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allah gassed frankfurt airport scene managed by from parts. this is g w news lifeboat from the struggle to rehabilitate fighters from one of the world's most violent militant groups they have terrorized somalia thing is killing that many innocent people but now some al shabaab militants are all being offered a chance to leave the group and rejoin society t.w. spoke exclusively to someone trying to come to terms with their violent parts also
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coming up police in hong kong began arresting people off the pro-democracy protesters stormed a brown sacked the parliament earlier this week more than 20 are already in detention and the number looks set to increase. found drama on toss a list be netherlands and sweden go into extra time at the women's world cup all their lives the host 15 leoni fronts for the highlights. i mean you could as mckinnon thank you for joining us the somali terrorist group al-shabaab has been waging a campaign of violence in somalia for more than a decade that a mystery replace the u.n. backed government and impose islamic law on african union force has. seized control
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of the capital mogadishu but al-shabaab still controls around 20 percent of the country now the government is offering amnesty and rehabilitation to some militants who leave the group melanie courage about was given rare access to one rehabilitation center in juba land province she spoke to former militants there about why they decided to leave al-shabaab and about the nightmare as they still have. that they were part of it killing machine terrorizing somalia's population but now they're asking for forgiveness this facility in juba land it's home to 86 young men who used to fight for one of the deadliest islamist extremist groups in the world. here in southern somalia in a town once under siege by al shabaab a program is being implemented to rehabilitate one extremist fighters with the hope of peacefully reintegrating them into society. the former fighters here mostly men
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aged between 24 and 29 have been granted amnesty and are seeking a 2nd chance 2 of them are willing to share why is it decided to defect. for their safety and security they have withheld their location and real identities by calling them and that he said was just 15 years old when he joined the group 5 years ago but the order in book could be 1st people join because the religion they say they're promoting religion but this is just a front actually they're killing innocent people for no reason or to fight in this could be. similarly who joined us at the age of 16 it took him 8 years to escape from the group to see. if they also killed muslims in their attack when i saw my people dying i decided i had to break away to. do so. many men growing. in disenfranchised and poor parts of the country bled into
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joining up for financial reasons and a sense of belonging. to address this these men now receive locational training in hands on group classes. i did not know how to live within society i learned that here i've learned how to support myself. but many here are still haunted by nightmare as they struggle to fathom how they were capable of such violence. to 70 kilometers away from this now peaceful town peacekeepers mandated by the african union are still waging a war against the minute and group. but. we have fought a lot and liberated several areas in the past 2 or 3 months. we are also working on a plan to liberate the areas still under the control of al-shabaab and hand them over
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to the somali army. to me. back at the rehab and taishan facility these young men receive professional psychological support. but above all it's companionship and leisure time that are helping them to overcome that trauma. before we can talk to each other about all the things we've done wrong and give each other support about how to fall back into our destructive winds. for somalia a hope for the birth of a united government and for my life i hope to work for the benefit of my country and for my people with the new skills he sent men to intend to make a positive contribution to society again. to help other young people than the stake of joining up in the 1st place. melanie courage about his now back in nairobi melanie tell us
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a little bit more about these rehabilitation programs do they actually what. it seems very much they are working of course it's impossible to get nationwide numbers we are still talking about a country which is experiencing an ongoing civil armed conflict but in this facility in southern somalia almost 300 form of about fighters have been in rehab taishan and have all are about to go back to life in their communities the government grants amnesty to everyone who wants to leave the group and is ready to participate in one of these programs so there is an incentive but it's incredibly difficult to leave the group the group makes it so difficult the man i spoke to told me that they were warned numerous times that if they did leave they would have lethal violence coming their way and that they are terrified of reality of retaliation from above but they did want to speak to us because they do want others
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to see that it is possible to leave the group and inspire them to do so and how about ordinary somalis how do they feel about these men given their own experiences when. i spoke to a lot of people on the ground and they told me that they believe that granting amnesty and having rehabilitation programs such as this one absolutely necessary for the country to move towards peace and to get rid of al shabaab for good we went to a city which was liberated from just a few years ago and it's just coming back to life there are a lot of returning refugees and internally displaced people and they told me that stories listen to so many women telling me how they witnessed their husbands being killed by how they were on the run for years how they are still desperate to go back to their villages but it's impossible because that area is still controlled by
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al-shabaab there is no feeling safe and so mind you at this moment and listening to them it's impossible not to feel their fear and their pain but you do also realize that people off hopeful and one of the reasons why they are hopeful is because there are programs such as this one and place or melanie courage much alright it's a look at some of the other stories making news around the world the u.n. says it has received reports that libyan guards shot at refugees who were trying to flee and strikes on adoptions and at least 53 people were killed in the attack which the government blamed on the rebels the u.n. says it may amount to a war crime. to girls this says it has seized a supertanker suspected of breaching a new sanctions on warsaw in syria by shipping crude oil to the country the enforcement agency agency's boarded the grace on which is believed to have been carrying over 2000000 barrels of crude oil from iran syria's ally.
