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this is do you do some wine from berlin tonight after 3 days of marathon negotiations the european union agrees on who it wants to be its new chief executive percival germany's current defense minister has won the e.u.'s backing and could now become the european commission's 1st female president but she is a compromise candidate and she was not the leaders 1st choice will get the latest from brussels also coming up tonight in italian judge releases the german skipper
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of a migrant risk you ship after she was arrested for docking on the island of lampedusa italy's interior minister wanted tougher treatment he says he will spill her from the country and it was the hottest june ever on record worldwide as parts of europe and asia sweltered in $45.00 degrees celsius heat 10 degrees higher than usual e.u. scientists say that global warming is amplifying the probe. i bring to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome it took 3 days of marathon talks but european union leaders have finally reached an agreement on who should become their new chief ursula final. lyon germany's current defense minister and
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a close ally of german chancellor angela merkel has been nominated to become the european commission president now if approved by the european parliament for the lion would make history as the e use 1st female leader so who is ursula fundal life here's a here's a report. she's considered a close ally of german chancellor angela merkel funday line german defense minister christian conservative and long time politician a medical doctor and mother of 7 funded line joined medical c.d.u. party in the early ninety's she later headed the ministry of family and women before serving as minister of labor as germany's 1st female defense minister funded line aimed to revamp the armed forces but she's recently drawn criticism for poor management in the ranks several scandals including revelations of far right
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extremists in the military equipment failures and deadly military plane crashes have played 10 year. a european at hearts fluent in both english and french as well as german funded line has long been seen as a possible successor to machall as chancellor all more recently as the next head of nato. european leaders have now agreed to choose her as the next president of the e.u. commission if the european parliament induces her she would be the 1st woman to fill the influential post. and our coverage continues now with the don't use teri schultz she is covering the story for us from brussels good evening to you cherie so ursula from the lion we know that she was not the 1st choice she wasn't even the 2nd choice is she a good choice. well brant the very fact that she is the name upon which all 28 leaders could agree makes are really the only choice and the best choice in fact
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neither of the leading 2 candidates that came out of the european parliament's nominating process would have managed to get approval of the other leaders and so there simply was no other choice but to move on to other names that's caused a lot of hard feelings and that may come back to bite the european union leaders as they still need to get parliament's approval and we know it took 3 long days to reach the point where we are right now after the summit today the german chancellor angela merkel she spoke to reporters about this nomination let's take a listen to what she said. and it's important to underline that we were able to reach out a unanimous decision today so it's important because it influences the ability of the european union to work in future so we will have to compromise a bit we will have to shift our positions. by the european council leaders have
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proven they can do so given the different points of view in europe and among the various party groupings and prime ministers i think we have successfully shown the european council is capable of taking action horns. it is easy. we've got the german chancellor there saying we've proven that the e.u. is capable of taking action i mean how true is that really. well they did take action after 2 failed to summit and action that came about as a result of some very ugly negotiations people saying terrible things about some of the candidates you had french president or many mcclung coming out yesterday and saying this is a failure this is embarrassing this is tarnishing our image as the european union so it wasn't a pretty process but sure today's a better day than yesterday by virtue of the fact that they have their candidates
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now they've nominated them they seem popular enough none of the $28.00 leaders where we're told opposed the nomination of ursula of underlying and of course christine legarde garners a lot of confidence around the world she's a very strong candidate. well less well known candidates but certainly at some point you need to take the candidates that will get the approval of the other 28 leaders so they're all compromises none of them were the 1st choices for these positions but with 28 heads of state arguing over these things you simply have to come up with a conclusion and a compromise and you know we're talking about the new head of the european central bank we're talking about a new president of the european commission why are these jobs so important here. well the president of the european commission gets to decide which countries will get which posts in that commission 5 year post very powerful positions the president of the european commission will decide who will take the agriculture job
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who will be in charge of the digital agenda who will be in charge of economic policy these are very significant post the going to have a lot of impact on the direction the european union takes for the next 5 years so that's obviously a very a very visible job and she will be the if it's are sort of underlying she will be the face of the commission for the next 5 years the president of the european central bank i think it's it's self-evident that that carries a lot of weight again the fact that christine lagarde has managed the i.m.f. through some very choppy waters over the last several years makes her also a very strong candidate there didn't seem to be a lot of opposition about christine legarde there were some questions asked including to chancellor merkel about the fact that she has not had a central bank herself but nobody seems to really be that worried about her nomination or correspondent. from brussels terry thank you. well earlier i spoke to the don't use max hoffman he is covering the story from
