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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  July 8, 2019 7:15pm-7:31pm CEST

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crudes threw his match defeating at portugal's joe sosa in straight sets you're watching you have a news up next free trade for a 1000000000 people worth worth trillions of dollars each year big plans afoot in d.w. business africa would get hurt l. for is coming right up on little rock n roll and i'll see you at the top of the hour. to. take it personally i already with all of the wonderful people in stories that make the game so special. for all true fans dot com i am much. much more than football online.
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the quiet military resume my goal weight of the mood. risen when it saw. the mind and amusing. token 1st 12019 from september 6th to september 29th. a power fricken dream that was in the making for decades will a free trade zone covering more than a 1000000000 africans across 55 countries waiting to deliver prosperity for everyone. and big game hunting has grown into a huge industry in south africa but it is a prison in coming under fire not only environmentalists are asking is killing
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animals for fun and trophies ethnicity and ecologically sustainable. business for business africa on the health as welcome it could be an economic game changer and help lift millions out of poverty after years of talking african leaders have officially launched a free trade zone on sunday market of more than a 1000000000 people a staggering $3.00 trillion dollars economic block if it works. the hammer has gone down on a deal to create the biggest trading block in world trade organization history national leaders of the african union summit in new shares signed off on the agreement reached in march to create the 55 country african continent to free trade area the aim is to unlock the continent's economic potential by boosting trade between these countries strengthening supply chains and spreading expertise. in.
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the eyes of the world are turned on africa and the success of this deal will be the real test to achieve the economic growth that will turn our people's dream of welfare and quality of life into a reality and this will reinforce our negotiating position on the international political and economic status. during the summit garneau was announced as the host of the new blocks headquarters in eritrea is the only african nation not to have signed up but it says it supports the deal trade within africa accounts for just 17 percent of the continent exports compared to asia's 59 percent and europe's 69 percent with a new bloc officially unveiled it's time for africa to start catching up. over here in germany dodger bank has announced cuts worth 7400000000 euros for the erstwhile flagship of germany's financial industry 18000 staff will lose their jobs see your questions if it closes down the bank's loss making equities trading
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business and france's bond and rates trading operations significantly. investment bankers were the 1st to go entire teams are given the sack on monday from sydney to london. and could concentrate hard on the sector for years but to no avail this year it's not going up yet another round of losses for the 4th time in 5 years the restructuring measures announced on sunday are aimed at freeing up the remaining divisions of the bank it's turning its back on its ailing international business and focusing on the domestic market. we've been planning for quite some time that after achieving stabilisation last year cleaning up the balance sheet having costs under control now we want to take the next step and that's to align the bank with its strengths and that's what we have pleased to announce today that the. bank was devastated by the global financial crisis and the share price is yet to recover legal disputes compounded doj has problems the bank was
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forced to pay billions in fines for russian money laundering breach of sanctions against iran and syria and for its role in the subprime mortgage scandal we're e after years of uncertainty someone vester see this radical reboot as an opportunity. dawdling around for the last few years is now over firm steps are being taken to give the bank a new direction and that's what's been missing for the past 5 or 6 years from 6 yards even those most acutely affected the employees except retrenchment is necessary. and if i take a painful step today at least it hurts in a socially acceptable way and that can help move forward into the future then it's important we go along with it. puts the cost of restructuring at $7400000000.00 euros however it hopes that will enable it to retake its place among the world's leading financial institutions some analysts are skeptical whether the measures go far enough to solve problems and restore the one time poster child of global
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finance to the top tier. now to some of the other business stories making headlines around the world there are saudi arabian airlines fly a deal has withdrawn an order for up to 50 grounded 737 jets and has said it will switch to address the decision will cost boeing close to $6000000000.00 and comes off the 2 deadly crashes of a passenger jet. the turkish lira fell today following the ousting of the head of the central bank by turkish president receptors at a one governor setting higher was let go without an official explanation to face the pressure recently from the president over refusing to lower interest rates. the import of russian oil via the in famous infamous drugs bought pipeline through ukraine has been halted again a german refinery discovered consummation over the weekend in a pro russian supplier caused massive damage after pumping millions of tons of
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contemplated oil through its. the game farming industry in south africa has 4 pillars of auctions of game trophy hunting equal tourism and animal products those sectors now worth around one and a half $1000000000.00 a year more than half of which comes from hunting while critics call it cruel and unethical many locals depend on the income and insist they're doing business in a sustainable way. but less than 30 minutes until nightfall south african professional hunter tony de braun on his american clients are looking for a golden will to beast it phil kloppenburg succeeds in killing the animal he will paid professional hunter 6 $1500.00 for a burger as one of the estimated $8600.00 trophy hunters who visit south africa each year. having in south africa has many more variety of animals much different than what we have in this united states so it's