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and also from the lion is nominated as the new head of the european commission has met outgoing commission chief junko deluca in brussels she'll also be meeting the european council president on a test he's fallen to approve her appointment when they vote in mid july. now a diplomatic dispute between the u.k. and china over a home kong has escalated to beijing accused london of supporting the violent protests earlier this week british foreign minister jeremy hunt had one china not seen as demonstrations but protesters run stock to parliament building as an excuse for repression in response to china's ambassador to the u.k. told hunt to stop interfering in what beijing regards as its internal affairs punk trying to do at the ministry richard it is not what it used to be
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under the british colonial rule. how come appear are purely. internal affairs with. no intruders from any country and over. foreign unity now police in hong kong have arrested more than 20 people in connection with the protests and says a growing but tensions will increase if still more activists detained now he has been speaking to some young young hong kong those involved in the protests and talking to them about their efforts to document the events of the past week. so someone is looking for the last train. he says of the protest as demonstrators retreat their messages are disappearing as well wong considers himself an archivist of the movement. i find it. my 1st special way to look at the.
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week's protesters use this wall adjacent to the hong kong government offices to leave messages for each other shortly before authorities started to clear the area wong and some fellow demonstrators stepped in to retrieve their messages. a large portion of all the messages about solidarity are. deadly effects. there is a kind of wall and community spirit among the protest one of the most peaceful could have remnants the memorial corner for a number of demonstrators who killed themselves in desperation as a final sign of protest news that shook many hong kong residents. protests have subsided for now leaving many despondent several suicide threats online have alarmed firefighters and volunteers who have been out all day to prevent further attempts by a lot of people participating in political and like most. i
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call the fighting and how we can get. some someone has been walking around the scene of monday's clashes police have sealed off the entrance to the legislative council several people have been arrested. i think it's ironic to. the creator that the all the people seem to be treated as after the fall prosecuted and. it will be a long time before the legislature can be used again but the next protests have already been called for this week. one person has died and 4 have been injured in japan off to turn a rental down pool was hit the south of the country the government has advised 1000000 residents to evacuate the congress seen a perfect chill in the area most affected by the deluge 14000 soldiers have been
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committed to the system urgency relief efforts the rain is now moving toward central japan and the capital tokyo. a raging torrent on a river swollen by days of rain since friday some areas in southern japan have experienced one meter of precipitation twice the seasonal average. the ceaseless down poor has caused however flooding and landslides are destroying infrastructure and homes and putting lives at risk thousands of sought refuge in makeshift shelters but most of the 1000000 people advised to evacuate have stayed home the emergency response is in full swing because i still do police the fire department and maritime security are working on evacuation call rescue and life saving activities and yesterday the government of congo she went perfect or called in the
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military which is already begun its work there to meet the flow kind of. last year heavy rainfall killed more than 200 people in the west of the country the high death toll was blamed on a slow government response to the crisis it's a mistake authorities are desperate not to repeat. a trade dispute truces in colonial history is heating up between japan and south korea from today tokyo is restricting exports of equipment needed to make semiconductors and computer displays the move is intended to hurt south korea's high tech industry and it comes a soul is demanding action on compensating for wartime labor is. at the heart of this high tech trade dispute between 2 asian powerhouses are people like lead. he's among a dwindling number of south korean survivors who were forced into labor by japan during world war 2. in october of last year south korea's top of course up held an
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order for japan's need paan steel to pay compensation to forced laborers. the landmark ruling triggered a bitter dispute between the 2 countries about how to deal with further demands from victims of forced labor. as the sparks over history ask japan retaliated with an unprecedented move on trade announcing it would be restricting exports of highly specialized equipment needed to make semiconductors and computer just plays the measure designed to hurt south korea's high tech industry prompted a furious response from seoul and if it's not a matter of damage the economic relationship between our countries but it's also expected to grossly affect the world trade order and corporations in 3rd party countries japan's prime minister shinzo out but he denies accusations he is using business as a bargaining chip for dealing with his country's history. we did not mix up
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historical issues with those of trade. the issue of former civilian workers is not and has starkly issue it's about whether to keep that promise between countries under international law. the export restrictions could cause months of delays in production processes pushing south korean tech giants like samsung and l.g. under major pressure. says korea has already launched a complaint with the world trade organization and says it's not ruling out retaliating with countermeasures of its own a move that would expose a further crack in the already fragile global trade relationships. senior business editor said and as it is following this story for us ben put this into perspective for us how much of an impact could this have on global trade basically is going to slow things down it would immediately have an effect on products going out to to
