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tv   Drive it  Deutsche Welle  July 7, 2019 5:30am-6:01am CEST

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discover. subscribe to documentary on you tube. alone we're going to drive with an e w motor magazine this week a picture postcard perfect party the folks wagon she meet in austria. a little toyota that can p.r.s. g.r. m.n. . and the new jaguar x.
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x history month washing for wonders now that his car has given up the ghost he needs a new one a nice midsize sedan but which we have a mercedes seen class he thinks that's somehow a stuffy. for the b.m.w. 3 series and that wouldn't be bad at all. for him. that's also a good idea but you see both of these cars on every corner in germany here what about something a bit more original something special something unique. that's blundell it's. like the x e from jaguar. for the 2020 model year the british maker has given its entry level model a facelift. even though the chain. just work rather modest they help make the x. c.
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one of the more elegant mid-range vehicles. but enough standing around time for a test drive. so let's go guys. even in the 1st few meters you can tell you're sitting in a driver's car tackles the curve in style and exit at full speed ahead kids not too short on features all new extreme versions come standard with an 8 speed automatic transmission think your changes are pleasantly soft and always at the right moment. the starting price for an x. c. like this $1.00 is already over $43000.00 euros in germany. or can you get a b.m.w. 3 series for as little as 38. yeah sure that's
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a big difference but have you ever seen a jaguar with cloth seats leather is standard here as are the electric adjustments everything already comes standard. may have a point. other features such as 18 inch wheels l.e.d. headlights parking assistance front and rear review camera as well as lean keeping and attentiveness assistance are also standard in the new model all things that cost a few $1000.00 euros extra in his predecessor. and while the x.e. is only jaguars entry level model in the interior the she explored sedan already offers plenty of luxury and high quality materials.
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you must have seen the buttons aren't real but are touch controls and you can't tell if you press them or not. and that's not perfect but there's no such thing as a perfect car otherwise it's a nice interior. our test car is powered by a $184.00 kilowatt gasoline engine he actually accelerates from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour and 6.5 seconds and has a top speed of 250 kilometers per hour another even more powerful gasoline engine is available along with a less powerful diesel. and that's it for a test drive in the jaguar x c and guys what do you say. i have to admit the design is for weaker than a b.m.w. 3 series. how about you. in the interior you can definitely keep up with the likes of audi when it comes to things like
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build quality. yeah went. on a while says it's definitely not as stuffy as the mercedes c. class and well it has become a bit more expensive in the new model year just over 2000 euros that includes over $4000.00 euros of standard equipment so he thinks it's worth it although. toyota is usually known for ecologically friendly fuel efficient vehicles but the japanese carmaker can also do things very differently like the jarosz g r m and it's aimed at bringing rally excitement to toyota buyers. she r m n stands for gazoo racing master says louis are champion of the. it is for toyota what m is for b.m.w. an a m g for mercedes under the hood is a $1.00 leader super charged engine that we otherwise know from the lotus elise
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will take a look at how much sports car there is. to . the g.r. and is inspired by the w r c with which toyota celebrated its return to the 2017 world rally championship but how much racing can fit into such a small car it turns out quite a lot starting with a new sporty chance he would torsen differential which ensures that there is always enough traction without spinning the wheels through a special exhaust system that contributes to weight reduction. lewis says with its light weight a 1135 kilograms and tied suspension and nearly prevents rolling or understeer and corners it's a true curve specialist. but it's not only on curves that the g.r.
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and cuts a good figure. visually as you racing is managed to clearly differentiated from a standard yars it inherits a grill and decals from its rally counterpart another special features a 4 piston brake system. a large rear spoiler is meant to make the g.r. and then more aerodynamic and make it look like a real sports car. the young nurses rally heritage is plain to see in the interior as sports seats give the driver and front passenger more grip and lend the g r m and sporty flair the steering wheel comes from the toyota g.t. 86 the crisp 6 speed gear shifter with metal look knob convey the feeling of sitting in a rally car. he had lewis points to the marking at the
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top of the steering wheel which is typical for rally cars but he's not fond of the hard plastic trim and when it comes to the end for a teammate system he says it's old fashioned what he still likes here are the sports seats but the seating position is slightly raced which he doesn't think will appeal to every sports car fan. the toyota yaris g.r. and comes with a $156.00 kilowatt $1.00 leaders super charge 4 cylinder gasoline engine. the maximum speed is electronically limited to a respectable 230 kilometers per hour the other is cost just under $30000.00 euros in germany last year when the limited edition of just $400.00 cars for all of europe went on the market one year later you still have to pay just as much for
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a used $1.00 that makes the yards g.r. and then a very fast. rarity on european routes. merge savings has unveiled and 7 seen g.l.'s from the outside the luxury s.u.v. looks even runnier while inside it also offers noticeably more space the 3rd row full into the trunk floor allowing a maximum loading volume of 2040 leaders a new option is that the 2nd row seats can consist of 2 large single seats for even more comfort also new is the v. a gasoline engine as a mild hybrid burst a nice couples it to an electric starter generator. and another big s.u.v. from rival ality it's technically and visually updated q 7 now follows the new design language of the q family. all engine options are coupled to an 8 speed
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tiptronic transmission and permanent all wheel drive. there are 2 diesel and one gasoline engine to choose from and white mercedes mile hybrid technology is standard. all mentions consume up to 0.7 leaders less per 100 kilometers. exactly 10 years ago skoda watch the yeti and in the compact s.u.v. segment but in 2017 the czech car maker made a course correction in design and the yeti became the caracal. its appearance differs significantly from that it was predecessor and is based on its words are stablemate a kodiak which launched the new design language in 2016. in
