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course. this is live from berlin fresh protests on the streets of hong kong today. i presume leaders again mobilize tens of thousands of demonstrators this time to make their point to shoppers arriving from mainland china also on the program. the iran nuclear deal is on life support tehran announces it will raise your reign human richmond levels a clear breach of the agreement aimed at preventing iran from developing nuclear weapons. and as voting closes in greece's election left wing prime minister alexis tsipras faces unceremonious injection from office polls say conservatives are
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poised to take all. of us welcome to the program police in hong kong have used the tongs to disperse demonstrators after another massive rally in the territory that's according to reports by the a.f.p. news agency they also report that many protesters were detained by police following clashes that happened after a standoff between protesters and police earlier on sunday tens of thousands of protesters marched through one of hong kong's most touristy areas trying to gain support from mainland chinese visitors for the city's opposition to an extradition . so let's go straight to hong kong where our correspondent. is standing by. what have you been observing there tonight.
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yeah after the march that was peaceful and where a lot of family and elderly people took part younger people started to block major roads on the columns side of hong-kong this road here nathan road is one of the main traffic areas of of quaalude and at some point they were facing the police police were trying to push them back they were using peyton's and they arrested some of them now there's quite a bit of distance between the protesters and the police both sides are waiting what is going to happen next we're not seeing the kind of tension that we've seen in other all cajuns when protesters and the police clash and either the protesters who were really angry the other days they are a bit more relaxed today and also the police is more restrained in their use of force but they determined to push the protesters away. but here is what protesters
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exactly demanding. there it all started with this extradition bill that would have allowed for extradition is to mainland china something people saw as a violation of hong kong's rule of law this is still a demand this bill has been shelved it's not been scrapped so this is still on the table but it's broader now because these these 3 weeks 4 weeks of demonstrations have of course heated up a lot of emotions in hong kong especially the days when police and protesters clashed and the police was perceived as using excessive violence to disperse protesters so people are now demanding an investigation into the police they are demanding on a broader scale a review of the government system of hong kong that people perceive as unfair and not responsible to the hong kong people but he has been in hong kong thank you.
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iran has warned that it will begin enriching uranium beyond the limits set by its unravelling 2050 nuclear deal with world powers was condemned internationally french president obama called the decision a violation of the nuclear deal germany iran to stop undermining the agreement to press conference iran said in 60 days it would reduce its commitments even further unless the pact signatories helped to protect it from your u.s. sanctions tehran's decision comes a year after the president donald trump withdrew the u.s. from the deal aimed at curbing iran's nuclear program a move that has led to heightened tensions in the middle east. i'm now joined by markus khan from the german institute for international and security affairs welcome to the studio because let's let's talk about the technical aspects 1st breaching the limits of your rainy i'm in richmond what does that actually mean their original question is a cornerstone of the cape c.p.o.
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it's a drawing complaint comprehensive plan of action under this regulations are and is restricted to enriching a level 3.67 percent and indicated that it would be ready to enrich uncle 5 all you 20 percent and 20 percent is a critical junction here because from 20 percent on once you can talk about nuclear capable your aim with can be used for a nuclear weapon what is iran hoping to achieve here i think we have to keep in mind that as an old not legally withdrawn from the from from the agreement like the united states has done one year ago so my point would be some kind of playing with the regulations and some kind of violations of the agreement so my on our lives as would be is more political single political signal to the hopeless ignatz henri's day it's the europeans germany great britain france china and russia to step up
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efforts to keep our end in iran in within the remit meaning that would they think that to facilitate the benefits of the agreement being trading oil. that that signal apparently has been received by israel they've been the 1st to react at 7. iran is violated solemn promise under the u.n. security council not to enrich uranium beyond a certain level the ritual of uranium is made for one reason and one reason only for the creation of atomic bombs. the leaders of the p 5 plus one promised and committed to snap back sanctions the minute iran did it just. where are you. strong statement there from the benjamin is a now how. can this deal be safe and what could be done to save it i had to save and i had to say it but i'm afraid instead it's not legally dead hit but i think the the signs at the wall are pretty clear the unless the europeans are capable of
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providing the benefits of the agreement meaning facilitating the right of oil and financial means would come with it to iran think we're going to see that legally around will withdraw in the foreseeable future maybe in one month or 2 months what does that mean with this brewing conflict for this group brewing conflict with the us i think it will accelerate the tensions within the regime with around leaving the room sanctions will snap bank international sanctions which then would be applied by the other signatory states as well and we're basically back before 2 procedures before 2015 without any agreement and that would raise the concerns about iran for presumably nuclear power to a nuclear weapon. combine the german institute for international security fastening very much. now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world talks
