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tv   Conflict Zone  Deutsche Welle  July 3, 2019 9:30pm-10:00pm CEST

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she took part in the greatest adventure in history. wrapped up in a letter and very. much it. simply. was you know warm strong starts july 20. 8th and then muslims are spread to do just. contras something which is dangerous for germany's far right of position party beardy takes its place in a new and expanded populist group in the european parliament but it faces serious pressure not least accusations by some quarters that has contributed to the atmosphere of hate in which a senior german politician was murdered last month my guest this week here in berlin is very after expunge thought head of the f.t.c. parliamentary faction that she now accepted her party needs to tone down some of
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its highly controversial rhetoric. welcome to conflict so. the new european parliament is in session you are going there because you've got 11 percent of the vote in germany you're going there in greater numbers but not in the numbers that you hoped for why not. well i think it was the the election came out as a huge success we have been there in the last in the end with one i me painter we're sending 11 and over all the whole campaign was of course not easy for us but you 2 percent from the federal elections where we actually what we had nationally you know 2 percent ok and what we have to take into account is that the complain of course what moneys it was an international can paint. in favor of you make climate
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change and then the austrian video from structure came up so it was really a very tough fight for us the scandal that were done in the u.s. government so this has been put into account and for alexander government was talking last year about 20 percent was the survey shows between 17 and 20 percent of the f.t.c. is well over 20 percent and you've got 11 yeah so as i said one has to take into account that the campaign was not easy and so in the end we we ended up with 11 any piece there and i think we are part of the over of a bigger group to a 9 points behind the greens who were on 20.5 percent they were the big winners here in germany with it and it's hard for you to compete with them because many germans see them as coalition material they don't see us coalition to the world this is this is this is the campaign where we are facing at the very moment this is true if you want to talk about climate change and this is not our main issue we're picking up on that. the 90000000 i'll xander girl and you'll co-leaders as the
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greens will destroy the country and our job must and will be to fight them this is pretty apocalyptic terms as the other political scum from the greens they are saying we gonna die some something more years if you do not you know stop any imitate c o 2 and i think this is they are trying to make everyone being in panic the official language of this holy center greater is what i want to get the people in panic and i think we're the ones to put facts again you don't generally ponying we. we're not going into that polluted we'll talk about a different kind of public later but of around 46 percent of those polled in germany said that they wish to see the alliance between the sea deal in the greens and that means if that goes ahead an open pluralistic society protecting minorities as opposed to close the border polity like you telling people who can cover their home who can't well of it if this will end up like les and that's pretty possible that the christian democrats are going together with the greens or even with the
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far left and i think this this maybe but we think this is a problem with ing the country and they hold your opinion here but if it comes to germany we talk about germany is moving towards into a completely wrong direction we want to stop it and we will have elections regional director elections by the beginning of september in sex and me and in bunbury and we will see how that will end up because it might be the necessity of the christian democratic party to choose whether they want to go with a little far left so the former communist party the s.c.d. from from g.d.r. or with with us and them and this is what we have we have to to think about and i think this is why they are panicking so will they don't seem to be much doubt that you will do well in the east but pre-entry you nationally is that the majority of germans simply don't want to live in the kind of country you in visit well this is this is obvious is a country where the majority if i could just say the same question almost 60 percent still view immigrants as a strength rather than
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a burden and you want my group refugee numbers severely limited because you feel your culture is threatened this is true 81 percent think membership of the e.u. is good thing that was in october last year when they don't so and you're threatening to leave if you don't get the reforms you want whatever that means well we're we're having different positions and different opinions so it's something like 40 percent of the germans think islam does not belong to germany so this is also supported not by a majority but by a very strong mind. already and this voice in a democracy has to be represented as well and if it comes to islam when it comes to migration when it comes to the ever closer european union when it comes to your rescue packages to to save the euro all these all these items all these issues have to be covered from both sites we've got a huge overall coalition of all the other parties who are going towards ever closer union when it comes to the european union want to rescue the euro with german
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taxpayers money who want to take in why koreans who think israel you want to leave and you're going to be called a country of the year and all of those all those all those issues when it comes to we're having a different opinion this is true and it's 83 percent of children support the euro you will pull the country know and there are others who don't and this is in edmond the moccasin it was our us it was it's never that it's 100 percent agree it's not 100 percent agree for breath or for not breck said it's more 5050 and why was the migration issue is pretty much all you have isn't it you know you're a one trick pony well known and without it you wouldn't know not when for i mean this was the speech years ago when we found at the party and now we are because then we were on the euro rescue policy the only issue then we have a general program with all the details i was speaking about about european union your rescue that was on the government admitted it in the last year he said i think the government's welcome policy for refugees was the main reason for our success
