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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  June 28, 2019 8:15pm-8:30pm CEST

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well. all right we'll leave it there the line is poor but we wish you well thanks for joining. us and for the know that this is the w.'s live in business africa is up next. we'll have more world news at the top of the cupboard. my 1st my steak also sewing machine. where i come from women are bound by this notion for. something as simple as learning how to ride a bicycle isn't. since i was in the gutter i wanted to have a bicycle off my home and it took me mr bundy. finally became bob invented by me on bicycles and returns with the sewing machine sewing i suppose was more appropriate for those than writing advice as knowledge i want to meet those woman back home who
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are bones by then 2000 and social norms and inform them about that piece of rights my name is devoted to her and i wore them. protectionism is hurting the global trade order a warning from china's leader as he gears up to meet his american counterpart that the most eagerly anticipated event of the g. 20. a mobile money agents brings banking to some of africa's most remote island communities but would you trust her with your pos what. and it could be the business leaders a lot just feel about a controversial german investor buys a big chunk of football club. then fizzling let's do business
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u.s. president donald trump has thrown the world of trade into disarray he's got the attention of every leader of the g 20 major economies as they meet in. a ken trump get his rival to play fair on the global business front on saturday he meets chinese president xi jinping but the question is if they can reach a breakthrough the trade war is increasingly getting global growth. getting the hellos out of the way but soon they'll be getting down to the real business of the weekend technology is a critical front in the ongoing u.s. china trade conflict both nations see digital and technological supremacy essential to their economic futures the role of chinese firm weiwei and building 5 g. networks and the u.s. led attempt to ban it is a major sticking point already on friday the leaders took part in a digital economy summit it was all quite polite but while way shape shadow hung over the discussion trump reach security g.
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openness at the same time as we expand digital trade we must also ensure the resilience and security of our 5 g. networks this is essential to our shared safety and press. chief we need to encourage the movement of information technology and human resources to safeguard the global industry chain sharing our strength and cooperated to achieve a win win situation we should not develop behind a closed door and we cannot interfere in the market. even if the us china meetings are not the only ones that matter for the global economy and osaka india and the us have had their own simmering trade tensions of late and friday indian prime minister narendra modi met with trump while he also took part in meetings with the leaders of the so-called brics economies where he called for reform of the w t o l. ultimately though the big set piece this weekend is the
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trump she meeting the outcome of that will determine just how happy this latest reunion of world leaders has been so the u.s. and china have stolen the spotlight i asked our correspondent where that leaves the e.u. which is a champion of free trade. we've been told actually that right now in brussels the free trade agreement between the e.u. and merkel so also the free trade area of the south american countries that they and their trade negotiations for free trade agreement coming to a close and tomorrow the e.u. is going to sign free trade agreement with vietnam so they are doing a lot for free trade but nobody's really paying attention and i think that's a problem of the e.u. they wanted to send a message hey guys we're doing free trade without the u.s. and we have other friends to play with but nobody's really listening really briefly are we going to get a break through what this g.
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20 how to say i mean people who are involved in the actual negotiations are saying this one is even harder than the problem ridden summit in argentina last year so they said that it's probably going to be their working into the night and it's going to be really difficult for them to find a breakthrough because it's gotten harder and harder to keep those 20 nations together especially with the u.s. doesn't sound like they're going to get much sleep doesn't sound like you will either killed her for us in. a disappointing market debut for africa's 2nd largest mobile telecoms company and tell africa so she has full 15 percent of the listing on the london stock exchange a subsidiary of struggling indian telecoms giant tail and already lowered its initial pricing in anticipation of weak demand until africa so raised 595000000 pounds it listen sibyl 20 asli on the nigerian stock exchange. while africa's
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mobile network continues to grow its leading to turf was consolidations and new entries the fight for customers is intense especially between the top 2 companies and tell africa and m t n he you can see exactly where they're active and how they overlap and hell is present in 14 countries in sub-saharan africa from the jet to madagascar as well as africa's most populous country nigeria but it's only the 2nd biggest helco they can look at market leader m.t.n. it's headquartered in johannesburg and has 17 countries under its belt it also has a huge lead in customer base with almost 171000000 people signed up compared to ed tells 99000000 well the mobile phone is a life changer on lake victoria its many islands mostly accessed by small canoes cutting ugandan communities off from banking services one mobile money agent is
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changing that. with over $85.00 violent legs experience africa's largest lake. one of its major islands called has a number of small businesses but one of them stands out. he said this one square meter both is an agent how phone and the records book to complete a workstation he or she handles mobile phone transactions with millions of uganda shillings. so what do when i'm the people's bank and i've been able to become one because i'm trusted with. howlett just clientele is made up of fishermen every day the cup just huge amounts of fish that gets them exchanging money ridge larry but many never go to the bank. the only bank we have is not very far so i can't use it all the time because it has specific working hours. but