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ended ending the conflict in afghanistan have got under way in qatar the negotiations led by germany and qatar bring together islam as taliban leaders and other afghan brothers mediators hope the talks will help and almost 18 years of conflict. the rescue ship in the mediterranean the german boat called the with 65 migrants on board has been granted docking arks as in malta more than half of the risk yuri's are said to be unaccompanied minors the ship was temporarily stuck at sea after italy's refusal to let it dock on the island of lampedusa. indonesian authorities have a walk have issued a tsunami warning after a listening post registered a strong earthquake observers say the $7.00 magnitude quake struck the malacca sea to the north of the country so far there are no reports of casualties ortiz are
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warning residents to remain vigilant. and is cutting $800000.00 jobs in a multi-billion dollar restructuring germany's biggest lender is laying off one in 5 of its workforce over 3 years in the hope of stemming huge losses storage bank is also scaling back its global stocks and investment banking operations. polls have just closed in greece says 1st parliamentary election following 3 successive international bailouts opinion polls show the democracy in show new democracy the position conservative party led by korea has been to target is likely to take power this would end the left wing series of party's 4 year rule in athens prime minister alexis tsipras was forced to call the election 3 months early after his party suffered heavy losses and may's european elections. the decade long financial. isis slashed the greek economy by a quarter and sent unemployment and poverty rates soaring and for more on that
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story well joined by our europe correspondent. who is standing by in athens composer now closing what the greek people hoping for this time around. well carol i can get in fact give you the 1st numbers of the exit polls. after a polling stations half have closed in greece and it looks like that in fact near democrats here the new democracy party of the center right has one this election it they have what they needed was 151 seats to gain the absolute majority in the greek parliament which you see behind me and it looks like they have secured 155-2160 7 seats and in party headquarters they already speak of a historic victory they have made here it looks like that heriot kills them it's attack it's said to be the new prime minister here in greece anding a foreign and
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a half years of rule by syriza and the current prime minister alexis see prust from the far left but indeed that sounds like a landslide victory for the conservatives went out the where did that come from. a number of reasons really what people told me here is the main thing from many was that alexis tsipras started out as an anti establishment an. austerity movement really about what he ended up what it was becoming a prime minister who embrace these reforms it has helped re so it has brought respect to a recovery but that is not something that voters really appreciate here many still see the number of unemployment just being too high and then there are 2 other factors one was the raul over a name with the neighboring north macedonia that i'd like to see process those again why should the happiness of brussels and the rest of europe about a much to the demise of this discussion i despise off nationalists here in greece
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and also wildfires that killed a 100 people in greece last summer's blamed on mismanagement of local out sorties but also representing the chaos at the time of authorities and never any have claimed the government for that is well. let's have a look at the new man the man who seems to become seems to be set to become prime minister of greece caracas to talk as. a last name that does ring a bell doesn't it. the mits attack his family has dominated politics here in greece for quite a long time and many have said in fact that period has months of darkness is the crowned prince of a dynasty of its attack as politicians his father was a prime minister his arms was foreign minister in fact he himself was a minister in charge of many of the austerity the 1st austerity reforms that greece was facing firing thousands of civil servants and many are still criticizing your
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vote him for that on the other hand many have said maybe that family has learned from the mistakes of the past and it does have connections it does have the know how to set theories on a better past than in the past. in athens there thank you. go to sports now in football although messi has accused cop i'm really can organizers of being corrupt after his argentina side beat chile 21 to claim 1st place at the tournament this incident between messi and chilean captain captain gary made del just before half time resulted in a red card for both players that despite messi appearing to be the innocent party afterwards the barcelona star claim to americana was fixed in favor of hos brazil and could now face a ban for his comments. to cycling and doug
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schreiber mike tyson has kept hold of his lead and the yellow jersey at the tour de force that's after his jungle bismuth team one sunday is time trial which was stage 2 of the tour jumble with bismarck covered a course 20 seconds faster than their nearest challengers in years headed by defending champion grain thomas. and here's a reminder off the top stories we're following for you exit polls in greece actions show the opposition conservative new democracy party led by korea. is likely to take power with 40 percent of the vote victory would end the left wing series of parties 4 year rule in athens. and washington news from. eco africa the environment magazine but we leave you with the unforgettable music of. the bossanova brazilian musician died at the home in his home in rio de janeiro he was 88 is.
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