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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  June 29, 2019 2:00pm-2:15pm CEST

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this is d w news live from berlin talked instead of tariffs at the g. 20 summit chinese president xi jinping and his u.s. counterpart donald trump agree on a truce in their country's trade war we'll have the latest from the summit in osaka japan. also coming up telling authorities arrest the skipper of a ship carrying migrants rescued in the mediterranean sea captain carlo right kate i had to find in order to stay away from the time imports. and the united states
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are on track to defend their world cup crown after it was megan rapinoe double top whose friends in the quarterfinals. welcome to the program american i haven't seen. at a g. 20 summit marked by trade deals u.s. president donald trump has hailed an agreement to restart trade talks between his country and china the 2 countries nearly a year long trade dispute has disrupted the global economy trying made the announcement at the summit as the summit in osaka was drawing to a close. the leaders of the world's 2 largest economies trump and she the u.s. and china together those 2 countries represent 40 percent of global economic space a trade war has been on for
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a year which has sent shock waves through the world's economy now the leaders have agreed to restart trade talks as trump promises not to impose new tariffs on chinese goods those talks came on the heels of a breakthrough for the european union and the latin american bloc known as america's syria the e.u. saying to trade deal with argentina brazil and europe wide to slash billions in tariffs this is a historical moment these negotiations have been 2 decades in the making the summit in osaka has focused on international trade tensions but for some they are the climate crisis was at the top of the agenda the group of signed an agreement on climate change similar to the one signed at last year's summit in argentina again with the u.s. refusing to join the effort united nations secretary general antonio ted has said the warming climate can no longer be ignored i believe in science and the best available science that we have today was the find by the i.p.c.c. reports making that clear that we should limit the growth of temperature to the end
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of the century to 1.5 degrees and the finding a roadmap to reach that object and that's requires admitting. only the u.s. which produces 15 percent of the world's greenhouse gases actively opposes progress on that front. while the donald. final press conference at the g. 20 he praised his relationship with chinese president xi jinping and he was also upbeat about the ongoing trade spat between the u.s. and china we had a great meeting and we will be continuing to negotiate and i promise for. police the time being we're not going to be lifting tariffs on china we won't be having any additional. you know tremendous amount of what we have i guess $350000000000.00 left which could be taxed or could be tariffs
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and we're not doing that we're we're going to work with china on where we left off to see if we could all do max hoffman is covering the g. 20 summit and he joins us now from osaka so max we just heard donald trump describing his talks with the chinese president xi and paying as being excellent but did the 2 of them actually manage to settle any of their differences on trade. you know i have a days of rumor and we were at exactly the same position basically about have a year ago in going to cyrus at the last 20 summit when she didn't pin that donald trump also met and said they had good talks and now they would work things out but that didn't happen so it reminds me of that situation of course good news here no terrors for the time being on additional chinese goods from the americans that will
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send a sigh of relief through world markets but this is not the trade agreement that the 2 are looking for that will take much longer well they will have to talk about the details where they will have to find compromise and it might go downhill just as it went last time. well max and the other significant development at the summit was the e.u. announcing that it's reached a draft agreement of a trade pact with them their cars are a group of latin american countries now this would be the biggest trade pact in the eaves history. was the timing of this meant to send some sort of message. well i think we can be sure that this was supposed to send a very strong message and the message was look some are trying to reach bilateral agreements and have a very tough time doing so in this case china and the united states we have been negotiated for 20 years with the markets or states not giving up and finally
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reaching compromise but it was worth it so the message is the european union is a champion of free trade is a champion of the multilateral system and is open for business a mass also very significant is that the g 20 well at least without a donald trump the rest of the countries there are a new to their commitment to tackle climate change and somehow despite all the difference is they were also able to agree on a final communique so do both of these things and qualify as success in your opinion. well the climate change part was one of the most difficult parts together with the trade part so if you reach an agreement there then it's more likely to reach an overall agreement and indeed the negotiators the so-called sherpas had to go through 2 nights straight without sleeping to make it there in the morning a saturday that things were unclear yet the leaders had to intervene and in the end they found this compromise that they had already used by the way at the last 20
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summit where the 19 signatories of the paris agreement the paris agreement being that agreement that's supposed to limit global warming to 2 degrees celsius. they say this is irreversible and then noting that there is the exception of the united states that does not heard to the paris agreement of course this is not in the original spirit of the g. 20 where in the past you were always looking for a consensus but this is the only possibility to get the united states on board for this and to have this at least for the 19 others very strong commitment to fighting climate change but it was very difficult the negotiators said more difficult than ever there was a lot of doubt if even those 19 countries that signed this part could be kept together because you have some new leaders for example gerry abodes an hour from brazil who is also called the trump of the tropics it was unclear if he was going to sign it but in the end they made it they convinced it well max another topic along with trade and climate change was the german chancellor is on the americans
