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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 2, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin after days of disagreements were awaiting a decision on who will get the e.u. top job was a fun day line germany's current events minister is now the paper to become the e.u.'s new chief she's a compromise candidate e.u. leaders have been arguing for 3 days over who should fill the box most important role is also coming up police and hong kong to restore order after protesters stormed and ransacked the parliament building and china tells other countries to stay out of its affairs. and in the women's football world cup team usa gear up for
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their semifinal against england but are the americans already looking ahead to the final england think so on the topic is adding to the build up ahead of the game. i'm sumi so much god it's good to have you with us germany's defense minister or the a fund on the line is being considered for europe's top job european council president on trust is expected to ask e.u. leaders to back her as the european commission president now they've been meeting in brussels for the past 3 days to try to reach a consensus on replacing outgoing commission presidential argue it has been one of the longest e.u. summits ever but leaders say they are confident they will be able to agree on something a dutch social democrat fronts to move on as was the previous favorite for the job but the czech republic slovakia hungary and poland eastern european countries known
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as the vision for rejected that choice here's what czech prime minister and jane popish had to say. we have to find a solution we spent 21 hours yesterday saying that mr to my mom's is not the right man to liaise between the e.u. commission and our countries before. becoming. let's go right to brussels state abuse bob of a list ending by far she's been following all the latest developments for us barbara a lot of back and forth here now we're hearing it was a lot of fund lines name a she's a current german defense minister that her name is squarely in the ring why where is this coming from. this is of course coming out of all these patients deficit have been taking place since yesterday afternoon since european leaders left to get some sleep diplomats have been sitting in the back rooms here and trying to find new packages make new deals with each other who could say yes to whom under which
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circumstances if they would get other job i mean that's the way it is here it's horse trading really and so it is said that france and germany sort of talked about it and president mccrum supposedly can agree to fund a line one of the reasons maybe because she speaks french she was born in brussels so he might consider her a good candidate under those circumstances and that others might be content with her the vision broad group the 4 countries you just mentioned are also reported to have said yes we could live with her so it seems there might be an emerging consensus for the defense minister ok that is for the post of the european commission the president there are other jobs up for grabs and other names being thrown around we should say also christine lagarde possibly for the head of the european central bank the e.c.b. but barbara put all of this into context for us why are these jobs so important.
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these are the people who really steer the european ship on the day to day basis i mean some say of course the e.c.b. that being head of the e.c.b. is the most important. it's certainly isn't economic terms because this is the person who steers fiscal policy and who sort of is the guardian of the you of the stability of the euro is that that. draggy has been guaranteeing for years now and steer it is through the euro crisis so christine lagarde is being mentioned for bad and also from the line for the e.u. commission now this is the edge and see that sort of does the day to day job in european matters. laws are being proposed there regulation is being made there and plus she or he sets the political tone in the general agenda off the european union and that is therefore one of the really most important jobs in europe at all ok so the these jobs are essentially crucial barbara you're saying if you call this
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process horse trading why has it been so difficult to find the right names for the right jobs. it has become much more difficult than it was in the past then it was sort of a matter of some leaders sitting in a together over a glass of wine in the back room and saying you like this one i like that one ok we agree on the 3rd and that's done now you have other countries we mentioned the eastern europeans who sort of make their voice heard very loudly we have divergent interests in europe because countries are going into different directions politically so that makes it so much more difficult and very long drawn out we'll see how much longer barbara visa for us in brussels thank you so much. now china has condemned what it's calling gross interference by outside countries and hong kong's affairs after protesters broke into and vandalized the hong kong parliament building china went on to express its resolute opposition to statements
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made by the us britain and the e.u. in support of the demonstrators a tense calm has now returned to the city. the cleanup is underway. at hong kong's legislative council building the police have moved in after the protest has moved out of the city's leaders have condemned the destruction of. the legislative council complex has been stalled and expensive for the time being. the police is now gathering evidence in the complex. past let's go faster than i strongly condemn the serious widens that undermines the poll but it was all on call . just hours before the protesters were able to smash their way in with nobody standing in the way. previous demonstrations have been largely peaceful but with the hong kong executive offering only limited concessions campaigners say they had
