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participants wearing white trench each other with about 70000 liters of wine their equipment includes water pistols garden sprayers and buckets the event celebrate st peter and the region's plentiful wine now. that's all the news for now shift is up next with a look at the risks faced by young you tube of back to the top of the hour with more news as old as you can get all the news any time on our website that's com or on twitter. thanks for staying with us. still if he'd have to get through the bin to sneak a break without a football thanks. again. to the clintons look for. excitement. not so.
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the 19 year. old myself speciality telling him he. needs a sex phone operator to work her masters thesis on the potato. to create. not a turn on well it's more ridiculous from a. list traditionally the street. all over the world people dream of becoming the rich and famous should concentrate us in paris watch out for our top pick on shift today. these days pretty much anyone can take a shot at becoming a famous blogger thanks to platforms like to talk video and you to. and beyond fame
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there's money to be made some bloggers become millionaires the money making formula on you tube is relatively straightforward the most views you get the moment you can make 1st be because you tube gives content creators a share of the ad revenue and secondly because companies pay influencers to post videos featuring their products like toys. 7 year old ryan from ryan's toys review is one of the biggest told influences on you tube this video of him opening a giant surprise egg has been watched around 100000000 times. with the kids and wrapping products in the boxing videos like singing from russia all reviewing them like kyra from india to manufacture is loved by many brand ambassador because now that can match. what kid doesn't want to try out a toy. but can
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a 3 year old understand what it means to be on you tube many kids clearly have fun making the content it gives them a chance to be center stage and get creative from hand-clapping games to drawing to dorio platforms like you tube give kids and teens a chance to shine as gamest or in family collaboration's such as challenges. he's going to win this stuns challenge every end of the rather repetto be millions of years feel like they know papa and mamma b. and their kids. they love to watch the e.b.e. family competes it's harmless family challenge fun at least for the us. some parents have even quit their jobs to manage their youtube star offspring and wish point we're clearly no longer just talking about fun and games if their child doesn't feel like making a video one week tough luck no such choice when the family income depends on it honestly i'd say that borders on child labor which we need to protect minors from
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at the moment germany has strict regulations for minors appearing in movies on t.v. but those don't apply to you one you tube sensation which has a lot of child stars is a as. you have heard of it let me show you some people say it's restraint from chat he spends its time so it's. really. something people find with and others suffer so it's relaxing. the fact is now. the autonomy is since remember the in response. studies using a s m r videos have found the audio visual triggers can reduce stress and unhappiness and slow down some people's heart rate. the online is a mock community is constantly growing one popular uploader is 13 year old mckenna
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kelly from the u.s. over 1500000 subscribers follow the channel life with mac. this is mckenna kelly his most successful videos have millions of views each new click the teen money through 10 to get better. but also through sponsoring contracts on product placement. that occasionally also offered viewers the option of paying go directly for a specific a s m r video or a personal message. and approach that the t.t.c. i come across a psychologist and digital media expert finds worrying. once
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there's a system or children are producing content for adults and not just for other children then i think that's cause for concern. on top of that money is involved then i'd say a line has been crossed and that's not good and i definitely wouldn't want that for my own children or mine i think in the broadest of. videos full and with children on you tube have sparked multiple intense debates in the 1st 3 months of 2019 the platform deleted 800000 videos for violations of community guidelines mckenna kelly's most successful cop to date has also been affected the video had over 12000000 views and showed her eating honeycomb. the real our community is keen to keep its content clean but there are adults who find the videos with children sexually arousing you tube's rules regarding such
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matters are vague as they response to mckenna's channel shows so it's still unclear whether the life with max video was blocked because of its content or others comments. it is upload is to be aware when they use the platform as a creative outlet ensuring that. the web never forgets and the back of my mind. the only way to be completely safe is to not do anything online and which i thought i'm pretty sad and i'm confident that if you give your posts some thoughts then you'll also be comfortable with them in 10 years time when all continue. that's probably not a typical day is a marvel and i'm not sure mckenna will still feel good about it in 10 years' time a mother manages their account so who protects children on youtube when parents don't there are community guidelines but few sanctions when these get broken