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consumers but it will slow down the process japan is basically burying south korean importers in paperwork they're going to it's going to be a lot harder for them to get their hands on the material they need to make there their semiconductors in the chips officials reckon it could slow trade by several months and the top chip makers the memory chip makers are all in south korea they supply not only. other companies within south career and japan so it will hurt both sides but also the u.s. like apple weiwei in china so this is pulling in a whole lot of different economies. which are already all involved in this trade war and if there is a tit for tat response from south korea which looks likely than this whole thing could explode ok let's talk about the effect on consumers if this dispute does drag on could it become more people more difficult for people to get their hands on a samsung phone and say in the short term no. samsung says it has months of
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stockpiles the main chip makers also say they're fine in the short term the small it produces could it could be the death of them they're already facing the sector's biggest downturn ever and if neither side backs down way hearing from south korea this is only the beginning japan has been telling reporters that it could actually expand these curbs then yes it's going to hurt production it's going to hurt a whole lot of countries and consumers could also be hurt here atlast say the whole process of semiconductor kinship making could be in big trouble up to 90 percent of the free materials used in ship making come from japan so these. big chip makers are going to be struggling to find someone else to supply them ok and how does a list change the dynamic in that the current global trade will this is where it is really interesting the reason the japan gives for curbing these exports is national security if you heard that before. the trouble he's using that exact
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that exact reasoning for his curbing of exports when it comes to the trade war with mexico as well and. a the japanese leader is great friends plays golf with mr trump and those 2 guys get along well but he doesn't get along too well with south korea on the other hand and this whole dispute pits the 2 of them south korea and japan against each other when a whole global trade war is raging on and trump really needs both of them in the fight against china and has even thanks so much for clarifying all of that for us. all right to the women's football world cup now the netherlands have secured a place in sunday's final against the united states' ear pain champions were pushed to the limit by sweden but they prevailed thanks to a goal in extra time. the 2nd semifinal in 2 days in leone started with more
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crunching tackles than clearcut chances cowards they go to close down vienna medium are here. both sides could have scored in the 2nd half but both keepers fiercely defended their goals i sweden's neil official was denied by a fingertip save from sorry found feenan doll at one end before a bullet header from media was met by an equally impressive stop from head to lindahl the other i. ultimately neither team was able to break through in 90 minutes in extra time though a superheat from distance shot of the day i jackie groan and with her 1st ever world cup goal sending the netherlands into their 1st ever world cup final. no chance for keeper lindahl and no way back for her side only the mighty us now stand in the netherlands way. indeed tell you sports correspondent all of that media is only on what both semifinals well played high on
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a give us your take on the 2nd semifinal what did you think. well i think we were a little bit spoiled by the 1st semifinal between the u.s. and england you know that was a game that had action and tension and control was the all in equal measure and the 2nd semifinal didn't quite live up to those very high standards it was a much more defensive game there are much fewer chances for the attacking players to really shine apart from of course the goal the winning goal that put the netherlands through to the final jackie ronan as we heard was the one who scored it picking up the ball on the edge of the box and rushing it home a real moment of quality that excellent finish i did expect to see a few more moments of that kind of quality but ultimately it doesn't matter for the netherlands that along with their organized defense was enough to get them into their 1st ever world cup final and coming just 2 years after they won the european championship as well for a country that previously was never a big hitter and women's football this is
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a real moment to celebrate now playing in the biggest game that there is in women's football here and big deal for the dutch then going to come up against the reigning champions the u.s. do they had any chance of winning. i think they do have a chance but you have to admit that it's a slim chance and certainly they're going to have to play much better than they did against sweden you know the u.s. for me have proven at this tournament that they are indeed the best team in the world having beaten the likes of england and france now the netherlands are really going to have to step it up if they want to do some damage especially in attack as i said it was it was quite a defensive game in the likes of viviana meet in the never really got going she's an excellent striker but she just couldn't get into the game as well a former world player of the year is so important to the netherlands she's been struggling with a toe injury throughout the tournament and had to go off at half time the netherlands will certainly be hoping that she is fit supply in sunday's final but of course while i think the netherlands are a great chance against the u.s.