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but it was the only reason for success was and no we this is this is not true and what you said was untrue it is it is not true that this is the only success it is true that there was a momentum into a bow and 15 the former head of our secret service mr marson just today or yesterday in the built side and said he didn't join the christian democratic party to take in 1800000 arabic people into germany this is what he said he's from the c.d.u. and i think this is a very this is a very important point because this started all in 2015 and of. of course in 2015 when marco close didn't close the borders open it whatever way you take it but let in all those people into our country and this was of course a moment when a lot of people very unsatisfied with those with the politics and they didn't they they did want to have a change on that point and this is such a well was that there was supporting us but that's not the only reason for us to just supporting the point i made which is basically that this is your one policy
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last summer it became pretty clear in interviews that your co-leader alexander garland gave that you really don't have policies on many issues affecting ordinary people there were no policies on germany's retirement system he said we have no determined concept no policy on digitalisation particularly important with young people he said that has not been voted on in our party programme no policy on how to protect local renters from big international holiday companies big topic here in berlin. it is your it is your one topic migration that's it no it's not. you oppose your party's grievances and shit you actually have very little to propose but you seem to offer persis few alternatives to a party that school alternative for germany i think you have a probably have you're just not aware of it i don't blame you for that you have not gone through our program you're just picking up on some some you know mainstream wording which is up in the air but if you prepare for an interview like this you
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should maybe go through our program and then realize we have got an overall problem program which is basically having solutions for different kinds of issues for almost all the issues so the political science you sue said that you will have little in the way poses a road political scientist to kill university for instance yes sums it up when he said people are just concerned about immigration or crime or security they're also concerned about pensions and climate change legislation and you know if the leaders have nothing no you know we're we're trusting 1st problems 1st it is true that we have not served the end of the. pension problem we're facing but we're making one point we're saying this problem is ongoing for decades already we know already that this problem is a severe one and has to be self but 1st thing we have to address is who is responsible for that and this has been all the other parties mainly social democrats and christian democrats because they knew already 2 generations it gave
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you that this system is about to break apart and we're addressing it we're having a debate in the party at the very moment we're taking it very serious we're taking our time and we'll come up with something but we don't you know we we want just not react on the attacking us for not being able to solve the problems which has been caused by all the other parties within the last 50 years or more that we're not having a solution for all the disaster they have put into our country i think this has to be honest this is this is this is a debate we will not take i want you to go. good look at your party's rhetoric because it seems carefully calculated to make people terrified of muslims and angry at the government for letting so many in in one of your political manifesto that says if the views islam is a great threat to our state our society and our values to it spreading and the steadily growing number of muslims go on repeating this and you might as well paint
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a target on their bad moments you know we we're thinking islam is asian of our culture is something which is dangerous for our culture and we don't want that we will have a debate you can be different opinion you can think islam is ation of our culture is good we think it's bad and you take the no responsibility for the fact that in 2015 alone with your warnings about rampaging muslims going viral across the internet that there were some 1000 attacks on refugee shelters in germany 5 times the number reported i don't know anyway but when you take numbers for but then the state problem is the problem is that we have we've got rising and jumping numbers of criminal rates within those those in the thousands attacks on the few jews shelters you get this is really we don't know me 2 years over that yes we do yes we can a lot of them we condemning all of violence in every in every area in germany in general no not in particular in particular every single one but it's not hard to work out what you point beyond saying muslims equal threat was an equal threat over
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and over and that not all muslim law got some people are going to react badly and some people are going to turn violent ugly we want to keep the german germination they don't even the european union but we're talking about germany here we don't want to have that a muslim country we accept muslims there are lots of muslims who are well integrated into our society who take there is no problem everything's fine but what we do not want to accept is that islam is starting to have an impact on our social life and our public life on our you know. i was no you're not addressing the point . i wanted to make a about this idea that muslims are a threat to germany. muslims are spread to juice this is for example something what we're we're getting from the jewish community the jewish community is in a new world. which doesn't make a difference to you all the numbers we know about the attacks of muslims on jews we know that the if you don't talk to the political officials but if you talk to the
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members of the jewish community for example then you realize that they have that the threat for them of being. of been attacked by his america tax. didn't prevent the israeli ambassador here saying he has nothing to do with your party because you've said many fanatic as i said about jews the holocaust and israel yet this over and over again no no no i was going to wait till you get away from them and the day will come on to perhaps why you feel the need to do that but last month germany's intelligence services warned that right wing violence has risen sharply here 48 acts of extreme violence registered in 2018 from 28 the year before. in this atmosphere this feeds this fear doesn't it behoves politicians to tone down their rhetoric and is that something you intend to do in the politics this is this is true for edwards wanted only what we see we have just had the
