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this is deja vu news a lot from its deadline passed iran announces it will now violate a key component of an international nuclear deal more than a year after the us told that tehran will raise your brain human richmond levels a significant marker in the green that's meant to keep iran from developing nuclear weapons leaders say they remain open to diplomacy. tens of thousands take to the
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streets again in hong kong this time with a goal of hitting the territory government in the pocket. the left wing reign of the greek prime minister alexis tsipras come to an end as the country votes in a general election conservatives are in position to take over. a michael thanks for joining us iran has warned that it will begin enriching uranium beyond the limits set by its unraveling 2015 nuclear deal with world powers at a press conference around also said that in 60 days it would reduce its commitments further without elaborating unless the pact signatories are moved to protected from u.s. sanctions tehran's decision comes a year after president donald trump you. not laterally withdrew the u.s.
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from the deal aimed at curbing iran's nuclear program that move has led to heightened tensions in the middle east raising fears of a wider conflict that could involve a region that's also vital to global energy supply. i'm joined now by marcus kind from the german institute for international and security affairs let's talk about the technical aspects marcus right away what does breaching the limits of uranium enrichment actually mean i mean enrichment it's the core of the g.e.c. p.o.d. of the john comprehensive plan of action in iran is allowed to enrich uranium on full 3.67 percent and now has announced to enrich up to 5 percent. to 20 percent which is far away from a nuclear bomb up to from 20 percent on roads rainy might be used for a nuclear bomb and therefore we're far away from any critical capability how about
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i think it's a dangerous path here which you run up to here what are they trying to achieve i mean we have to keep in mind they're not formally withdrawing from the room and it's not a legally cancellation of the we would like the dumb but from administration less than one year ago it's how to put it playing around with the violations or with the regulations of the riemann and has announced that they will for the violets. remain in 60 days from now so far i would say it's more a political signal to pressure on the europeans on the chinese and on the russians to facilitate oil trade so that. iran can profit from the economic advantages which are part of the way one of the 1st nations to respond is israel let's listen to what the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu had to say. iran is violated solemn promise under the un security council not to enrich uranium beyond a certain level. enrichment of uranium is made for one reason and one reason only
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for the creation of atomic bombs. the leaders of the p 5 plus one promised and committed to snap that sanctions the minute iran did it just did were you. a challenge from the israeli prime minister what could be done to save the deal i hate to say it but i'm afraid it's dead i think there's no way to save the deal of the desperate efforts it put to put together from the european side the german government the british government the french governments to facilitate trade in the oil extent with the iranian side but without major success so far they have think the europeans of simply have not the capability to save the deal and i'm afraid in the foreseeable future let's stay is saying one or 2 men will be formally dead and what does this all mean for the conflict with the united states i think if iran is
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formally violating all even withdrawn from the greenman the sanctions which only suspended the international sanctions by the united nations will snap back therefore we'll see another round of sanctions by the europeans by the chinese by the russians were to actually have to hate to implement to implement sentence here but they are therefore we will be back in a situation before 2015 but the major confrontation between the international community and iran and iran probably pursuing the nuclear power marcus came from the german institute for international and security affairs thank you so much thank you. in hong kong tens of thousands are marching again against the territorial government this rally was expected to end outside a train station linking hong kong to the chinese mainland the activists want to raise awareness among tours arriving from mainland china about what they consider democratic policy proposals the protests were sparked several weeks ago by
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a bill that would allow hong kong to extradite suspects to mainland china the government put the bill on hold. is in hong kong mathias thanks for joining us what exactly are people trying to achieve today. well today at the at the score of this is still this extradition bill that is shelved but not withdrawn by the government but the whole issue has become much broader about the governance of hong kong people want to make sure that their voice continues to be heard they want to be there they want to be on the agenda they do not want the government get away with just postponing the bill and not making any other changes so today is really more of a statement that says we are still here they are marching in on the calm side of
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hong kong this is an area that is popular with chinese tourists they're marching towards a train station where the trains from china arrive so it is on the one hand also. a way of phrasing or an effort attempt to raise awareness among mainland chinese who have been cut off by their own media from these protests right you know as as you well know on monday similar protests turned violent when protesters ransacked the legislature what can we expect today. people do not expect violence today you could see this right away at the beginning people were coming bringing their children elderly people were joining this is not the environment where violence happens the organizers of this march individuals politicians who have. the police. approval for this
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march they have also said there will be no violence today it's about making a statement it's also about making a statement. monday's storming the legislature was a punctual action an action that targeted only the legislature and that this this movement is not turning into a broader rioting movement or anything. in hong kong thank you so much greeks are voting today in a general election that was called 3 months early by the country's left wing prime minister alexis tsipras suffered a stinging defeat in european parliament elections in may the ballot country is emerging from a decade of financial crisis slashed the size of greece's economy by a quarter and unemployment and poverty rates soaring opinion polls point to a win for the conservative party after nearly 5 years left.
