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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 3, 2019 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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d.w. . this is the w.'s lie from palo europe the e.u. is false in waiting sweeps and the defense minister also off on the line vague said debut in the european parliament the mission to win over. twitter debuts also on the program at least 40 migrants killed in an asteroid as they seek safety in libya united nations says the attack amounts to a war cry. and in football the women's world cup here's a drama with the 2nd semifinal sweden take on the netherlands even match contest to
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see who will face the united states in the final. time for galle welcome to the program europe's new leadership is taking place after days of wrangling over the top jobs members of the european parliament elected an italian social democrat david that's their new president a new leaders have nominated candidates for 4 other posts with german defense minister also to fund as their pick for commission president she's made her 1st appearance at the european parliament fashion trying to convince skeptical members to ratify her nomination and promised to listen a lot. straight to strasburg when we find a d w correspondent hoffman welcome mox. on the line and made her big pitch to any
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piece today how was she received. she didn't make a pitch to all the m e p's but especially her own political group the conservatives the european peoples party because after all she has to get them on board before she can start convincing others and we hear that behind closed doors things went quite well the welcome was friendly not enthusiastic which is not very surprising if you consider that the p.p. until tuesday had it differently tended it unfit baber who got substituted by funding lion but she appeared to have won the delegates over by talking about her roots she grew up in brussels at least partly she went to school in brussels she also welcomed everyone in 3 languages french english and german that went down quite well and then she answered questions about all kinds of you topics nato nato and the e.u. for example or or migration so it appears that went quite well. and after
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that she even made a small statement the 1st one i believe after being nominated to the presidency of the commission and we have it take a listen i feel very honored. to be nominated as the president of the commission by the council when i heard about it yesterday i decided that my very 1st stop will be here at possibly moving to me to european parliament. and to go immediately into talks with the parliamentarians because here in the european parliament is where the heart of democracy of the european democracies meeting i intend to miss him a lot so that within the next fortnight i'm able to develop. in the dialogue with the council and the parliament a vision for the next 5 years for you up for the commission.
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ok months so where is the opposition to the funding line coming from who she got to convince. she has to convince especially the social democrats and also the greens without the votes of the social democrats she will not get a majority here in the european parliament and the social democrats are still disappointed that there the candidate plans to moments did not make it so and is now in full campaign mode on thursday she'll go to brussels to talk to the president of the e.u. council we understand she will talk to the political group of the greens on monday she's probably going to meet the social democrats one of these days as well so she still has a lot of work because if the vote on her presidency would be today she would probably fall short of the majority the 2 weeks are a lot of times she's going to try to turn things around. and hoffman in strasbourg thank you. and i'm sure some of the other stories making news around the world the
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german captain of the migrant rescue ships a watch 3 has been moved to a secret location because of concerns for her safety of course in order to catch his release from house arrest on tuesday honoring her detention for bringing a ship before the migrants on board into port on the tally an island of lampedusa. u.s. airspace john boeing says it is providing $100000000.00 to help families and communities affected by 2 crashes of its 737 max airplanes the company called the some initial investment for local governments and nonprofit organizations to help families with living expenses boeing faces dozens of lawsuits a vast and killed nearly 350 people 737 matches being grounded it since march. now the u.n. has described an astronaut come to migrants and to end their b.s. that killed at least $44.00 people as amounting to
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a war crime more than $130.00 were wounded in the attack in the cable capital tripoli that is being blamed on warlord khalifa haftar whose forces are advancing on the city. picking up the pieces this woman dreamed of a better life she could have imagined she'd end up here in a shattered migrant detention center surrounded by the dead. and these people are the lucky ones the survivors of last night's bombing although they have little left to speak of and even now they're caught between warring armies far from their homes whether they be in sudan or somalia part of what we. want to plug. into us power. cut last night a fighter plane dropped a bomb on a center filled with hundreds of people. on it the chaos
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survivors began recovering bodies the heavy death toll as grim as it was predictable for. one. group we were on the. blow. even before last night the center of tar jura in a suburb of tripoli had been a disaster in the making another bomb landed nearby in may rights group amnesty international said khalifa haftar forces carried out the attack as they moved on tripoli. the migrants into a jeweler are among 3 and a half 1000 the un has warned are in detention centers located near libya's battlefront weeks ago migrants at a different center protested an increasingly dangerous situation. and 2 out of now we don't want to see collision last year and the fronts are lame so we need evacuation now we are gently we need.