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debate in the german bundestag and it has been this public figures to say that the attacks on people and politicians and politicians overall it's by the but we are outnumbering the attacks by everyone so we which means there are far more incidents happening to us then to every other member of any other party so we are the ones to being physically attacked we need police don't actually know a president of your people got murdered last month and look no further than the murder of volta lu. who was known for his views and was shot dead by a right wing extremist what does your party do turn around and blame the government for no this is just not true either martin sullivan said if not for the illegal opening of the borders with young controlled continual mass arrival of mark my groups look i would still be alive i don't mean the government i don't know what my home and said i can tell you what the board of the if tea party said and what the
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board of the safety group in the parliament said so you had associate yourself from those remarks to absolutely i mean we have made a very clear statement on that even in the debate was taking place this is ridiculous and we're the ones to say we have to address the problem of course but we have to address this to all of the society what has happened there is the i don't even find the words in english to say that that's an acceptable it was a blame murder did you also dissociate yourself from above can get you another of your people who since one of the when we look at this a lot it actually when we look at this politically he said that we have to say quite clearly in comparison with islamist extreme leftist the extreme right terrorism seen in germany is just a bird dropping like having people in the field with the cold blooded murder this is this this this guy is facing. a legal process within the party we want to get him out of the party who does not belong to the party but we have to go through a legal process and this has been taken up by the head of the if he by the board of
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the a.f.p. and by the board of the brandenburg branch of the if the so your opponent here this is right this is absolute intact the next after what he said but this is one of the guys so when trying to point your party shall you do with trying to get to get rid of him control the people you will do so with we can't control people of speaking because we can't you know fix their masses but we can try to get them out of the party and this is what it's ongoing. but. untrue ashamed of the attitudes and comments like that and this is why we want to get rid of those people this is why i want to get rid of those legal there's a long history of tendentious things wrong so when you in your party there's a sort of casual racism about a lot of things that the said in your party you're not showing to them if you could ever come straight to certain to certain people and we're trying to getting rid of them so we can't be addressed at that at this this is a very very valid somewhere load will try to get rid of him and he's made some casual racist comments hasn't he you talk injured only biggest opposition party in
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the in the bundestag me being bored of that party which an argument which means we're which means that you cannot focus on one or 2 sentences made by by it's by some people it's a long patents and we're we're having we make comments and all these are all these arguments and i think i think if you try to and this is what you doing i mean we've got a 25 minutes interview and you're talking about we're talking about 3 people or 4 people and this is i think it's just not you're not realizing what the party is all about we're about to be the number one in the east of germany and the people support because the people want to have a different approach to politics they want to have a change in politics to put it that way maybe that's that's better realization i'm going to talk about these things we talk about how they're out because the what they're embarrassing but your people shouldn't be saying them if you're about i just i just said it i just said it we can repeated and repeated over again but it
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doesn't make the point clearer i just said of want to get rid of. those of us who are making those remarks and then again who put out your fake news for you and me in may this year your party claimed in the facebook post that 1400000 asylum seekers were waiting for their tickets to germany and the government wanted to impose duty of integration on german citizens this is the quote 1400000 are waiting for their ticket to german. and we should pay for the question. that's nonsense isn't it because because it's more a tell us what what where is this 1400000 this is how it is always official i'm a spin i mean i'm not about 1400000 i don't know whom you're quoting there so i don't take that into into my words and but what we know is that there are a lot more people in africa willing to go to the north which is there which of course is make sense because they proposed a better life here so it makes sense for them to come over and the only point we make is we can't take any more people in because we have taken too many already and
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we don't want to do we will not we will not be able to solve the problems of the world of the territory of germany this is not part and we are not facing we cannot face your banking this with a very broad brush bill was suggesting there's a wonderful year for a 1000000 the post the posting by your party distorts the u.s. figure of 1400000 refugees who've been designated as especially vulnerable and without a single supporting facts claims that they'll be coming to germany as the basis for them coming to germany at all well there are a lot a lot more of this if you simply false and no i don't think it's well i think the number is too small and i think when you when you go and you take the number from how many people off from africa would like to go and move to towards europe and then probably 2 to maybe lots of them to germany the numbers probably are even bigger the point the political point we're making is we want to have people in the world but we think we are not able to to fight civil war and war and poverty and
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whatever diseases in the world by taking the people of those areas into into germany i think this is the way we are not able to solve the problems we want to address it properly we want to help we want to support poor countries and this is not the question you want to make people frightened but the hordes are just about to break down the barriers and yes force their way i think this is a very important point we want to have pulling there's no evidence for that at all . now we want we want no evidence for that we want to have the people in the world know that they have it makes no sense to move over to germany because they are not able to come in i think this is what life if we send out the political signal that all those millions people are not starting to move to the north and to germany so because we were able to take them all in and what we see in the mediterranean as much as possible press the fear but germany is in great danger jamie germany is in great danger yes if we take in more millions and in great danger we already know.
