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tv   Faith Matters  Deutsche Welle  July 7, 2019 10:30pm-11:01pm CEST

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show you now. on. to our. team 60 minutes w. . much of it. during linked to news from africa and the world or link to exceptional stories and discussions from own use and visit our website w to come slash up to come join us on facebook g w a for god . it. would. eat. fish.
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are have a great i. swear. this. man. at the front and he's so to see an idea. it's a feeling that continues to live in us in on some. i.
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did musical martin luther king a dream changes the world has a cost of more than $1000.00 sing is that was the guiding principle of the producers the lutheran foundation created change which. zinah boom to his famous i have a dream address was 16 minutes long so that i 13 minutes of which was a back number for you in a speech he'd already given in june of 63 to union workers in detroit. one plots 1st and then suddenly he put aside his text and improvised for 3 minutes but i mean that was the speech of a lifetime is inspired and that's sent in spirit to momenta. martin
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luther king's taal martin luther king's dream wasn't his at all when i got to it was god's dream of how we should live together and be what you can read in the bible with equality and fairness in justice and freedom of movement and united in love wendy's and tom god has god turned this dream into political reality that he did on our message the message of my script that is this just a dream is utopia made real concrete to p. . come. a. a.
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good song that was saying this i for one constructs singing is a very strong instrument in the life of faith as well as in motivating people singing releases endorphins which encourage a sense of community it's very healthy. dimension comes from sphere and singing also provides an opportunity to communicate a message with passion. quite different from the spoken word. comes lunch after he . fought. soledad with. miriam she felt works for the foundation creative church she organizes the mass choir of untrained singers who performed the musical. a lot of the performers
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didn't have any experience of singing in a choir we noticed that in their applications they said i really need to practice we told them you're still welcome to come along and we'll practice together or i should. get mental penc ok and her daughter anna a 2 of these singers who weren't able to rehearse with the choir practiced at home by themselves for months using specially preaching you see days then in a small choir and finally with the mass choir. to. find it i really like the songs and i think the show conveys a very important message before it is music that are marked before we did the musical i'd heard of martin luther king and of what he did but it didn't really affect my life however now i notice how exclusion and discrimination occur an every
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day life. i doubt in my job i work with marginal groups and i see it every day is that stick to sports but it's possible to change things if you seize the opportunity and motivate other people to work with you likable to be a put some awful. like most of the 1200 amateur singers in the production class and his son christoph come from the a valley region. oh. please. my son is also performing like that when we practice together he would sing the 2nd part so that we could get used to choral singing on the road we also sang along with the sea day and that's what was on. the sunday as for me the pool we've now had many rehearsals with lots of cigars but
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it's still overwhelming to sing with so many people stick with them their few the songs are very very to various themes and genres it's a good mix and the songs are fun to sing. the choir is the essential element of this musical that was the producer's intention from the start. oh. i got this impulse and that's the most impressive aspect is this enormous choir which will also be the case on tour we always have our sights set on a large choir and in this production the choir has a lot to sing and communicate also content. but of course we also have stars in the cast offs. professional singers who give the production its shape and he just took
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him. 6 was the. was was. was. was. was. there. the some of the lists have only one week to rehearse. the 2 composers kristoff to boy can and honey good luck present at the rehearsals.
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with. the journalist undressed melissa wrote the libretto. i don't. think i'm especially grateful that we could sit down together right from the start silent and with the 1st demos and says i'm god but it's up now most interests as i'm. in an atmosphere of trust and deep friendship we could say before that doesn't sound right here or there or what are you trying to say or do this or is that theologically profound or just pious twaddle or i just as sean former lover she. is . just off to boykin in his studio indecl golf this is where large sections of the musical were created in addition to composing songs to boy can arrange the music for the mask while.
