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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 29, 2019 11:00am-11:15am CEST

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and explore fascinating world cultural heritage sites. w world heritage turning 60 the good. played 7. players play played. this is d w news live from berlin talk instead of tariffs at the g. 20 summit chinese president xi jinping got his u.s. counterpart donald trump agree on a truce in their country's trade war we'll have the latest from the summit in osaka japan also coming up in time authorities arrest the skipper of a ship carrying migrants rescued in the mediterranean sea captain carlo rock
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a to have defined an order to stay away from to tell you in 4 days. and the united states are on track to defend their world cup ground after a may can repeat no double soft hosts friends in the quarter final. play. play. i'm married to evanston it's good to have you with us. u.s. president donald trump has hailed an agreement to restart trade talks between his country and china the 2 countries nearly a year long trade dispute has disrupted the global economy trump made the announcement as the g 20 summit was drawing to a close gathering in osaka also saw the unveiling of another big agreement on trade . the leaders of the world's 2 largest economies trump and she
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the u.s. and china together those 2 countries represent 40 percent of global economic. a trade war has been on for a year which has sent shock waves through the world's economy now the leaders have agreed to restart trade talks as trump promises not to impose new tariffs on chinese goods those talks came on the heels of a breakthrough for the european union and the latin american bloc known as america's are the e.u. saying to trade deal with argentina brazil and uruguay to slash billions in tariffs this is a historical moment these negotiations have been 2 decades in the making the summit in osaka has focused on international trade tensions but for some they are the climate crisis was at the top of the agenda the group of sainted agreement on climate change similar to the one signed at last year's summit in argentina again with the u.s. refusing to join the efforts united nations secretary general antonio good taters
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said the warming climate can no longer be ignored i believe in science and the best available science that we have today was the find by the i.p.c.c. reports making clear that we should limit the growth of temperature to the end of the century to 1.5 degrees and the finding a road map to reach that objective and that's requires an admitting full increase in ambition only the u.s. which produces 15 percent of the world's greenhouse gases actively opposes progress on that front. while a donald trump's final press conference at the g 20 he praised his relationship with chinese president xi jinping and was also upbeat about the ongoing trade spat between the u.s. and china. we had a great meeting and we will be continuing to negotiate and i promised for at least the time being we're not going to be lifting tariffs
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on china we won't be adding an additional. you know tremendous amount of what we have i guess $350000000000.00 left which could be taxed. and we're not doing that we're we're going to work with china on where we left off to see if we can make a deal. max hoffman is covering the g 20 summit and he joins us now from osaka hello to you max so the u.s. president described his talks with pain china's president as excellent but did they even manage to settle any of their differences on trade. they settled one issue that was probably going to send a sigh of relief through world markets which is they're going to hold off slapping their mutual goods with further tariffs something that donald trump the us president threatened to do i think as early as as late as last week wanting to.
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put tariffs on $300000000000.00 worth of chinese goods and that would have really made a difference on world trade so this seems to be off the table for now which is the important word here because i remember marianna after the one as i was g. 20 summit last year we were exactly at this point and then things started going downhill from there so it really really matters what kind of trade agreement they will reach if they reach a trade agreement within the next weeks because that's much more complicated than sitting down together here at the g. 20 summit shaking heads and saying everything is excellent when you still have so many problems and details to solve well max another major development at the g. 20 was the announcement by the e.u. they've reached a draft agreement of what's the biggest trade pact in the u.s.