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as i can but keep saying there's no sign of millions more coming to germany what they came over a 1000000 already was a minute so you need a sleep spreading fear around the country now i don't know whether you're not aware of the figures and we're still taking in $15000.00 per month and there more to germany has committed 210000 in 2018 and it was 21 hours maybe it's now 101215000 every single month and so this ends up right like $120.00 in a year but if you if you do not start the if we do not send out the political signal that this is not all over we cannot handle it we cannot handle it all the numbers who were here at the moment it's already too much i don't know whether you're aware of all the the criminal rates of all the of all the you know problems we're facing within a security we don't want that and as a political party we say we just don't want to really don't want to be forced into changing our new leader culture lee what we do not want let's just go back to
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europe and the new political landscape after the european elections if he is joining me is identity and democracy group which is going to be the 5th largest group in the european parliament not the 3rd largest which is what you're aiming for your party promises to be a thaw in the flesh of the stuff what does that mean just going to block and destruction create trouble now what we're trying to get out is the. such that we are in favor of the european union and it has been set up by the founding fathers of the european union we're against the ever closer union we want to keep the serenity of the nation states what we think that democracy only functions within a nation state and we want to work together where it is necessary to do so but we do not want to be clear to move to whatever closer union we are because it is divided amongst itself on its position oh absolutely not. but i guess you're coming
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up with a was some quote from some facebook site from someone who's probably not memo i've gotten my exam the garland warning in one of your meetings before the election but whoever toys with the idea of a depth that a german exit from the e.u. also needs to ask themselves is this is not a utopia that was just the people in your party so there's a division in your the lives of people who want to live in you will want to stay in sterling we really don't know we have a very clear it's a very clear point what we need is deep reforms on the into 2 sions are on the european union this is what we need and if we do not manage if we are not able to fulfill those those reforms that we don't get those reforms then there might be someday the idea to leave but what we are trying to do is trying and fight for the reforms and even for means that we want to have sovereignty right back to the nation states we are what we are clearly opposing the european army we are against european texas overruling minorities within the european council for example and
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this is why we have a very very clear point if we are not managing to keep this if we don't stop the european union to coming up with the european taxes and with the with the ever ever more banking union and all those kinds of things then there might be the day when we have to list all right we're trying to prevent from from a foreigner you also against. campaign finance rules i notice that your party has been silent 402000 euro's by the buddhist tugs administrative committee you said 2 of your plans as it's up to the free advertising which constituted illegal campaign funds we're going against that on a legal basis at the very moment and this is this is very open what is true is that the bundestag has put up millions of peace and for illegal pot party financing and money well you know there is only about parity it's on the other you are you still have your that's full of your actions we're going to keep denying any wrongdoing
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but they don't find new avenues to investigate we're good o'reilly whose office is in dusseldorf work they did last week one more. not a penny ok we're going against it legally so we have our like our lawyers on that to go against it this is the case but what is not the case is that and all the other part is again against it at the very moment they have been put up like this i think with some like 3000000 euros for their freedom a credit party because they have illegal take money from the parliament for for their work so this has been judged already and no one is talking about as the again i do not neglect that the oneness type is trying to do so but we're going against it we have not yet the result ironically you're the ones who promised to put public funding of political parties a new legal base of swimming and it's your funding that's in the spotlight continually and has been for months now when you can actually be you know why should people believe your version because because i'm just saying we're going against legally we're not yet there the result is not yet out this is the way you
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can repeat the question i want to peter answer. boring but we get to the truthful story thank you very much for being perfect so.
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. clay. this is g w news live from berlin tonight the united nations condemning a deadly airstrike in libya calling it a war crime at least 40 migrants were killed when air strikes hit the buildings that they were living in coals for an independent inquiry are growing the carnage is being blamed on the rebel. also coming up tonight.


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