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the book. starts july 10th on day w. . this is state of the news live from berlin abramsky ship terry dozens of migrants docks in isn't the addicks lands in defiance of the bad by god like interior minister of the tales told me i never ate all the nice asian crystal with asylum seekers is now getting for malta also coming up. creeps head to the polls in all the mainstream election the conservatives poised to return to politics off to 5
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years a politically. and at the women's world cup sweden and then in the 3rd place fail to ensure they'd be progs into magic. and i'm christine window welcome to the program. there's been a dramatic escalation in a standoff over the rescue ships carry migrants from africa looking for a new life in europe and aid organization but with more than 40 asylum seekers on board has stocks in the italian portal. in defiance of the bad imposed by the hardline interior minister. and now the vessel also carrying migrants is thought to be hitting full malta seeking a safe harbor to offload its human called. the aleksandra supporter of lampedusa on board. at least $41.00 migrants including several pregnant women crew wimber say
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the conditions on board were unbearable. yaml being that we are convinced that we are acting within the law and above all for the dignity and safety of the people on board was the 1st order. another rescue ship is waiting outside italian waters 65 migrants are aboard the alan currency operated by german n.g.o.s c.i. crew members say they rescued them from a dinghy with no g.p.s. navigation aids and only 10 liters of water the crew told they refused to return the migrants to the closest port in libya despite an offer from the libyan government to take them in instead they headed for italy. the next park for us so we just followed maritime law and went to the next part. we were. to love to do now we are at the coast this morning we had the goddess you know on
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board they made a check up of the people. informed us about that the crates of the need and now we are waiting for further instructions. italian interior minister of the need denied the rescue ship permission to arrive in lampedusa even if the migrants were to be distributed to other countries in europe as suggested by his german counterpart salving he says it's very clear who is responsible here he says it's a german ship and so it should go to germany. but the migrants have been with the alan kirti hope their ship will also dock in lampedusa regardless of what italy's author ities say. i didn't have any correspondence immunise if you do so for us i am in good to see you so we'll talk about the italian and you know that we know has stopped in the beaches in a 2nd but 1st i want to ask you about the gym and bush that wanted to do the same and now we understand is all to malta that's right
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they just announced that they are turning away from lampedusa here and headed toward malta to try their chances there they seem to want to avoid a standoff like the one we just witnessed here tonight and they said on twitter that human lives are not a bargaining chip they see this as a political move by the italian government to block them from coming in meanwhile other ships come in either in the middle of the night on their own or make it to a town in waters and come in on the italian coast guard to seek asylum here right i mean so the going back to the italian n.g.o.s vessel we know that it's been a few hours since it's docked at enough to do so has anybody actually been able to get all that but we've seen one person come out on a stretcher that was immediately after the boat arrived many hours ago now before the sun even went down and then a 2nd person that we've seen come out they were limping and they were put into an
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ambulance and taken away those are the only 2 people we've seen come out now the rest are still on board the ship and waiting to see what happens meditate on the air says that this is a deliberate stalling to show that they have blocked these migrants somehow from coming in what we just heard now just minutes ago was that the italian authorities have taken the ship into custody so what somebody from meditation on air that's the ngo that. owns the ship alex what they told me is that the ship will go into custody and hopefully soon the migrants will come off the boat and go to. yeah go inland to the immigration center ok and then very quickly do we know what happens off to that crisis will the immigration center. after that it should be standard procedure where they go to the immigration center
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and then start the procedure to declare asylum in italy and thus the e.u. but standard procedure has been broken tonight so we're waiting to see what happens . all right any of his see if it's reporting for us thank you. now to some of the other stories making news around the world a powerful earthquake has struck southern california the strongest tremor to hit the region in 2 day case the convulsions centage 200 others as north east of los angeles forest fires and injuries a series of recent weeks has raised fears about a possible future disaster that californians will the big one. dozens of people have been arrested during pro-democracy protests in kazakhstan they were demonstrating against the results of last month's presidential election which observers say it was neither free nor fake is central asian country has seen repeated massive rest during rallies held in recent months. and writs of thousands
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across europe have marched for gay rights as the l g p 2 movement celebrates its 50th anniversary organizers off the london pride parade all calling it the largest and most diverse integration so far huge crowds also joined marches in other european cities including the spanish capital madrid. and spain's annual running of the bulls festival has begun the 9 days in a break in the northern city of bonuses and groups of daredevils run through the streets with booze for the animals are killed at a bull fight before the event animal rights activists protested against what they call mass groups. right now greeks are set to vote in a general election on sunday and all polls pointed to a win for a conservative party often nearly 5 years off the left wing rule greece is struggling to emerge from a deep or other from a decade of deep financial crisis that has seen unemployment and poverty soul.
