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d.w. . this is deja vu news a lot from berlin a rescue ship in the mediterranean defies italy's hardline government. and brings dozens of shipwrecked migrants important lampedusa it's the 2nd such boat to float the policies of interior minister detail salvini in recent days or hear from our correspondent on the challenge also coming. greeks head for the poll after 5 years of leftwing rule conservatives appear likely to take the reins of god.
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and the championship match of women's world cup is hours away if you're a fan of the underdog the netherlands is from team if you expect them to beat the fearsome united states but anything can happen in a cup final. a michael thanks for joining us another migrant rescue boat has docked in italy ignoring a month old law in the country banning such ships from poor more than 40 migrants disembarked overnight from their vessel in lampedusa their rival comes just days after italy sees just separate rescue boat in similar circumstances and put its captain under investigation for aiding illegal immigration. a moment of relief after days of uncertainty migrants aboard the alex rescue ship stepped on to land
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rescuers say the conditions on the boat had grown horrific including no functioning toilets and a lack of water that's why on saturday the ship's operators radioed into port to say they would defy italy's orders not to dock that. younger but the main problem is tell you gentlemen we are in emergency conditions that force us to go to the nearest port because we're out of our food and water supplies problem if you're in a harbor we are overcrowded with several cases of physical pain caused principally by the hot weather the vehicle that got me going from there i love. the decision to dock file ated orders from italian interior minister matteo salvage any he has banned an authorised rescue boats from entering italy's ports and salvini has hit back at foreign officials including from germany who have criticized the move your
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feet don't know dear german government i am not reopening italian ports especially if you ask me to. if there is a german ship then you take care of it or we'll put the migrants on a bus to the german embassy for it's enough this same goes for the french the dutch and anyone who thinks they can do what they want in italy. and that german ship materials salvini was referring to is the allen cuddy it's run by cia a german aid organization it also tried to dock in italy over the weekend but was denied entry it's now sailing with more than 60 rescued migrants on board for ports in malta instead. for more let's bring in correspondent a mean s.s. he's in lampedusa following the story for us telling authorities certainly didn't want these people on their shore so how were they received. well a coordinator for the nia that's the ngo that's responsible for that ship that came
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into port against it of these wishes they told me it was sheer torture what the people on board had to go through after spending almost 2 days out at sea they were forced to spend another 8 hours in port waiting almost without explanation as the authorities decided what to do with them now after they came off that boat 8 hours after they had come in it was fairly standard procedure from there they were taken to the immigration center like a lot of migrants who arrived on this island but they were also greeted by a welcoming committee some activists have come out with a sign saying welcome to that has produced as well there were people who were deering out them telling them to go home. and you know the interior minister said that the vessel's crew would be placed under investigation for bedding illegal immigration have we gotten any reaction from the crew yet. yet well a spokesperson for the ngo speaking for the crew said and the captain said that
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they remain firmly behind their decision to come into port they said it was their humanitarian duty they were obeying international maritime law to come into the closest port they said they could not last out an ocean any longer could not make the trip to malta which had originally welcomed them so they say that there was no criminal activity of course metallo salvini as we heard is says that it was a political act just to go out and pick up migrants and then come to lampedusa knowing full well that they would have to force their way in now is all of this deepening riffs in europe's migration policy. well that depends on who you ask of course on the island of lampedusa if you can take that for an example it's a very much polarized you have the one side who sees the lives of those rescue out at sea as the most important thing here and says politics needs to be resolved once people come to land and then you have the other people who see it as n.g.o.s going out and picking up people from north africa and bringing them to europe shores so
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if you take that as example for all of europe and certainly things are becoming more polarized. in lampedusa for us thank you very much iran has warned that within hours it will begin enriching uranium beyond the limits set by its unraveling 2015 nuclear deal with world powers at a press conference senior iranian officials also said tehran would keep reducing its commitments every 60 days unless the remaining signatories of the pact moved to protect it from u.s. sanctions tehran's decision comes a year after president donald trump unilaterally withdrew the u.s. from the deal aimed at curbing iran's nuclear program. greeks are voting today in a general election that was called 3 months early by the country's left wing prime minister alexis tsipras suffered a stinging defeat in the european parliament elections in may the ballot comes as
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the country is emerging from a decade of financial crisis that splashed the size of autonomy by foreigner and sent unemployment and poverty rates soar opinion polls point to win for a conservative party after nearly 5 years of leftwing rule. greece's left wing prime minister alexis tsipras called elections 3 months early after the conservative new democracy party delivered a stinging defeat in european parliamentary elections in may greece emerged from its 3rd and last by allowed in august 28th but years of a sturdy have left greek voters angry and deeply disillusioned. to see michelle the moment after everything i've seen no i won't vote no just the names will change nothing else it'll just be business as usual. but i'm not hoping for america all but we'd like to see something a little bit better as miracles no of course not we don't believe in miracles. in
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2015 current prime minister alexis tsipras led syriza the once marginal coalition of the radical left to power on a wave of anti austerity rage in his current campaign supressed has promised to rebuild public services after years of hardship and funding cuts but he's remembered for accepting a 3rd rescue deal to keep greece in the euro and a 3rd round of austerity is major rival kiriakou smith's attack is has forged ahead in the polls his conservative new democracy party is favorite to win the son of a former prime minister he's pro e.u. center right and well and truly part of the political class but he's focused his campaign on blue collar voters pledging to make the country more business friendly cut taxes and slash bureaucracy greece's economic situation has been slowly improving and polls suggest that that's a road support for the extreme right golden dawn party. where past the be.
