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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 6, 2019 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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this is the news live from berlin a rescue ship carrying nearly 50 migrants doxy and it's in the hands in defiance of a bad by hard light interior minister of a terrorist cell fini another aid organization bizzle with refugees on board is waiting just off the coast also coming up. at the women's world cup sweden these england in the 3rd place to ensure they don't need frogs empty handed.
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hello i'm kristie welcome to the program. a rescue ship with 46 migrants on board has stops in the italian port of the deuce in defiance of the government bad the crew had earlier refused to sail on to malta saying the long journey would have dangerous would have been dangerous for those on board and that the agency vessel is standing by off the coast seeking a safe course to offload its human called the. interior minister material so the need has tried to close all the ships the hobbit ships which have risk if it's responded in a safe is in the high end so the boat stopped has anyone been allowed off yet. well if you can see the this is not the ship behind me this is a massive vessel that just came in so the sailboat that was carrying the 41 migrants has been moved i believe they went over to where the coast guard is on the
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other side of the bay to make room for this ship actually there was one person taken off in a stretcher that's the only one i saw come off yet there were no arrests i asked the talian police here they said no one has been arrested of course you might remember last saturday couple of i kidded from the german angio rescue ship was taken into custody because of her forcing her way into the port here at lampedusa so the ship has just gone over to the other side of the bay i'm going to go over there soon and have a report for you to tell you what's going on over there are a.b.c.'s a one person being taken off on a stretcher presumably they're going to go and get make ok but when i do is to eventually get off the boat if they're allowed to what's going to happen to them well there have been a lot of arrivals in the past couple of days and so far all of them have been brought to the immigration center that's up in the middle of the island here where it's just further inland it's blocked off to the public i wasn't allowed to go in
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but it doesn't mean the migrants can't come out i'm sure as soon as they go in they will receive whatever medical attention they need and then they would be free to come out into lampedusa like the migrants that i talked to yesterday ok i mean so there is another boat out this is the german sea i risk you bush it's in the same losses in limbo what's happening there. well that boat of course is still stuck out there that did not come in like the alex a sailboat that just came in today alex sailboat is italian the other the n.g.o.s the c.i. it's the name of the boat is the island kirti that is a german n.g.o.s you said that has about over 50 migrants still on it they're out there waiting for word from the italian government but so far they've been blockaded now because it is a go larger ship they have more resources unlike this sailboat that declared a state of emergency and came into the port all right and in a safe enough produce
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a report thank you. a magnitude 7 point one earthquake has struck southern california the region's strongest ranma in 2 decades the epicenter was some 200 kilometers northeast of los angeles injuries and fires have been reported it's the latest in a series of recent earthquakes to hit california and expose a warning mole i like them to come. residence watched helplessly as the quake hit the most powerful in 20 years. no no no the tremors traveled as far south as mexico for tourists visiting the region it was a surreal moment well we were just you know joe room what if you didn't know and all the sudden the room started sort of shaking and we didn't do you don't really know what what leads you to think what you did it doesn't register straightaway that until the job everything everything's moving in the chandelier was shaking and
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the kids were saying it's an earthquake that is over and now we wait in the hall they all of us sitting on a share and i don't think weight issues will be worth the ink and they will realize . when we run out of the hotel. the quake triggered fires power outages and damaged roads minor injuries were also reported. and it was the 2nd to strike the region this week the 1st came as americans were celebrating the 4th of july experts are urging residents to be prepared for earthquakes of all sizes. so this earthquake is yet another opportunity for people to be aware that there will be a big earthquake in southern california it's not a matter of if it's a matter of when but the really important thing is just not to prepare for the big one even these moderate earthquakes like the one that happened yesterday in ridgecrest can cause damage. the anxiety has reignited fears of
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what's called the big one a predicted catastrophic earthquake on the san andreas fault line runs through california a statewide warning system is currently being created to inform residents of impending danger. it's to spain now where the annual festival off sense of mean has kicked off better known as the running off the bulls the 9 day celebration in the old city of atlanta attracts thousands of visitors every but it's a controversial event and ritual day devils run through the streets with the bulls . before the animals are killed in a fight and rights activists have staged a protest demanding that the bullfighting a badge. i'm now joined by egypt reporter nicole reese following the story hey nicole good to see you so why is something that's apparently is so like rules and will still be allowed well some might argue it's simply spanish tradition or cultural heritage because this event really dates back
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hundreds of years and initially people were just celebrating some feder man who was the patron of pump lonna and then they brought in the bulls in the 16th century because farmers would move the balls into the city for the bullfighting as well so that's one part but i think the bigger part a more important part here is that it's also a huge cash cow for pump lonna because they earn $74000000.00 euros every year just withstand feder mean that's because of all the tourists that are coming there spanish tourists but of course international tourists as well and many of them want to see the bulls they want to see them running they want to run with them and right they might get hurt but it's the fun in it and it's also begin to economically for the castle readers because once the ball's in the arena and are being killed they're actually sell the meat as well so will that might be the main reason for them still being out there in the streets of all right i mean so that we're seeing the resistance we've seen the protests in the run up to this event is