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strasbourg france that's news sheet of the european parliament and i asked him whether the lawmakers there will approve the european union leaders pick for commission president. the european parliament brant in the last weeks on a daily basis said that they would only approve a candidate who prior to the decision was a so-called spits in county da that's the german word that everybody uses now in the brussels and strasburg bubble it means the lead candidate for a certain party that is presented in the european parliament and there really were only 2 of those one was funds to months the social democrat that was seemed to be the front runner over the last days and the 2nd one was month it was the official candidate of the conservatives the strongest party the european people's party in the parliament and also the party of i get a makeover the german chancellor and here's the clue also the party of fund and i and which is now the official proposal of the leaders for the commission presidency
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self how will the european parliament now deal with a candidate that has not been a lead candidate you might get the conservatives on your side because it was enough on that and is a conservative but the social democrats will have a much harder time and so far what we're hearing from the social democrats is that pulls it off on the line is not acceptable all right so what happens if underlying is rejected by the parliament. it's back to square one brant because it really means that it was for fun the line cannot be commission president you need the approval of food and i mean that's why it's such a tricky process you need a double majority you need a majority in the council so that is the institution where the leaders meet that's in brussels and you need the approval of the european parliament right here in strasburg otherwise you cannot become commission president now having said that the vote will be in 2 weeks most likely and that means that there's still
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a lot of time to work those members of the european parliament and you can also bet on pedro sanchez for example so the prime minister of spain who himself is a social democrat having his own way of convincing those social democratic m e p's there was constant contact between the leaders in brussels and the any piece of the members of the european parliament here in strasbourg so somebody here must have said yes we think we can make that fly but it might take some time and you know if you would tell our viewers why has it been so difficult to agree on one bits and can be done. well one of the reasons is right here in the city where i am the strasberg which is where the european parliament resides because for the 1st time the 2 big parties the social democrats and the conservatives don't have a more jordi even if they vote in the same direction you need a 3rd party it's good probably to have a 4th party so right now you have
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a deal with the liberals which money when my call is the forceful voice of among the leaders and that's what makes it so difficult because you don't all you know it's not enough to say ok social democrats get this and the conservatives get this you also have to take into account what the liberals want what in my view in my call the french president wants so that's one thing that's how you really have the legitimate party interests right there but the 2nd part is that there is a divide in the european union that is getting larger between poland hungary italy's so what you could call nationalists or populists and those who are functioning more in a traditional european union way and you could see that for example this new nationalist movement blocked funds to moments who was the social democratic candidate and who looked like the front runner in the last days that was next hoffman day reporting from stross birth we're hearing some of the other stories now
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that are making headlines around the world. indonesia is returning dozens of shipping containers of waste to developed countries including the us france and germany customs officials say that the contents included hazardous materials that violated import. now the country is the latest of several southeast asian nations to reject being used as a dumping grounds for international trash. russia's defense ministry says a fire on board a deep sea submersible has killed 14 crew members the vessel was surveying the seabed in waters near its base in the port of several more skin in the barents sea the fire has since been extinguished the crew was apparently poisoned by few us authorities in russia say at least 18 people have died in many more remain missing after devastating floods hit the country's coast region thousands of homes were
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affected after torrential rainfall swept eastern siberia causing rivers to overflow in nearly $100.00 communities. yes speaking of the weather it has been confirmed june was the hottest year or june was the hottest month rather ever worldwide european temperatures alone were recorded at around 2 degrees celsius hotter than normal and climate scientists say scorching weather like this is much more likely now because of global warming. june saw the french temperature records smashed in paris people cooled off wherever they could but in the country so we're the resort to an all time high of 45.9 degrees celcius streets were empty and just attractions deserted. in the u.k. the glastonbury music festival big under the hottest day of the year. parched pot
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funds to cold water. and sheltered from the heat as best they could. and spain the consequences were more serious wildfires rage than tarragon or scorching over 6 those in tech tears. in india delhi sweltered under a record $48.00 degree heat. people queued anxiously for drinking water it scarcity in northern india contributed to 78 heat related deaths there in june. danish climatologist stephan olson's picture of huskies apparently walking on water at the angle field fjord in greenland went viral showing normally intact ice fields melting in the unusual june heat. but according to experts this extreme heat is the new normal and claim it changes driving it the world meteorological organization says the european heat wave was absolutely consistent with extremes linked to