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i just want you so i use mobile money which is accessible all the time. that it was out. during a number of house position has self at this obvious of the fishing community with a population of about 35000 people she knows many of our customers by name and some even trust her with pos words for the accounts one of them is the local leader every presenting some of the remotest islands at the local administrative kind of so it. is made up of 10 islands that are far apart from one another one needs at least 200000 shillings or 30 liters of fuel to move from the small islands to the main island to find a bank with mobile money it's a matter of minutes to transfer money. but a new tax on mobile money has had an impact to a number and her clients the government recently introduced a 0.5 percent tax on mobile phone transactions this is made sending and receiving
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money on the mobile phone more costly so for. us to get many people transacting of the 50 would come here but now i get about 20 people are complaining that the tax on mobile money is a lot. but as locals adjust gradually to embrace the tox number remains hopeful for better times and bonds and the fact that money remains the most preferred so obvious for transacting here and actually the only option for many in the room or just islands. it could be the biggest investment deal in german football's top flight the job is buying a stake in blood as they get called head to belly in 125000000 years of official say they'll invest a lot of that in play as. interest runs the company became famous in the early ninety's as a teenage take entrepreneur even a company full of chancellor helmut kohl overseas but several of in horse
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enterprises folded with the tech bubble burst and his investments have been a mixed performance. doesn't transfer mouse sports desk is a good think i had it but on the face of a very good thing 125000000 years as you say is a whole lot of money by the bridges legal standards and it could get even better if i had to because they have the option to increase the stakes just under 50 percent from $37.00 german media reporting that's how it's an investment could then be worth 225000000 euros so wholly to money but some fans are a bit skeptical because they're always concerned when outside interests get involved in football even though this guy can get a majority but could they use that money to buy some big name players yes they could and once all the liabilities have been covered the media reporting that most of the money will be used to dip into the transfer market now are they going to be able to buy name are they going to buy favors by leno messy no you know the price
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is high for those players but what they can do is use it to build a core of the score they don't want marquee signings they want to build the backbone for the club to invest in the future so is the bundesliga going the way of the premier league basically trying to outside investors buying up clubs well this is a lot of money but it actually cons go the way of the premier league for the moment because of its $50.00 plus one rule now this essentially stipulates that fans must have a majority say in the club it's to protect clubs and representatives but what it does do is eliminate simper so off outside investors now and we're not going to see . and investment levels for the lights of the billions that the shakes might be dobby have poured into premier league champions manchester city critics of the rules say it's going to mean the business legal always lags behind its rivals but fans are maybe a bit concerned about some of in the whole thing risky investments will be saying is a good thing to have this rule will ease the tech entrepreneurs on an oil shake easy but is he on to something i mean you can make
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a lot of money out of these big city clubs well you know he is looking for an on his investment he's been very clear about that football clubs for a good sucking up money no spitting it out again so you know you mention big city clubs but lynn historically hasn't had one because hat's it hasn't been so successful but when you host is probably looking at other big successful clubs in cities like london and madrid and thinking there's potential here not just in terms of sporting success maybe in terms of marketing opportunities abroad they could well be a growth potential as far as performance goes i mean they only finish what mid table last season yeah i mean mid table lester way behind the lights of by munich and that person dortmund but what i think they can do with this investment if they can get rid of some of that inconsistency is that the notorious for they could be pushing for the champions league prices we know the british leader is always very tight behind by an inverse of goldman's i think champions in the lucrative champions league would be a decent achievement for heads the next season justin gray thank you very much for coming in you're welcome. and just briefly before we go apple's
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longtime design chief jony ive is the the company helped shape bridgeboro design a has been behind the look and feel of some of the tech john's most iconic brands or any of the popular colorful high mac computers from the ninety's but also the i pod i phone and i pad apple says i have is setting up his own company. for nurses company could just be working for the future but i've heard of less nice doing business with you i'll see you again very soon. have a nice weekend. the
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man who stopped the desert yaku someone from burkina faso. she showed farmers how to regenerate their soil putting local knowledge to innovative new. his wartime barren land into a 40 terra forest and our intend our right livelihood for. 60 minutes on d w. o l. you know
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who today. could change you know the banks. and so was the language of the bank running. speaking the truth. that matters j w made for mines. this is news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes the place where there's no space for criticism human rights watch says that taste is one of the boys here from one woman who says she's made big sacrifices to deepen the political debate in the country and will keep doing so. and an unprecedented lawsuit in south africa a community living in the midst of coal power stations.


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