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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 7, 2019 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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on t.w. . this is live from berlin the united states the women's football world champions again today beat the netherlands 2 nil in the final in france to defend their title thanks to goals from meghan rapinoe and rose also in the program. the end of an era in greece exit polls show the real cause mr talk as conservatives win with 40 percent of the vote results out after 4 years in power.
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and fresh protests on the streets of hong kong. i wrote a book recently there's a good mobilized tens of thousands of demonstrators this time to make their point to shoppers arriving from mainland china. welcome to the program we start with the women's world cup in france where the united states have successfully defended the title after beating the netherlands to net for gold as 1st half the u.s. were awarded a penalty on the hour mark after a video review of this foul on alex morgan magen repeat no stepped up to score that. the tournament's top score not long after roosevelt fads in to secure her side's victory it's the 4th time. the 2.
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for some reaction now join but i'm going to use sports. did the best team win here yes i think you'd probably be fairly hard pressed to find somebody to disagree with back inclusion the usa were on top right from the start of the game they really controlled possession if they weren't creating too many chances in the 1st half they were still dominant. but it was essentially containment now this was the 1st game in the whole tournament that the usa hadn't scored in in the 1st 15 minutes and when the netherlands went in level they probably thought they'd done you know create themselves a bit of a chance i think they the usa had quite a bit of luck with that penalty decision for my eyes that was slightly soft but you kind of got the sense that it was going to be from that penalty it was going to be something else and when they went in front the usa really close the game out clinically deserved victors if you just said the netherlands sort of held off the
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united states for the 1st half how did they do this to him and the netherlands yes yes i mean i think it's you know a successful total of the netherlands they went in as european champions but they really saw off some very tough opponents in on their way to the final as well not least japan in the round of 16. i think the usa. telegraphed as victors of performance for a long time their infrastructure in the women's game has just been ahead of that of a lot of other countries they've won 4 world cups now and they've won 4 gold they really are the dominant power in the women's game now all of the interest in all of this what members of the u.s. national team play their football in the usa which can't be said for many other teams and there were 5 players who were all on the pitch at the end of this game that's krieger noids alex morgan megan rapinoe tobin heath for all of those players were playing in their 3rd world. cup final so that just shows the experience and
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the quality that they've got an escort there's nobody nobody anywhere near the u.s. is that is correct yeah now i think kind of encouragingly for the rest of the world there is a bit of hope and you know it's fairly well embodied in the netherlands because they were lying on leka martins in this tournament very heavily boss alone a star in just 26 and vienna meeting up with of course had a fantastic tournament she's her country's top goalscorer of all time just $22.00 and you know of course those experienced players in the u.s. for they're not going to be around for too much longer so there is hope for the rest of the world to be and it's good to hear from all supposed as thank you very much. exit polls and grace show the opposition conservative party has won the election new democracy led by kerry arcos mr talkies took 40 percent of the vote according to surveys by the main t.v. stations the left wing syriza parties for your role in athens is over time minister
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that's a centrist was forced to call the elections 3 months after his party suffered heavy losses in may observe as a say voters have punished the outgoing government for growing poverty and years of rising unemployment. for all that result joined by our correspondent. in athens the exit polls are suggesting the center right is right on course to clinch this elections. that's right they are predicting that the near democrat new democracy party comes out 1st and that is important in greek elections because it will give you a surplus of 50 seats according to polls which were conducted by privates television stations and that would mean that $155.00 seats would go to the center right conservative party that is a 4 seats more than they would actually need to gain the outright majority in
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parliament so it is likely that mitch attack is set to become the new prime minister without forming a coalition government thing as things stand right now he is set to have the absolute majority in the house of fall humans which you see right behind me. alexis tsipras the current prime minister has dropped dramatically and the popularity stakes why is that. a number of factors come into play most of all of the fact that he started out it with an anti-establishment and onto your stereo to movement but then he came became the prime minister who was the one who embraced the reforms reforms that have put greece back on the growth have. us that have stabilized at the greek economy which has been picking up lately but that is not something that voters appreciate it in this election the unemployment rate is still high but equally amongst young people and polls have it that it is particularly the young people that have voted for the central right and make
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a difference in this race also other factors are wildfires where many people have said it was mismanagement by local authorities and by authorities nationwide who have failed 100 people died so really a number of things that came into play in this election both tell us more about the conservative candidate or susan so one the election. talk is the name sounds awfully familiar amelia. it doesn't have its attack his family has dominated politics here for decades his father used to be the prime minister is on a foreign minister and he and self was a minister who saw through tough austerity reforms he had to fire thousands of civil softens and that is something that many of boaters angry about about apparently not enough so many have told me here that maybe that will be his strength that he learned from mistakes of the past that he has the know how he has the political power but also has the know how it's seeing that he is i'm