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greenhouse gas emissions. that could see not just increased temperatures but more extreme phenomena like the recent unseasonal storms in mexico that left cars and trucks buried under mountains of hail. well the record breaking heat here in germany plus less rain than usual are contributing to dangerously dry conditions in the north of the country that is not helping firefighters now they have been struggling to contain a massive wildfire which is raging in a large forested area of a former military training ground hundreds of people have already been evacuated and there are fears that the blaze could trigger on exploded munitions. flames and smoke as far as the eye can see firefighters work to contained a raging fire which snow covers more than 4 square kilometers of forest it is the largest fire ever seen in northeastern germany and it shows no sign of winding down
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now which is all about preventing it from becoming less is getting this is not about eradicating the fire we can no longer do that at the moment it is about protecting life here and about securing the villagers around approaching the flames from londis difficult so that the coaches have been brought in to fight the place from that nato will to source is becoming scarce and the task is rendered especially difficult just a wooded area houses a former military training so stow demolitions threaten to explode at any time in the heat. we haven't gets we will now prepared pads so the fire brigades can continue advancing to keep the fire from spreading. this fake. around the town and people have already been evacuated but local officials want to assure the public that they are doing all they can. switch this will certainly affect the area significantly but there's always something good with the bad what has already
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contacted again any time soon. more down to a 1000 firefighters are deployed on site around the clock but strong winds are expected to blow over to rich and threatening to west and in place. through their developing story this evening a sicilian court has released from house arrest the german skipper of a migrant rescue ship sea watch captain. was taken into custody on sunday after forcing her boat which was carrying 40 mind bridge into port on the intel you know i'm with the producer in doing so she collided with a customs patrol boat of the italian judge said today that the german captain was doing her duty saving human lives when she doth this ship even though it was in defiance of the telling authorities. use on me and is in the syrian city of region to following the story for. good even good to see you
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so see what's camp been. freed no longer in house arrest does that mean she's free she's a free person can she go home. well it does mean like you said that you can walk out of this apartment that i'm standing in front of but she's been under house arrest for 2 days inside of it's not clear she can leave italy at this point because it's not clear if she will be charged with for the crimes that could be crimes of helping immigrants migrate legal so there's still a lot of questions up in the air doesn't mean she's totally free but for now it's definitely a sigh of relief for her her relatives and the team that's been working to help her out of here and what about the reaction there where you are in sicily i mean have you been able to talk to people and ask them what they think what they think about what she did. well of course you can see behind me a crowd of journalist waiting for her to come out but there's also
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a lot of people mixed in. mixed in there their fans a couple of the key to people that i talked to said for her she's a hero she did something that they wanted to do which is to put their life at risk to put their safety at risk in order to help people and that's how they see her of course it's also attracted negative reactions from italians there was a bit of a standoff here with the people holding a sign saying they were with a couple or another guy made a makeshift sign saying sell beanie is the only captain they had a bit of a stand off for him i talked to him a little bit in a little bit of broken italian he said that for him she's an outsider she's somebody that doesn't have any business bringing my friends. here we heard just day that the interior minister said that he may consider expelling for from the country so what does that mean in terms of her being released to be held significant is it that she has been released. well it's significant because
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a lot of people are looking to this moment to see if the courts here were walking in step with italy's far right that sell dini who's very outspoken against immigration he's been tweeting he's been posting facebook videos calling for. everything from punishment for her to send out the country never let that. so the court actually decided that she was just doing her duty today that's what the court decided today it's up in the air what for future courts you can decide but it's clear that there is a divide here between the courts and the right wing in the government also between people and supports and people who see you as an outsider all right a correspondent i mean as if in these a salient city of a great gentile thank you. the united states is considering more sanctions on iran washington has made it no secret that it wants to bring iran's oil exports to 0 well that means tehran's official export channels are drying up
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but at the same time an illegal cross border trade in fuel is booming and one of the major routes is between iran and its neighbor pakistan where diesel smuggling is surging now here in iran's province of sistan and baluchistan remote areas border areas they're difficult to traverse but they are also difficult to police smuggling diesel has become a rare lucrative business in one of iran's poorest regions and fuel is heavily subsidized in iran's local market a leader of diesel costs just $0.07 in pakistan and it brings in more than 11 times that amounts we take you now to the iran pakistan border where the smugglers carry out their dangerous and lucrative tree. pick up trucks jam these dirt roads in but just on the border dividing this remote wild
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region is of little significance to the smugglers. they see themselves as blue jays goods flow freely and illegally from iranian to pakistani but who just on one of the most lucrative products is diesel. 40 liters of gasoline can be carried on a motorbike and hands a smuggler around $3.00. enough to scrape together a living. interest the dangers of the trade. accidents are frequent smugglers risk not only losing the congo in transport but also their lives. their legal trade in feel it's also taking place on the high seas. the coast guard is quick to respond with deadly force. that.