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little choice we also understand everything though everyone could. agree on all the behavior of activists during the storming legislative council action other than just on the action is that and name all the facts if issue and weight that could really. put pressure on government i still have no answer yet i don't deny the 1st beijing usually celebrates the return of hong kong to china this year it broke its silence over the ongoing unrest images of police clearing away protest as was shown for the 1st time on chinese state media. activists in hong kong pushing for the withdrawal of a bill that would allow suspects to be sent to china to face trial the issues become a focal point for resentment towards beijing with the chinese government demanding a criminal investigation a resolution is still a long way off. and karen chang is studying political theory here in berlin she's
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been researching the political protests in hong kong she joins us in our studio karen thank you for being with us we've seen beijing now condemning the violence of vandalism with a very strong tone do you think we're going to see the central government now take a very tough stance towards these protesters. i can't tell what beijing government will say a word. i'll say that it's not volunteers and hong kong because of protests i have actually tried many out of different ways to get the government hear them but then the government turn a deaf ear for example they have the 2000000 demonstration and also civil disobedience but then the government didn't listen to them so they protest to try to storm into the. parliament but then their government refused to talk to them and also the protest when they were in the parliament very disciplined like they didn't hurt anyone they didn't destroy any antique and historical books
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so what they did break through the door they did break into parliament and essentially occupy parliament you're saying it's not violence but what china is saying is this is vandalism and a serious offense this is a randall ism but they didn't hurt anyone we have to be sure and also it is all we have to say that why the protest i would do it is this because they have tried to protest but the government didn't listen to them and didn't do anything the extradition bill has been withdrawn so far is that listening to the protesters this is just the suspense and also in anguish the. chiefest. there's no timetable to do and bill. but and in chinese is a little bit different is slightly different and if she's not was drawing to bill completely that means that was a chance for her to bring it back to the poem and carry lamb you're talking about
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you're saying she hasn't actually committed to completely withdrawing the spill which is why the protesters are still on the streets and you've been in touch with some of the protesters you're from hong kong is sort of a disagreement among the protesters on the question of using force. is fair interesting because years ago. we have to say there are 2 groups of protest protests today saying that we should be peaceful and just do the way that we have been doing for so long and the other things that we have to get to. listen to so that we have to do some actions and so there is very intense discussion between 2 groups fact years ago. because we didn't actually expect that this true group would try to sit down and say ok we respect each other and then we would do whatever we can do and see what will come so we can see there is a so they do it. to protest and this is very new to us because we
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can never expect that they will we can see you after what we saw yesterday as dramatic scenes in parliament if that doesn't work what are the next steps for protesters could be violence is how does a say because now. coleman has to close for 2 weeks to joseph so veneration and now we have to get people on board to protest to have to get people on board so that what they're doing is setting to busan the streets and try to let people know was wrong with this bill and was thrown behind the system because we're lack of democracy in hong kong all right karen chang said in political theory here in berlin thank you so much for sharing your perspective with us. let's catch up on some other stories making news around the world russia's defense ministry says a fire on board a deep sea submersible was killed 14 crew members the vessel was carrying out research in waters close to its base in the port to sit at a more skin the barents sea now the fire has since been extinguished the crew was
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apparently poisoned by a few. and police in australia have arrested 3 men over a plot to attack targets in the city of sydney authorities say the men were inspired by the islamic state militant group and this is the 16th major terrorist attack to be thwarted in australia since the country was put on heightened alert in 2014. u.s. president donald trump has warned iran that it is playing with fire after it violated the terms of the 2015 nuclear deal for the 1st time iran announced that it has exceeded the limit on low enriched uranium reserves allowed under the agreement britain has urged to stay ron to avoid any further steps away from the deal the u.s. unilaterally abandoned the agreement last year. with the plane with oh i think they're playing with fire a warning from u.s. president trump as tensions with tehran reached another high. not to weeks after iran's shoot down of a u.s.
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spy drone nearly triggered retaliatory airstrikes confirmation monday tehran has breached the limit on its stockpile of enriched uranium. that limit of 300 kilograms was set by a historic nuclear deal with world powers in 2015 but the pact has been threatening to unravel since the u.s. unilaterally withdrew last year and reimposed crippling sanctions since then iran has been piling pressure on the countries still party to the deal foreign minister mohammad javad zarif warned europe in particular to deliver on a promise to help to run circumvent u.s. sanctions or face consequences. the europeans have failed to fulfill their promises of protecting iran's interests under the deal. that are mad about the next step will be enriching uranium beyond the 3.67 percent allowed under the deal.
