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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 6, 2019 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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the law simply. was no longer strong starch 20 years on w. . let him out of the. plane. plane. the law. this is. from 1000000000 a rescue ship carrying nearly 50 migrants in the italian or to lampedusa the alexandra defiance of the bad by israelis hardline interior minister. and the standoff continues with another aid organization baseball that's standing by just off the coast and seeking a safe course. of that also coming up. southern california is rational by one of
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the biggest plates in 2 decades speed magnitude 7 point one they chase buildings have to tell us the flags and box bias and more time those may be on the way. and at the women's world cup sweden linden the 3rd place they often show they did the affronts empty handed. and i'm christine one to welcome to the program. a magnitude 7 point one earthquake has struck 7 kind of fornia the region's strongest tremor in 2 decades the epicenter was some 200 kilometers northeast of los angeles injuries and fires have been reported it's the latest in a series of recent quakes to hit california and experts are warning more are likely to come. from residents watched helplessly as the quake hit the most
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powerful in 20 years. god knows you know the travelers traveled as far south as mexico for tourists visiting the region it was a surreal moment well we were just you know joe room what if you do you know. of a sudden the room started sort of shaking and we didn't know you don't really know what what leads you to think what you did it doesn't register straightaway that until being killed every everything's moving in the chandelier was shaking and the kids were saying it's an earthquake that is every word in the whole day i was sitting on my share in every way that she will they were and they would realize oh my god when we run out of. the quake triggered fires power outages and damaged roads minor injuries were also reported. here it was the 2nd to strike the region this week the 1st came as americans were
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celebrating the 4th of july experts are urging residents to be prepared for earthquakes of all sizes. so this earthquake is yet another opportunity for people to be aware that there will be a big earthquake in southern california it's not a matter of if it's a matter of when but the really important thing is just not to prepare for the big one even these moderate earthquakes like the one that happened yesterday in ridgecrest can cause damage. the anxiety has reignited fears of what's called the big one a predicted catastrophic earthquake on the san andreas fault line runs through california the statewide warning system is currently being created to inform residents of impending danger. and italian risk is ship with 46 migrants on board has stocks in the city despite being banned from doing so the vessel enough to do so is operated by an italian. crew declined an offer to say
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along to malta saying the long journey would have been dangerous for the people on board interior minister matteo self and he has tried to close italian ports to the charity ships. correspondent is in lampedusa hi amy and so the boat stopped has anyone been allowed off yet. well if you can see the this is not the ship behind me this is a massive vessel that just came in so the sailboat that was carrying the 41 migrants has been moved by it i believe they went over to where the coast guard is on the other side of the bay to make room for this ship actually there was one person taken off in a stretcher that's the only one i saw come off yet there were no arrests i asked the talian police here they said no one has been arrested of course you might remember last saturday caught hold of a kid from the german angio rescue ship was taken into custody because of her forcing her way into the port here at lampedusa so the ship has just gone over to
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the other side of the bay i'm going to go over there soon and have a report for you to tell you what's going on over there are a.b.c.'s one person being taken off on a stretcher presumably they're going to go and get make ok but when i do is to eventually get off the plane if they're allowed to what's going to happen to them well there have been a lot of arrivals in the past couple of days and so far all of them have been brought to the immigration center that's up in the middle of the island here where it's just further inland it's blocked off to the public i wasn't allowed to go in but it doesn't mean the migrants can't come out i'm sure as soon as they go in they will receive whatever medical attention they need and then they would be free to come out into lampedusa like the migrants that i talked to yesterday ok amy and so there is another boat child this is the german sea i rescue bush it's in the same losses in limbo what's happening there. well that boat of
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course is still stuck out there that did not come in like the alex a sailboat that just came in today alex sailboat is italian the other the n.g.o.s the c.i. it's the name of the boat is the island kirti that is a german n.g.o.s you said that has about over 50 migrants still on it they're out there waiting for word from the italian government but so far they've been blockaded now because it is a larger ship they have more resources unlike this sailboat that declared a state of emergency and came into the port all right amy in a safe enough to do some reporting for me thank you. now to some of the other stories making news around the world spain's annual running of the bulls festival has begun the 9 days that abrasion in the northern city of pamplona sees hundreds of dead devils run through the streets with the bulls before the animals are killed at a bull fight now before the event and more rights activists protest against what
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they call mass cruelty. the high speed rail link between france and switzerland has been knocked out by europe's heat wave passengers face long delays and had to travel instead by bus the train operators say israel checks have buckled in the intense heat of the link is unlikely to reopen before sunday. and hundreds of thousands of our other have marched for gay rights in the london pride parade organizers are calling it the largest and most center of the largest and most integration of the us so far the l g b t movement is celebrating its 50th anniversary the raids have also taken place in other major european cities such as would have passed and madrid. and britain prince harry and his wife megan have christened their 2 month old son archie the baby is 7th in line to the bridge through his parents also known as the duke and duchess of sussex while the ceremony in private large crowds gathered all the same outside women's acosta with the chapel is locations.