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a much different style of hiding in the united states trophy hunting alone generates an estimated 600 $94000000.00 because according to a 2018 report by the department of environmental affairs we look for the old that has character that is not breeding anymore and that's not going to leave the in other words i'm not going to expose the conservation value of bree they've done everything that was supposed to do on this earth now they're going to america. the game industry in south africa has mushroomed over the past 20 years after legislation was passed in 1901 the permitted the private ownership of game animals . since then the number of private game farms has risen from 3500 in 1902 to over 10000 farms in operation today. well it's the only industry that south africa has a unique comparative advantages in terms of the nature of the species that
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we we farm with as well as the nature of biodiversity of south africa being the most by. country in the world. it's not all about trophy hunting the industry also depends on eco tourism game auctions and animal products like biltong tasty dried meat snack. healthy. but they're really not. whatever it is so easy deeds next it was good to me to get substituted for a meal was really just a good sort of. game farmers are now pushing for legislation that will allow them to slaughter game on their farms which wildlife ranch in south africa says would exponentially increase production for both domestic and international markets. talk about game farming with our correspondent
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a list from go this is joining me from cape town ellis there's a lot of talk about sustainability in the game farming industry in south africa is hunting sustainable yeah that's indeed the big debate is a sustainable and is helping conservation as also the game hunters and the owners of the game farms we're talking about and you know reports that they say that the hunting companies we are actually making money by that one lion that's being shot so we actually getting more money into breeding programs we make sure there's more habitats for for animals to live so we are actually health think that sustainability on the other side is animal rights organizations that researches that are saying look that industry is not very transparent it's not always the case that they take out the old animals for example and it's a commercial business that is that is cruel and yes they do breed apples as well for the hunting so you could say maybe you know that way and numbers are increasing but on the other hand those are not wild animals and call be introduced in the wild
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so so if that's the big and fierce debate also in your own inside africa there's been a lot of criticism from a moron's activists in the western world calling all recreational hunting ethical doesn't this view collide centuries of hunting tradition. yes of course and there's traditionally in south african and southern africa hunting hunting was keen to do so by then and still there are there are certain thought he lay sions that the sun and in books one other of whole topple saddam still hunts but that's a real hunt they go out and they they really track the animal i.q. tests and use the means used on hives acting the biggest debate here in south africa is about what they call can't hunting and that's where the animals are basically bred in cages they grow up in enclosures and then often the westerners come in and kill those animals so they basing saying that the animal doesn't stand a chance you know this is not
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a real hunt they basically go hunting for 4 tame animals and a new dad that's why does also being out here from organizations also when you see them dispose of the westerners coming in and with their trophy like that this was just not an equal fight or very briefly i was recently released u.n. report warns that around 1000000 animal and plant species are now threatened with extinction is hunting come tribute to to species extinction briefly from. i think it's mainly poaching boats that are causing the extinction but there are there are organizations now as well from some plants of africa now that they're talking about folks out for hunting are leopards and the organizations are now saying there's there's not enough left for it's left so let's stop that hunting all together every yeah every every single leopard clown now count so they are saying like hunting us contributes in that sense that ship so we stop to just take the
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species at us from golda thank you very much. the government in zimbabwe is raising civil servants pay for the 2nd time in 3 months so that it turns to the effects of inflation at 100 percent the country is struggling with all the highs the version rates in the world the pay of ordinary zimbabweans comp keep up with rising prices of them is food and fuel shortages. power cuts harare has also banned foreign currency used to instill some confidence in its new local currency the r g g s dollar. and that's it from me and the business africa team here thank you very much a watch. i'm
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not laughing again well i guess sometimes i am but i stand up in that. think stevens or german culture. stereotype clad in you think if you country that i know not. to take his grandmother.
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that's all that. bob. i'm rachel join me to meet the gentleman funded up the. post. to listen to people who've world over information they provide. the means they want to express d.w. on facebook and twitter and coke addict in touch follow us. this is the news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes. is found guilty of war crimes leaves rebel chief was convicted of sexual enslavement of the i.c.c. also on the show. african leader has launched an largest trade agreement in a while it's worth doing point 4 trillion dollars of the policy off going to
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continental free trade deal benefits ordinary africans like you and me.


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