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simply bush. was neil armstrong. was his destiny starts july 20th on t.w. . cut. above. play . this is d.w. news live from berlin and talk instead of tariffs at the g. 20 summit chinese president xi jinping and his u.s. counterpart donald trump agree on a truce and their country's trade war will have the latest from the summit in osaka japan also coming out. and telling authorities or is the skipper of a humanitarian ship carrying migrants rescued in the mediterranean sea captain
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caliber good to have defined in order to stay away from italian courts. and the united states are on track to defend their world cup crown after a making work pay no double sawn off post france in the quarter final cut. american evanston it's good to have you with us. u.s. president donald trump has hailed an agreement to restart trade talks between his country and china the 2 countries nearly a year long trade dispute has disrupted the global economy trump announced the agreement after meeting chinese president xi jinping at the g. 20 summit in osaka we had a very good meeting with president here china takes us. to actually.
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we discuss a lot of things and we're right back on track. see what happens but we have a really good meeting well trump made the announcement as the g 20 summit was drawing to a close the gathering in osaka also saw the unveiling of another big trade agreement. the leaders of the world's 2 largest economies trump and she the u.s. and china. together those 2 countries represent 40 percent of global economic output. a trade war has been on for a year which has sent shock waves through the world's economy now the leaders have agreed to restart trade talks as trump promises not to impose new tariffs on chinese goods those talks came on the heels of a breakthrough for the european union and a latin american bloc known as mer courser the us signed a trade deal with argentina brazil paraguay and or acquired to slash billions in
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tariffs this is a historical moment these negotiations have been 2 decades in the making the summit in osaka has focused on international trade tensions but for some there the climate crisis was at the top of the agenda the group will sign an agreement on climate change similar to the one signed at last year's summit in argentina again with the us refusing to join the effort united nations secretary-general and tonio good tears said the dangers of a warming climate can no longer be ignored i believe in science and the best available science that we have today was the find by the i.p.c.c. reports making clear that we should limit the growth of temperature to the end of the century to $1.00 degrees and the finding a roadmap to reach that objective and that's requires an meaningfully increasing ambition only the u.s. which produces 15 percent of the world's greenhouse gases actively oppose this progress on that front. w.'s max hoffman is covering the g.
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20 summit and he joins us now from osaka for more so max u.s. president donald trump has described his talks with chinese president xi jinping as excellent so does that mean they managed to settle their differences on trade. well the good news is apparently they have as you just said refrain from additional tariffs on additional goods you know that the u.s. president donald trump had threatened to impose tariffs on goods worth $300000000000.00 from china and that seems to be off the table for now you described this correctly as a truce but to really work out a trade agreement as both parties are attempting to do it will take much longer and i would like to remind everybody here we were at exactly this point after the g. 20 summit in borders iris at the end of last year where things seem to be looking quite well quite good between the 2 nations and after the summit everything went
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downhill so although donald trump is saying this that it's excellent it doesn't really mean that there will be success at the end of the road well max it may or may not be a coincidence that the european union chose this particular day to announce a draft agreement of the biggest trade pact and its history that's with their closer group of latin american countries was this some sort of message to the u.s. president. it's certainly no coincidence when you have 20 years of negotiating 20 years they started in 1909 between those south american countries and the european union and then they announce it on the final day of one of the more contentious g. 20 summits where it's all about bilateral trade like donald trump once said versus multilateral trade like the european union wants so the message is clear e.u. is saying we are the champions of the liberal multi lateral trading framework in
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the world and the european union is open for business. well max something else that was quite significant in osaka is that the g 20 countries will minus donald trump made a renewed commitment to tackle climate change what more can you tell us about that . that was one of the more difficult topics that kept the negotiators the so-called sherpas awake not only last night all of last night but the night before as well of course the other topic was was trade and what we have now is a preservation of the status quo already at the last 20 summit the united states refused to endorse the so-called paris agreement that's the agreement that really tried to keep global warming below 2 degrees celsius compared to crete industrial levels so they couldn't go beyond that but many feared that meant maybe other countries would jump off the wagon for example newly elected brazilian president
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polls in a row who's been called the trump of the tropics but in the end they made him sign that too not only once but twice one time in the final communique of the g 20 and the other time in the markets or trade agreement where brazil is also a part of so this under the circumstances guarding the status quo qualifies as a success all right well despite all the differences they even managed to agree on a final communique would you say that also qualifies as a success. yes exactly like i said earlier when you have a situation like this one where very experienced sherpas say it's never been as hard as this before and where the virtually not sleeping for one week and where they even have to postpone press conferences postpone briefings in the early morning of this day of saturday because they still have not reached a final agreement because the united states wants to kick out the mention of climate change totally out of this agreement that you know this was no easy feat it
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is a success but you know for for an organization like the g 20 just guarding the status quo not being able to go forward that's difficult that's when this organization starts eroding at its but its borders at its fringes and so for now guarding the status quo a success like i said but going forward they really have to ask themselves what do we want to achieve with the g. 20. hofman in osaka for us we thank you for that. well let's have a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world. veba an ally of german chancellor angela merkel is out of the running to become you commission president well that's according to the german newspaper that. the decision to rule out of a bar was made by e.u. leaders at the g. 20 summit in osaka germany and france had previously clashed on the issue with paris unwilling to back the german e.u.