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we also recorded much of the music here everything except the large sections for orchestra and choir. and certain of course we also use songs from the time of martin luther king there are a few spirituals that icky we shall overcome for instance since obviously we have to incorporate that everybody identifies it with him this is. his own. writing with a king i think live bigger curve gospel music was essential to martin luther king as an afro-american christian for enforcement or from you go to merely
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a jackson was a close family friend and she was one of the most influential gospel singers in the world together with james cleveland in a wreath of franklin franklin for them and besides almost every gospel song i can think of reflects what martin luther king himself preached and really also the words that jesus spoke for instance if anyone strikes you on the right cheek turn the other also. of the vendor he went after. the message of don't resort to violence. if god exists let him act with you then the scope of my. studio is an elm solemnly hamburg. christof stack of them by ship christophe strength is in string arrangements on the
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german base but he does that really well with soul music i'm more attuned to the keyboard and the choruses mines on kosova. unusual for such a large production the composes themselves perform. idea of what was in theory we wanted to playing with we would have felt miserable sitting on some chair and listening to how our music was being played through that's nice but it's even nicer to play it. just what i want to reference that i wrote the music together with it's a baby i think i can control it best if i'm out there on stage. and my love i've got a rope. and. i think it's one of the
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most powerful songs because the choir really moves with it and sings with real passion chuffed after i left. i think about this song has wonderful energy and that's what i love about gospel music. in gospel it's. those music of martin luther king musical the dream changes the world starts with the assassination of martin luther king on april the 4th 1968 and tells the story of his life in flashbacks the memories of his fellow activists from 50 guy lights that have been a good week highlight 4 or 5 important events in his life freely interpret in them to make the point that address. m. is not the same thing as an illusion and lose your. the dutch singing
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artist gino m. misplaced the role of martin luther king. martin he simply martin luther king that's all and then you realize that he's human like the rest of us i meant he has his lumps and bumps and his faults and we also show those in the musical we are stuck. was. the german opera and musical director andreas garrick and has directed the production. in a surprise we see in a musical choral musical is the person who also has doubts. and is also a bit ego testicle. and. he subordinates
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the dreams and needs of the people around him to his own great visions. he follows his own path and without wavering even if it means sacrificing others on the way god does in the. us but i'm not in the correct for instance who has to give up her great dream of an operatic career. course and. most. and of course it's an open question whether she would ever have become a great opera singer but martin luther king can be grateful that she renounced her career to become a small town pastor's wife. and follow some very. the
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role of carette or scott king is played by the dutch actress and singer patti fan defender. if it had been me i would probably have decided in favor of a singing career and not have married the baptist pastor better known as martin luther king. some cunt as martin luther king but that's me i didn't grow up as an afro-american woman in the sixty's i was. it's easy enough to say i would have done things differently maybe she didn't have the opportunity perhaps it was too dangerous to live certain dreams. martin luther king's political activism was certainly dangerous to his marriage and his family. for i was surprised by martin luther king's recklessness that at the age of 39 he got used to the idea of bomb attacks on his
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home that his family received death threats almost every day and still he carried on. on the one hand i know that's reckless on the other hand a vital passion. it really shocked me but it also challenged me not to make weak fatalistic decisions in my faith. he could have made a bad decision but instead he said i'm going to invest a lot in one thing and i want to be more courageous i want to be clear i have challenging myself. in this regard i have to say martin luther king has become a role model for me increasingly so during this period. he was 39 when he was assassinated when i started writing the script when i was 38 that is to say shortly before the age at which he die and when you see what reprisals the man faced he certainly suffered from and he struggled mightily for
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what he believed he had a family i also have a family he suffered a lot also made his family suffer a lot. so that i see the parallel and that makes me share his pain a bit especially at the present time in the world seems to be in such turmoil and the issue is current again when. i think one feels his pain. interim it just for the shot. was. rosa parks is a hero alongside dr king in a musical and in reality she refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white person is led to the famous montgomery bus boycott a seminal event in the civil rights movement was for but it.