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and for more on that we are. in athens the greeks go to the polls for the 3rd time in as many months what's the mood like today. i agree people have been streaming to the sprawling station here in the back of us in the center of athens since the very early morning and the mood is rather differentiated it's not as if this surge of hoop is going now through the country because all the polls say that there is going to be a change of government in the lead for the near democratic year of the conservative party is supposed to be between 10 maybe even 12 percent so the high people know what they have suffered through the last years and they really do not buy into empty promises anymore and we talk to some of them let's hear what they had to say i hope that the greeks will vote for the future there but their life. i think
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that they will participate a lot of people because these things would have been there and lections i think there's going to be a big change today. sensorites european interests were coming back i think oh i have no hopes i don't think much will change as we mentioned earlier this is the 1st national election since the end of the bailout were to leave likely outgoing premier alexis tsipras. alexa surprises very likely having to step down tonight and he had the he steered a course for greece that was sort of not very consistent and that is what many people now every pro chim with because 1st you know luck to torrens was the international creditors in the beginning in 2015 he led his country right next to the edge of the financial abyss to a national bankruptcy and then the last minute he decided that he didn't want to do
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it after all and pulled them back and since then throughout the years of the bailout greeks have really suffered publicly in the middle classes have suffered because they protect society many people lost their jobs many businesses went under and supressed did a certain amount of redistribution to the poor people in queens and he gave some money to pensioners and to the working classes bought really squeezed the middle class and those are the people who are now sort of turning their backs on him saying we have enough of this we can survive any more and we're voting conservative again so they're turning their backs towards the very parties that sort of led them into the trouble in the 1st place. barbara what can you tell us about his main contender korea targets. in its attack is that is the astonishing thing here is the crown prince of greek politics this is a dynasty that mitt's attacking his father was prime minister in the ninety's and
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he was on it was foreign minister his nephew at the moment is mayor of athens so these people have been at the helm and greece for many years and these are the very people the conservative party that let greece into this tremendous financial trouble that it's in no one has been in for years now there was a nepotism and cronyism a self-service mentality you name it and the young man to talk is now to the cross has had a hard time to sort of send an image that he has changed he has changed his party has modernized he was educated at harvard he was a venture capitalist so he knows financial markets but he needs to convince people really that he can change their lives and make it better and not only service his a party has the right to be just the conservative and the rich in greece so that is the task that lies ahead for him he has done a very good job so far even young people all flocking to his party to the conservatives which is unusual in europe he will have to deliver because people
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here say we are angry we have suffered enough and if he doesn't keep what he promises we will go back to the streets. visual thank you very much. now to football in today's final of the women's world cup the united states is aiming to defend their title against the netherlands it's the 1st time the dutch have ever made it this far in the tournament they go in as underdogs against the mighty americans but they aren't intimidated by the size of the challenge ahead. there can be no questioning the quality of the support that the netherlands have enjoyed your trots but sunday's final was the one in the streets or the stand your reigning champions the usa are in fine form so far no opponent has posed this squad any great threat they've cruised to the final at the counter it's no wonder they're
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feeling so confident. we have that sort of undying line confidence and ourself always whether it's a $44.00 game are you know a sprint test or could have world cup final whatever it may be a stiff task for the netherlands could be made tough by the potential absence of midfield that leak a moxon's and injury headache that coach serina vague man could do without still ahead of the biggest game of her life the dutch boss seems strikingly serene we have to be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent and that's how we approach every game the expectations are different now. the us has to favor it and we are on a dark and we're fine with that as indeed all the travelling supporters. their idols are just 90 minutes away from the biggest prize in the game. you're watching news from berlin i'll be back with more news at the top of the hour
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and now we leave you with one of the unforgettable songs of yell gel. he invented the bosenova and helped turn that style into a worldwide craze now the brazilian musician died in his house in rio de janeiro he was 88 years old. berglund the global tourist guide function is booming capital i love berlin discover the multicultural metropolis in our duramax series.
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like storms and i love even what is shown once a day 6 and.


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