done for her and the team. but meghan rypien no is thick skinned and has stood her ground of thursday's press conference she made only a small concession when it came to her previous remarks. i stand by the comments that i made about not wanting to go to the white house with the exception of the ex but if my mom would be very upset about that i don't think that i would want to go and i would encourage my teammates to think hard about landing that platform or having that co-opted by the machine that doesn't feel the same way and isn't fight for the same things that that we fight for the team's quarterfinal match with france will be decided by the tightest of margins rypien are says if anything this incident will make them stronger. so not ideal preparation for the women's team there but it's clear that rip a no is not fazed you go to love her confidence i mean she was talking about not
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going to the white house before the u.s. have won the world cup so it's clear they're looking they believe that they're going to win this ok a lot of confidence there now before anything though the u.s. has to get past france to get anywhere do you think the game is going to be a straightforward is last no not at all this is a true clash between 2 heavyweights to preach torment favorites as well france the hosts will be playing in front of a full house and looking to use that to their advantage they have the players to hurt the u.s. but the u.s. of course have been here before defending champions they know how to win these games but if there's one thing to expect it's goals even if france scored 2 or 3 us will be confident scoring 4 so i think is going to be a cracking game and it's not one to miss terry thank you so much alex pate from did obvious sports will be watching she is. just reminder the top stories we're following for you here today on d w news world leaders are attending the g. 20 summit in osaka japan are facing a ray of problems stretching from the u.s.
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showdown with iran to trade tensions between washington and beijing. and the remains of a collapse fridge in the italian city of genoa have been demolished in a controlled explosion blast removes the last vestiges of the run the motorway which gave way almost a year ago killing 43 people. fully back in just a minute go hostile foes of be here with latest business news i'm terry martin thanks watch.
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the full. time. we're many. and we're from another galaxy going to researchers around. world or something. trying to take the sons of presidents. messages from the edge of england over the a black holes and neutrinos introduced in 45 minutes on g.w.
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