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controversial content does get deleted but often much too late if at all i think it's high time this changes. it's really hard to control what happens after a video has been uploaded and child molesters have been known to comment on children's videos alerting other offenders to the best parts earlier this year you tube responded by deleting hundreds of children's accounts and just able in the comments section on millions of minors videos youtube is reportedly considering transferring all content for and with children onto the separate you tube kids another possibility would be to prevent the audio play function on videos with children that will stop child molesters being supplied with a tale of stream of videos featuring children to sum up anyone who posts on you tube should be aware that reactions may be unexpected and could include hate speech
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here's a you tube or from berlin who has found a clever way to deal with this. all that separates us to 15 years of age from us a glossy social media star with over 500000 fugitives subscribers is an hour's time several layers of make up i said i am fake eyelashes. hello again hello again bad bags welcome to my new video on my channel and today i've got something different for you and it's typical aussie superstar. a k r c has been uploading a you tube video almost every week since he turned 11 sometimes he's joined by other you tube friends like marvin magnificent. just like playing the guitar on school learn to put on make up by himself by following you tube tutorials. back in the day there weren't many boys who put on makeup and i thought why don't i just become this person myself who can inspire others to see how many people
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especially boys dead to put on makeup now because of ass on the that's really cool and that's also why do this and cher so. much because i notice that it helps people in their situation or gives them something to do you know what i mean. he's learned to brush off hate speech and even responds with humor. that's not new not funny anymore so i'm going to have this is cool dude young creatives like him face many problems on you tube there's mobbing and hate speech the pressure to create new content and side agreement where adults use fake profiles to pretend they are teenagers and basically groom their future victim's family brought up by t.v. i can i gotta has tips for you to buzz on how to protect themselves. how do i protect my privacy. but actually provide privacy is especially important
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for teenagers and children watch out for certificates and the room that give away their real names or when recording outside don't always use the same place so that others can figure out where this person lives or goes to school. how do i protect myself against cyber bullying. in one kind want to live by when you're starting out you can choose to disable comments that way you can 1st gain some confidence and a sense for your post quality attitude and if something is good clearly i'm not ok report it all platforms offer that possibility and. how do i protect myself from cyber grooming. seiberg cyber grooming as a phenomenon on all social media platforms not just you tube and i believe we need to inform children about it the same way we warn them about intrusive adults and normal life we have to prepare them so that they're careful when they're contacted
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and tell them this could be someone pretending to be an adolescent chatting with you so if anything ever seems strange. about it with others and set your own limits as to what you don't want to. get then soon as that investment in 100. how can i protect myself from being disappointed. and especially children and adolescents have role models the so-called employer answers people with a lot of subscribers. and they hope to reach the same level. when i think of all you can do is to talk about it and stay realistic and tell kids these influencers also didn't just join you tube and get 3000000 subscribers over night one and a half to those who still want to be you to burst here are my top 3 tips for clicks target group ask yourself who you want to reach and then create videos for that
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group search engine optimization or seo describe your videos using words people search cool with and families to a strong preview pictures motives can be found in our you tube video how to get more views on you tube. personally i like posting on you tube and if it gets you fame and fortune even better of course fame comes with costs like negative comments which can really hurt my advice to other use your best would be to ask yourself whether you still be comfortable with a given post in 10 years' time what do you think should there be more protection for young you tube let us know and see you next time. place. to know that 77
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percent. are younger than 6 o'clock. and you know what on the 77 percent we talk about the issues. in this edition south african historian are no longer a macuser she can push the comics style history book to help children understand and identify with the african roots of the 77 percent next on d w. because like the race went right down to the wire last season's championship battle was undecided until the rams judgment against la tulsa liking led me take a look at the last song battle of the time. on the 1160. looks.
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good job it click. the link to news from africa and the world your link to exceptional stories and discussions on the use of easy town while website debited comes to. join us on facebook j w her. love. hello and welcome to the 77 percent our show for africa has you. are you under 35 years old then you are part of 77 percent of africa's population and you are in the right place this show is all about you come.


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