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to the women's football world cup now in sweden have taken 3rd place of the tournament beating england 21 to talk us through the action i'm joined now by tom in the lawyer from well it's good to see you so sweet and have the consolation of getting the bronze medal help will they be well i mean it's better than nothing it's 3rd place unfortunately is really the it's hard to but no one wants to win now the english coach phil neville. said that when you've been trying to motivate him so for this game you have to be reminded by a colleague that it's only a bronze medal although if you hold it in the right like it looks a little bit more confident for him that's no consolation that he's going to get so enjoy because in will be in 21 by the swedes in the east here is how the game unfolds. the penultimate game at the women's world cup offered consolation to 2 teams who appeared genuine chances to sing on the big stage sweden settled 1st to take advantage of an england era with just 10 minutes gone. as loni with the
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1st before the breakout star of the swedish side sophia jakobsen extended the late . i having to her growing highlight reel from france as england looked desperate for a spot to finally ignite de di i did friend kirby but the stunning solo with. i the minus is good suddenly smelled blood again and looked to have drawn level with the opposition only to come face to face with the toughest opponent of the tournament the video assistant referee helen watch for oil does video killed the football star for a 2nd strike match in the sweet finish to. the champions unite the country and the u.s. take on the netherlands in the final smart but there's a bit of a story about something. more about that yeah that's correct now 2 men's finals are
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also going to be taking place tomorrow that's the gold cup final between mexico and the usa and the cup by america far no 0 between brazil and peru yeah can you believe it now. who's been voted out throughout the tournament is among those who are less than impressed with the scheduling decision now is of course a bit of a distraction from the women's world cup final which is you know the biggest game in this 4 doesn't really convince anybody that the women's game is held in very high esteem now. responsible for scheduling those 2 finals actually in the case of the copa america come the bold the south american federation and in the case of the gold cup comcast now a victim of the boss of congress about this recently he admitted that it had been an oversight that it was a mistake he said it wouldn't happen again but the. tried to pass the buck a bit on to fee for by saying and the ultimately they had the mosses of the have and have also said that they were involved in the process now whoever was ultimately responsible megan rapinoe is not very happy it's who she was asked
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a press conference earlier today what she thought about this decision and this is what she had to say now i mean this terrible scheduling for everyone don't you guys feel disrespected by that i mean as you know as someone who works in football as someone who plays in football that's a terrible idea put everything on the same day in every way especially i mean obviously there's you know there's 2 other finals going on but this is the world cup final. you know this is like cancel everything day i quite agree ok it's all about the final so maybe the winds are going to start his and the dogs essentially some are but they'll be possibly without their star player yeah that's true that might be an extra hindrance because they are possibly going to be missing the commodities now she had to go off during the hof to during halftime in the in the semifinal against sweden with a foot injury so there are question marks over whether or not she's going to be able to make it on sunday she's been crucial really for japan sorry for the
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netherlands it was a game of course against japan in the round of 16 where she's got both goals to send them through it's true of course the netherlands are really going to be underdogs tomorrow but nonetheless they all the european champions and they have carved themselves away to the final so they just be hoping that the usa will be underestimating them i think however it does have to be said the usa have been a class above all of their opponents so far at the tournament and i think they're fairly confident that they can be able to keep their top so if they do so out of 8 wins world cups in history that will mean that the usa have won 4 they really are the titanic power in this game so i think they they are right tom get away from danger spots so they. right hong kong has recently been rocked by a series of protests over it all that would lead ease extraditions to china but that's just one of the main issues angry residents they're worried about china's increasing influence over the region deja news much is split into visited a train station way china's reach extends deep into the heart of hong kong. this
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train station is highly controversial since last year west kowloon station in hong kong has connected the city to the chinese mainland. i am now standing at the top of this railway station the rooftop is accessible as a sightseeing point the government promotes this station as a way to access china's vast high speed rail network and it highlights that travel time to one joe the metropolis of southern china is now half of what it was before the 130 kilometer train joining 2 going to takes just 45 minutes beijing 2000 kilometers away can be reached in 9 hours but many hong kong as do not appreciate these new trends between cities need to ken general secretary of the confederation of trade unions is one of them look at this high speed rail you know it's like us the frosting in the hot paul called the reason for his discontent inside the
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railway station there is a controlled border between hong kong and mainland china an official video explains the consequences. attention after entering the mainland port area departing passengers will need to comply with mainland laws. the opposition sees this as a breach of hong kong as one country 2 systems arrangement that guarantees hong kong its own rule of law it's a gradual slippery slope where gradually you know chinese begin to intervene into our rule of law and then take away a piece of land and claim it to be chinese judicial system. for many people in hong kong the station has become yet another symbol for the mainland influence in this city. you're watching news from berlin we'll leave you with some of the newly named wonders of the well the un's cultural organization unesco is meeting right now to decide which places should be part of the world heritage list here are some of the
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places they've already added from myself and the rest of the team here to the back . good. to see you. see. where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one t.v. shadow and a few newspapers with official information as a journalist i have walked off the streets of many cantrips and they have all those
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are almost the same for doing the social inequality a lack of the freedom off the press and corruption weak on the floor.


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