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this is from greece in. office. on the promise of lower taxes more jobs but his country he's also on the program. child soldiers to kill the international criminal court in the hague. guilty of crimes against humanity. one of its most comical
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restructuring plans the country's biggest. 18000 jobs. in the world cup the usa. is the best in the world beating the netherlands for the little help in the video assistance referee. welcome to the program. great conservative party leader mitt's attack isis been sworn in as the country's new prime minister he's new democracy party won a landslide victory in sunday snap election taking almost 40 percent of the vote he has pledged to cut taxes attract investment and creates more jobs in the places alexis tsipras of the left wing the series of policy. let's go
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to have a great capital athens will be joined di don't lose that gail welcome so the country has a new prime minister will lead about his new cabinet later today but he's also counseled the parliament's 4 week holiday he's clearly in a rush what sort of job is he facing. while phil you've mentioned that he's planning to cut down taxes and that is something the middle class in greece is particularly waiting for now this is the fullest post bail out government a government that is not facing a situation where greece is about to crash out of the euro currency any moment but the key question from its attack is of course can he keep its promises while at the same time fulfilling the conditions of the creditors the international creditors and european creditors who are still having a keen eye on the reforms ongoing in greece because they still have to fulfill those reforms unless the country is facing trouble so given the those credits still
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keeping a keen eye as you put it on greece how much leeway does mr mintz attackers have to do things differently. i just saw the new prime minister leaving the presidential palace right in after the inauguration ceremony and he got a hero's welcome from the greek journalists lots of applause for him so expectations are really high he comes from a political a to mr tennis to his father was a prime minister his sister was a foreign minister he himself was a minister who saw us through tough austerity measures and now critics increase a look as the law and from his mistakes to find out whether he did it and what people make of him i traveled to the island of agony just an hour away from greece by boat here's the report.
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fishing around on an island just off the coast of athens. studios not a darrius runs the boat with his father he's the thought generation of his family to make his living on the water. today he's taken his friend you want to go along for company and i'm not saying. we cut a lot of people on the sea the job boards fishing or on this day i know nobody at my age or a little bit more to me that they don't stay and you know very good because we have islands that a lot of tourists come to see our islands and what in 10 years nobody would be on the fishing what they when they come to see. stereos hopes tourism will save his family's business around $30000.00 small fisherman like him are fighting for survival in the face of declining stocks and hard economic times his friend
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your goes once the new government to deliver change quickly after years of tax increases and cuts in public spending. i think that the tax payments. are not fair with us it's more fair to the rich people than to demean or a to the lower class people. i'm expecting these oswell from the new government many of you know hope the new government will cut taxes especially the widely unpopular real estate tax the incoming prime minister meets attack is also wants to attract more investment and create jobs promises that beekeeper russkie has heard over and over again she's been looking for work for years today she's praying for a miracle from catron st she hopes he will help you react cause mitt's attack is to finally bring change everybody promised this is a political they promised but now. things have very difficult he has to do
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it if you will not do what he's going to he promised he would have a very big problem from the from the people is we are not like before we had looked like before we don't forgive. setting of course what economic recovery many believe in government as just one chance to get it right half a 1000000 young greeks have already left the country due to the economic crisis but that's something these 2 friends don't want to do they plan to stay on and fight for a better future. to say athens let's talk about yesterday's mind. where does this result leave him on his side riza party. alexis tsipras of course started out as the man to fight e.u. impose austerity and then he became the prime minister to embrace it the prime minister who was more of a center left man really than