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since then the fighting in libya has only escalated. meanwhile migrants continue to wait and hope not knowing what will happen next. that's the women's the football world cup or the methods in sweden face off in tonight's 2nd semifinal neither team has ever won the title but the dutch will be backed by a big following and sweden are looking strictly relaxed. don't worry sweden haven't forgotten how to play football after all they've just knocked out heavyweights canada and germany but true to the underdog tag their coach was humble when it came to assessing his team's chances against the reigning european champions from able to. set off an all around the other in the euro 2017 finals but if you saw watching the neverland's play against denmark few know it was absolutely fantastic because that game was very close to being perfect football for the ideal
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football so this semifinal will be very beautiful and it will be interesting to see if we will be able to beat what is one of my favorite team. despite their recent success the netherlands don't boast much world cup pedigree this is only the 2nd time they've reached the tournament and the 1st time they've made it to a semifinal but they are favorites at least according to the press. down of by far for each i feel seeing when the favorites in the semifinal i'm. not so sure about that i think that she teams are equal if you look at the fee for ranking we're separated by only $1.00 spot so i think lauren apart i think the much will be like that to equal teams and we hope to come out on top ranked you cope with doesn't get into it also to. a match that hangs in the balance but at least in terms of support the dutch are expected to have the upper hand with floods of
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orange clad fans ready to take over. the w. sports correspondent all of the movie is outside the stadium in leo ahead of tonight's going welcome ali we heard in the report that leo is going to turn orange tonight so what can the swedes do to counter that. the netherlands do have a really incredible following that's become famous since they hosted the european championship 2 years ago i was there for that sort of it and i can tell you it really was something to behold watching these netherlands fans supporting that say they've brought that to france now as well so what the sweden do to counter the contract well the most obvious thing is that they've just got to play well they've got to try and get the 1st goal up on the board and if they do that then they might just be able to shove the dutch fans up for a while at least of course we've seen quite a few sweden fans here in leon as well so the players i'm sure will be hoping that they'll be in good voice to try and get a bit of a battle going in the crowd. all the teams do seem evenly match so who do you think
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has the edge. it's a difficult one this i don't think either of these teams necessarily would have expected to make it to a semifinal at the start of the tournament tournament though both considered outsiders sweden though will be looking probably mostly towards seen a black stain is the striker who had a very slow start to this woke up didn't do well in the group stages but then sprung to life in the knockout rounds and has actually scored the winning goal in both of sweden's knockout game so far for the netherlands well they. i have a really talented attacking line up that got the likes of lincoln martins who is a former player of the year well player of the year they have finished on the sunday as well a lightning quick and they have viviana meet a man who really is a sensation for the dutch team at the age of just 22 she is the country's all time record goalscorer she's been on target here as well at the world cup she scored 3 times so far so those are some of the players to look out for of course they'll be
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up against the united states after the u.s. beat england in yesterday semifinal that was a game that really brought everything that you want to see in a football game to the world cup semifinals so let's take a look at the highlights from that match. the united states have been quick out of the blocks at this world cup against england it was no different. than these christian press posting in the back post the shock replacement for making repeat justifying her place in the size. england could have been overruled but they hit back so you know. why we. should go number 6 of the tournament. but anything she could do so you could birthdate go alex morgan she had finished off and the team moving cheekily celebration her 30th in a very english way is that having been choking on that city they were positively
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crying into it by the end the video referee having earlier choked off a goal for offside help steam vis a penalty step captain steph fortune she. us breathed a sigh of relief the day with this is so when it is. so although you are so much last night what sort of out of that for the women's game was it. i don't think the women's game could have had a better to be honest with the feel that game had everything in the 4 bowl of being kicked we had a shock with being left out of the lineup of course we like to discover that she had an injury but it really had everything it had tension and friction between the teams that had controversy with the decisions in the penalty it had an incredible penalty save of course it had some great goals on top of that as well a couple of really good saves to. really everything that you expect to see at a world cup and bottled it kind of 90 minutes and i think if we if we can have another game like that at this world cup either in that is the 2nd semifinal or in
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sunday's final then i'll certainly be a lucky man to be viewing it. thank you. tens of thousands of people in chile argentina have gathered to watch the sun vanish behind the mood in the total eclipse of the 2 countries a really inhabited places on grass i would be say in its path started in the south pacific and stretched the south american continent 1000 kilometers away. here's a reminder of our top story this hour germany's also found the lion has made her debut in the european parliament promising to listen a lot to lawmakers who will have to approve her nomination as president of the european commission. this is d w a business of asia care how to business africa. elephants is next hour at the top of the hour meantime
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course as always the web site. what secrets lie behind these memos. find out in an immersive experience and explore a fascinating world cultural heritage sites. d.w. world heritage 36050 s now. you know this is you know 5 minutes or minutes.


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