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and her health there's been quite a bit of concern after 2 recent episodes where she was seen shaking now chancellor merkel addressed in that at a press conference let's have a quick listen. cummings if you believe he does i can tell you that firstly i understand your question but i have nothing special to tell you except the time well i'm convinced that just as this reaction came up by it will also go away again and again. all right so a bit cryptic there on the parts of the german chancellor max what do you make of her statement. you know we observe her of course because you had that episode of berlin just before she came over those 2 days we saw her twice and in the past we saw her many times that i really couldn't tell any difference she was not shaking she seemed herself calm and collected and she had she she expressed understanding at the question but she really didn't give us any
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more let's say medical information but all i can judge here is what she did at this g. 20 summit and you know she did the work of a german chancellor as was expected from her. and that's huffman reporting for us from osaka we thank you very much for that. well after leaving osaka and the g 20 summit donald trump is now in south korea he said he may need with north korean leader kim jong un when he goes to the demilitarized zone between the 2 states tomorrow from landed a short time ago at osan air force base just south of seoul in a tweet he offered to shake hands with the north korean dictator at the d.m.z. he said pyongyang has been receptive to the idea but that nothing had yet been confirmed. all right let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world manfred vivre
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an ally of german chancellor angela merkel is out of the running to become e.u. commission president that's according to the german newspaper vetted. the paper says the leaders of the g 20 summit in osaka took the decision to rule vapor out germany and france had previously clashed on the issue with paris unwilling to back the german e.u. lawmaker. in india police 15 people are dead after a wall collapsed on 2 workers huts in the country's west a rescue operation is underway it's fear that others are still trapped beneath the debris the collapse happened after monsoon rains hit the city of. a salvadoran woman whose husband and nearly 2 year old daughter drowned trying to cross the rio grande to the united states has returned home tanya vall oath was met by government officials at salvatore's international airport they say she's asked
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the media to respect her privacy and to leave her alone. the captain of a humanitarian ship that was banned from docking in italy is now being questioned by police after entering the port of love to do so without permission early saturday authorities finally allowed dozens of migrants to disembark from sea watch 3 after they were stranded in the mediterranean for more than 2 weeks. telling government has closed its waters to all migrant rescue vessels accusing them of aiding traffickers authorities say the german captain. was arrested for refusing to obey a military vessel. all this follows a long standoff with the italian coast guard for. i thought an angry crowd greeted the commander of sea watch 3 as she was let off the humanitarian vessel but police. to cries of go get out but also
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a round of applause for all the rockets who was taken into custody after the ship illegally docked at a port on the italian island of lampedusa it followed a 3 day standoff with the tali an authority has refused to allow the 40 remaining migrants on board to disembark the government had previously warned the situation was an acceptable. to. crew and commander that must be stopped arrested and expelled. expect the european union to tell me where and when these 40 people will go and for me the question ends in 2 minutes. if you're the interior minister material you also said that a deal could be struck with germany france finland luxembourg and portugal over providing havens for the migrants they had been stranded at sea for more than 2 weeks. see watch 3 and a ship run by the spanish proactiv open arms and geo are the only privately run
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vessels patrolling the mediterranean after the italian and maltese governments introduced stricter anti immigration policies last year. but for those migrants still making hazardous journeys across the mediterranean the ships could mean the difference between life and death. to the women's soccer world cup and the united states have set up a semifinal with england after beating host france $21.00 in paris it was a u.s. player who dominated the build up who ended up dominating the tight match. her refusal to sing the anthem has irritated u.s. president turn of trumps but the woman who calls herself a walking protest wasted no time letting her football do the talking. make and retain you know unleashing this free kick with just 5 minutes gone. it's way past everyone and us have scored early in every game they've played at this tournament.
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into the 2nd half of the us we still have the best to be attacking play french keeper sarah hardie kept busy but there was nothing she could do to stop rep you know from ensuring she dominate the post match headlines to. be. this effort so appealing her and her sides tally. the hosts finally found a way to break through thanks to defend the when they ran out. but it was too late so too late. the us into the last 4. l g b t people around the world are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the modern gave rights movement crowd gathered at the place where the movement began new york city's stonewall inn that's where in 1069 protests broke out after police raided one of the few establishment the community could frequent in the city all more demonstrations followed eventually becoming a worldwide movement for l.g.b. t.v.
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rights. and before we go a quick reminder of our top story. the leaders of the u.s. and china have put their 2 countries trade war on cold donald trump and she seemed pangs of return restart the u.s. china trade talks at the g 20 summit in osaka. tear up to date on t w thanks for watching. it's all happening going to fit. your link to news from africa the world your link to exceptional stories of discussions here no one will come to you suffer coming program tonight from phone to me from the news it's easy to our website to do.


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