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a far left rebel something that the european leaders at 1st were afraid of and it'll be really interesting to see how we. will work with the new center right pro european government will he supports the efforts of that you government or will the fall back into a position where he will be highly critical also seeing that he has to make sure that the rest of his body still follows so that he can remain in a powerful position. an interesting side note on the election that we've seen greece move to the sensor rights and we've seen a far right party the golden door knocked out of palm and that's kind of against the run of european results. exactly on the other hand you could of course say this is a move of way of back to the mainstream of politics really in away from radical populist parties on the other hand a number of of local domestic factors really also played
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a role in removing alexa steve brusk from power it's not just the economy but it was also mistakes the government made local authorities made over wildfires a year ago where $100.00 people died and also a name route with a neighboring can nor macedonia that i'd like to see process load but that was something that many nationalists in the country did not appreciate. mathes in athens thank you. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world 65 refugees rescued by a german charity ship arrived in multiple on sunday night after italy and motor initially refused to allow the ship to dock only after other e.u. member states agreed to accept the migrants did multis or thought is a transfer them to a naval ship and take them to the port of the latter. at least 29 people have been killed in a bus crash in northern india 18 others were hospitalized the bus hit a railing and fell into
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a train area on the expressway near the city of agra investigators suspect the driver fell asleep at the wheel. to the international criminal court in the hague which has found a former warlord guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity for atrocities committed in the country's north east between 20022003 bosco to gander was charged with a series of crimes including directing massacres of civilians and ordering the rape of men and women and he maintained his innocence throughout the trial. he calls himself a revolutionary and a soldier but judges at the international criminal court found bosco to gondor is a war criminal who both commanded and committed horrific acts against civilians and child soldiers this after a 3 year trial to gondor was found guilty on 18 charges coming early the 4th person ever to be convicted of war crimes by the i.c.c. . for the reasons i just summarized the chambre having heard all of the evidence
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but isn't it by the part this finds you escorts and scum who are guilty of murder ascribed against humanity guilty of intentionally direct think at the acts against civilians as of war crimes guilty of sexual slavery as a crime against humanity. to go and lead a rebel army that fought in the gold rich region in the democratic republic of congo's north east in the early 2000 observers say tens of thousands of people suffered under his command human rights watch documented some of their stories. i was 11 years old we were playing when busker attack on the soldiers abducted us and took us to a. we were tortured to toughen us up. he
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was brutal to me. allies me by raping me he moved and despite an international arrest warrant to gondor went on to become a general in the congolese army yet he lost power and in 2013 he surrendered himself to the i.c.c. to gondor now awaits sentencing he faces up to 30 years in prison. now to a story that captured the world's attention on june the 23rd last year 12 boys from a youth football team and their coach decided to explore a cave in thailand the ends of the time line cave in the northern province of chad and ride but shortly after they went in heavy rains began floodwaters rose trapping the boys in their coach early efforts to find them fails the search team crew to hundreds of people including cave diving experts and rescuers from all over the world there after
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a 9 days with no news divers found the boys starving but still alive 4 kilometers from the caves mouth next came the challenging task of bringing them out to safety through a flooded cave a daring mission that cost $1.00 diver his life the boys and their coach were all rescued safely a year on the. pill has been talking with one of the rescue divers. to tell a story and it's a very good story. when i arrived to to the cape and tickets where you get to be found we were going out there not knowing 100 percent what kind of vision of the going into i'd be going in to save some kids or the going to recover some bodies and i think myself and many of the other risk groups we were probably expecting to find at least some of them not at all. it was terrifying to think about that maybe you're going to be diving around and then the next thing you got a bomb into is that it and the turn of the happy that that was not the situation.
