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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 8, 2019 1:00am-1:15am CEST

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blah. blah. blah. blah blah blah blah blah. blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. blah. blah. blah. blah blah. this is deja news live from berlin a new era in green conservative radio host meets attacking sweeps to victory in the election promising feel it taxes and more jobs but can he really bring venture days for ordinary greeks the reports from ads. the united states all the women's football world champions again they beat the netherlands chainmail in the final in frauds to lift the trophy for the 4th time also on the program.
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fresh protests some of the streets pong paddle approach him up to see leaders again mobilize tens of thousands of demonstrators is this time to make their point to shop is arriving from mainland china. hello i'm christine would go out welcome to the program. the opposition conservative party has won greece's general election new democracy leader. say's he's been given a kim mandate for change the election goes for 3 months in the office of the nick suffered heavy losses in may's european elections his new democracy took 39.8 percent of the votes that's according to official results with nearly all the ballots counted the governing left wing series of posse cost 51.6 percent bringing
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its full role in athens to an end. observers say verses have punished the outgoing government for growing poverty and yes off rising unemployment i asked correspondent in athens what the new prime minister's main message is to greek people. how much the talk is was rather careful not to make too many promises of course yes happy is parties extremely happy that they came back to power but he also spoke of the mistakes that will be made preparing people that it will not be all roses from from tomorrow on roads and that the hard road is to come it was also quite interesting that he addressed the dramatic brain drain that agrees and suffered in the the policy couple of years that ever since the crisis asking people to come back to reason to support the change that is about to come all right gail i mean it's attack is this he comes from a political dynasty what how was he so successful in beating the lift.
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well of course he addressed the groups that have not brought that it's from the politics of alexis tsipras and that was in particular the middle class he is about to count a real estate tax by 30 percent something many people were angry about he will also cut the number of the taxes and really wants to bring business back and going and then of course he made some promises about cutting bringing down the bruck recy and also bringing in new jobs particularly for young people a group that's in the european elections and also this time around a lot of people voted for him the people in greece hope that he might bring the change and also has the capacities as a highly educated man who comes from a political dynasty who has the experience and potentially also the power to bring the changes the country needs and gail we're talking about
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a country that's really been bassett economic t.m. is the mood in athens today subdued and is it because of that i mean this attack is quote it a painful era. that is quite interesting here christine really and i'm standing here outside the parliament and when the 1st polls came out when the preliminary results came out there was silence here there is no euphoria there is no cheering there is not almost hardly any reactions hardly any people out on the streets at least here in the center of town and that was very different when alexis tsipras won the elections some 4 years ago none of none of the excitement is here it is really that a political experiment that of the far left that's come to an end tonight in greece all right that's all gail reporting in athens thank you. the 2019 women's ball cap has ended in france and the united states have successfully
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defended a title off of beating the netherlands to nil make it repeat 0 and roosevelts call it a u.s. goals in the 2nd hof it's the 4th time the u.s. have won the tournament. behind the familiar structure on the flag and the growing only familiar stars in the line up the americans lived up to the hype of heavy favoritism to pair to the dutch goal with making rypien go off in the provide the ets the newest and morgan were all denied by the brilliance of saudi van veen and. the 29 year old's hands kept a side in it before half time as the teams were level with the bike it wasn't until the alamar before the hand of d.v.d. overseas to referee would finally break the orange resistance a penalty awarded rypien 0 stepped up and put one hand on the trophy. the captain capping a tournament in which he laid on and off the pitch. like minutes later rose laville put the finishing touches on the victory with a 2nd go deserved win that makes the usa will champions
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a 4th time. meghan repeat no winning player of the tournament as a team might history in lille. are spun and all of them lead. was at that final he sent us this report from. sar the usa a world champions again winning a record extending 4th walt cup it's a title that i have thoroughly deserved they've bested the french on their own turf they've beaten a highly rated england side and finally they cracked the european champions the netherlands the heroine's in the final with some familiar figures rosabel has been an outstanding presence in the midfield throughout the tournament and her run in shot to school the 2nd goal for the u.s. i will go down as one of the all time classic world cup final goals but of course the spotlight falls on megan repeated on who put away the penalty to put us in front in the 1st place marking what could be her last world cup in style on the
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pitch she is so close to headlines off the pitch for standing up for what she believes and let's hear now what the u.s. players had to say about their success we brought energy. kind of stuck to our game plan and you know change a few things that have time and came out on top to every single player all $23.00 everyone had a role to play and everyone you know played it to their ops the best and that's why we're here i feel like we've been working so hard the past couple of years and i think to see it come to fruition is like incredible and like i've been saying we're getting to do what you love with the people you love it makes the successes all the more sweeter so the united states can celebrate for now but they can't get too comfortable this has been the most competitive women's world cup of all time and there are signs that recognition of the women's game is growing around the world the question now is who will step up and crack the americans dominance next time. now see some of the other stories making news around the world iran has warned that