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contrast to the yeti the car rock no longer looks like an angular s.u.v. and it grew significantly by 16 centimeters to a length of 4.38 meters. in julian says scooter makes a strong impression when it comes to infotainment the correct makes not only say out to take out but also the head of the pack the v.w. to go on look old if you order the optional columbus navigation device you not only have a wife i os but on board but also gesture control. that costs $1360.00 euros extra which technology fans are likely to be willing to pay the interior is simple and elegant even so a virtual dashboard is available. a
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7 speed dual clutch transmission is standard alternatively a manual 16 gearbox is available. mind highlighted virtually and the highlight in the skoda caracas the optional varial flex rear seat. besides forming the rear seat back he can push the entire seed forward. vertically by removing these 2 hooks and he can take the whole sheet out completely. if you completely remove the seats you have $180.00 leaders more load volume than with just the seat backs folded down so you get a total luggage capacity of up to $1810.00 leaders. we're driving the most powerful gasoline engine a 1.5 liter 4 cylinder delivers $110.00 kilowatts the car manages to sprint from 0
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to 100 kilometers per hour in 8.6 seconds in germany the caracal in the high used equipment line style starts at around 30500 euros. at the chile and finds the current really comfortable all the bumps in the road are smooth the way even though we expect an s.u.v. to be a bit higher up with a softer ride he finds this one does a really good job. s.u.v. spend most of their time on asphalt but if you let the caracas off the road that would be no problem thanks to 18 centimeters of ground clearance nor are steep slopes the current can tackle 20 degree gradients.
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julian sums up by saying the caracas almost all the really successful car it has many times 2 is bigger brother kodiak but has the advantage of being more compact and much cheaper. it's compactness is a big plus as specially in the city and when parking and thanks to the extreme flexibility of its back seat it still has plenty of room for hauling thanks. the l 319 is one of the bullies among transport grants for mercedes-benz is a heritage and is proud to look back on. cds thomas councilman says the 1st transporter with the twin circuit brake system came out in 1905 then came the safety steering column and the brake booster about the world.
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he says it was here they began to emphasize the safety of the driver when it came to a load securing for the 1st time this vehicle had lashing straps and a seat gap i made public there are dispraise on the front and in later years yes. so then the 1st sprinter which has just brakes all around and an airbag so it became more and more like a normal car. and last but not least here is the 1st brenner with e.s.p. . since 1995 mercedes benz larger van has borne the name sprinter currently its in its 3rd generation and can be configured in more than 700 different ways starting with the front rear or all wheel drive and numerous body options.
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of course not only the technology has changed over the last few years when it comes to safety systems have been steadily expanded and refined accident research also provides crucial data. the autos were seen as uli again or says the company regularly inspected vehicles damaged in accidents to generate insights for their further development they investigate accidents involving their rants. at the site they document the damage look at what exactly happened to see if and how the passengers were injured and they try to determine what they can change in future series some but that flow and of the development and then kind of. the accident researchers have collected this important data since 2015 they investigate whether the safety systems were actually used in the real accident situation and just as helpful they talk to the passengers about what they have
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experienced. some of the assistance systems have been with the sprinter for some time for example the crushed windows system which makes driving at higher speeds safer was introduced in the last generation. other safety systems are already known from passenger cars and are now also available as options for the sprinter active brake assist is one such example as are the radar based distance an active lane assist. a new technology feature is now mainly used at low speeds the parking package with $360.00 degree cameras. is me under a ask not naga labor saving he says it's not just convenient it's also
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a security feature vehicles in this class are mainly used commercially these are already professional drivers but they face many situations involving maneuvering and parking and with this view $360.00 degrees were sadie's offers the drivers and additional safety feature if i providing just the right view for every tricky driving situation he says there are several used to choose from such as a mirror view for the driver at all. a $180.00 degree front so that the driver can see crossing traffic completely there is the normal rear view but also a $180.00 degrees. or even assuming the trailer hitch with special help lines to help make cooking up a tree either uneasy as well. the new drive away assisted limits the speed to 3 kilometers per hour in the 1st few meters of an obstacle is detected helping prevent collisions. the exit guard
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monitors blind spots when leaving the vehicle and provides a visual and acoustic warning if the road is not clear. but even small changes sometimes have a big impact such as the went white for system which is available to get there with the rain sensor for the sprinter. but if you're saying he's never could says in conventional wiper systems the wiper fluid comes out of the nozzles up front with the wet wiper system in a new sprinter the fluid comes straight out of the wiper blade that prevents the windshield from being completely smeared when the wipers starts up there is less fluid so motorcyclists and pedestrians are also protected from the spray. the numerous safety and assistance systems are organized via the mercedes m b u x operating system which is already available for numerous mercedes passenger car models and shared technology for more safety and own vehicle classes and not just
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for the driver but for everyone who uses the streets. current to surmount his current is just checking directions before he's off to buy for nits and austria. almost 900 kilometers but this is. on a mission. and he's got the right teacher for it. and the right car. he's taking this bright yellow gold chain t.-i on his trip to the annual the w. goldfinch e.t.i. event on the verge is a lake. that full stops. its autobahn almost all the way from cologne in germany to vergers
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a. but neither the fast road nor the fast car can offer protection from bad weather. but much as asked himself why others go on such a long journey. that many travel much farther than he's going. just to take part in the g.t. i meet or treffen as it's called in german i was long my best father in almost good order always humble will get me to do good and most of them are doing it not for work on time but for fun. so i did say that. perhaps you'll be able to get some answers. but 1st he needs to get there the journey takes a while and unlike in germany and austria there's a speed limit but it still raining so the most important thing is arriving safely not quickly. and he's made it looks like plenty of others have already arrived.