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was part of getting to for the 1st kids out any kind of work pretty good. i was sitting in the 6 chamber which is mostly hof way into where the but the kids where i found our mission myself and my dive buddy boys to support the divers and the kits as they were coming out but we could actually see the dive busy i always see the light of the diver way before we can see the dive and i remember that ready vividly i'm sitting on one of the banks together with my dive buddy and i can see this glowing to watch so i'm jumping into the water the water is about chest high at this point and i'm running towards that ike he's dragging something to the water i know what that is that busy he's one of the kids but at this point i didn't know what condition the kid was so that i still remember coming around him that he's coming up and i can see the bubbles scaping from the kits mosconi equipment which
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indicates to me that the kitties he's breathing. and i both told you to no he said laurie. maybe he's injured maybe something else is wrong with him but he said. i was the last person to leave the cave that night at this point all of the kids have already been evacuated to the hospital and most on the treatment i still remember coming into the charm bar which is where the diving ends i remember one of the american divers just said to me i've been there all find them all alive and. while i thought they were because i sold it for divers few i was earlier i didn't know and it was fantastic to get that and the good news that. the foreign. and i don't feel like you're old and i don't think any of us do because we were just doing what we do. every day but we were doing something that we we all love to
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do you got to. think that that's the more kids you know that. if you go again. 100 percent yes i will go back and. i think the biggest takeaway that i had formed from this experience is that i learned busy that absolutely nothing is impossible if you work together if you have a mission and don't forget also in good planning then you can do everything. correspondent flow to come of that story for us extensively last year joins us from the site of the rescue operation welcome flood and. there's a celebration going on the rescue is that as well. yes indeed as you can hear me very down music i can hear you know what you're saying. today is a day of celebration and a memory and it's thanking believed all. around the around the sign of these tiny
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bit it starts on long cable situated. hang on there. efforts one here of. these people that have not been in the spotlight of the media so far in the hundreds of women that have been tirelessly cooking for all the rescues helpers the people that brought out the electricity here power generators brought out water pipes to be deployed in the game to the cave so it's for the local community here to celebrate and this day their college humanity day is supposed to take place every year from now on to remember this historic event tell us about the boys how are they today. those are the boys have been here today actually i have seen them smiling while feeling a lot of people wanted to take selfies with them but i have to tell you it's
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difficult to get firsthand information from the boys after they signed a deal with netflix the big streaming giant they want to put their story onto the big screen and so they have basically they have an agreement exclusive agreement with them so they don't get to speak to other media but from i could from what i could see with my own eyes they're actually doing very well. this was a story that grips the world florian what sort of impact has it had on the region. i'm not hearing anything right now. maybe i can just tell you about this site this tiny village that was basically a backwater one year ago now it's essentially of tourist attraction sometimes up to a few 1000 people. or we did
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try we did try 1st looks like the technology has begun us afloat in the notion of northern thailand now let's move on to deutsche about germany's a biggest lender is undergoing another major restructuring is talking about 18000 jobs across the globe decimating their offices in london and new york stuff across asia have been seen leaving that building saying the last goodbyes and they say this could be the only way to save the bank. it was the investment bankers that were the 1st to go whole teams of them were fired on monday across asia deutsche bank is turning its back on the international equities business and focusing its attention back home. on that leg on the plant we've been planning for quite some time that after achieving stabilisation last year cleaning up the balance sheet and in costs under control we now want to take the next step mats to align the bank with its strengths and that is what we're pleased to announce to the
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company stumbled during the world financial crisis and its share price has yet to recover. has also been held back by a procession of legal woes the bank repeatedly saw itself confronted with fines worth billions of dollars for money laundering violating sanctions and its role in the subprime mortgage scandal but the restructuring effort is now being seen as a new chance by investors. i mean this dawdling around for the past few years is over now concrete steps are being taken to give the bank a new direction and that's what we were missing over the past 5 to 6 years. while deutsche has said the move will cost 7400000000 euros and hopes it will return the company back to the top tier of banking many experts say it may be the last chance to save the bank. there are growing fears that germany is failing to respond
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quickly enough to a resurgence of right wing extremist violence politician felt and shot dead at his home by suspected extremists last month this weekend saw a far right music festival take place in central germany activists say the politicians killing fueled opposition to the event. in the small town of tame are in the central german state of turin 2 worlds collide albion strictly separated by barriers and police like every year right wing streamers have organized a festival here but to reach it concert goers 1st have to walk the golf night past a mars residence their mission we don't want them to come to tame. ever again we are against right wing extremism for democracy people don't want this anymore they don't want this constant fascist carnival my doorstep but also today is a very good day for us with. around 900 rightwing supporters have made their way to