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lawmaker. the mercury shot up across france on friday friesian enjoyed an early summer heat wave with temperatures in the mid thirty's but southern france it was scorching with one village hitting $45.00 degrees celsius the highest temperature ever recorded in the country. in hong kong pro-democracy protesters scuffled with police on the city's waterfront tension is mounting ahead of the 22nd anniversary on monday of britain's handover of the territory to china activists more protests against a controversial bill that would allow suspects to be extradited to mainland china. now the captain of a humanitarian ship banned from docking in italy is being questioned by police after entering the port of love to do so without permission early saturday authorities finally allowed dozens of migrants to disembark from sea watch 3 after
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they were stranded in the mediterranean for more than 2 weeks talian government has closed its waters to all migrant rescue vessels accusing them of aiding traffickers . authorities say the german captain. was arrested for refusing to obey a military vessel that follows a long standoff with the coast guard. an angry crowd greeted the commander of sea watch 3 as she was let off the humanitarian vessel bud police. to cries of go get out but also a round of applause rolled a rocket so it was taken into custody after the ship illegally docked at a port on the italian island of lampedusa it followed a 3 day standoff with the taliban authorities who refused to allow the 40 remaining migrants on board to disembark the government had previously warned the situation was unacceptable. as a note look through
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a note commander that must be stopped and arrested and expelled. expect the european union to tell me where and when these 40 people will go and for me the question ends in 2 minutes. we're going to figure the interior minister material also said that a deal could be struck with germany france finland luxembourg and portugal over providing havens for the migrants they had been stranded at sea for more than 2 weeks. sea watch 3 and a ship run by the spanish proactive open arms and geo are the only privately run vessels patrolling the mediterranean after the italian and maltese governments introduced stricter anti immigration policies last year. but for those migrants still making hazardous journeys across the mediterranean the ships could mean the difference between life and death. to sports now and the biggest game of the women's soccer world cup so far took place last night with the title holders the
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u.s. beating hosts france in the 2nd quarter final in time get away from the 4th is here to talk all about it so tom it was a really big game for the united states country but also in particular for that standout forward megan rapinoe she's not exactly on the best terms with the u.s. president though issue no that's right she's not now. recently some video surfaced of her reset this of megan rapinoe from a few months ago saying she wouldn't really fancy accepting an invitation to the white house she has also been refusing to sing the national anthem before games. in a gesture of solidarity with and if i was talking competent neither of whom are really in the know best books but he's probably not really in there is either in terms iraq to know has been doing exactly what she's that to do she really made a difference last night against france. as the usa right in paris spoil the party for the hosts we can see now how that game unfolded. her refusal to sing the
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anthem has irritated u.s. president ronald trump but the woman who calls herself a walking protest wasted no time next you have football to do talking. make and repeat you know unleashing this free kick with just 5 minutes gone. straight pasta everyone and us have scored early in every game they've played at this tournament. and the 2nd half of the us still having the best to be attacking play french keeper cerebral hockey kept busy but there was nothing she could do to stop rep you know from ensuring she dominate the post match that runs. this effort her and her sights. the hosts finally found a way to break through thanks to defender when they ran out. but it was too late so tonight. the u.s. in. time so success against france but how do you think the u.s.
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is going to hold up when they play against england in the 1st semifinal on tuesday that's going to be very difficult clash as well in the one every game of the tournament so far and for the 1st time in the farther we actually saw them overwhelm their opponent and they were very clinical going forward against norway which they hadn't necessarily been in the games previously to that i think positively for the u.s. the defense is looking slightly weaker and as we saw last night when the u.s. create chances they're always in the position to finish and put them away all right but still to remain in quarterfinals unable to see germany play out yet that's what germany are an action against sweden germany have also won every game so far in the tournament as well as in the as well as the u.s. and they were very dominant in their round of 16 clash with nigeria for germany are actually still yet to concede a single dose i think it's fair to say that they go into their farnell with sweden as favorites and in the other codes finals taking place today netherlands will face it. to lay down their hands all the european champions but they were very lucky to
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get through their last game against japan where it's only have really been outperforming everybody's expectations of all this tournament and they in their round of 16 clash against on the a fantastic set to be cards all right some get away from database sports thank you so much as always thank you. and you're up to date now on unions american abstain from me and the entire team here in berlin thanks for watching. filleted have to get through the bundesliga break without a football thanks again. to the women's world cup and for. weeks of excitement so emotion not some kind. of explain to 90 women is. the goals of the results here on d. w. me.


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