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a former mckinsey consultant you study the top universities in the united states and expectations and pressure will be high for him to deliver on his promises. reporting on the greek elections from athens thank you. and now to some of the other stories making news around the world iran has warned that it will begin and rich in uranium beyond the limits set by the 2050 nuclear deal with. the move has brought international condemnation french president has called the decision a violation of the nuclear deal that the u.s. has already sold out of fear agreement. authorities in indonesia have issued a tsunami warning after a listening post registered a strong earthquake observers say the $7.00 magnitude quake struck the sea to the north of the country so far there are no reports of casualties authorities are warning residents though to remain vigilant. a german rescue ship in the
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mediterranean with a $65.00 migrants on board has been granted docking access in malta more than half of those rescued us said to be minus the ship was temporarily stuck at sea after italy refused to let it dock on the island of lampedusa. dodge a bank is cutting $18000.00 jobs in a multi-billion dollar restructuring germany's biggest lender is laying off one in 5 of its workforce over 3 years in the hope of stemming huge losses. in back its global stocks and investment banking operations. police and on call have used to tones to disperse demonstrators at the end of a day when tens of thousands again took to the streets of the city it happened after a standoff between a group of mostly young protesters and police after a protest centered on the touristy neighborhood of the city much larger than
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expected crowds marched through the area and opposition to the city's administration's controversial extradition. so let's go straight to hong kong where our correspondent. is standing by. what have you been observing there tonight. yeah after the march that was peaceful and where a lot of family and elderly people took part younger people started to block major roads on the column side of hong kong this road here nathan road is one of the main traffic areas of of quaalude and at some point they were facing the police police were trying to push them back they were using peyton's and they arrested some of them now there's quite a bit of distance between the protesters and the police at both sides are waiting what is going to happen next we're not seeing the kind of tension that we've seen
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at other locations when protesters and the police clash and either the protesters who were really angry the other days they're a bit more relaxed today and also the police is more restrained in their use of force but they determined to push the protesters away. but here is what protesters exactly demanding. their it all started with this extradition bill that would have allowed for extradition is to mainland china something people saw as a violation of hong kong's rule of law this is still a demand this bill has been shelved it's not been scrapped so this is still on the table but it's broader now because these these 3 weeks 4 weeks of demonstrations have of course heated up a lot of emotions in hong kong especially the days when police and protesters clashed and the police was perceived as using excessive violence to disperse
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protesters so people are now demanding an investigation into the police they are demanding on a broader scale a review of the government system of hong kong that people perceive as unfair and not responsible to the hong kong people but he has been in hong kong thank you. an attack on the government security compound in central afghanistan has killed at least 14 people and wounded almost $200.00 more including scores of children this is just hours before a meeting in qatar that includes taliban leaders and is meant to set the groundwork for future peace talks with the government recent negotiations with the taliban have included women the difficult hurdle for the taliban but i still found out a necessary want to try to ensure a future in afghanistan with fewer relics of the past. the heat fareed is on her way to parliament she's an m.p. for herit province she knows what's at stake in a deal with the taliban. for 6 years
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i was imprisoned at home during taliban as a teenager you know i don't trust them. i won't forget she's eager for peace in afghanistan but not at the cost of a voice in parliament where women are guaranteed more than a quarter of seats. or if there was no reserve seat there was no you. walks and walks the walk things that are happening. peace negotiator for their koofi 2 rounds of talks with the taliban. in the 1st round they try to be nice and tell me that they're ok for women to go to school the ok for women to work woman cannot be president but they can be prime minister and they can be ministers in may
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when we met them in moscow they were but harder i told them you have to adopt afghanistan cannot go back to your time you have to come for work whether the taliban can adapt a will adapt will shape the future of the next generation of afghanis. in football lionel messi has accused cop americana organizers of being corrupt after his argentina side beats chile $21.00 to claim 3rd place at the tournament this incident between messi and chile and captain gary made just before half time resulted in a red card for both players that despite messi appearing to be the innocent party afterwards the barcelona star claimed the corporate america was fixed in favor of those spurs that could not face a ban for his prominence. to cycling and mike tyson has kept hold of his lead and the yellow jersey at the top
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the phones that's after his jumbo bismarck team won sunday's time trial which was stage 2 of the tour jumbo bismarck covered the course 20 seconds faster than their nearest challengers in the u.s. headed by defending champion thomas watching d.w. news from berlin well stories is next i'll have an update for you at the top of the hour thanks for watching. what secrets lie behind these moves. to find out in an immersive experience and explore fascinating cultural heritage sites. d.w. world heritage 31615. still if you'd have to get through the biggest make it break without a football thanks think again.


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