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up. to. july 10th on. the but. this is news coming to you live from berlin it's all changing greece conservative opposition in egypt could have cost me to talk is streets to victory in the elections promising fewer taxes and more jobs but can he really brings better days for ordinary creaks we go live to athens also coming up germany's dortch of
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bonds thomas implemented want the most radical restructuring plans in its history it involves the new direction for the lender and the axing of housing jobs worldwide. and it was a story that riveted the world's attention troll boy stuck in a kid in thailand. it was terrifying to think of all that maybe you're going to be darting around and learn things are going to talk with that noise determine up to the opposition forces. we speak to one of the diverse who can see them plus. in sports the video assistant referee is a friend to the usa once again the women's world cup but the americans proved their standing as the best team in the world by beating the netherlands brazil from our correspondent.
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father and welcome i'm good to be with you. greece's opposition indicating meets attack is one a landslide victory in the country snap election his center right new democracy party is on track for an outright majority left wing prime minister alexis tsipras has conceded defeat surprise oversaw a punishing austerity measures off to greece was rescued by international creditors let's attack is now heading the country's 1st post bailed out government and he's from stiff gas taxes and create more jobs. in athens it's a victory for the face of the old guard kiriakou spencer tarkus is a former prime minister's son and he heads the center right new democracy party a decades long political mainstay. now he's vowing to renew greece with a pro-business agenda by slashing taxes attracting investment and taming
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bureaucracy. i want to strong greece with self-confidence that will claim the place in europe it deserves and not be a beggar or an object of pity. but bits of tarkus as list of challenges at home is long and by now familiar greece's 18 percent unemployment rate is the euro zone's highest and greece remains under tough budget targets from its creditors even after exiting its bailout programs outgoing prime minister alexis tsipras swept to power promising to stand up to those creditors. but his popularity declined as he caved to their demands and imposed painful reforms fuck with the mission made a large and difficult circle is drawing to a close we are now going to have value it soberly what was right as well as the mistakes we made as always i will not refuse to accept my own responsibility i love
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this if in this one a little. sunday's results dealt blows both to the press's left wing series of party and to the extreme right golden dawn it didn't clear the hurdle to reenter parliament. as greece continues to seek a path out of economic turmoil voters have handed a win to the traditional mainstream. joining me now is the government is he's in athens and covering that election result welcome you're going to talk us is taking over as prime minister today how does this shift to the center being received in the greek capital. yesterday the opposite of ink how the people reacted to the sea change in greek politics and really you could see none of the excitement that was there when alexis tsipras took power and this tells you quite a bit about the resignation of the greek people i talked to many here outside
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parliament and they said look we're changing tracks we're seeing how the center wide government will. be just where resignation we have not a lot of hope in. the creditors will still be valid we know that we conned overspend we cango back to those golden days before us that austerity. and unemployment is still high so it will be a tough job for the new prime minister. ok and give him the greece is still recovering from ecan an economic crisis and is still recovering from painful austerity cuts the new prime minister has big plans and he's made big promises but how much leverage does he actually have to change things. yeah it'll be a difficult path file for kerry a christmas attack is and he said so in his speech he knows very well that he can
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make now a lot more promises than he already did in the compay now saving cutting down taxes to some extent that will be possible but to particularly a real estate tax that was a big difficulty for the middle class so you can expect to see some changes that the middle class in greece that so far money was taken away from and shifted towards poorer classes you'll see some of that money going back to the middle classes but of course the challenge that it's attack is facing now that the conditions of creditors are still valid he said he will all of them about how much leeway he has. to the people without leaving the track of staying and within the conditions of the bailout the european you're. about to arrive conditions for the 3 bailout packages that greece has received a still fulfilled reading in athens thank you very much for that update from that.