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history with the americas for a group of latin american countries what's the significance of the timing of the announcement of this draft trade deal. you know there was you know you couldn't you couldn't make this up really because the one hand you have leaders struggling with bilateral agreements like china and the u.s. and on the other hand you have the you shining on the world trade stage going up there and saying it took us 20 years but still we made it and it shows that there is still room for this kind of compromise for the multilateral framework and it's unimaginable that this is just a coincidence this was on purpose to send the message the e.u. is open for business and our model is actually working if you look at it and the model that donald trump in the u.s. and all the other countries that are not in favor of the maltese lateral framework of hashing out these kind of compromises and deals are on the wrong track well max and despite various differences among the g 20 they still manage to renew
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a commitment to tackle climate change will at least without donald trump and they also were able to agree on a final communique so do both of these things then qualify as a success in your opinion. well the climate issue might have been even more complicated than the trade issue because as we understand the united states demanded at the beginning that the whole topic of climate change be scrapped from the final communique but there was strong opposition against that and then there was fear that other countries like brazil might not want to sign that part of the communique because in brazil you now have joe you're both sort of a rose often called the trump of the tropics and he said he was a big fan of trump's over there seem to be some danger there but in the end they managed to keep the 19 together so 19 countries except for the united states to sign that paragraph of the communique and that does qualify as a success even though you don't have the 2nd biggest polluter in the world when it
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comes to greenhouse gas emissions the united states in that and of course that is not good for the planet as a whole but if you look at the g 20 and what could be expected from this meeting that success i think you know generically speaking the same qualifies for trade there was some compromise they had to take out for example the protectionism part in the past where they said protectionism is bad due to influence of the united states but they still managed to have some common ground there and a communique itself something that many doubted beforehand so yes keeping the status quo in these difficult times qualifies as a success well max along with trade and climate change there is another topic that was discussed that german chancellor angela merkel of health and there has been a great deal of concern after she was seen having it episode of shaking 2 times she did talk about that at a press conference let's have a quick listen. these kinds of jubilation and i can tell you that firstly i
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understand your question but i have nothing special to tell you except the time well i'm convinced that just as this reaction came up bite it will also go away again and again. all right so the german chancellor a bit cryptic there max what do you make of her statement. when i was there at the press conference and you could tell that you know she doesn't like that kind of questions nobody really does but by signaling that she understood the question she acknowledges that there were there was a problem she's quite open about that but she won't say she knows why disappeared and why this disappeared again all i can say from seeing her twice during these 2 days is that she appeared to be as she always is very calm very collected we did not see any shaking of any kind and i'm not a doctor so i don't really know what this means for us what's important is she doing her job here can we can we give
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a judgment on that and yes she definitely did do what is expected of a german chancellor at the g. 20 summit in osaka. next often reporting for us from osaka we thank you very much. well meanwhile president trump said he may meet with north korean leader kim jong un when he goes to the militarized zone in south korea tomorrow trump offered to shake hands with the north korean dictator at the d.m.z. in a tweet he said pyongyang has been receptive to the suggestion but that nothing had yet been confirmed. that he responded and you will see all right let's get you up to speed now and some of the other stories making news around the world. month that veber an ally of german chancellor angela merkel is out of the running to become e.u. commission president that's according to the german newspaper time zone tog the paper says leaders at the g.
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20 summit in osaka took the decision to rule favor out germany and france had previously clashed on the issue with paris unwilling to back the german e.u. lawmaker. fires are raging in parts of spain amid a record breaking heat wave in western europe with residents near toledo south of madrid have been told to evacuate as one blaze approaches their homes and the forecast there is for more high temperatures today. and the mercury also shot up across france on friday the region's enjoyed an early summer heat wave with temperatures in the mid thirty's but southern france was scorching with one village getting $45.00 degrees celsius which is the highest temperature ever recorded in the country. now the captain of a humanitarian ship banned from docking in italy is now being questioned by police after entering the port of lampedusa without permission early saturday authorities
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finally allowed dozens of migrants to disembark from sea watch 3 after they were stranded in the mediterranean for more than 2 weeks the italian government has closed its waters to all migrant rescue vessels accusing them of aiding traffickers . authorities say the german captain kato was arrested for refusing to obey a military vessel this follows a long standoff with the coast guard. i just saw. an angry crowd greeted the commander of sea watch 3 as she was let off the humanitarian vessel but police. to cries of go get out but also a round of applause for all the rockets who was taken into custody after the ship illegally docked at a port on the italian island of lampedusa it followed a 3 day standoff with the tali an authority has refused to allow the 40 remaining migrants on board to disembark the government had previously warned the situation
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was unacceptable. there's a note low crew and low commander that must be stopped or arrested. expelled. expect the european union to tell me where and when these 40 people will go and for me the question ends in 2 minutes. we're going to figure the interior minister material salvini also said that a deal could be struck with germany france finland luxembourg and portugal over providing havens for the migrants they had been stranded at sea for more than 2 weeks. sea watch 3 and a ship run by the spanish proactive open arms and geo are the only privately run vessels patrolling the mediterranean after the italian and maltese governments introduced stricter anti immigration policies last year. but for those migrants still making hazardous journeys across the mediterranean the ships could mean the
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difference between life and death. to the women's soccer world cup and the united states had set up a semifinal with england after beating host france 21 in paris it was a u.s. player who dominated the build up who ended up dominating the tight match. her refusal to sing the anthem has irritated u.s. president turn to trump but the woman who calls herself a walking protest wasted no time letting her football to the talking. making retainer one leashing this free kick with just 5 minutes gone. it's way past everyone and us have scored early in every game they've played at this tournament. since the 2nd half of the us we still have in the past to be attacking play french keeper sarah hardy kept busy but there was nothing she could do to stop prepping now from ensuring she dominate the post match headlines to. this
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effort sampling her and her sights tally. the hosts finally found a way to break through thanks to defend the when the men. thought it was too late so too late. for us in so the last 4. you're up to date now and get up on the news and marion entertain me and the entire team here in berlin and thanks for watching. home to us of species. we're sitting. here.


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