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greece's left wing prime minister alexis tsipras called elections 3 months early after the conservative new democracy party delivered a stinging defeat in europe's parliament elections in my greece emerged from its 3rd and last bailout in august 28th seen but years of a sturdy have left greek voters angry and deeply disillusioned. ministry michel the moment after everything i've seen no i won't vote no just the names will change nothing else it'll just be business as usual. but that might not typing for america all but we'd like to see something a little bit better there's miracles no of course not we don't believe in miracles . in 2015 current prime minister alexis tsipras led syriza the once marginal coalition of the radical left to power on a wave of anti austerity rage in his current campaign see press has promised to rebuild public services after years of hardship and funding cuts but he's
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remembered for accepting a 3rd rescue deal to keep greece in the euro and a 3rd round of austerity is major rival kiriakou snit's attack is has forged ahead in the polls his conservative new democracy party is favored to win the son of a former prime minister he's pro e.u. center right and well and truly part of the political class but he's focused his campaign on blue collar voters pledging to make the country more business friendly cut taxes and slash bureaucracy greece's economic situation has been slowly improving and polls suggest that that's a road support for the extreme right golden dawn party. where past the big. difficulties of the financial crisis and now it's important that we remain will have some stability. but prime minister alexis tsipras has warned that the country
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risks a return to the dark days of austerity if his party loses. to the women's football world cup now in sweden have taken the place of the tournament beating england 21 to talk us through the action i'm joined now by tom good noise from peaceful it's good to see you so sweet and have the consolation of getting the bronze medal help east will they be well i mean it's better than nothing it's 3rd place unfortunately is really the it's awful that no one wants to win now the english coach phil neville. said that when he didn't want to move in so for this game he had to be reminded by a colleague that it's only a bronze medal although if you hold it in the right light it looks a little bit like home. for him that's not a consolation that he's going to get to enjoy because in them will be in 21 by the swedes in nice here's how that came a vote. the penultimate game at the women's world cup offered consolation to tooting to appear genuine chances to sing on the big stage sweden settled 1st to take advantage of an england era with just 10 minutes i have with the
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1st before the breakout star of the swedish side sophia jakobsen extended the link i having to her growing highlight reel from france as england looked desperate for a spot to finally ignited a die state friend could be but the stunning solo with i the linus's could suddenly smell blood again and look to have drawn level with the opposition only to come face to face with the toughest opponent of the tournament the video assistant referee helen white for oil does video killed the football star for a 2nd strike match in the sweet finish 3rd. the champions he had the kind champions at the u.s. take on the netherlands in the final tomorrow but there's a bit of a story about something. else more help than yeah that's correct now 2 men's finals
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are also going to be taking place tomorrow that's the gold cup final between mexico and the usa and the cup by america far no it's when brazil and peru yeah can you believe it now. who's been voted out throughout the tournament is among those who are less than impressed with this scheduling decision now is of course a bit of a distraction from the women's world cup final with you know the biggest game in this 4 doesn't really convince anybody that the women's game is held in very high esteem now. responsible for scheduling those 2 finals are actually in the case of the copa america comma bowl the south american federation and in the case of the gold cup half now a victim of the boss of congress was also about this recently he admitted they had been an oversight that it was a mistake he said it wouldn't happen again but they. tried to pass the buck a bit on to fee for by saying and the ultimately they had the mosses of the cat and have also said that they were involved in the process now whoever was ultimately responsible megan rapinoe is not very happy it's who she was also that press
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conference earlier today what she thought about this decision and this is what she had to say now i mean this terrible scheduling for everyone don't you guys still disrespected by that i mean as you know as someone who works in football as someone who plays in football that's a terrible idea to put everything on the same day in every way especially i mean obviously there's you know there's 2 other finals going on but this is the world cup final. you know this is like cancel everything day i quite agree ok it's all about the final so maybe lindsey are going to start his and the dogs essentially some are but they'll be possibly without their style paya yeah that's true that might be an extra hindrance because they are possibly going to be missing the commodities now she had to go off during the half to during halftime in the in the semifinal against sweden with a foot injury so there are question marks over whether or not she's going to be able to make it on sunday she's been crucial really for japan sorry for the
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netherlands it was a game of course against japan in the round of 16 where she's got both goals to send them through it's true of course the netherlands already going to be underdogs tomorrow but nonetheless they all the european champions and they have carved themselves away to the final so they just be hoping that the usa will be underestimating them i think however it does have to be said the usa have been a class above all of their opponents so far at the tournament and i think they're fairly confident that they can be able to keep their title if they do so out of 8 wins world cups in history that will mean that the usa have won 4 they really are the tonic power in this game so i think they they are right tom get away from dangerous spots so they. now for a football shock at the africa cup of nations south africa's order with just 5 minutes remaining saved egypt one nil the shock victory sets up a quarter final clash with nigeria that's all to nigeria knocked out defending champions cameroon they came back from 21 at the hof time to win 32 forward will be
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grabbed the decisive goal in the 66th minute and a reminder of one of the top stories we're following it for you today a risky ship carrying nearly 50 migrants has now ended in the tell you all to have that in defiance of the bad by the hot night interior minister matteo selby and another visit with asylum seekers on board is now heading for montana. watching deja vu and the catch of the top reality. she'd have to get through the bundesliga break without a triple thanks again. and. we fix. the motion. on. its way to 19.
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goals the results here on t.w. .


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