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this kind of resistance to what you say is a very old tradition is it having an effect or you can say that there is certainly a shift in mindset in spanish society and a has been there for many years spanish people are tired of seeing these pictures and they stand up against bullfighting there are cities who have and pull off items and whole regions actually and 84 percent of young spaniards actually feel ashamed that spain is still having this as a thing and there was also a drop of 60 percent of all fighting in the last 10 years of a. these events so you can see that there is a shift the question still is if it will effect some 30 minutes on point there were discussions of cancelling the bullfighting at the end of killing the balls that should be off the table was one demand last year but the promise quite pushed back and said well if the snowball fight investment going to be any olds running in the streets so there's still this conflict i pretty much think that it's
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a huge celebration people see their families people just celebrate so maybe they can also do without the balls in the future all right we'll see if that eventually happens to reapportion nicole wrists thank you for that. to the women's football world cup now in sweden have claimed the bronze medal at the tournament beating england $21.00 deja vu all scars on it all of a moody is in france where as i only say you're only on a hit of his final but 1st there was a small measure of 3rd place play off in me is south he has will sweden be with their bronze medals. i'm sure they'll be absolutely bited certainly the celebrations at full time suggested that they're over the moon finishing that of course they would rather be in sunday's final but you can only beat the opposition in front of you to finish 3rd rather 4th is obviously an improvement now they actually took a trick straight out of the us playbook to be
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a glint they hit them early to go to no up and that was just too much for england to reel in let's take a look at the highlights from that game right now. the penultimate game at the women's world cup offered consolation to 2 teams who appeared genuine chances to sing on the big stage sweden settled 1st to take advantage of an england era with just 10 minutes going to be as lining with the 1st before the breakout star of the swedish side sophia jakobsen extended the late. i having to her growing highlight reel from france as england looked desperate for a spot to finally ignited a state friend kirby with the stunning solo with. i know linus's could suddenly smell blood again and look to have drawn level with the opposition only to come face to face with the toughest opponent of the
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tournament the video assistant referee helen white foiled as video killed the football star for a 2nd straight match in the sweet finish 3rd. ok i just as you said you're in. the final tomorrow and that will be between the current champions the u.s. and the netherlands but the u.s. play in megan rapinoe is angry about something of a shift in oversight tell us more about that. well that's right you would think that the world cup final whether is the men's or the women's world cup would be a highlight of the footballing calendar and therefore would deserve a day or 2 itself in football but in fact sunday is not only the host of the women's world cup final in fact is not the only international football final this on on sunday we also have the men's copa america final that's the south american football championship that's coming just a couple of hours after the women's world cup final finishes and following hot on the heels of the cup america final you also have the men's gold cup final that's
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the central and north american football championship now this of course takes the focus away from the women's world cup final instead of having the whole footballing world watching the women's world cup final you now have kind of some so maybe split interests in certain parts of the world understandably so with big footballing nations taking part now megan rapinoe as you say did have some very strong comments to make about this of course the big question would be would this have happened in a men's world cup final and i think as well as myself the opinion that it wouldn't let's hear exactly what megan rapinoe had to say about the what this says about respect for the women's game now i mean this terrible scheduling for everyone don't you go down disrespected by that i mean as you know as someone who works in football or someone who plays in football that's a terrible idea to put everything on the same day in every way especially i mean obviously there's you know there's 2 other finals going on but this is the world
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cup final. you know this is like cancel everything day ok now it's all about the match itself right so the netherlands or pretty much start as underdogs and they could be without their star player just how are they going to cope. well indeed leka martins the netherlands are sweating on her fitness right now and she's a former world player of the year and she was influential in helping the netherlands win the european championship 2 years ago the coach there in reagan couldn't confirm that she would be fit to start the final and that would be a massive blow to the netherlands of course they have a chance of winning this final even without legal matters but you really feel like this is a game where they need everything to go in their favor and missing on missing out on martins from the start would be a big blow i think regardless of whether martin's plays or not the 1st thing that the netherlands absolutely have to do is stop the u.s. from scoring in the opening phase the u.s. has scored in every single world cup match so far in the opening 12 minutes if you
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stop that then you stop them taking an early advantage and just maybe you give yourself a chance and if they do then the netherlands have the likes of viviana me to a very talented striker she's found as well the only player left in the tournament and those are 2 players who can really do some damage that any back line but 1st of all they need to stop the u.s. scoring early right ok well we're watching that as you will only modi and leon for us thank you very much it watching the news live from berlin we'll leave you with some of the newly named wonders off the world the un's cultural organization unesco is meeting to decide which places should be part of the world heritage list here are some of the places they've already added for myself and the rest of the team here today if i. the be.
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above. the. above. place. and for. the money which horses. video. any time any. w. me.


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