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it's pouring in not just didn't even bring an umbrella with him but he spotted someone with an umbrella handing out a funny looking white box but he answered what they could be she tells him it's a raincoat not this is the balsa wood more like christmas decorations and apparently he's not the 1st to have said that but not to still wonders how it's supposed to work if you hold it over your head like this. the answer is no it's just a plastic spear containing a rain poncho. as the saying goes there's no bad weather only. bad clothing. but we didn't come derived it's for christmas tree decorations to sponsor with the unique color scheme and wants to meet the owners and compliments them on their cars design he asked them how far they have come and it turns out they traveled 800 kilometers to get here marcus
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wants to know why they would go on a journey like that and julian bragg says he looks forward to the event because there's something new every year it's almost a duty to come here the lights on the show one of our team from copeland's in germany that's at least 780 kilometers or more so why does she do it michelle tells him it's to get ideas and to see what else is going on but there's also a great feeling of community alstom shown in monterrey spots these fans from festivus not too far from cologne thorsten pistor isn't bothered by the weather he says the atmosphere is great he's been here for over a week is part of a fan club so there's no question about toughing it out he's also here on behalf of the other members. and not just his torso will be fine he spotted heated seats in his g t i but that's not all it has
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a massage function. that's one way to survive the endless motorcade in the otherwise quiet community when thousands of g.t.a. fans are right many of the locals believe the virtues a. as much as is just found out there are people from all over australia germany you come here with their old cars their new cars their factory spec cars they're my. out of 5 cars but there are also those who come from very far away to show off their vehicles you might not recognize this license plate all the way from el monte here it's a present to you again softening it twice already last few years kind of thing the scene at the 2nd dream because i don't have to do it i'm going to i'm going to bring my guy so i was pretty awesome folks like and that day they saw how the fashion if you know why not going to take your coffee. i'm lucky now i have my car
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and. i made it happen montes call stands next to the fastest g.t. i have on the g.t. i.d.c. our recent car there is also a street legal version so every g.t. i fand with 40000 euro's despair can own something close and without having to work to modify it. other than to mount a says if he'd known it would rain the whole day he would have worn different shoes and the puddles wouldn't be a problem even so he's fascinated by the miller of these 3 letters. mother says the people he's spoken to all definitely want to come back some of them have been coming for years and that coming here is part of their life even if it means going on long journey mantissas 900 kilometers seem like a short trip fine in comparison yes i think it is not to much i know of course on
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the rise ata. and next time on drive it we test lexus's new mid range sedan the dns $300.00 hybrid. and check out the new v.w. post such as a way. kickoff
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live. boy is cheap elves. monitor stuff coaches really girls in gumby. for business legal claims to change women's football here with their projects. coming. up
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a problem i'm gong to go. nicole through excessive ventura's journey along germany's line i would feel very excited about what awaits me on that trip the river the landscape the alibi challenge it allentown or along the way i am planning my bloggers ahead of me by looking all the way to the town hall going. to see a song. below into an official estimates more than 1200000 venezuelans live in colombia legally and illegally. already. returned a vast whaler. to visit friends is that i don't think i'd ever go back there to
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live you know what i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. bearing witness global news that matters. makes the mines. her 1st day of school in. her 1st clip. and then the door is grand the moment arrives join the ring and tang on her journey. you know we're an interactive dungeon. entering a 10 returns home. my .
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iran says it intends to breach the iranian men which are meant to cap set by a landmark 2050 nuclear deal tehran had given a deadline of sunday for the remaining signatories to help its work around us sanctions here a p and power as a struggling to safety accord a year after u.s. president donald trump unilaterally abandoned it. more than 40 migrants have disinvite to rescue boats which docked in the italian port of lampedusa defying a government bad.


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