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tame our. catarina county poise has been keeping tabs on the right wing scene at concerts like this for a while the left party politician knows the names and the network structures and often helps the police with her expertise she's convinced these events are dangerous. i believe neo nazi music so is the seeds for murder and manslaughter it's part of the ideology it's spread at every level not only through the music but also via speeches that's why these can't be seen as purely just concert events instead of the track the. police have been listening attentively the whole day for possibly unconstitutional lyrics that's why 2 bands were brought off stage. one was because they used lyrics which are potentially unconstitutional the other said some songs which weren't on the list and therefore weren't checked whether the. canton was so
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concerning that we said we have to stop this performance because we operate a strong police presence strict controls and no riots but many still can't understand why such a festival would be allowed to go ahead in the 1st place there is one silver lining the counter demonstration drew huge crowds. in the women's football world cup final the united states have retained that title beating the netherlands to no mega rypien 0 and roosevelt scored the u.s. goals in the 2nd half saving team u.s.a.'s 4th title win. behind the familiar stripes on the flag of the growing only familiar stars in the lineup the americans lived up to the hype of heavy favoritism to paper the dutch gold with macon rypien though often the provider it's the newest and morgan was denied by the brilliance of saudi fans even though. the 29 year old's hands kept their side in it before half time as the teams were level with the bright it wasn't until the alamar
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before the hand of the video assistant referee would finally break the orange resistance a penalty awarded rypien 0 stepped up and put one hand on the trophy. the captain tapping a tournament in which he laid on and off the pitch. like minutes later rose laville put the finishing touches on the victory with a 2nd goal. deserved to win that makes the usa world champions a 4th time. meghan repeat no winning player of the tournament as a team might history. well records were broken and off the pitch. talking from deja vu sport is here to talk us through 7th and welcome. we have the sense that there were many more people watching and it was getting more attention this year yeah well a lot of those people who have that sense were definitely on to something because t.v. ratings for this women's world cup where through the roof and i'm going to give you
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some context if you compared back to 4 years ago at the 2015 world cup we had around 836000000 of us across all platforms this world cup fever expects that number to reach 1000000000 we're still waiting for confirmation but that in itself is an increase of over 150000000 viewers in just 4 yes so it's i know it sounds really impressive but we need to slow down a bit because compared to the men's 2018 world cup tournament they put in 3500000000 of us so we'll make. in progress but we still have a long way to go but you know what let's focus on the positive because new t.v. records with set in several domestic markets including the netherlands italy the u.s. a brazil and in england and france this semi and quarter final games became the most watched programs on t.v. this year in the domestic market so it's small steps but he chose over all they see is
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a growth happening in the women's game ok but despite the surge in popularity it's still playing catch up it is and that is especially financially there's still a very huge discrepancy between the men in the women's game. of course is trying to solve that but critics say they way too slow one for example if you set that they will expand the next tournament from 24 to 32 teams in order to make it more inclusive and the prize money will also increase 0 which has doubled for the $21000.00 world cup to $27000000.00 and it will go up again at the next tournament to $53000000.00 now it sounds great but again as that graphic just so shown in the context of it all it's still peanuts peanuts compared to the men's because in russia for example the men's total fund was $356000000.00 euros and france who became champions they alone took home 34000000 euros so you can double the pool of money but it's not even close it doesn't even come close to closing the gap that
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double the pool of money i'm also increase the number of teams as well so that's going to. so what more needs to happen so people of course fee final lot of the national soccer federations they definitely need to put their money where their mouth is that means investing in facilities in training helping of course women's leaks domestically to grow and to develop but from a non organizational viewpoint i mean there is a positive because the fight for equality it has really entered public consciousness and we saw that last night when the usa won the world cup. we had a hand in the stance chanting equal pay equal pay and of course one of the biggest proponents off that campaign is us usa co-captain megan rapinoe and this is what she had to say about the chance last night this is everybody's very very 1st very once it ever is ready for the conversation we move to the next piece and something like that and you know obviously in the biggest match that went so far beyond
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anything support it was for the credible guy and of course one more thing that she said was god forbid we overpaid and she makes a good point because there's so many paid for all those sent down. i know it's not you so much. of next here on the double the true cost of fast fast fashion. the food.
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we buy cheap clothes and discard them soon after fast fashion business everywhere nowadays. in germany alone almost a 1000000 tons of textiles of pronouns every year. most are poor quality and hard to recycle. so what happens after clothing is dumped global trade. next on d w. eco india.
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