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back on the road this video captures the moment police killed a smuggler earlier this year. the incident sparked protests in baluchistan. province is one of the poorest in iran. the sunni population believes it is being discriminated by the shiite led regime. of frustration and calls to rampant on both sides of the border the rough terrain not the police is the only thing slowing down the smugglers. china has condemned what it is calling gross interference by outside countries in hong kong's affairs and that comes after protesters yesterday broke into an vandalized the hong kong parliament building china went on to express its resolute opposition to statements made by the united states britain and the european union in support of the demonstrators a tense calm has now returned to the city. to clean up the
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way a tongue. kong's legislative council police moved in after the protesters had smashed their way into the building had left the scene. of. the legislative council complex has been stalled and extensively damaged. the police is not gathering evidence in the complex. past let's go faster than i strongly condemn the serious woden's that undermines the whole it was all on call just hours before the protesters were able to take over the net just nature with nobody standing in their way previous demonstrations had been largely peaceful but with rule makers offering only limited concessions activists say they had to take more forceful action we also understand that every not everyone could. agree on all the behavior of activists during the storming legislative council action
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other than just on the action is that and name all in fact if issue and wait that could really. put pressure on government i still have no answer yet thank you life 1st beijing usually celebrates the return of hong kong to china this year its rulers broke their silence over the unrest images of police clearing away protest as was shown for the 1st time on chinese television activists want to bill allowing suspects to be sent for trial in china to be scrapped they say it's not over yet. i always have hope i think this will be a long term fight and we have not yet come to the conclusion that we have failed i think there's much hope in the younger generation i think we will prevail but the china now demanding a criminal investigation and the resolution is still
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a long way off. or sports news now tennis steve day a woman. then has seen the favorites return to form after a series of shocks yesterday a time champion roger federer got through his 1st round clash but only after losing the 1st set to turn a debutante lloyd harris federer's great rival ruffa nidal you see him right there he also had a slow white early wobble but the spaniard soon saw off japan's you we saw in 3 sets women's a champion i'm going to caballe she started the 2 week event in style beating fellow german tatyana maria kerber also boosted by potential round 3 opponent maria sharapova pulling out injured serina williams progressed easily dispatching julia got to him on to coney the american is aiming to equal the record of 24 grand slam singles titles in london. our here's a reminder the top story that we're following for you european union leaders have
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nominated germany's defense minister or solicitor alliance to be the next president of the european commission now that is the european union's top job if confirmed by the european parliament fund alliance would make history as the 1st female commission president christine legarde the current head of the international monetary fund has been nominated to become the next head of the european central bank. you're watching e.w. news after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day stick around for that.
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still if you'd have to get through the bin to sneak a break without a football 6 think again. 55 women's conference. the excitement. not so.
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expensive 19 limbs what. the ultimate result on the teles. 15 years since the moon landing. he was the 1st man to walk on the moon. as a small boy she dreamed of the stars. as a pilot she flew anything no matter how to introduce. a church or go to the pole. as an astronaut she took part in the greatest adventure in history.
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but the room a legend was simply a human being who was neil armstrong. the moon was his destiny starts july 20th on t.w. . come. europe is about to witness a transition of power unlike any it has ever seen before 2 of its most important institutions its executive and its central bank will most likely be led for the 1st time ever by a new madam president make that 2 madam presidents tonight a new chapter in european history written with a familiar political balancing act one job goes to germany the other goes to france i'm burned off in berlin.


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