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such a move would be a step toward amassing the highly refined material needed for a nuclear bomb. it would also raise the possibility of the e.u. taking punitive action. europe has fought to keep iran in the 2050 nuclear deal but britain france and germany have promised a strong diplomatic response in the event of a fundamental breach by tehran. 50 u.s. officials can't get iran to reverse course in the coming days u.n. sanctions could be reimposed in 2 months time. firefighters are struggling to contain a massive wildfire in northeast germany the blaze broke out in a large force at area at a former military training ground hundreds of people have been moved to safety and there are growing concerns that the blaze could trigger unexploded munitions. flames and smoke as far as the eye can see firefighters work to contained a raging fire which snow covers more than 4 square kilometers of forest it is the
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largest fire ever seen in northeastern germany and it shows no sign of winding down now which is all about preventing it from becoming worse is getting this is not about eradicating the fire we can no longer do that at the moment it is about protecting life here and about securing the villagers around approaching the flames from land is difficult so helicopters have been brought in to fight the place from the. water source is becoming scarce and the task is rendered especially difficult as to a wooded area house is a former military training so stow demolitions threaten to explode at any time in the heat. we will now prepare pads so the fire brigades can continue advancing to keep the fire from spreading. around a 1000 people have already been evacuated but local officials want to assure the public that they are doing all they can. this will certainly affect the
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area significantly but there's always something good with the bad what has already burnt controvert again anytime soon. more down 2000 firefighters are deployed on site around the clock but strong winds are expected to blow over to region threatening to west end of days. now female entrepreneurs in the west african country of senegal often face discrimination take the case of business woman book she was ridiculed 13 years ago when she opened an automobile repair shop staffed mainly by women but she proved her critics wrong now the business from auto is a success and she's hoping to inspire others. that cars vehicles fleet is growing rapidly more cars mean more mechanics to keep them going in similar girls male dominated society i drivers the ready to are there because 6 by women.
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in the world works like this now there is no longer a profession dedicated only to men or profession dedicated only to women. since the concept of parity exists there are no more do not interest signs for women want to. know more about this very mark cutifani you better honestly i pity them its hard work i respect their choice but i can that women fix my car. this woman isn't interested in any female stereotypes. is changing the industry running on her own car workshop since 2006 she's been getting our ends dirty working on engines for the past 26 years but it's been a bumpy road. to do like in the day if you buddy pointed at me as a buddy thought i was crazy every time i went tell it on the streets just in my overalls
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to go fix a car all by pots everybody was laughing at me and often have a cry and then carry on now i am considered an i'm shown as a good example. chicken all fixin part all the women working your way inspired by us to learn how to fix cars but there are only 3 females who are time mechanics year and most of this film made it in the future she wants our target seem to be women making sure that the big girls are running smooth on the fed defacto me i'm really proud to be able to do a man's job and i am so proud when i see a vehicle that doesn't lack and i know how to fix it now my big dream is to have my own company and it's also a stream she always pushes us to get our in business so. they'd
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workshop is never short of business. i really trust them with my car it's reassuring to see women taking care of everything and it's easy to communicate with them i believe we'll see more and more women mechanics. and so does the cooma and her team one day they dream female mechanics will be considered the norm in sinegal. all right sports now and in the 1st semifinal of the women's football world cup defending champions the usa take on highly ranked england the americans have denied accusations of disrespecting their opponents the english meanwhile say they are ready for this highly anticipated game. a team brimming with confidence after eliminating hosts france in the quarter final the usa are the clear favorites for the title but the hotel's scouting mission has further fueled accusations of arrogance members of the usa stuff were caught looking at england's
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current hotel and we all as a potential base for sunday's final so all the holders focused on the task at hand . i don't think our team is arrogant at all i think that our team is confident we're respectful of our opponents and i think the way that we respect them is by preparing for each game against as if the opponent that we're going to play is the best in the world chasing their 1st title england who were knocked out at the semifinal stage in the last 2 major tournaments but after an emphatic 3 nil win over norway in the previous round confidence is mounting. the last tournament has a lot of quality oh you know we've got 2 games we could have different style of football maybe we didn't have that belief because we hadn't been the best to play it in to say hi over now back to back this is. to play out of