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it will begin enriching uranium the yuan to the limits set by the 2050 nuclear deal with world how was the agreement tehran's nuclear ambitions the u.s. pulled out last year president donald trump say's iran will never have a nuclear weapon. the russian province of siberia is gearing up off to what's being called the flood of the same jury officials say $22.00 people died and more than $10000.00 homes around it that were flooded local scientists believe climate change is to blame. deutsche bank is cutting $18000.00 jobs in a multi-billion dollar restructuring germany's biggest day in day is naming off one in 5 of its workforce over the next 3 years in the hope of stemming huge losses deutsche bank is also skating back its global stocks and investment banking operations. a german rescue ship with $65.00 migrants on board has been allowed to dock in malta more than half of those risky it all said to be children the ship had
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been stuck at sea off the refuse to lift a dock on the island of lampedusa. police a bastion charged in hong kong on a sunday night a violent end to otherwise peaceful day off pro-democracy demonstrations organizers say window of a $200000.00 joined a mass rally outside a train station linking the finance have to mainland china the demonstrations ought determined to keep pressuring hong kong's pro beijing leaders to protect human rights in the territory. it was the end of a long day of demonstrations. a standoff after police ordered the last few 100 protesters to clear the street the many of them holding umbrella's symbols of hong kong's democracy movement blocking against surveillance cameras and offering defense against police battens. the
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i. the sun fought back. some were detained the the some were wounded. this was the latest in a series of violent confrontations between police and protesters sparked by a proposed law that would allow extraditions to mainland china. earlier tens of thousands of protesters joined a rally in town loon at a recently opened multibillion dollar station that links hong kong to mainland china organizers said the turnout was far larger than expected and that the much had lived up to its billing as peaceful rational and graceful i think we have to do this again and again and again to tell them very clearly that what what is our requests and what we want and they as the governments have to face our citizens
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directly this is not just about extradition it's about management of our our city of our economy of our facilities about housing and all sorts of other stuff. hong kong currently enjoys rights which don't exist in mainland china including freedom of speech which is protected by a deal made before the city was handed back to china by britain in 1997 the fear is those rights could be lost. a legendary figure of german cinema has died at the age of 100 polish ogilvie hollowness survived the holocaust to become one of europe's most prolific. but film purchases much of his were focused on the darkest chapters of german history helping to ensure that holocaust victims but not if a caution. his workload was legendary in 60 years also promise film company c.c.c.
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produced nearly 300 films in his house pushed reveals his passion for the cinema. as it shout out i was 6 or 7 on sundays i go to the cinema twice the screening started earlier back then the view and every other day i'd go to the movies in the afternoon mainly for westerns love stories didn't interest me and i didn't understand them be for some westerns remained a lifelong he was a german spin on an american genre he's also known for his lies comedies and also brown believed in quality productions even when success didn't follow. your cartoons need a bit of luck a film might be very good and still end up a flop. from the members of. brown or was disappointed that 2 films related to his own life didn't do well at the box office body to body from 948 and from how the hell made in 1996 they both looked at the effects of the holocaust on
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jewish people. most parents were polish jews he escaped through which get through and survive the whole new coast after the ball he lived to build in and begin making films many were about the nazi persecution the jews. believed in films power to build a democratic germany. with a small sport now in brazil all celebrating after winning their 1st copa america title for 12 years the hosts beat peru $31.00 in the final in rio de janeiro manchester city striker gabriel his was set up the 1st goal scored the 2nd and was then sent off with 20 minutes to go in a rollercoaster game but brazil held on saving the win with a late penalty to delight a crowd of nearly 70000 people at rio's famous maracana stadium and at the africa
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cup of nations madagascar have continued their fairytale run by beating the democratic republic of congo to reach the quarterfinals they went through thanks to a dramatic penalty shoot out off to the match had finished 2 all in sunday's of the games gerry of be skinny 3 know with manchester city is riyad masteries getting his country's 2nd goal the 2 remaining lost all the rather 2 remaining last 16 matches will be played on monday and to cycling and that's right in my twenty's and has kept hold of these leaves and the yellow jersey at the tour de france that's off to his jumble of visiting him one sundays team time trial which was stage 2 off the top jump of business covered the course 20 seconds faster than the nearest challenges in nato is headed by a defending champion arraigned thomas. a reminder of the top stories we're following for you the polls in greece election shows the opposition conservative
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new democracy party has won with 40 percent off the coast the victory ends the left wing series of games for you will in athens. watching. live from berlin coming up next full story is this weekend reports i'm christine was and so much. to. earth. home. of solutions. the whole world so you can. hear those are big changes and most start with small steps but the interiors tell stories of creative people and in the.


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