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what secrets lie behind these memos. find out in an immersive experience and explore fascinating world cultural heritage sites. d w world heritage for 60 getting up mt. her
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1st day of school in the jungle. first the clueless of the. band doris crane the moment arrives to. join the ring a tank on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary. toronto film bring in jane returns home on t w dot com orangutang. i think that at. its heart and noisy the world of heavy industry is want to fire the heat and steam. visitors to a high grade steel foundry are soon spellbound by what they see. this is lydia steinbeck's 2nd visit she's having
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a look at the production side of things. the foreman tells her how iron ore and coke are used to create the multan steel which is then processed further. but if i could. decide leo is pursuing an apprenticeship at auto younker which is located south of our friend the company is one of germany's biggest producers of high grade steel products and melting furnace says. during her training here lee has spent more time in an open plan office usually she works with computers and excell tables rather than furnaces and molten steel the 19 year old is training to become an industrial management assistant she graduated from secondary school in 2013 and is now in her 2nd year at auto younger up she's already learned about bookkeeping stock and sales and is currently working in purchasing she right out of the good thing about this training is that you become familiar with the broad
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spectrum of data. and can decide later on what your focus will be if you. many other young people also pursue this kind of career plans almost 20000 of them start training as industrial management assistance each year it's long been one of the most popular apprenticeships in germany. but the foundations of germany's vocational education programs can be found in workshops and on construction sites one of the latter is at the home of the german national opera. the shops are open on the boulevard on today live in. the building trades have influenced vocational training more than any other field. to master and apprentice constellation has characterized german trades since the 12th century plasterers sebastian hollister and his apprentice your big fans are there for part
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of a long tradition. today they're visiting the construction site at the theatre . these enormous pieces of plaster and stucco from the auditorium way up to 300 kilograms in a few weeks they have to be put back up on the ceiling. apprentices start out learning simple tasks in a building next door many historical areas are being renovated old paints needs to be scraped off it's a tedious job attitude is important with cliff always like decorative plastering it has a good substance for bringing a space to life no matter what the quality is like. what it looks nice it kind of frames things up if you stand in the space and think wow now you can look at the ceiling and if there's a really nice painting on it that's even better. your highness says he's always liked beautiful old things before he became a plasterers apprentice he studied history and archaeology and worked at his
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university. now he's 30 and has opened up a completely new chapter in his life he's training for a life transition. sebastian haustus been taking on apprentices for 20 years he's seen both the good and less gifted come and go. come flocking in our company there isn't much of a hierarchy but the apprentice is at the lowest level of what little are there is. for the 1st lesson is to learn to listen. to stand by. not to think i can do it all already. they don't get bullied or harassed but i definitely think that it's important for them to approach things with a certain amount of humility and. training is an opportunity to learn and that takes modesty including when it comes to the paycheck the average monthly pay for an apprentice amounts to less than $800.00 euros and that's before taxes.
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because it's apprentices just like all the others have to learn how to get by on very little. you 160 or again says what vocational education is in germany every friday. that's when the apprentice who is no longer so young climbs into his someone to craft a car and drives across her land. he's heading for a vocational school it's the other part of the dual training system when you sit in a classroom and learn theory. back to the root. noble store vocational school is located in brooklyn standout district about 2000 trainees attend classes here they're studying to be masons and surveyors cabinetmakers and mechanics this
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is where they learn the theoretical basics of their jobs. today in the plasterers class they're covering technology they learn about restoring plaster and make up lists of materials. be a good high buy is a trained construction engineer who's been teaching at the vocational school for 25 years. that's fear mom and that's what we're doing here is working on a kind of educational superstructure letting them know in general what's special about the companies we then move on to handling materials for example because if i know why certain things are the way they are then i'll have more confidence when i'm working. here. the combination of theory and practice learning and application that's what makes germany's vocational training system a dual one it's also what sets it apart companies and government vocational schools
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often cooperate with one another over decades there are few other places in the world you can find that. i actually did leader a professor at munich's technical university trains up and coming vocational education teachers and pursues research in the field of vocational education youth unemployment in germany is relatively low and the leader says that's down to the dual system when trainees get their diplomas they're good to go for the job market it's in their log if they're all able to do their jobs in a theoretically considered and practically competent way. they're also flexible as a result and can change firms. within the german system once they're qualified they're in demand as a rule even outside of the company where they're trained troops. so is
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germany's vocational training flawless perfect wherever you look. far from it companies in the region in rural upper but they were are a prime example of what's been going wrong. experts call what the very end of the company is struggling with fit issues. the family business for 2 generations it's no run by hindsight no his firm has taken on apprentices for more than 3 decades precision engineers and cutting machine operators in particular train here but for a few years now they've been unable to find anyone for the traineeships applicants have grown scarce and they come with the worst qualifications in washington that the machines are becoming more and more complex and that requires the specialists who operate them to be trained to a certain level of confidence. but we're seeing deficit in general education and if
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you ask the most the german chancellor them sometimes they're surprised it's a woman. you don't even want to start training if they don't even know that it's a bit of in this field. companies would rather apprentice. positions go on filled then trying to educate unqualified trainees that's why vice news company like so many others in germany is contributing to a staggering statistic and 201318020 positions remained on filled firms only want the most talented and the best and they screen rigorously. the trainees that make it into vite knows workshop know that 2. good motivated apprentices are in high demand as the population ages the number of teens in germany finishing secondary schools is falling plus many more young people prefer going to university over working at a company like mike nars. there's unquestionably
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a great deal that's working well in germany's dual system in spite of the current problems people from abroad have noticed that giving young people a future perspective early on with a model that includes theory and practice seems to work. more and more countries are expressing an interest in the german system but introducing it is easier said than done. this is a 1st similar companies have to sit down together and set uniform training standards that means what do they want what do they all have in common then they've got to give people time off to go to class and they have to pay for the program. or don't see mrs cannot see it just like germany's dual vocational training system is supported by a high level of acceptance that's rooted within the society companies here are willing and eager to take part in training people and that's what it takes time for that to develop. vocational training in germany is a model for the rest of the world many apprentices among them leo steinbeck
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appreciate that she certified with the program is how you have already learned so much you learn a great deal even for yourself and become more independent you need to take on responsibility and that's why there's no way i'll regret apprenticeship. one of it was a good decision no doubt about it but it's fun and it has me looking forward to something new that motivates me a lot. it makes getting up early not so bad when i come home early and he can say today i really accomplished something and i've got some time off if i could it's great. but. then there is plenty of work still left to do for your highness and his boss someday sebastian the last ones to open up a museum on the upper floor of his workshop the exhibits will be old plaster trim from berlin buildings the idea is to have your hunt us work on it if things go according to plan the master wants to employ his apprentice once he's finished his
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training. climate change. sustainability. environmental. biodiversity species conservation exploitation in quality. human rights displacement to. the global and local action.
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global 3060 minutes on. the table personally i do anything with all the wonderful place to make the game so special. for all truth. become more than football on line. that 77 percent lucky are younger than 6. that's me and. you know what time the voices. on the 77 percent. up. from one point to flash from housing boom boom boom town this is where. welcome to the 77 percent.
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this weekend d.w. . much of it. normally is from africa and the world we're going to exception stories in discussion from the use of lizzie's our website d w comes up to join us on facebook at g.w. or god. this is news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes the fight against climate change in africa it's being spearheaded by big use one woman in zambia is using the radio platform to educate the community about practices harmful to the environment but with governments across the continent plenty copal of problems are if it's like those invade. and will meet the cyclist abusing traffic in lagos and encourage
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others to do the same.


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