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is she's the kind of role model that i want to see everywhere fun fun of including in my own life if mere venture. and in the hour i wake up in the morning and think. how would rose go out into this world would she get upset about every trivial thing. or would she stay focused and doe her mission in life. oh. wait. all. week.
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that guy's got to sort of meet the spirit of god should mold me from the inside with my characteristics and my past into something wonderful for others and that was what happened to martin luther king his experience of being called was very prosaic and he looked through the window of a bus shelter and saw how black people were being made to stand at the back while the seats up front were reserved for white folks is that as of yet doesn't that annoyed him and he asked himself what will happen if we don't take the bus and it was one of the 1st trade boycotts in the western world that he read that is our common humanity which makes us sensitive to the sufferings of one another. in september $964.00 martin luther king came to the divided city of girliness he also visited the communist east. good evening your passport
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is easy here she might. look here's my name and here it says america i'm an american and the next 2 americans express american express their. experts. or showcase thank you enjoy your visit i come. as i guess reader i have to say that that's a moment of magic isn't it a poor little border guard makes a mistake which enables an american without a passport to go to the church on alexander plots or thousands are waiting for him in my legs and it's incredible and elfin vile and awful on. the church of the virgin in what was then the communist east thousands of east berlin is waiting for him it wasn't an official visit he had received an informal invitation
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from the protestant church. the crowd was so huge that a 2nd event was held at another church in downtown belin. i've met a number of dissidents and christians who took part in the protests of 989 that led to the fall of the berlin wall and they told me because the seed of our activism our perseverance our courage to stick it out in communist east germany and to hope and believe in that we received from king on september the 13th 1964 king i'm tied to that time i feel unsafe to kill a. good musical blends reality and fiction some historical figures like malcolm x. i introduced anachronistically and the holy spirit played by a woman is a bit of poetic license. catechized than the holy spirit is martin luther king's inspiration and to say that
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of course she's closely connected to his faith and enables him in spite of the aggression he encounters to respond with love and with nonviolence. supply. he. was. of the day that our idea of casting a woman in the role of the holy spirit wasn't a nod to feminism for what it's rooted in the bible god says in the old testament of them as a mother comforts her child so well i comfort you it was good the lutheran foundation created church has its headquarters in witan a university town in western germany the foundation's main aim is to promote
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singing with small projects and in large stage productions the choral musical martin luther king has been performed 3 times this year it's. double premiere was staged in february and at the end of june it was performed at the german evangelical churches annual convention. a nationwide tour is planned for next year . the 20th 5000 something you'll be performing in 11 towns and 2020 with more than 10000 singers taking part of what we continue to look for new singers the 1st projects have been well received they're already fully booked the big time people like to take part and we see new people responding volunteering to sing of people who've never sung in a choir before and maybe have never had anything to do with the church. because of the large number of participants to premie as was staged on 2 separate evenings
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with $1200.00 singers at each performance i. think the premiers were a triumph. at the evangelical churches annual convention the musical was also well received here in dortmund 2000 singers took past thomas clouse and his son christophe among them. i was. kind marvelous i thought it was great singing with and for so many people it was a great atmosphere you know i thought of it as yeah it was great fun of the show was sometimes very moving sometimes jazzy that it has great appeal and everything
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was great talking. thank you thank.
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it's been 15 years since the mining. he was the 1st man to walk on the moon. or ever. as a small boy she dreamed of the stars. as a pilot she flew anything no matter how to interest. a church or go to the polls. as an astronaut he took part in the greatest adventure in history. the room a legend. simply
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a human being who was neil armstrong. was his destiny starts july 20th on t.w. . good. move to. play. oh. this is deja news live from berlin a new era in green conservatives will smith's otaki sweeps to victory in the election promising fuel taxes and more jobs but can it really bring better days ordinary creates we have reports from actives. the united states saw women's football bowl champions again they beat the netherlands to nil in the fine and then
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france to lift the trophy for a 4th time also in the photograph. trial.


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