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and i do apologize for the quality of that line to athens that we now bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the wild a group of 65 refugees ric's rescued by a german chinese ship landed in malta on sunday night italy. had refused to let the ship dock but other. member countries agreed to take in the migrants morty's authorities transferred them to a neighbor ship and tipped into the port of. germany celebrated its largest city pride parade on sunday as more than a 1000000 people marched in the western city of cologne the call for equal rights especially for parents and for more inclusion of truong and into sex be it comes as germany has seen a rise in attacks. by the. residue found why there has said the country's opposition and government will resume talks in barbados and
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these are bought off efforts to resolve the ongoing political crisis in the economically devastated nation he has not specified a date for the resumption of the talks stalled in norway last month. turning up italian it was a story that captured the wild attention on june 23rd last year 12 boys from a youth soccer team decided to explore a cave in thailand with their coach now the group entered the tom cave in the northern province of chandra i but shortly after the entered heavy rains began to form floodwaters rose the boys and their coach were trapped early efforts to find them field the search team grew to hundreds of people including diving experts and risk us from all over the world then after 9 days with no news and 4 kilometers from the mouth of the cave diverse on the boys starving still alive now came the
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challenging task of bringing. them to safety through a flooded cave a daring mission that cost one risking his life the boys and they were all rescued safely. ishaan a chance and been met one of the divers who took part in the rescue operation he did fix on his experience one year on. i like to tell a good story and it's a very good story when i arrived to to the cape and the kids get to the phone we were going out there not knowing 100 percent what kind of vision of the going into i'd be going in to save some kids or going to recover some bodies and i think myself and many of the other rescuers we were probably expecting to find a nice some of them not at all. it was terrifying to think about that maybe you're going to be diving around and then the next thing you're going to bump into is that good and eternity happy that that was not the situation. was part of getting before
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the 1st kids out any kind of work pretty good. i was sitting in the 6 chamber which is mostly hof way into where the but the kids were found our mission myself and my dive buddy busy voice to support the divers and the kids as they were coming out but we could actually see the diver or see the light of the diver busy way before we can see the diver and i remember that ready vividly i'm sitting on one of the banks together with my dive buddy and i can see this glow in the water on jumping into the water the water is about chest high at this point and i'm running towards the light. dragging something to the water i know what that is that is one of the kids but at this point i didn't know what condition the kid was so that i still remember coming around and it's coming up and i can see the bubbles scaping from the kids lost an equipment which indicates to me that the kitties is breeding. and
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i was told we needed to know these are large. maybe he's injured maybe something else is wrong with him but he said. i was the last person to leave the cave that night at this point all of the kids have already been evacuated to the hospital and was on the treatment i still remember coming into the charm bar which is where the diving ends i remember one of the american divers just said to me i've been they're all fine they're all alive and. while i thought they were because i sold it for divers few hours earlier i didn't know and it was fantastic to look at that and the good news that. the foreign. and i don't feel like you're old and i don't think any of us do because we were just doing what we do. every day but we were doing something that we we all love to do you good thing i
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think that that's the most kids test you know that. if you go again. 100 percent yes i will go and. i think the biggest takeaway that i had formed from this experience is that i learned busy that absolutely nothing is impossible if you work together if you have a mission and don't forget also in good planning then you can do everything. across the way to. new shoes at the sites my distress operation was carried out a year ago and he also covered the story for us. on the risk is there today if you said he bases that. well i mean that we have just seen in the war it is not here. not many of the international rescuers are here this is this event today is for the local people fully for the thousands of people that actually helped one year ago also to make this unlikely mission into
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a success the. ones that are usually not seen in the media for example the women that cooks tirelessly food for the rescue divers for the media people for everyone who wash the clothes of the divers the people who ran the electricity generators here the people that brought in the p.v.c. pipes to actually drain water from the cave so today is called humanity day it's an event that is supposed to take place every year from now to thank those that are usually not in the trying focus of the media so many people contributed to this rescue operation we can see the celebrations are going going on with song and dance what about the boys the boys who were rescued how of their. well 9 of the 12 boys are actually here today i've seen them they are they seem very fine they have become almost well i would say semi celebrities they have 2 of the
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world they have been through a youth soccer tournament at the youth olympics and no one has are as they have appeared on a major u.s. talk show i hear that 5 of them have actually roofs to a boarding school in a different city about 200 kilometers from here so maybe the hype in this very tiny village has become too much for them but it's only speculation because we can't really speak to them ourselves they have signed a deal with netflix with the streaming giant netflix they're supposed to bring this unlikely rescue mission to live on the screen again we don't know in which form but since then they're basically monday const big to the media so we don't know what they are from what it seems they see they they look fine here and sharing this story had gripped the was last year at this time you know that you were there you were covering it for us now what impact has all of this had on the region.