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difficulties of the financial crisis and now it's important that we remain. we have some stability. but prime minister alexis tsipras has warned that the country risks a return to the dark days of austerity if his party loses. well the curtain comes down on the women's world cup later today with the championship match of the month long tournaments the united states to defend their title against the netherlands did sports correspondent. side of the final. impressions of the 2 sides heading into the game today. well it was interesting at the press conferences yesterday to know the different sort of vibes about the 2. the u.s. with in the coach jill scott seemed very relaxed like a team that's been here and done it before. talked about there being
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a lightness to the u.s. team and you could really sort of feel that in the answers that she gave to questions on many different subjects the netherlands were much more focused they wanted to talk about the game itself and not really anything else and. was perhaps even a little bit stern in the way that she dealt with reporters anyway let's take a look at what the 2 teams have been doing ahead of the game. there can be no questioning the quality of the support that the netherlands have enjoyed to france but sunday's final won't be won in the streets or the start. reigning champions the usa are in fine form so far no opponent has posed this squad any great threat they've cruised to the final at the counter it's no wonder they're feeling so confident. we have that sort of undying lying confidence and our self always whether it's for before a game or you know sprint test world cup final whatever it may be
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a stiff task for the netherlands could be made tougher by the potential absence of midfielder martins and injury headache coach serena wiig man could do without still ahead of the biggest game of her life the dutch boss seems strikingly serene we have to be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent and that's how we approach every game the expectations are different now. the u.s. is the favorites and we are on a dark and we're fine with that as indeed all the travelling supporters. their idols are just 90 minutes away from the biggest prize in the game. so all of the dutch admit that the u.s. are actually the favorites but they have been impressive at this train and have. the u.s. absolutely have been impressive yeah i think if i had to sum it up briefly i would just say that they've proven once again already that they are the best team in the world you know they've won every game they've scored
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a lot of goals they've dominated the midfield in every game that they've played their keepers made some great saves including the penalty save in the semifinal you know a lot of the talk before this tournament was about how it was the most competitive competitive women's world cup that we have a scene and i think that's why they've been true but the u.s. has still been a cut above. if the question before the tournament was could anyone topple the u.s. so far the answer has been resoundingly no. the netherlands are clearly in their 1st ever final do they have a chance here. i mean if you if you buy a lottery ticket you've got a chance of winning right the netherlands have bought their lottery ticket getting into the final but as anyone who's played the lottery knows your chances of not great i feel like this would be a major shock for the netherlands to win they need everything to go in their favor they need the u.s. to underperform they need to be fit they need to hold out in the opening phases
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when the u.s. usually brings this kind of attacking onslaught but if all that happens they've got the quality to take advantage of it and certainly we're seeing a lot of orange shirts already arriving at the fans and here behind me. will be roaring that same on the u.s. also has plenty of fans too saw it should be a fantastic atmosphere for the final. views all over moody inly all side of the world cup final thank you very much and enjoy the game. the england team were left to rue yet another controversial intervention by the video referee in the 3rd place play off game in nice phil neville side hit back once after going to goals down to sweden in the 1st half hour only to be denied a crucial 2nd goal. the penultimate game at the women's world cup a foot consolation to 2 teams who appeared genuine chances to sing on the big stage sweden settled 1st to take advantage of an england era with just 10 minutes to go i
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. with the 1st before the breakout star of the swedish side sophia jakobsen extended the link. i heard growing highlight reel from france as england looked desperate for a spot to finally ignited a stiff friend could be but the stunning solo with. at the minuses could suddenly smell blood again and look to have drawn level with the opposition only to come face to face with the toughest opponent of the tournament the video assistant referee come on watch for oil does video killed the football stuff for a 2nd strike match on the sweet finish the. at the africa cup of nations south africa scored with just 5 minutes remaining to upset host egypt $10.00 the shock victory sets up a quarter final clash with nigeria that's after the nigeria knocked out defending
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champions cameroon they came back from 21 at half time to win 32 arsenal forward alex it will be grabbed the decisive goal in the 66 minute you're watching news more news than now. it's. her 1st cloning lesson and then the doors grand moment arrives. showing a regen taking on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary.


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