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a can of this is that if you were to get a chance to meet me much today and every game play against them. you know they're busy busy always tight games will you know that we can beat them you know the lionesses are ready to challenge the reigning champions and will be hoping to avoid an early check out. our right over moody from good of you sports is in for tonight's match up hi ali you've been covering these teams the last few days what feeling. have you gotten ahead of kickoff today. will these 2 teams really fit perfectly into this storyline that we've got of the champion and the challenger you know england press conference president says yesterday you really got this feeling of a team that is incredibly hungry for 1st world cup success and perhaps that's what you'd expect of a team that's never made the world cup final before but they are desperate to get there if you look at the comments from phil neville the coach you know he said it would be a failure if england don't make it to the final which of course means beating the
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usa which is why do we got is the best team in the world so this is real fighting talk from england the u.s. on the other hand they see much more calm and collected they've really got this vibe about them of champions reigning champions who've been here before and know exactly how it's done and it's going to be interesting to see what comes out of top this kind of aggressiveness his aggression and optimism of the england camp or the experience in the know how of the u.s. coming ok so if the u.s. seems calm and collected ollie what about erik and what do you make of these accusations of arrogance on the u.s. side. well we've heard the comments from kristen press the u.s. forward saying that the team isn't arrogant in their respect for i have to disagree with kristen presser i think that this team is our again but that's not a bad thing it's often said that for people to be top athletes they need to have a certain kind of arrogance about them and if you look at the comments from the bronze actually the english right back from yesterday you know she was saying look
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the u.s. of the world number one they're the reigning champions they should be arrogant if you're alex morgan if you're making rypien if you're lindsey horan you should be arrogant and it's what pushes you to put out your best performances so i have to disagree with some of the comments from the u.s. come i think they are arrogant but i think it's a good thing i think they just need to make sure that it doesn't get the better of them ok so england are the clear underdogs here what do you think their chances are early. well the chances are definitely slim but look there's a lot of talent in this england team as well and i think the big match up of the night that everybody is looking forward to is make a repeat of who had just mentioned against lucy brought down england's right flank now the side an outstanding tournament for england and as she has been one of the stars definitely phil neville her coach keeps calling her the best player in the world at the moment and on current form it's hard to disagree with him even if she did at the press conference yesterday but megan rypien has certainly been one of
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the stars she's really carried the u.s. through the knockout stages so far she scored all 4 of the u.s. teams goals in the last couple of games and so she will provide the absolute toughest test the bronze could have away from those 2 though there's also ellen white's who's been england star forward of the tournament she is the joint top goalscorer at the world cup and if anybody is going to trouble that us back one you would think it's going to be her so we'll see who comes out on top out of lucy bronze and ellen white and meghan repeat and alex morgan all right a lot to look forward to tonight over a movie for us and leon thank you. now a new spider-man film is set to open at cinemas across europe and the u.s. this weekend it sees the teenage superhero taking what he hopes will be a peaceful summer vacation in 3 european cities but as expected things don't go quite as planned. in london venice and prague are in for a beating in this latest film as our friendly neighborhood spiderman swings over and tries to see europe's most picturesque landmarks anticipation was the film's
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premiere in l.a. fans are nervous to see if the spider-man can reboot the marvel cinematic universe after the epic conclusion that was a dangerous anger star tom hall and promises still get their money's worth. a whole new spider-man something we've never seen before stakes high than they've ever been before and a film that follows the last piece is avengers and game you know this film is the. conclusion to face 3 and it is the introduction of face full and it won't disappoint. but if you're really going to europe. peter parker wants to take a break from being spiderman and on a school trip to europe to get back to being an awkward teenager maybe even get a little bit closer to a very special if somewhat snarky girl. really pretty and therefore i have value no no that's not what i meant at all i was just i'm messing with you. and. you're
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welcome you look pretty. but teen romance will have to wait there are big baddies to fight in the form of magic creatures called the elementals new onboard is jake gyllenhaal as the very weird looking superhero mysterio you don't want to be part of this. along with saving the world spider-man also has to learn to grow up and take on the mantle of being a hero as well as the burden of shouldering marvel's multibillion dollar movie franchise. sorry coming up next on d w our football show kickoff full introduce you to the bundestag wonderfully goes up and coming stars and don't forget you can always get the very latest news and information on our website d w dot com you can also follow us on twitter for the latest headlines our handle there is at g.w. news thank you for about watching will be back at the top the hour.
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the fog. takes. us today across town and tomorrow a brilliant stuff. the disney discipline to keep players. please take a closer look at if you. mention predictions check. the
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