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well i mean hundreds sometimes thousands flock here every single day to take a look at this place where there's this mission on folded long year ago. despite the fact that the cave is not really open it has been closed off since the rescue mission and so far only experts have gone back and some of them have retrieved equipment that was still in there and right now authorities here are debating whether to open the cave again to the general public therefore once there are safety concerns but there also come conservation aspects that have to be taken into account because of the mass of people that actually come here so we will have to wait and see whether or not tom long case will ever be reopened again to a greater public. right florian emotion in northern thailand thank you very much for that. you're watching the dow good news coming up ahead the u.s.
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difference that time as a woman's world cup champions we go to the site of the fine and match in new york to find out what the tournament has meant over or for the women's game and. the trust big changes and a radical restructuring of germany's biggest lender dortch a bank is cutting 18000 jobs that's one 5th of its workforce and it's also scrapping its global stocks business it's scaling back its investment banking operations the struggling to shift billions of euros to a risky in this case assets to a new so court bad bank. after decades of trying to become a titan of wall street and build a global investment bank bank is looking to the home market the struggling lender has announced a major restructuring plan that will involve building on its traditional strengths . will slash around
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a 5th of its staff worldwide over 3 years it's scaling back its investment banking operations and will shift 74000000000 euros of risky assets into a new bad bank because it's known for sure also says it will cut some of its fixed income operations an area traditionally regarded as one of its strengths. that laying on the plant we've been planning for quite some time that after achieving stabilisation last year cleaning up the balance sheet i mean costs under control and we now want to take the next step mats to align the bank with its strengths and that is what we're pleased to announce today. bank expects a $2800000000.00 euro net loss in the 2nd quarter as a result of restructuring charges and a loss for the full year it's frank this base story to banks deepest hole in 3 decades and comes after the collapse of a planned merger with rival comments back in that time the lender tried and failed to keep up with wall street's big guns like j.p. morgan chase and goldman sachs now it's time for torture bank to get its house in
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order at home. and within the city empties to welcome my colleague ben physician from business does a welcome bender 1st question what is gone wrong window h.-a everything. but everything basically i've been working as a business reporter and reporting on dog food bank ever since i had my 1st t.v. job in frankfurt 15 years ago and it was all about scandals restructuring job cuts and you see over the latest christiane saving which is quite a funny name considering he's saving the bank or charged with saving the bank but not saving jobs of course this is this is a serious move that he's making every 5th 800000 jobs and we're talking. every way europe the u.s. the london office the new york office is going to be decimated also jobs brought across asia from sydney to hong kong and stuff of already being seen leaving
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offices with envelopes under their arms in sydney in hong kong one trader in equities trade is that it's a pretty gloomy scene there being hold in the restructuring was only announced on sunday and they're already being hauled into the office given a couple rounds with given a package and you're out food costs and all said what's it going to cost well exactly these redundancies these packages these these bankers are getting a going to be quite big and all in all the restructuring could cost $7.00 and a half 1000000000 euros it's estimated that's a huge amount of money and i'm a. one thing is scaling back the investment which is going to cost a lot no sympathy from banking professor hans-peter bobkoff he was quoted as saying that the investment was never successful and these investment bank is a huge amounts of money but never before. this is going to be the biggest of the whole of the investment bank one of the biggest since the financial crisis saving
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says this is going to be a restart if you look at the share price it really needs a reboot it's going even if it's performing even worse than comets and now the struggling german bank which deutsche was thinking about merging with that failed and basically i guess. a lot of shareholders just didn't like the plan to wrongs to struggling banks to make a right and they said this is quite a risky maneuver what do you bunk is doing way does this leave the bank now and was so many job cuts really needed good question. a lot of analysts are saying yes this is going to be the only way to save the bank. you know this is a bank it's 150 years old it became a household name during the economic boom after the 2nd world war but now it looks like savings going to a raise deutsche bank from the scene but it could be the only way to save it at a time of trade was and protectionism. will need
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a dog bunk i think then visit indeed of these senior business editor thank you very much for that analysis. turning now to sports and the united states have defended their talk in the women's votes count by defeating the netherlands tune in making it up you know and the vet school of the u.s. goes in the 2nd half it's the 4th time the u.s. have won the tournament. behind the familiar stripes on the flag of the growingly familia stars in the line up the americans lived up to the hype of heavy favoritism to pair to the dutch gold with macon rypien though often the provide the newest and morgan was denied by the building society van veen and. the 29 year old's hands kept a side in it before half time as the teams were level with the bikes it wasn't until the alamar before the hand of the assistant referee would finally break the orange resistance a penalty awarded rypien 0 stepped up and put one hand on the trophy. the captain