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their fans the army of orange quite fans who have followed them here it's a frog's will see things very differently let's hear what they have to say about their chances or actually added to the world ruler of the final though super super credible their growth of course we're going to be through the security no pro. the finals yeah i. didn't expect that to happen in the beginning of this world cup if we deserve it i don't know. if all that counts now do you think that we beat the american right. real confidence there from the dutch do you think the u.s. would have preferred to face sweden rather than in the final. i honestly don't think the u.s. really cared which of these 2 teams they were going to come up against you know i think the u.s. has already played better it seems than either the netherlands or swayed and. prior to this they've beaten england and france who are 2 sides that i would say among
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the best in the world at the moment were in better form going into the tournament so i don't think they minded too much perhaps you could say that because they had already played and beaten sweden in this tournament in the group stage the usa new sweden better they knew kind of how to get at them better than they do with the netherlands but honestly the u.s. has so much talent and that same they are without doubt the hot favorites going into the final all right ali media reporting from leon thanks very much. while the women's world cup has been wowing fans around the globe a darker side of football has also been making the headlines month thief of banned the former head of the afghanistan football federation from football related activities for life after allegations that he and other sexually abused female players and the afghanistan coach is telling d.w. she is not impressed with alfie for handle the case and thinks president giani in and teano should not keep his post. days of the footballing world is on france and
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on the sidelines of the woman's world cup a campaign has been launched to eliminate abuse harassment and exploitation in women's football in attendance was afghanistan's coach kelly lindsay who told d.w. how difficult it was for her players to get the help they needed from people following reports of abuse while the dialogue went on but it didn't feel like anything was progressing i didn't feel like our players were receiving the concern and care that they needed and many of them were getting death threats many of them were being abused at the time we needed to get make sure they were safe we needed to get them out of the country so that they could speak the truth and help us understand what was really going on and it just felt like 8 months of a tennis match where nobody wanted to be held accountable and nobody wanted to really talk about the details and sort it out. back in november it was former player talita popal who 1st went public with allegations that key figures in the afghan football federation had sexually abused players in june
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a former president care of them was banned for life and fined 900000 euros but a lawyer representing him has said he will seek to appeal the ruling. evidence doesn't. stand. and that's that. decision. kelly lindsey disagrees but has also lost faith in fee for president giani in fenty you know. he's not my president of football he did not hold up the gold standard that should be held up by fief on human rights and women's rights and i don't believe he should be the president afifa after the way this case was handled the woman's world cup has been a big success but the afghan abuse scandal is a reminder of the long road ahead. it watching
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live from coming up next conflict zone speaks to. one of the leading fake as and germany's all right at last get you can get the latest from any time on twitter on our website as. i man you can. on behalf of the whole team and thanks for watching.
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i'm going to go. to. the far. end to the conflict zone with tim sebastian germany's far i don't position possibly a do you think it's place to live in you and expanded populist groups in the
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european parliament my guest is greek is very obvious from the show at all be a key column at least options because you know it sets the cost you need to close out some of the highly controversial rhetoric conflicts so for the next off g.w. . bowl most hold. sleep. b.c. carefully you don't know how to suit your needs to do good. actually. discover.
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subscribe to the documentary on. what secrets lie behind these memos. find out that person be experience and explore fascinating cultural heritage sites that will. d.w. world heritage 360 defeat. germany some great danger to muslims as threat to juice islamization of all culture is something which is dangerous germany's far i don't position part to be a of d. takes its place in the new and expanded populist group in the european parliament but it faces serious pressure not least accusations by some quarters that has contributed to the atmosphere of hate in which a senior german politicians was mud.


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