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capping a tournament in which he laid on and off the pitch. like minutes later rose liberal put the finishing touches on the victory with a 2nd go deserved win that makes the usa world champions a 4th time. making repeat no winning play of the tournament. as a team might history in new york. and the sort of the unability joins me now from lille where the fun only you've had a cool nights to deflect on this the u.s. went in as favorites but tell us just how good it would be at this tournament. or quite simply they were the best team at the tournament they are the best team in the world and deserving champions and i think they proved that again in the final they had a different kind of challenge so anything that they had previously in the tournament the netherlands held them out for much longer than any other team managed to us and
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scored in every game in the opening 12 minutes up until that point and then the netherlands held them out way into the 2nd half but then once it starts away the penalty and roosevelt had doubled the lead you knew where the trophy was going to be heading and you have to say it is fully deserved but the netherlands deserve a lot of credit they gave a lot to this tournament and their fans as well but ultimately it had to be the u.s.a.'s day let's hear what some of the players had to say about their success believe it will just did know all of the people in our group that put in so much work obviously the players we have all our friends and family here and it's like it's surreal i don't know you know right now is ridiculous we're crazy that's what makes this special we just have no quit in us were so tight and will do anything to win i feel like we've been working so hard the past couple years and i think to see it come to fruition is incredible and like i've been saying getting to do what you
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love with the people you love it makes the successes all the more sweeter. so really very happy american players there ali but apart from the u.s. interest you in france. well aside from the us it was really europe's tournament 7 of the 8 courts of finalists were european countries and i think that's a sign of how far the development of women's football has come in europe investment awareness of the game has really increased in the continent what we've seen elsewhere is that other countries have not been able to keep up with countries like japan for example who made the previous 2 world cup finals they went out much earlier in the competition this time and you know their issues there that the league is not fully professional as it is in many european countries now and that is perhaps one reason why you see them slipping back but overall i think this was the most competitive women's world cup certainly that i can remember and i think that is a very good sign for the future right and tell us more about the future only how
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important was this tournament for the promotion and development of women's football i think this tournament has been a huge moment in the development of women's football i think in terms of the quality that we've seen on the pitch is been very important terms of the awareness of the recognition that the women's game has received i think there's been much more recognition this time around compared to 4 years ago in canada and we saw already some of the statements being made by the american players in particular have really become a rallying call already after the final whistle the final when johnny infancy you know the president of faith was walking out onto the pitch to deliver the medals and the trophies chant went off in the crowd for equal pay and that i think is a sign of how people the fans involved in women's football taking up this cry from the american players in particular and showing that they're not going to be treated
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as 2nd class anymore compared to the men's game they want what is rightly theirs and they are now demanding it and that is a game changer right funding for need of this false oliver. thank you very much for that. i'm back in the u.s. crowds into the match in huge numbers to watch this side a defeat of the netherlands attended a public event in washington d.c. to get a flavor of the atmosphere have a look. for a good number so another one you tell i'm pretty great. it was a stunt i mean for them all this tournament so it didn't seem too unlikely but it's great another one. it was amazing it was really great to see the netherlands team make it so strongly from the euro cup i knew they'd make a find a point really well but i'm just so proud to see my u.s. team win their 4th start. i think what these ladies are able to
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do in terms of gender equality in this country and just for the promotion of women's football it's something that is bigger than just here i think it's something that the entire world can look at and go wow i want to do that too. that's it for me i'm touching my the news team coming up next on smartphones actually dumbing down all the know what not technology show shift stay with us for that if you can.
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took our road today. 60 minutes on d. w. . with him how to be done it goes on as well miles high you know if i had known that the boat would be that small i never would have gone on the trip to be if i would not have put myself and my parents in the danger of the bottom is a dream of the in a beautifully able would. love one's uncle but that one little to give them i have serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live their lives i'm going to. want to know their story for migrants terrified to control the information for more
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grants. welcome to the girl next new to channel. a good line of stories. with exclusive insights. see. culture. to be curious minds. do it yourself networkers. so subscribing don't miss. this is a smart phone and it is indeed quite smart installs all your contacts helps you navigate through that hot new restaurant and even. reminds you of your cousin's birthday wait where was i. phones making osama our topic today on ship.


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